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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-12 08:00:00

July 12th

On this day in history in ....

1933 - Thor Jenson defeats Harold Heibert for the Pacific Coast Middleweight Title in Eugene, Oregon.

1946 - Tex Riley wins a tournament in Nashville, Tennessee to win the vacant Tennessee World Junior Heavyweight Title.

1946 - Joe Savoldi defeats Everett Marshall for the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Title in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ending Marshall's second reign.

1951 - Eduardo Perez and Red Roberts defeats Ray Piret and Herb Welch to win the Mid-America NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1957 - Herb Freeman defeats Bill Savage to win the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title.

1963 - The WWWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results were:
- Ox Anderson and Jolly Cholly fought to a draw.
- Tony Nero and Karl Steif fought to a draw.
- Édouard Carpentier defeated Magnificent Maurice.
- The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello and Roy Heffernan) defeated Ron Reed and Tim Woods.
- WWWF United States Tag Team Champions Brute Bernard and Skull Murphy defeated Argentina Apollo and Miguel Pérez.
- Johnny Barend and Buddy Rogers defeated Bobo Brazil and Pedro Morales.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Hans Mortier to retain the title.

1963 - Johnny Valentine defeats Moose Cholak to win the International Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title in Chicago, Illinois.

1965 - The WWWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results:
- Fuzzy Cupid and Sky Low Low defeated The Jamaica Kid and Pancho Lopez. in a best-of-three falls match.
- Chief Big Heart and The Golden Terror fought to a draw.
- Argentina Apollo and Miguel Pérez defeated The Sheik and Smasher Sloan.
- Dr. Jerry Graham defeated Haystacks Calhoun by disqualification.
- Waldo Von Erich defeated Wahoo McDaniel.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Bill Miller to retain the title, by referee's decision after the match went to the 60-minute time limit.

1966 - Louie Tillet wins his third NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Title in Dallas, Texas, ending Bull Curry's 18th reign.

1966 - Don Carson defeats Bobby Fields for the NWA Louisiana Heavyweight Title in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ending Fields' fourth reign.

1967 - The Beast and Bob Sweetan defeat Bobby and Jerry Christy to win the Stampede International Tag Team Title in Calgary, Alberta.

1969 - Bob Ellis and Stan Pulaski defeat Bob Geigel and The Viking for the AWA Midwest Tag Team Title.

1971 - Yvon Robért dies at age 56 in Laval, Quebec. Robért was a 16-time world champion in Montreal, as well as a world champion in the National Wrestling Association and the Boston American Wrestling Association. He was also one-half of the NWA Canadian Open Tag Team Champions with Whipper Billy Watson, and the Mid-America NWA World Tag Team Champions with Billy Wicks.

1972 - Bob Kelly defeats Gorgeous George, Jr. in Mobile, Alabama to win his eighth NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title.

1974 - Gregory Helms is born in Smithfield, North Carolina.

1974 - Ernie Ladd defeats Porkchop Cash to win the NWA Americas Heavyweight Title in Los Angeles, California. This began Ladd's second reign and ended Cash's second.

1974 - Carlos Colón and José Miguel Pérez defeat Jim Dalton and Bruce Swayze for the WWC North American Tag Team Title in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to begin their second reign.

1976 - John Tolos defeats Kinji Shibuya for the Vancouver NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title in Vancouver, British Columbia.

1977 - Future WWE, UFC and WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is born in Webster, South Dakota.

1978 - Whipper Watson, Jr. defeats Dutch Mantel to win the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title in Nashville, Tennessee, ending Mantel's second reign.

1979 - Central States Wrestling held an eight-team tournament for the vacant NWA Central States Tag Team Title in Kansas City, Kansas.
- Jerry Brown and The Turk defeated Frank Hill and Rufus R. Jones.
- Omar Atlas and Bruiser Brody defeated Ron McFarlane and Dave Nevins.
- Lord Alfred Hayes and The Super Destroyer defeated Tom Andrews and Bill Irwin.
- Bob Brown and Gama Singh defeated Steve Hall and Bob Sweetan.
- Jerry Brown and The Turk Omar Atlas and Bruiser Brody.
- Bob Brown and Gama Singh defeated Lord Alfred Hayes and The Super Destroyer.
- Jerry Brown and The Turk defeated Bob Brown and Gama Singh to win the vacant NWA Central States Tag Team Title.

1981 - Mr. Fuji defeats Angelo Mosca to win the Toronto NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title in Toronto, Ontario, ending Mosca's second reign.

1982 - The CWA held an event at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee. The results:
- Bobby Fulton defeated The Angel (Frank Morrell).
- Steve Keirn defeated Sweet Brown Sugar by disqualification.
- Bobby Eaton defeated NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion Dutch Mantel to win the title, ending Mantel's 10th reign and beginning Eaton's sixth.
- The Midnight Express (Norvell Austin and Dennis Condrey) defeated AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Ron Bass and Stan Lane.
- AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Kamala defeated Bill Dundee to retain the title.
- The Iron Sheik defeated Jerry Lawler.

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions held the sixth event of the "Great American Bash" tour in Jacksonville, Florida. The results were:
- Thunderfoot defeated Ricky Santana.
- Jimmy Garvin defeated The Italian Stallion.
- Ole Anderson defeated Hector Guerrero.
- Ron Garvin defeated Tully Blanchard.
- NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A. defeated Arn Anderson in a Bunkhouse match.
- NWA World Television Champion Dusty Rhodes defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair by disqualification. Flair retained the title.
- Wahoo McDaniel and The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions The Russians (Krusher Khruschev, Ivan Koloff and Nikita Koloff) in a Steel Cage match.

1986 - The WWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, which aired live on the MSG Network. The results were:
- Tony Atlas defeated Lanny Poffo.
- Jimmy Hart won a 22-man $50,000 battle royal, when Greg Valentine and The Junkyard Dog eliminated eachother.
- WWF Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs (The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) defeated The Moondogs (Rex and Spike), when Dynamite pinned Spot, to retain the title.
- Pedro Morales defeated Iron Mike Sharpe.
- Billy Jack Haynes defeated Brutus Beefcake (with Johnny V) by disqualification.
- King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd (with Bobby Heenan) defeated Sivi Afi and King Tonga (Haku), when Bundy pinned Tonga.
- Harley Race (with Bobby Heenan) defeated Tony Garea.
- The Junkyard Dog and Greg Valentine (with Johnny V) were both counted out.
- Bruno Sammartino and Tito Santana defeated Adrian Adonis and WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage in a steel cage match, when Sammartino and Santana both escaped the cage, through the door and over the top, respectively.  The bout would turn out to be Sammartino's final appearance in MSG, having debuted there in January 1960, until he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

1986 - The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) defeat The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) in a fictitious tournament final in Portland, Oregon for the vacant Florida NWA United States Tag Team Title.

1989 - Riki Choshu defeats Salman Hashimikov for the IWGP Heavyweight Title in Osaka, Japan.

1991 - Skyfire defeats The Tennessee Equalizer to win the Southern States Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Kingsport, Tennessee.

1992 - WCW held the fifth-annual "Great American Bash" pay-per-view at the Gray Civic Center in Albany, Georgia, which got a 0.4 buyrate. The event featured the final three rounds of a 16-team tournament for the now-board-recognized NWA World Tag Team Title. The first round had been held on June 16 at Clash of the Champions XIX. The results:
- In a dark match, The Super Invader (with Harley Race) defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell.
- In an NWA World Tag Team Title tournament quarterfinal, Nikita Koloff and Ricky Steamboat defeated Jushin Liger and Brian Pillman, when Steamboat pinned Pillman.
- In an NWA World Tag Team Title tournament quarterfinal, Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham defeated NWA World Television Champion Steve Austin and NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Rick Rude (with Madusa), when Rhodes pinned Austin.
- In an NWA World Tag Team Title tournament quarterfinal, Hiroshi Hase and Shinya Hashimoto (subbing for the injured Akira Nogami) defeated The Fabulous Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin and Michael Hayes), when Hase pinned Garvin.
- In an NWA World Tag Team Title tournament semifinal, WCW World Tag Team Champions Terry Gordy and Steve Williams defeated Nikita Koloff and Ricky Steamboat, when Williams pinned Steamboat.
- In an NWA World Tag Team Title tournament semifinal, Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham defeated Hiroshi Hase and Shinya Hashimoto, when Windham pinned Hase.
- Big Van Vader (with Harley Race) pinned WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting after a powerbomb to win the title.
- WCW World Tag Team Champions Terry Gordy and Steve Williams defeated Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham, when Williams pinned Rhodes, to win the NWA World Tag Team Title. The title was now officially recognized by the NWA, after the final of the several original versions of the title in existence, originally from the Mid-Atlantic territory, was renamed the WCW World Tag Team Title in 1991. From that time, the NWA title had been considered vacant.  The belts were defended as then referred to as the Unified NWA/WCW Tag Team championships until that distinction was dropped in 1993.

