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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-07-08 20:33:55
Tonight’s show starts off with footage from Beast in the East from Tokyo, but nothing from the match between Finn Balor and Kevin Owens.

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Rich mentions that we will see the match between Finn Balor and Kevin Owens from Tokyo tonight.

Before our opening match starts, Dana Brooke gets on the mic and she wants to know who Sasha has chosen as her tag team partner. She says that you say you are the boss of NXT? She says it looks like they were right. You could not find a partner. She says they are so right because it is just you.

Sasha takes the mic and she says that you are right that she could not find a partner, she is not afraid of either of you so she will take both of you on.

Before the referee starts the match, Charlotte’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Charlotte tells Sasha she will be her partner, but she owes her one.

Match Number One: Dana Brooke and Emma versus Sasha Banks and Charlotte

Sasha kicks Dana and sends her into the turnbuckles and she chokes Dana. Charlotte tags in and Sasha with a snap mare and they both kick Dana. Charlotte with a snap mare and she hits a Flair knee drop. Emma is tagged in by Dana. Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall. Charlotte with a snap mare and knee drop and she goes for a second one but Emma has rolled to the floor. Charlotte chases Emma in and out of the ring. Dana kicks Charlotte in the head and Dana slams Charlotte’s head into the mat.

Dana with forearms to the back and she tags Emma back in. Emma kicks Charlotte in the corner and Dana tags back in. Dana kicks Charlotte and tags Emma back in. Emma with more kicks to Charlotte. Emma with a snap mare using the hair and she applies a body scissors. Emma slaps Charlotte in the head as Charlotte tries to escape the hold.

Charlotte gets out of the hold and Emma punches and kicks Charlotte. Dana tags back in and Dana with shoulders in the corner. Dana gets Charlotte on her shoulders and slams Charlotte to the mat. Dana with a bow and arrow but Charlotte escapes and gets a near fall.

Sasha tags in and she clotheslines Dana and knocks Emma off the apron. Sasha with a Thesz Press and Dana goes to the corner and Sasha with knees into the corner and she hits it a second time and gets a near fall. Emma is sent to the floor after she breaks up the cover. Dana gets Sasha on her shoulders and Sasha escapes and hits the lungblower into Bank Statement while Charlotte puts Emma into a figure four and she bridges as Dana taps out.

Winners: Charlotte and Sasha Banks

After the match, Charlotte and Sasha shake hands and hug.

Charlotte takes the mic and she says that a deal is a deal. She wants an NXT title shot next week. . . like you promised.

Sasha takes the mic and she asks Charlotte if that is what she wants . . . it is on.

We see Bayley at a house show where she mentions she is not wrestling because Emma broke her hand. She cannot live her dream because of Emma. She has been able to think about her goals. Her number one goal is to become the NXT Women’s Champion. Triple H and Steve Austin came back from injuries to become champions, and she will do the same. Emma is the first person she is coming after.

We see a video package about Finn Balor returning to Japan. Jason Albert says he would not be here today if not for his work in Japan.

Kevin Owens says that Finn will not win the title. Finn winning in Japan in front of that crowd would be a fairy tale story. Kevin says that he has beaten NXT wrestlers as well as main roster wrestlers.

Finn points out that Kevin has beaten Sami Zayn, John Cena, and Finn Balor. He says that he has to go deeper and darker to beat Kevin. The Demon will rise in Tokyo and he will destroy Kevin Owens.

Kevin says the Demon might be intimidating. It is cool and his son loves it. Put on body paint and crawl around like a demon, it is not enough.

We see footage from last week’s main event when Rhyno’s accidental GORE allowed Finn Balor to pin Kevin Owens.

Finn says he knew he could beat Kevin Owens and now everyone knows he can beat Kevin Owens.

Kevin says that all that matters is what happens in Japan. Everyone wants Finn to win so he is looking forward to making them sad that Finn lost.

Finn says the Demon will slay Kevin Owens.

Match Number Two: Kevin Owens versus Finn Balor for the NXT Championship (From Beast in the East)

Balor with a drop kick that sends Owens into the corner and he goes up top but Owens goes to the floor. Balor with a cross body onto Owens on the floor. Balor with a punch and he sends Owens back into the ring. Owens with a kick and chop to Balor when they get back into the ring. Balor tries for Slingblade but Owens blocks it. Balor with a drop kick that sends Owens to the floor and then he hits a baseball slide. Owens is sent into the guardrails by Balor and Balor with a running drop kick to Owens.

We go to commercial.

We are back and both men are down in the ring and then Balor punches Owens in the corner. Balor with kicks but the referee warns him. Owens with head butts to avoid being put on the turnbuckles. Balor gets Owens up but Owens with forearms to try to knock Balor. Balor with forearms and he tries for a superplex but Owens blocks it and he punches Balor in the ribs and he tries for the fisherman’s superplex but Balor blocks it. Owens with a super Finlay Slam for a near fall.