1992 - Smoky Mountain Wrestling ran Knoxville, TN at Durango Park featuring the following results:
Bobby & Jackie Fulton defeated Killer Kyle & Joe Cazana when Jackie pinned Cazana
SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee pinned the Dirty White Boy
Robert Gibson & Tim Horner defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies, Stan Lane & Tom Prichard when Horner pinned Lane

1994 - Dan Kroffat defeats Masanobu Fuchi for the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title in Kagoshima, Japan. This began Kroffat's second reign and ended Fuchi's fourth.

1995 - WWF President Jack Tunney resigns from office.

1996 - Prince Maya defeats Adrian El Existico to win the UWA World Light Heavyweight Title.

1996 - The Ultimate Fighting Championship held "UFC 10: The Tournament" at the Fairgrounds Arena in Birmingham, Alabama, featuring an eight-man tournament. The results:
Alternate bouts:
- Geza Kalman defeated Dieusel Berto by TKO (strikes) at 5:56.
- Sam Adkins defeated Felix Lee Mitchell by unanimous decision.
- Don Frye defeated Mark Hall by TKO (strikes) at 10:21.
- Brian Johnston defeated Scott Fielder by submission (strikes) at 2:25.
- Mark Coleman defeated Moti Horenstein by submission (strikes) at 2:43.
- Gary Goodridge defeated John Campetella by knockout at 1:28.
- Mark Coleman defeated Gary Goodridge by submission (fatigue) at 7:00.
- Don Frye defeated Brian Johnston by submission (strikes) at 4:38.
- Mark Coleman defeated Don Frye by TKO (strikes) at 11:34 to win the UFC 10 tournament.

1996 - Extreme Championship Wrestling taped TV in Allentown, PA.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report for the Wrestling Lariat Newsletter:

ECW TV Taping 7/12 Live Report
by Mike Johnson

Extreme Championship Wrestling made its second appearance at Ag Hall in Allentown, Pa on July 12 with a two camera shot television taping, drawing a crowd of approximately 1,000. The show featured some possible hints at some future storylines.

The main event of the show featured a “Falls Count Anywhere” Tag match between ECW World champ Raven & Brian Lee taking on Terry Gordy & Tommy Dreamer. The match started as Steve Richards asked Tommy Dreamer to not use any objects handed to him by the crowd, as Raven’s “son” Tyler was at ringside with his mother Lori, as well as Bluedust and the perennially hysterical Super Nova. Dreamer responded with a tough, but fair, “F**k that!” and jumped on Raven. The four combatants brawled all over Ag Hall, including throwing each other into a U-Haul Truck, a gate towards the back of the building, and into several walls.

When they returned to the ring, Raven & Dreamer were both bloody messes. The brawl continued to go back and forth. Dreamer DDT’d Raven, but was clotheslined by Lee as he got up. Gordy clotheslined Lee. Gordy got a sleeper locked on “Prime Time,” but the ECW champ jumped on “Bam Bam.” Raven piledrove Gordy, as Lee threw Tommy into the railing. Dreamer wrapped up Raven in the ring ropes, but was stopped by Lee before he could use a chair. Lee went for the “Prime Time Slam” but Tommy kneed him in the nuts and piledrove him. Lee recovered and got to hit his chokeslam this time. Gordy then hit Lee with a powerbomb for the pin. Gordy attacked Raven, who was still in the ropes. Raven’s nest then began beating on the faces and the crowd chanted for the Sandman. He came charging out of the dressing room, and went to leap into the ring, but slipped on the slippery remnants of a WATERMELON (??) that an a***ole fan had tossed towards the ring. He fell down rudely on both his knees. It appeared that he had re-injured his knee. Sandman did get in the ring and began caning everyone in sight, before Tyler Fullington jumped in the ring and caned his father again and again. Raven got the Sandman’s cane and joined in and then they both made the crucifix. I then got distracted by three guards, who were pushing past me to drag out some idiot fan that threw a chair in the ring, and when I turned back around, Raven’s nest and Sandman are all gone. Dreamer, Gordy, Kimona & Beulah are all in the ring with Bluedust. Beulah DDT’d the Meanie and then she and Kimona took turns grinding their high heels into his groin. Ouch.

Then ECW World Television champ Chris Jericho fought to a 15 minute draw with Now Shane Douglas. These two worked well together. Fans were really on Douglas, chanting for Flair and Michaels and “Whooing” at chops. These two chopped the heck out of each others’ chest. Douglas was on the apron late in the match when Jericho springboarded out of the corner and clotheslined Douglas off of the apron, onto the ringside railing. Douglas suffered a concussion in the spot. They continued, with Jericho going for a Lionsault on a standing Douglas. Douglas, however, dropkicked him in the chest as he flipped. They began trading several two counts until Jericho seemed to have Shane beat, and the bell rang. Douglas left Jericho laying after the bout, promising to take his belt the next night (which he did).

The biggest angle coming out of the show was a series of run-ins spread out among several matches. It started with the Dudleys meeting the Samoan Gangsta Party & old ECW jobber Tahitian Savage, using a new name that I didn’t catch, in a six man tag match. Afa was with the Samoans and got a huge reaction, as he lives in the immediate area. Buh Buh got the mike and said D-Von was running late and would be there in five minutes. He said that when he got there, they would kick the Samoans’ asses. Whatever. D-Von came in from the front door, hugged Afa, then jumped on Buh Buh with a chair. Wow! Originality here. The Samoans & D-Von trashed the Dudleys, with Hack Myers & El Puerto Ricano also getting killed when they tried to make the save, until The Gangstas music hits. Out they come to a huge pop. They start brawling and the Eliminators ran in. They all brawled, and after a while D-Von & The Samoans bailed, leaving The Elims & The Gangstas to brawl a bit longer before the Elims are run off. The crowd was really into the melee.

The next match featured the Bad Crew defeating Havoc, Inc., managed by Damian Kane. Havoc, Inc. have some decent moves but are really green. The lone memorable moment of the bout featured one of Havoc sprinting and bounding off his partner, who was on his hands & knees, jumping up into a FrankenHavoc off the top rope. That was about it. The rest was very weak. After the pin, Devon Storm ran in and helped Kane’s guys trash the Crew to no crowd reaction whatsoever. Kane said there wasn’t any team that could take his guys out. He dared anyone to try. Out came The Gangstas, followed by....The Samoans, and then...The Eliminators. All the teams brawled psychotically, and somewhere in the process New Jack started bleeding. After Jack & Mustafa were toasted, the Elims & the Samoans started brawling.

When the Eliminators came out later that night to defend the ECW World Tag Team championships, they say the Gangstas wouldn’t be wrestling and challenged anyone to wrestle them for the belts. Da Gangstas do come out and after a few minutes, Jack was bleeding a river. They brawled a bit in the crowd, eventually throwing Mustafa out of the ring, and “Totally Eliminating” Jack for the pin. The Eliminators mocked the Gangstas by doing the “X” gesture. Basically, it was the psychotic, homicidal, insane match that’s been seen every time these guys meet, but the run-ins proceeding it help set up the Four-Way Dance at the 8/3 ECW Arena show.

Sabu pinned Hack Myers in a decent match where both tried really hard, but it just couldn’t mesh. Hack kept kicking out of Sabu’s maneuvers, including Air Sabu into a spinkick, and a moonsault. Sabu bridged a table between the rail and the apron, and FrankenSabu’d Hack off the apron through the table, to a huge pop. Sabu threw the “Shah” into the railing. Hack came back and hit the Shah legdrop on the canvas. Sabu finished up Hack with a triple Jump Moonsault, and an Arabian Facebuster. Both men got nice ovations afterwards and it was hard not to appreciate how hard they worked, even if they didn’t click tonight. After the match, Sabu shoved a fan wearing a Taz shirt, and it wasn’t a plant.

In a bout that heavily foreshadowed the Francine turn the next night, Too Cold Scorpio made his return to ECW rings from his staph infection by pinning Pitbull 2 in a really good match that featured lots of power vs. speed spots. Pit 2 had the early advantage with press slams and clotheslines, but Scorp soon took over with several kick and punch combinations. Scorp hit an enziguiri, which knocked Pit 2 out of the ring, before hitting a dive over the top rope to the floor. Pit 2 came back to run him into all the railing corners on the floor. It got huge pops each time. Pit 2 seemed to bleed lightly from the mouth after a stiff kick. Back in the ring, the two kept reversing attempted hiptosses until Pit 2 tossed Scorp over the top rope but he held on and dragged Pit with him. Francine was running around, angrily screaming at Pit 2 to “Kick his ass, Anthony.” The crowd around me seemed surprised at her obvious anger as she became more and more frustrated as the match went on.

Scorp hit a Tumbleweed Legdrop off the top, and followed it up by tossing Pit 2 over the top rope to the floor. Scorp hit several kicks and then a powerbomb, which Pit 2 no-sold. Pit came back and hit a scooping powerslam for a two-count. Pit hit a fallaway slam off the top rope, but the saw Shane Douglas hassling Francine at ringside. Douglas went to hit Francine with a chain, but Pit 2 stopped him, got the chain, and hit him instead. Scorp dove over on Pit 2. Back in the ring, Scorp took control with a handspring elbow, a bulldog, and a moonsault press for a two count. Scorp then hit a Tumbleweed for the clean pin. Francine looked really angry and upset, hesitating before she helped Pit up. This was my pick for best match of the evening.

Bill Alfonso pinned Tod Gordon in a “Reverse Lumberjack with Weapons” match. The Lumberjacks, Mikey with a chair, Axl with an axe handle, Pit 1 with his chain, and Sandman with his cane, were at each corner to prevent Taz from interfering.  Tod hit a hiptoss. Tod got tossed out of the ring and was helped up, as Sandman yelled at him to get his sh** together. Back in the ring, Tod took over with several punches and then jumped off the turnbuckles, stomping Fonzie in the sternum. Tod got Fonzie’s whistle and began walking around blowing it. Tod began beating Fonzie with the whistle when Fonzie bladed.  Tod & Fonzie brawled around, and Taz started to come down the aisle. The Lumberjacks all went to face him, but Axl left his axe handle in the ring by accident. Fonzie got it and clobbered Tod for the pin. However, right after the pin, Axl threw him arms up and walked away from the other Lumberjacks. A harbinger of things to come? Hmmm.

Taz defeated Mikey Whipwreck in a strong opener with the Tazmission. They started out with some strong matwork, and built a good match with Mikey attempting to evade suplexes by relying on his speed. Taz eventually caught him and hit several suplex variations, including a Northern Lights and a Fall Away Slam with a bridge, which was the finisher. After Mikey got up to his feet, Taz told Mikey that, like Sabu, Taz respected Mikey. He said Mikey had more heart than Paul Varelans and Sabu combined. He said he respected Mikey enough to let him live, and shook his hand, but not enough to walk out under his own power, and he grabbed Mikey and dropped him on his head one last time. Taz warned Sabu that he was going to “Eat your a** up” when they meet in the ring.

Other matches held on the twelve match show included Tarzan Goto pinning Axl Rotten in a decent match where they started out wrestling, but built into a brawl, with Goto gaining a pinfall after a brainbuster on a chair. Some idiot fans were chanting “A-Bomb” at Goto.

Louie Spicoli made his ECW debut by pinning “El Puerto Ricano Pablo Marquez,” who I guess is being billed under his real name now. Puerto sold for most of the match before succumbing to a spinebuster.

Coming out to the biggest reaction of the night, The Sandman, with Missy Hyatt, pinned BlueDust in about twenty seconds with a single cane shot. Meanie goosed ring announcer Rocco Marsiano as he entered the ring. Dust started coming on to Hyatt until Sandy whacked him for the pin. Super Nova ran out, trying to revive Dust, and when CPR didn’t work, he tried mouth-to-mouth. Bad idea Nova! Nova got a kiss back, and looked horrified! I can’t blame him.

The show opened with the Full-Blooded Italians storming the ring so J. T. Smith could sing, but the Sandman ran in caning both to work up the crowd.


This show, unlike the first one here, featured more teenaged fans and less families. The crowd was well-behaved until the finish of the main event, upon which they began throwing things in the ring, despite the fact that Tyler Fullington was one of those in the ring.  Something really bad could have happened there and ECW is lucky it didn't.

They announced a return date of Saturday, September 28, with tickets already on sale.

There was more brawling in the crowd, and more juice than on the previous show here.

1997 - Spellbinder defeats Billy Travis for the USWA Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning his second reign.

1997 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Allentown, PA with the following results:

John Kronus defeated Roadkill
PG-13 defeated Spike Dudley & Mikey Whipwreck when Wolfie D pinned Spike
Balls Mahoney defeated the Hellraiser
Chris Candido pinned Tracy Smothers
Axl Rotten & New Jack defeated Louie Spicolli & Little Guido when New Jack pinned Guido
Rob Van Dam pinned Bobby Duncum Jr.
ECW World TV Champion Taz defeated Shane Douglas via submission with the Tazmission at 3:13
ECW World Tag Team Champion Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Spike Dudley (substituting for ECW World Tag Team Champion D-Von Dudley) defeated Tommy Dreamer & the Sandman

1998 - WCW held the fifth-annual "Bash at the Beach" pay-per-view at Cox Arena in San Diego, California, before 10,095 fans. The show got a 1.42 buyrate, and the results were:
- In a dark match, Villanos IV and V defeated Ciclope and Damien, when Villano V pinned Damien.
- Raven (with Scotty Riggs and Lodi) pinned Saturn in a Raven's Rules match after a Evenflow DDT.
- Juventud Guerrera pinned Kidman after a 450 Splash.
- Stevie Ray defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. when Chavo purposely submitted to a knucklelock.
- Eddie Guerrero pinned Chavo Guerrero, Jr. in a Hair vs. Hair match with a small package. After the match, Chavo shaved off his own hair.
- Konnan (with Lex Luger and WCW World Tag Team Champion Kevin Nash) defeated Disco Inferno (with Alex Wright) by submission with the Tequila Sunrise.
- The Giant pinned Kevin Greene after a chokeslam.
- Rey Misterio, Jr. pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho to win the title, but the title was returned to Jericho the next night on Monday Nitro, due to interference from Dean Malenko.
- WCW World Television Champion Booker T defeated Bret Hart by disqualification to retain the title.
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg pinned Curt Hennig after the Jackhammer to retain the title.
- Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman (with The Disciple) defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone, when Hogan pinned Page after an Apocalypse from The Disciple. This began Hogan's sixth reign and ended Savage's fourth.

1998 - Billy Joe Eaton defeats Ian Rotten for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title in Kalamazoo, Michigan, ending Rotten's second reign.

1999 - The WWF announced that Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura will serve as a special guest referee at August 22's SummerSlam in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1999 - WWF RAW is WAR defeated WCW Monday Nitro, 6.0 to 3.4, in this week of the Monday Night War.

WCW Monday Nitro was live from the Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida. The results:
- Konnan defeated Vampiro by disqualification.
- Dean Malenko (with Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn) defeated Ric Flair (with Arn Anderson and Asya) by disqualification.
- Kidman defeated Steven Regal (with David Taylor and Fit Finlay).
- Sid Vicious defeated Kaos.
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion David Flair (with Arn Anderson, Asya, Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson) fought Sting to a no-contest to retain the title.
- Booker T defeated WCW World Tag Team Champion Diamond Dallas Page (with WCW World Tag Team Champions Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon) by disqualification).
- Hollywood Hulk Hogan defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage to win the title.

WWF RAW is WAR was live from the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. The results were:
- Edge fought Gangrel to a no contest.
- The Godfather and Val Venis defeated WWF Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) (with Michael Hayes)) by disqualification. The Hardys retained the title.
- The Road Dogg, The Rock (subbing for Kane) and X-Pac defeated Chyna, Billy Gunn and Triple H.
- Al Snow defeated Droz in a hardcore evening gown match.
- Test defeated The Mean Street Posse (Joey Abs, Pete Gas and Rodney) in a gauntlet match.
- WWF Champion Steve Austin and The Big Show besiegen Kane and The Undertaker.

2000 - "Showa" defeats Poison Sawada Black for the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Title, ending Black's second reign.

2001 - Yuki Ishikawa and Shinjiro Otani defeat Steve Corino and Mike Rapada by referee stoppage to win the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.

2001 - The Wall defeats Simon Diamond for the vacant NWA Jersey Hardcore Title in Wildwood, New Jersey.

2002 - At a WWF house show in Lakeland, Florida, four WWF Hardcore Title changes take place. Bradshaw had his seventh reign ended by Justin Credible, which began his third. Spike Dudley then won the title, beginning his eighth reign, before losing to Big Show. Show's third reign was then ended by Bradshaw, beginning his eighth reign.

2002 - Chris Hero defeats Colt Cabana to win the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title in Clarksville, Indiana. This began Hero's second reign and ended Cabana's fourth.

2003 - Erick Alexander and Craven defeat Miguel Pérez and Slash Venom for the vacant IWA World Tag Team Title in San Juan, Puerto Rico, beginning their second reign.

2003 - Chris Hero defeats Danny Daniels in a best-of-three falls match, 2-1, to win the vacant IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title in Clarksville, Indiana, beginning Hero's fourth reign.