Owens kicks Balor and he goes up top and he lands on Balor’s knees when he goes for the swanton. Balor with Bloody Sunday but he can only get a near fall. Balor waits for Owens to get up and Owens with a super kick followed by a Sleeper Suplex and he gets a near fall. Balor holds his knee as both men try to get back to a vertical base.

Owens tells Balor he cannot beat him and he slaps Balor. Balor with a slap of his own but Owens with a kick to the head. Owens tries for the Pop Up Power Bomb but Balor leaps over Owens and hits an enzuigiri followed by a running drop kick into the corner. Balor goes up top and hits the Coup de Grace for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the match Tatsumi Funjinami makes his way to the ring to congratulate Finn on his victory.

Finn and Kevin stand across from each other in the center of the ring and Finn offers his hand to Owens. Owens thinks about it and Owens walks away.

Kevin was asked for comments about his loss and he was not very happy to hear the question and he made sure the interview would not continue.

Devin Taylor is in the interview area with Chad Gable and she asks him about Jason Jordan turning him down. Chad says he has been making the offer for weeks. He says that Jason doesn’t want to be a winner and dominate. Jason must be happy on the bottom. He says that he is ready . . . willing and . . .

Jason tells Gable that he cannot believe he is saying this, but he is in. They will tag together next week. They shake hands and Jason walks away.

Chad says he knew he would come around.

Solomon says that he is back and he is meaner, badder, and nastier than ever before. He is ready to show why he is the resident little monster.

Match Number Three: Solomon Crowe versus Marcus Louis

Louis yells and he mises a punch. Crowe with chops to Louis followed by a punch and Louis is down and he gets a near fall. Crowe with a modified abdominal stretch but Louis escapes and he connects with an elbow. Louis with an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner. Crowe with a shoulder and he goes for a springboard move but Louis hits the ropes and Crowe falls to the mat.

Louis gets a near fall and then he kicks Crowe and slaps him in the face. Louis grabs Crowe by the hair and he tries for an abdominal stretch and he applies a claw to the ribs. Crowe with a knee and jawbreaker. Louis with a knee but Crowe with a forearm and clotheslines. Crowe with a swinging cutter and then he hits a running knee into the corner and a drop kick to the knee.

Crowe with the Crowe Bar and Louis taps out.

Winner:, Solomon Crowe

Simon Gotch says that after a long absence, they made a triumphant return to NXT and they are on the way to the top. Aiden says that they will do what men do when they become the Number One Contenders.

We see Finn being congratulated on his victory backstage in Tokyo. John Cena comes by and congratulates him and tells him it was a hell of a match.

Finn says that as far as moments go, he couldn’t have written the script any better. Winning the title from Kevin Owens in Japan, his second home. They say dreams don’t come true, but it came true for him tonight.

We will get a medical update from Sami Zayn next week.

We get the usual introduction from Enzo, Colin, and Carmella.

Colin says this is for the number one contendership for the NXT Tag Team Championships. It is put up or shut up time. Dukes up.

Match Number Four: Aiden English and Simon Gotch versus Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore (with Carmella) in a Number One Contender Match

Gotch and Enzo start things off and they lock up. Enzo with a waist lock into a side head lock but Gotch with a reversal and shoulder tackle. Enzo tries for a hip toss but Simon blocks it. Enzo blocks a hip toss. Enzo lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex and then Simon with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall.

They lock up again and Aiden tags in and he applies a side head lock and he takes Enzo to the mat. Simon tags in and Aiden goes to the floor. Enzo with an arm drag to Gotch and he sends Simon to the floor. Enzo kicks Aiden and Colin sends Aiden over the top rope to the floor. Colin with a speak and spell moment as we go to commercial.

We are back and Colin sends Enzo into English in the corner and Colin with a side slam for a near fall. Enzo tags in and Colin with a slam and Colin slams Enzo onto Aiden for a near fall. Enzo with a front face lock. Enzo works on the arm. Enzo with jabs and a right hand to English. Enzo runs into boots from Aiden and Enzo goes down in the corner.

English gets a near fall. Gotch tags in and he kicks Enzo. Simon with a knee to the head and he gets a near fall. Simon with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Enzo with an arm drag but Simon holds on. Aiden tags in and Gotch with an elbow drop followed by a running kick to Enzo’s head and Aiden gets a near fall but Enzo is by the ropes. Aiden with another elbow drop and he gets a near fall.

Aiden with a quarter nelson and chin lock on Enzo. Enzo with a jaw breaker and Gotch is tagged in and he keeps Enzo from making the tag with elbows. English tags in and he hits a leg drop for a near fall. English with a quarter nelson and chin lock followed by a knee when Enzo tries to get out of the hold. English misses a clothesline and Cassady tags in. He clotheslines English and punches him. Cassady sends Gotch to the floor. Cassady with a splash into the corner followed by a slam. English with a rollup for a near fall when Gotch distracts Colin.

Colin with a boot to English followed by a Bossman Slam to Gotch. Colin tells Enzo to get up and he tags in Enzo for the Rocket Launcher but Gotch grabs Colin’s leg. Enzo with a cross body but English rolls through and gets the three count.

Winners: Aiden English and Simon Gotch

We go to credits.

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