2003 - Justin Powers defeats Billy Firehawk for the CyberSpace Wrestling Federation Internet Title in Rahway, New Jersey. At the same show, The United Nations (Sonjay Dutt and Prince Nana) defeat The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz to win the vacant CSWF Tag Team Title.

2003 - Green Oil (eXceSs 69 and The Green Phantom) defeat Hi-5 (Beef Wellington and Kid Kamikaze) for the Internet (now International) Wrestling Syndicate Tag Team Title in Laval, Quebec.

2004 - WWE held a live RAW at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, which got a 3.7 rating on Spike TV. The results:
- WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge pinned Batista by reversing a spinebuster into a sunset flip and holding the top rope.
- Rhyno (with Tajiri) pinned World Tag Team Champion Rob Conway (with World Tag Team Champion Sylvain Grenier) after the Gore.
- Tyson Tomko (with WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus) defeated Maven (with Nidia) after a big boot.
- Chris Jericho defeated Kane by disqualification when Kane gave Jericho a low-blow.
- Ric Flair defeated The Hurricane by submission with the Figure-Four leglock.
- World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit fought Eugene to a no-contest after Evolution attacked both men.

2005 - CIMA, Magnitude Kishiwada and Masato Yoshino defeat Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi and Ryo Saito for Dragon Gate's Open the Triangle Gate Title in Tokyo, Japan, ending Dragon, Horigichi and Saito's second reign.

2005 - On day after his WWE return, Matt Hardy posted the following statement on his website, playing up the idea that he was a fired outsider back for revenge on Edge:

If you guys are ready for a ride, jump the f*ck on. Well, I promised you all fireworks, so I hope I didn't disappoint. As of July 11th, 2005, my personal Independence Day, the Movement has begun-- and the Movement's purpose is two-fold. Purpose one--To never let anyone control what Matt Hardy says and does and thinks. Purpose two--To make Adam Copeland, Amy Dumas, and the WWE regret what they did to me, what they did to us.

It's time for Matt Hardy to stand up for all the MFer's that have been chanting "We Want Matt", and "You Screwed Matt". Although you may not know this--you guys, the MFers, started the Movement months ago. I can now finally join the Movement because I am no longer controlled by the WWE. The McMahons, the Johnny Aces, and all of the WWE management can kiss my @$$. I did what I did tonight because for me to live with myself, Adam "Feces" Copeland must pay. I'm not going to let the WWE forget that they f*cked up when they released me instead of that scumbag home-wrecker. And Amy Dumas, you know what's it's like to have me as your closest ally--but you're gonna hate to see what it's like to have me as your worst enemy b*tch. Even though I didn't slash your tires FCF, slashed tires are going to be the least of your problems--Bank on it. A little message to the whore, the feces, and the horsesh*t "family" that is the WWE--Matt Hardy is like cancer, I don't go away and you won't find a cure. I thank EVERYONE that has supported me through thick and thin--I promise I will always be there for my MFers. I love you guys--and as I always say, without you, there is no me. I am going to turn a hugely negative situation into something that will benefit us. If you don't want to be able to predict what happens next, you're all in for a treat.

P.S. - If you're thinking about pressing charges Vince, I got a couple bucks, I'll fight it. Besides, I think I might have some pixs and video from a camera phone that shows your officers Rodney Kinging my @$$. My wrist is cut from the handcuffs, and I would suggest that there was a little unnecessary roughness involved in kicking me out of your building.

P.S.S. - And don't forget to catch Matt Hardy in action this Friday in Indiana, PA, this Saturday in Woodbridge, CT, and you never know where I'll show up on Sunday. And The Matt Hardy Show is so on...

Matt "F*cking" Hardy

2006 - WWE debuted Madison Square Garden Classics, a series produced specifically for the MSG Network, featuring matches from MSG cards.  Hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Gene Okerlund, the series produced 76 one hour episodes, running until September 2008.

2007 - Austin Creed defeats Murder-1 in a tournament final for the Deep South Heavyweight Title, at Deep South Wrestling's show in Locust Grove, Georgia. It was the first event held by DSW after WWE left the promotion in April.

2007 - World Wrestling Entertainment signed former TNA star Nick Cvjetkovich, who wrestles as Original Sinn, to a developmental deal. He had been working in recent months down in Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky. He would make it to the main roster as Kizarny, being featured in a number of vignettes to debut the character, but was dropped after just a few appearances.

2007 - The Associated Press released the following article this afternoon:

Doctor who treated Chris Benoit faces expanded federal probe
By HARRY R. WEBER - Associated Press Writer


Federal agents have expanded their investigation of pro wrestler Chris Benoit's personal doctor to include former patients and other patients of his who have died, and they seized records dated as far back as 2002, two years earlier than previously acknowledged, The Associated Press has learned.

An affidavit by a federal Drug Enforcement Administration agent that was part of a warrant to search Dr. Phil Astin's west Georgia office for a third time said investigators seized 68 boxes of documents, including patient records and billing statements, on Tuesday.

The affidavit said agents were looking for, in part, medical records of inactive or deceased patients, including medical tests, test results and physician notes.

The search followed a statement agents received last Friday from an unidentified source who was associated with Astin's practice and has known him personally for about 10 years. The source said files for former patients or patients who have died may have been stored in a copy room at Astin's office, the affidavit said.

The records "will be relevant and material to this ongoing investigation," the affidavit said, without elaborating.

Also seized from Astin's office, the affidavit states, were records of a Nov. 19, 2002, prescription for 200 mg of depo-testosterone, an injectable steroid, that was written for an unidentified patient. When Astin was charged last week with improperly prescribing medication to two patients other than Benoit, the indictment only referred to prescriptions dating to 2004.

A sheriff's official previously said that Astin also is being investigated in the February 2006 death of another wrestler, Michael Durham. State officials have not returned repeated calls in recent days seeking details on that case.

The disclosure about the expanded federal investigation follows word earlier this week that federal prosecutors plan to seek a superseding indictment against Astin.

A court filing Tuesday said that prosecutors have advised Astin's attorney, Manny Arora, that they will present the case to a grand jury for a second time "after a more thorough review" of documents seized from Astin's office in Carrollton. The filing did not say what charges will be sought in the superseding indictment or when the indictment will be sought.

Arora said Thursday he wasn't aware of the latest search of Astin's office, but wasn't surprised by it either.

"It's their job to look through everything," Arora said. "I want them to look through everything, so if there is an acquittal in this case there will be no more doubt about anything that Dr. Astin's done," Arora said.

Astin pleaded not guilty at his first court appearance.

Police have said Benoit strangled his wife and son, placing Bibles next to the bodies, and then hung himself on a piece of exercise equipment in his suburban Atlanta home the weekend of June 22.

Authorities found anabolic steroids in Benoit's home, leading officials to wonder whether the drugs played a role in the killings. Some experts believe steroids can cause paranoia, depression and violent outbursts known as "roid rage."

Another court affidavit said Astin prescribed a 10-month supply of anabolic steroids to Benoit every three to four weeks between May 2006 and May 2007.

Astin has told the AP he prescribed testosterone for Benoit, a longtime friend, in the past but has not said what, if any, medications he prescribed when Benoit visited his office June 22, the day authorities believe Benoit killed his wife.

Since the deaths, toxicology tests have been conducted on Benoit's body to determine if steroids or other drugs were present. Blood-alcohol tests also were conducted on his body, and chemical tests were conducted on the bodies of the wife and son.

Some of the tests have been completed, but authorities are keeping the results secret until all the tests are complete.

2009 - Former WWF star Brock Lesnar defeated Frank Mir in the second round of their UFC 100 main event in Las Vegas, becoming the undisputed UFC champion. Lesnar took Mir down and used ground and pound to win via TKO. Lesnar flipped off the crowd and cut a heel-like promo after the win.  Lesnar would later write about his obsession with beating Mir in his autobiography "Death Clutch", noting that he made a mistake in his UFC debut and handed Mir a win.

2010 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:

We begin with a look back at Wade Barrett’s comments to John Cena telling him their evil plan. We also see the verbal confrontation between John Cena and Wade Barrett from last week. Then we see John Cena attack Darren Young to set up the seven on one match for tonight.

We are live from Lexington, Kentucky and your announcers are Michael ‘Pitino’ Cole and Jerry ‘Where is Ashley Judd’ Lawler.

We are told that the Nexus versus Cena match will now be a six on one match because of what happened to Darren Young last week. Stay tuned to see if that number drops even further.

John Cena comes to the ring. Cena thanks everyone for the reception. John also wants to thank the WWE Superstars who helped him last week against the Nexus. Cena says that he looked at last week’s show and he wonders where Sheamus was. He says that Sheamus will wake up and realize that when it comes to the Nexus, they are all in this together. Cena says that next Monday, Sheamus is going to realize that he lost the WWE Title after their match inside a steel cage. Cena says that a Steel Cage match is designed to show who the better man is. The luckiest Irish man will get a chance to finally show if he is good. Cena throws out a few Irish symbols and then he mentions that Sheamus is a two time champion, but because he fell through a table and because of the Nexus. In a Steel Cage match, no one can interfere. After weeks of listening to the human jar of mayonnaise, Cena says that the champion will be here (as he points to himself). Cena says that even though that match is grueling, it will be his easiest match because tonight he is in a six on one match because of what he did to Darren Young. Cena says that he meant what he said. Whether he has help or not, he will take care of each of them. He says that the Nexus is not about winning, it is about surviving.

The Nexus stand on the stage with their pretty new shirts.

Cena calls them the NNNNNN Clan. Wade tells Cena that they could come to the ring and beat the living daylights out of him, but they will wait. Barrett says that they will be able to do what they want with a clear conscience because Cena brought this upon himself. Barrett says that the Nexus stands for a much bigger picture. Barrett says that Cena disrespected the general manager and he is going to get what he deserves.

Cena says that he is going to knock Barrett’s teeth down his throat

But Cena is interrupted by an e-mail from the General Manager. Cena is told that if any Superstar gets involved in any way, they will be suspended for ninety days. Nexus will have to tag in and if they don’t comply they will be suspended for ninety days.

Barrett tells Cena that doesn’t make one shred of difference because they can play by the rules, but Cena will be on his own.

Cena says that he will take a few down with him tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that there are still fifteen million people who watch WWE each week.

Eve Torres joins Cole and Lawler at the announce table for the next match. We see highlights from last week when Alicia Fox outsmarted Eve Torres to retain the Divas Title.

Match Number One: Alicia Fox versus Gail Kim

They lock up and Gail with arm drag take downs followed by an Irish whip but Gail tries for a monkey flip but Alicia pushes her off. Alicia with a forearm and a near fall. Alicia with a reverse chin lock but Gail with elbows and forearms. Gail with a flap jack to Alicia followed by a clothesline and drop kick. Gail with a forearm and Irish whip followed by the cross body into the corner. Alicia with a snap mare of Gail off the ropes. Gail misses Eat Defeat when Alicia blocks it and Alicia with a scissors kick for the three count.

Winner: Alicia Fox

After the match, Alicia taunts Eve. Eve leaves the announce table and we have an e-mail.

Michael says that because of what Alicia did last week, Eve Torres gets another title match and the match will take place at the pay per view on Sunday.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see what happened two weeks ago when the Hart Dynasty was attacked by the Usos and Tamina.

Match Number Two: The Hart Dynasty versus Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Tamina

Jimmy and Kidd start off and Kidd with a back kick and drop kick that sends Jimmy to the floor. Kidd goes to the apron and Jimmy gets out of the way. Kidd with a flip senton onto Jimmy and Jey. Tamina stops Kidd on the apron and then Jimmy with a diving head butt. Jey tags in and they hit a double back elbow and double elbow drop for a near fall. Jey with a reverse chin lock on Kidd. Kidd with an arm drag but Jey with a running chop to the throat. Jey chokes Kidd and then Jimmy is tagged into the corner but Kidd evades the Usos and Smith tags in and hits a double clothesline followed by a shoulder tackle and high knee to Jimmy. Smith with a Saito suplex to Jimmy but Tamina pulls Smith off the cover. Natalya with a Thesz Press to Tamina. Jey makes the blind tag and hits a savate kick on Smith after a rollup. Jimmy takes care of Kidd and Jey hits a splash from the top rope for the three count.

Winners: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Tamina

We see Wade Barrett in the back with Chris Jericho. Wade thanks Chris for everything he did. Jericho says that this is exactly what he told Wade and look at him now. Jericho walks away and Josh wants to ask him something but Jericho says ‘No Comment’.

Wade is talking to Yoshi Tatsu and he asks if he can be a hero with none of his friends behind him. Yoshi says that John Cena is his friend. The rest of Nexus show up and Otunga with knees to the midsection. Tarver with a forearm to the back and Yoshi is down.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the band I Fight Dragons are in the front row. It makes sense since their song is the official song for Sunday’s pay per view.

Ted DiBiase comes to the ring with Maryse. We see footage from last week when Maryse distracted John Morrison to allow Ted DiBiase to win the match.

Ted introduces the Million Dollar Couple, the most powerful couple in the WWE. Ted says that he is talking about himself and the briefcase. He tells Maryse that when he wins Money in the Bank, he will shower her with gifts. Ted says that he will give himself the ultimate gift because he will win the WWE Title.

John Morrison comes out and he interrupts Ted. Before John speaks, he stops on the stage and does his slow motion pose. John tells Teddy not to waste time showering Maryse with gifts because the French do not shower.

Maryse gets outraged and yells at John in French.

John translates for Maryse and then tells Maryse not to kill the messenger. Maryse tries to slap Morrison but Morrison blocks it. Ted attacks Morrison and tries for Dream Street but Morrison blocks it and hits an enzuigiri. Morrison kicks Ted and then he looks at Maryse before trying the corkscrew split legged moonsault but Maryse pulls DiBiase out of the ring and Morrison lands on his feet.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Brady Bunch parody with Santino, Goldust, Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, William Regal, Primo, Zack Ryder, and Doink.

Florence Henderson is in the back with a pie and she gives it to Santino. He thanks her for being at Raw. Santino says that it is always Regal Regal Regal. Santino comments on the laugh track. Florence says that she is excited to host Raw. She asks Santino if his team is ready. Santino says that Regal’s team is like Cousin Oliver and worse than Florence’s son Rickey. William Regal comes in and he wonders if the General Manager is Gilligan. Regal wonders where the laughs were. Florence tells Regal that he isn’t funny. Regal then makes reference to the Partridge Family and Florence slaps Regal and she tells him to leave. Santino is about to kiss Florence but she stops him. She leaves the office.

We look at the seven men announced for the Raw Money in the Bank Match. Who will be the eighth man?

Jerry Lawler reminds us that R Truth’s replacement will be announced tonight.

Speaking of Money in the Bank, we have the Edge winning the first Money in the Bank video package and cashing in at New Year’s Revolution one more time.

Edge is walking in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and the Nexus will be on NXT tomorrow night.

We see highlights from the problems that Edge and Chris Jericho had last week on Raw during the tag match that also featured Randy Orton and Evan Bourne.

Match Number Three: Edge versus Randy Orton

They lock up and they go into the corner and then around the ring before the referee separates them. They lock up again and Edge with a punch instead of a clean break. Edge with more punches and the referee warns him. Orton with a kick and punches of his own and the referee warns him as well. Edge with an Irish whip but Orton with a clothesline as he comes out of the corner. Orton with the Garvin Stomp to Edge and he gets a near fall. Orton with a kick to Edge and Edge goes to the apron. Orton with forearms across the chest and then Orton stares at Edge before resuming his attack. Orton stomps on the solar plexus before he catapults Edge into the bottom rope and Edge goes to the floor.

Orton follows Edge to the floor and then he sends Edge back in. Orton gets on the apron and Edge with a boot to the head and that sends Orton awkwardly to the floor. Edge sends Orton back in and Edge with a running boot to the head and Edge responds with a glare to some point in the building. Edge misses a second running boot to the head and Orton with a power slam. Orton with a punch and European uppercut. Edge throws Orton to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton drops Edge on the top rope from the apron. Edge with a drop toe hold and he punches Orton. Edge with a reverse chin lock on Orton and Orton starts to fade but Orton with a belly-to-back suplex to get out of the hold. Orton with clotheslines to Edge followed by a power slam and Orton punches Edge while Edge is on the apron. The referee warns Orton and Orton tries for the IEDDT but Edge recovers and hits the Implant DDT on Orton and gets a near fall. Edge sets in the corner for the spear as he waits for Orton to get back to his feet. Edge charges at Orton but Orton with a kick to the head and it is time for Orton to do some RKO push ups but Edge avoids the RKO. Edge misses a spear and Orton with a rollup for a near fall. Orton with a back breaker and Orton does more push ups but Chris Jericho comes to the ring and he throws his jacket at Orton, allowing Edge to hit the Edge-O-Matic for the three count.

Winner: Edge

After the match, Jericho gives Edge a Codebreaker. Orton gives Jericho an RKO. Evan Bourne comes out and hits a running knee. Bourne goes up top for the Shooting Star Press but Orton counters it with an RKO.

We see a few replays of the RKO that Orton gave Bourne.

The medical staff checks on Bourne as Orton is asked to leave the ring.

Skip Sheffield is walking alone in the back and Josh Mathews asks Skip about what is going to happen tomorrow on NXT. Skip does not answer and walks away. Skip bumps into John Morrison. Skip tells Morrison to watch where he is walking. Morrison is surrounded by Nexus people and Morrison with an elbow to Slater followed by a punch to Sheffield. There are too many and they take care of Morrison and send him into a door and Sheffield punches Morrison. Slater with a kick to the midsection and then Barrett directs traffic. They send Morrison into one of the containers in the back and we go to commercial with Nexus standing over Morrison.

The Miz comes to the ring and he has something to say. Miz says that everyone is talking about how they are going to win Money in the Bank, but talk is cheap. We go to footage from last week when he knocked R Truth out of the Money in the Bank match. Miz asks everyone if they get it. Miz says that he has never been more serious in his entire life. He lets his actions speak for himself. He says that he didn’t need a ladder to take care of R Truth. He did it with his bare hands. He ended R Truth’s dream with his bare hands. He didn’t just take away Truth’s ability to compete. He took away his ability to play catch with his son or entertain. He says that R Truth is not dancing right now. On Sunday, when he has a ladder in his hands, what he did to R Truth will pale in comparison to what he is going to do to his other opponents. One down, six to go.

He’s the Miz . . . and we have an e-mail. Cole says that the Miz will compete against R Truth’s replacement in the Money in the Bank Match. Just when you think he has the answers, he changes the questions.

Match Number Four: Miz versus Mark Henry

Miz tries to punch Henry but Henry blocks it and then he head butts Miz to the mat. Henry with an Irish whip and he presses Miz over his head and then he drops Miz. Henry sends Miz into the apron. Henry charges at Miz but Miz moves and Henry almost knocks over the General Manager’s e-mail station. Miz throws a trash can lid at Henry and then he throws out the trash on Henry.

No Contest

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that the WWE gives free tickets to the military still?

It is time for Florence Henderson to come to the ring as the special ring announcer for the next match.

Match Number Five: Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust, and Great Khali versus William Regal, Doink, Zack Ryder, and Primo

Santino and Regal start things off and Regal with a forearm and knees to the head. Florence puts on Regal’s ring jacket and he yells at her. Santino with the Cobra but the cover is broken up and then everyone gets in the ring except Khali and Doink. Doink with a kick and Santino with a punch. Khali tags in. Doink stomps on Khali’s foot and then tries to slam him. Doink has a squirt gun and he hits Khali in the eyes. Khali with a chop to the head and he gets the three count.

Winners: Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, Santino Marella, and Goldust

After the match, Florence is looking for love. Santino thinks she wants some Italian, but she is in the mood for some Indian and she goes to the Great Khali for a kiss.

We have a SummerSlam Recall Moment: Shawn Michaels versus Razor Ramon from 1995.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to talk about the Money in the Bank pay per view.

It is time to take a look back to 2009 when CM Punk won the Money in the Bank for the second time and then cashed it in successfully.

Edge is in the back and Josh Mathews enters. Josh congratulates Edge on his victory and Edge says that it wasn’t that difficult. Josh asks Edge about the COdebraker. Edge says that he wants to thank Jericho for the wake up call. Jericho personified what the Money in the Bank is about. There will be seven opponents and you need to have eyes in the back of your head. Edge says that he has been in more Money in the Bank matches and he has won more Money in the Bank matches than anyone. Edge has a secret advantage. Edge has a voice in the back of his head and it reminds him to be ruthless and devoid of compassion. It tells him that he has no morals, no scruples, and no rules. It tells him that he is the Ultimate Opportunist. He enjoys destroying the lives of everyone else. That voice talks to him and he listens to it. Edge says that the voice listens to him. Edge told the voice that in six days, the fun truly begins.

Evan Bourne is getting his neck checked out by the medical staff and Sheamus stops by to ask the little fella if he is okay. Sheamus says that he was lucky it wasn’t him or it would have been a lot worse. The Nexus surround Bourne and Sheamus says that Bourne was bragging about jumping him last week. Gabriel slaps Bourne in the head and then Barrett slams his head into the case. Sheamus tells Little Evan Bourne that will teach him a lesson . . . fella.

The Nexus return and Sheamus has a look on his face. We have a six on one stare down. Sheffield moves towards Sheamus and Sheamus runs like he was in Nexus and they saw Santino Marella. Sheamus asks someone where John Cena’s dressing room is and he runs into a commercial.

We are back and the Nexus are in the ring for the main event.

Match Number Six: John Cena versus Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater

Tarver starts things off for Nexus and Cena with a waist lock and he punches Tarver in the kidneys and head but the referee warns him. Cena with a running elbow followed by a suplex. Gabriel tags in and they lock up and Cena puts Gabriel in the corner and he punches Gabriel. Cena Irish whips Gabriel into the corner and hits a clothesline. It is now Sheffield’s turn in the match. They lock up and Sheffield tries to back Cena into the Neuxs corner but Cena avoids it. Sheffield with an Irish whip but Cena gets out of the corner. The Nexus go to the floor to discuss strategy.

Tarver distracts the referee and Slater attacks Cena from behind. This allows Sheffield to punch Cena. Sheffield punches Cena and Slater tags in and he punches and kicks Cena. Slater distracts the referee to allow Gabriel and Tarver to punch Cena. Slater with a belly-to-back suplex or two. Slater with a third belly-to-back suplex. Slater with a punch and then he tags in Otunga. Cena punches Otunga and then he takes a few out on the apron. Otunga with a clothesline to Cena. Otunga with a suplex and then he talks trash to Cena before punching Cena. Otunga with a hard Irish whip. Cena with a belly-to-back suplex on Otunga. Barrett tags in and Cena punches Wade. Wade with a big boot to Cena.

Barrett gets Cena on his shoulders but Cena escapes. Cena with two flying shoulder tackles followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena signals for the five knuckle shuffle as the Nexus watches on the apron. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and he gets Barrett up for the Attitude Adjustment and he hits it but Sheffield breaks up the cover after he makes the blind tag. Sheffield with a clothesline and then he tags in Otunga who hits the World Most Dangerous Spinebuster. Justin Gabriel is tagged in and it is time for the hesitation 450 Splash and the three count.

Winners: Nexus

After the match, Nexus stand over Cena and Cena punches Barrett and leaves the ring and gets a chair and he hits Slater twice with it. The six members of Nexus leave the ring when it is John Cena and one chair.

Barrett tells them what to do as they surround the ring. Sheamus comes to the ring with a chair and he goes after Nexus. Sheamus and Cena are in the ring with chairs as Nexus leaves.

2010 - A planned Lucha Libre AAA video game was postponed until October 2010 with the following announcement released:

Slang's Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring Repositions Launch Date
Manly combat coming at you straight from the top buckle.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Slang announced today that they have repositioned the highly-anticipated Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring launch date to October 12, 2010 in order to maximize the game's potential, while taking full advantage of the upcoming holiday season in U.S., Canadian and Latin America markets. Furthermore, the strategic new launch date will grant first time publisher Slang with ancillary time for expanded marketing and development efforts to ensure that Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring truly provides fans with an entertainment experience that captures the sport's passion, tradition and over-the-top high-flying action.

"Based on the positive feedback we received at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo we decided to push the launch of Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring closer to the upcoming holiday shopping season. The additional time provides us with several key benefits including the ability to market to a larger audience, build greater street buzz with consumers and continue the development cycle," said Abraham Bautista, president of Slang. "The new launch date will facilitate our goal of creating an addictively fun game that combines an entertaining pick-up-and-play experience with Lucha Libre's passionate history and majestic Luchadores known for their brute strength and extreme aerial acrobatics inside the ring."

Developed by Immersion Games and Sabarasa, distributed by Konami, Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring is an addictively fresh and entertaining first look at the highly acrobatic fighting sport and the compelling luchadores who risk life and limb to deliver electrifying battles inside the six-sided ring. Slang's Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring features an evolutionary popularity-based scoring system allowing fans to unlock increasingly acrobatic and devastating signature moves based on the user's ability to gain the support of the audience through the execution of taunts aimed at humiliating one's opponent.

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring also introduces more than 30 different real life luchadores from the AAA league, authentic Mexican wrestling venues, fully customizable character and mask editor system, and unique online gameplay modes including Mask vs. Hair where up to four players wager their mask or hair against their opponents in a winner-takes-all battle royal. Slang's Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring will be available at launch on PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii and Nintendo DSiWare. Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring will be available on PSP (PlayStation Portable) system at a later date.

It's not wrestling; it's Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring.

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring has not been rated by the ESRB as of yet. For more information on Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring please visit

About Slang
Slang is a console video game publisher dedicated to promoting the creativity and innovation of Hispanic culture and is the publishing venture of Latin America's foremost videogame distributor for over 20 years, Gamexpress. Based in Redwood City, CA, Slang specializes in delivering entertainment products derived from Hispanic culture into the mass market for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii and Nintendo DSiWare. Slang's upcoming Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring will be released October 12, 2010.

For more information on Slang go to

About Konami
Konami is a leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties and traditional trading card games. Konami's software titles include the popular franchises Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, DanceDanceRevolution and Castlevania, among other top sellers. Konami is also the manufacturer of the wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, which has sold more than 22 billion cards worldwide. The latest information about Konami can be found on the Web at Konami Corporation is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiary offices, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, Konami Digital Entertainment, and Inc. in the United States and Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany. Konami Corporation is traded in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KNM. Details of the products published by Konami can be found at

2010 - NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood announced their plans to debut on KDOC in Los Angeles.  The series and the promotion have been running regularly since debuting two months later.

2011 - TNA signed Kid Kash.

2012 - Kharma aka Awesome Kong confirmed publicly that she has been released by WWE.

2012 - Indian wrestler Dara Singh passed away in Mumbai, India due to cardiorespiratory arrest at the age of 83 years old.  Singh was hospitalized on July 7 and sent home the day before he passed away.   

2012 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the live Impact Wrestling Report here on!

We start off with a look back at Austin Aries winning the TNA World Title at Destination X, then go to a recap of some early matches in the Bound For Glory Series, as well as recent history in the Joseph Park-Bully Ray feud leading into tonight's match. Speaking of which, we go right to the ring for...

Anything Goes Streetfight: Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

Okay, so the spineless lawyer who doesn't want to fight suddenly has a Twitter? Bubba holds up the contract for this match and reminds Park that Abyss can't get involved, and then Park takes his glasses off and stalls in the corner while Bubba challenges him to step up. Park finally comes out with his fists up and takes a swing, but Bubba easily ducks out of the way. Bubba dodges another couple of punches and slaps Park in the head before kicking him in the breadbasket. He keeps slapping and shoving Park before spitting right in his face. That's finally enough, and Park slaps Bubba in the face, but takes too long asking the fans if he should nail Bubba and gets suckerpunched from behind. Bubba pulls out his phone and tweets mid-match, then says that he's trending worldwide. Bubba pulls a trashcan full of plunder out from under the ring and brings it inside. Bubba grabs a chair from the can, but Park takes Bubba down with a double leg and drills him with repeated punches to the face. Park gets ahold of the chair and hesitantly approaches Bubba, but takes too long once again and gets nailed by Bubba. Bubba bashes Park over the back with a detour sign, then does the same with a trash can lid. Bubba continues beating on Park and lays him on top of the trash can lid. Bubba takes forever going for a splash and Park is able to move out of the way. Park is fired up now and pummels Bubba with right and left hands, but runs right into a big boot from Bubba and goes down yet again. Bubba gets a big black pouch from under the ring, and dumps out...THUMBTACKS! Bubba gets the microphone and tells Park that he's going to do to him what he should have done to his brother a long time ago, then asks everyone if they know who he is. Bubba comes at Park with a kendo stick, but Park catches Bubba through the uprights with a cheese grater, then takes the kendo stick and nails Bubba with it. He almost gets 3, but Bubba gets a back elbow and a clothesline. Bubba takes Park over to the thumbtacks, but Park suddenly grabs Bubba and chokeslams him onto the tacks. Park covers and gets 2, then Bubba crawls to the corner and grabs his chain. Park comes at bubba with the trash can, but Bubba drills him in the face with the chain and nails Park to get the 3 count.

Winner: Bully Ray

Park is busted open and the blood is running down his face, and Park sees the blood and suddenly goes into a trance, hitting Bubba with the Black Hole Slam and rocking himself in the ring the way Abyss does before suddenly going back to coward mode and scuttling out of the ring.

Sting is backstage with the playing cards the mystery guy gave Hogan last week and says he knows it's the Dead Man's Hand, and he'll see what that's about tonight.

We go backstage to Bully Ray, who wants to know who that was out there. He beat Joseph Park, but doesn't know who that was out there who did that to him after the match.

We look at the current standings in the Bound For Glory Series, and now the series continues!

Bound For Glory Series: Samoa Joe vs Rob Van Dam

Joe is currently leading the pack with 37 points. RVD dodges a charge and dropkicks Joe in the back, then drags him out to the middle of the ring and tries for a surfboard on Joe. Joe easily makes it to the ropes since it would be ridiculous to see RVD try that, then he takes RVD to the corner and they come out to the middle of the ring and pummel to try and lock hands around each other. Niether man gets an advantage, so they go to the corner where RVD hits a spinkick, but that just pisses Joe off and he runs RVD over with a clothesline that sends him out to the floor to take a breather. He comes back inside and fires a couple of kicks at Joe, who catches RVD's leg and hits a leg whip. RVD lures Joe into a kick exchange and catches Joe's boot, but Joe rolls through into a heel hook and RVD is forced to go to the ropes. RVD fires a few right hands and goes to the ropes, but walks right into a snap powerslam and then Joe goes to a cross armbreaker. RVD gets to the ropes again, and this time he dropkicks Joe's knee out from under him and hits a leg lariat. RVD with Rolling Thunder, but he's too worn out to capitalize and only gets 2 by the time he's able to crawl over and make a cover. RVD goes for a monkey flip, but Joe holds his ground and counters to a kneebreaker before locking RVD in a modified figure four. He's really got RVD trapped, but he voluntarily releases the hold. He tries to drag RVD back out to the middle of the ring to reapply the hold, but RVD rolls him into a small package for 3.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Joe looks really pissed off at getting caught, but he's still in first place while RVD is way down at 5th, tied with Brutus Magnus.

We go back to earlier today when Claire the crackhead shows up and the Mystery Cameraman runs up to harass her. She says she hasn't seen Dixie, and she'll say what she has to say later and tells them to leave her alone.

Hulk Hogan is backstage saying that if someone wants to show up and threaten him, he's here and Sting's here, so let's dance.

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian come out ot the ring as we look back at the events of Destination X and the brutal Last Man Standing match between Daniels and AJ Styles. Kazarian congratulates Styles on his win this past weekend and says AJ probably think he's finally put an end to this whole thing, but he's only heard one verse and they haven't gotten to the chorus yet. Daniels says he hears the fans booing AJ Styles because his actions this weekend were reprehensible, but he knows AJ will do anything to hide the truth. Because of that, he'd like to ask Claire Lynch to come out to the ring to answer some questions and clear a few things up for the fans. Daniels says he sympathizes with Claire because she hit rock bottom and would grab any hole to drag her out, but in situations like that, mistakes can be made and accidents can happen. AJ's music hits, and he comes out with microhpone in hand to share his side of the story. He's surprised that Daniels is able to stand and speak after what he did to him this past weekend, but the story ended weeks ago. Daniels said he had a good talk with Claire and wants her to say what she told him, but AJ says this has nothing to do with her. Claire gets between them and says that Daniels is right and AJ is the father. Well, AJ looks pretty surprised at that one and even says "How is that possible?" Let's go to commercial while they discuss their situation.

We go backstage and the stupid f'ing Mystery Cameraman is chasing after him to ask about the bombshell that was just dropped, and AJ turns around and yells "I DON'T KNOW, OKAY?" before shoving his way out the back door. See, if he'd used the back door the first time around, then he' know what, let me take the high road on this one.

Ken Anderson is getting ready for tonight and he says that his rivalry with Kurt Angle started off as a real negative thing, but he at least feels like there's more respect there now.

We go to a video package of Zema Ion and how he blew off Jesse Sorensen before going on to win the X Division Title, then we get backstage comments from Dakota Darsow, who was really pissed off at the way Zema Ion was thanking Jesse Sorensen for helping him get where he is. Ion shouldn't worry about Jesse Sorensen, because he's going to face Darsow tonight.

X Division Champion Zema Ion vs Dakota Darsow

Ion wises off to Darsow, so Darsow just manhandles Ion and beats the doody out of him in the corner. Darsow whips Ion hard to the corner and charges in with a clothesline, then comes off the ropes and turns Ion inside out with a running clothesline. Ion tries to hightail it to the back, but Darsow goes after him, nailing Ion on the rampway and herding him back to the ring. Darsow slingshots through the ropes with a spear, Ion tries to escape to the floor again, but Darsow goes after him and gets his neck snapped down over the top rope. Ion with a slingshot into a DDT on Darsow, then he hits a Gory Bomb for the win.

Winner: Zema Ion

Ion isn't done, and puts Darsow in a funky submission move, then leans back and appears to tear Darsow's shoulder out. Ion gets a microphone and says that if that crippled jackass Jesse Sorensen doesn't want to see any more of his friends get hurt, he should know that he's not just f'n pretty, he's pretty f'n dangerous.

Austin Aries comes out saying that he's had a great week, and it's awesome to wake up and be the new World Heavyweight Champion. This is a great personal accomplishment, and he proved everyone wrong because nobody ever thought he would get there, and this is a great moment not just for himself and the fans, but for the professional wrestling industry. The crowd starts chanting his name, so he tells them all to be quiet so he can hear himself talk. Wrestling runs in cycles between down periods and boom periods, and for the last year or so there's been a buzz and an energy around Impact Wrestling, and wrestling fans are ready for the next boom period. He's the man to lead the company there because his win at Destination X was bigger than this company. He got phone calls and text messages from people in movies, sports, and even "World Champions" from other companies, and he was asked in a recent interview how important titles were, and he says they're only as important as the man who holds it, so now the TNA World Title is the most important in professional wrestling because he's the best wrestler in the best wrestling company in the world. The crowd is really going nuts for this speech, but now Bobby Roode's music hits and...well, here he comes. Aries says he knows Roode is used to coming out here whenever he wants, but he's not the champion anymore, so what does he want? Roode comes down to the ring with a frantic look on his face and grabs a microphone, but can't seem to get his thoughts out because he's too angry to finish a sentence. Finally he's able to spit out a single word: fluke. Roode leaves in a huff, but Aries says he has three words for him: new World Champ.

Sting is backstage with Hulk Hogan saying that it's almost time for them to go old school, but Devon and Garett Bischoff come in to say they owe Hogan and they've got his back no matter what. All they have to do is let them know. Hogan and Sting say they appreciate it, but they have this one. Devon and Garett say they can trust them and leave, and Hogan says that it's different this time. Okay, then.

Kurt Angle gives his thoughts on his match tonight, saying that if he beats Anderson tonight, he knows he can win the entire Bound For Glory Series.

We look at last week when Madison Rayne laid one on Earl Hebner, and says it's a perfect fit because they both love wrestling, and they both keep their bodies in tip top shape.

Balls Deep comes out to join Mike and Taz at the broadcast booth for our next match...

Knockouts Title Match: Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim

Brooke goes right after Gail, beating her down in the corner and laying her out with a clothesline and a dropkick. Brooke with a flying headscissors that sends Gail out to the ring apron, and Brooke grabs her by the hair to try and drag her in. Gail snaps Brooke's arm down on the top rope and rams her shoulder first into the corner. Brooke fires back with some shots from her good arm, but another shot from Gail and Brooke goes down again. Gail with a hammerlock suplex and then rams Brooke's arm down across her knee. Gail with a short armscissors and bridges to put all her weight on the arm, then puts Brooke in Cattle Mutilation! Awesome. Brooke slips out androlls Gail up for 2, but Gail goes right back after the arm and Brooke is in trouble. Brooke reverses a whip into the corner and takes Gail out with a series of clotheslines, selling the bad arm all the way. Brooke with a springing facebuster out of the corner, but her arm is too badly hurt to go right for a cover. Brooke hits the Pepsi Twist, but still can't get over in time to catch Gail for 3. Gail rolls Brooke up with a handful of tights for 2, then sits her on the top rope and they trade blows on top ofr the corner. Gail goes for a top rope Sole Food, but Brooke holds her ground and comes off the top rope with a flying elbow (with the bad arm) for the win.

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

Okay, normally I don't nitpick about this kind of stuff, but Brooke has set such a high standard for her ringwork that I have to call her on using the bad arm for the finish and not selling it after selling it for the near falls. Otherwise, really good match.

Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

Claire is backstage and the Mystery Cameraman is STILL chasing her around digging for dirt. Claire says we'll hear her proof soon enough, and tells AJ that she hopes he'll do the right thing since he knows more about her than anyone.

Open Fight Night returns next week, and Brutus Magnus says he's looking forward to getting another big win like last week when he detected a weakness and used it to get a win in the Bound For Glory Series. He'll also see James Storm this weekend at the house show.

Bound For Glory Series: Ken Anderson vs Kurt Angle

Kurt easily shoots in on Anderson and picks a single leg, then breaks clean to play mind games with Anderson. Angle takes Anderson down with a side headlock, Anderson makes it to his feet and shoots Angle to the ropes and gets a hiptoss and an armdrag, and now Anderson has Angle down on the mat. Angle regains his feet and backs Anderson to the corner and nails a couple of right hands before stomping Anderson down in the corner and choking him with his boot. Anderson with right hands and a clothesline, followed by a dropkick for 2. Anderson hits the ropes, but comes off right into an overhead release suplex from Angle as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Angle runs Anderson over with a shoulderblock and covers for 2...and we go right back to commercial. (??)

We're back as Anderson elbows his way out of a chinlock and hits a back suplex to catch a break. Anderson with clotheslines and back elbows, followed by a rolling neckbreaker, but Angle blocks the Mic Check and hits the triple rolling German suplexes. Anderson escapes the Hacker Slam and hits a Finlay roll for 2. Angle blocks Mic Check, Anderson blocks the anklelock, Angle hits the Hacker Slam for 2. Angle gets the anklelock, Anderson survives for like thirty seconds and eventually rolls through and catches Angle with the Mic Check...for 2. Anderson goes for another Mic Check, but Angle blocks and hits another Hacker Slam for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle seems to have caught a shot to the mouth because he's got blood dripping out of his mouth as the referee raises his hand. That's pretty badass. Angle now moves up to third place behind Samoa Joe and James Storm.

Bobby Roode burts into Hulk Hogans office and has a tense staredown with Sting, then tells Hogan that they need to talk. This seems like a perfect time to take a commercial break!

Hogan tells Sting that he'll see him in the ring in five minutes, then says he knows Bobby Roode wants a rematch, and he'll get it at Hardcore Justice. Roode says he wants Aries sooner than that, and Hogan says that next week is Open Fight Night, and since we don't call out champions on Open Fight Night, Roode should call Aries out. Can't argue with that logic. Hogan says that if Roode beats Aries next week, then it should be easy pickings at Hardcore Justice.

We head out to the ring as Sting comes out to address the fans of TNA and this mysterious gang who kicked his ass a couple weeks ago. Sting says there's a crew out there who likes to play games, but this seems like a good time and place, and he didn't come alone, so he asks Hulk Hogan to come on out and join him in the ring. Hogan's music hits, but he doesn't show. Sting asks him again to come out for the people, and his music hits again but still no Hogan. Sting has an uneasy look on his face as he stares at the entranceway, but Hogan's music hits yet a third time, and goes right back off as we go to the back where a bloody Hogan is laying on the ground as Balls Deep yells at a bunch of gang members to get out of here. Hogan says they got his leg, and Sting starts to make his way up the rampway to help, but he doesn't get close to the entryway before another group of gang members come out of the crowd and beat Sting down like 7-on-1 as we wrap up.

2013 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are in Hampton, Virginia and your announcers are John ‘Virginia Ham’ Layfield and Michael ‘CIA’ Cole.


Match Number One: Daniel Bryan versus Christian


They look at the briefcase above the ring and then they lock up. Bryan with an arm bar into a key lock. Christian with a shoulder tackle followed by a drop kick from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Christian runs into a shoulder from Bryan on the apron and Bryan with a kick to the arm to both set up the No Lock and make it harder for Christian to grab the case on Sunday.

Bryan with a knee to the midsection. Bryan with a knee drop for a near fall. Bryan works on the shoulders and back but Christian with a back heel kick and punch. Christian with an Irish whip but he runs into boots from Bryan. Bryan runs into a spinebuster and Christian gets a near fall. Christian with a forearm to Bryan and he goes to the turnbuckles for a back elbow and he gets a near fall.

Bryan with a knee to the midsection but Bryan is sent over the top rope to the floor by Christian. Christian misses a baseball slide when Bryan moves and Daniel with a clothesline and Bryan with a running knee off the apron to the head. We go to commercial.

We are back and Bryan misses the running drop kick in the corner and Christian gets a near fall. Christian with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall. Christian with kicks to the back and then he works on the neck. Bryan with forearms but Christian with forearms. Bryan sends Christian through the ropes to the floor.

Bryan goes for a suicide dive but Christian with an uppercut. Bryan with a forearm to Christian and then he hits a drop kick to the arm against the ring steps. Bryan gets back into the ring and so does Christian. Bryan with kicks to the arms. Christian with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over and Christian with a back heel kick and a sunset flip from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Christian with punches while Bryan continues with the kicks. Bryan gets the advantage but Christian with a drop toe hold into the ropes and Christian with a slingshot to the floor followed by an uppercut. Christian drops Bryan’s head across the top rope and then Christian goes up top again. Christian misses a cross body when Bryan moves out of the way.

Bryan goes up top and he goes for the diving head butt, but Christian moves out of the way and Bryan crashes and burns. Both men struggle to get back to their feet. Christian with a punch and he goes for a tornado DDT but Bryan pushes him away. Bryan with kicks to the chest and he misses a round kick. Christian with an inverted DDT.

Christian waits for Bryan to get up so he can hit the spear but Bryan with a kick to the arm and then to the head and he gets a near fall. Bryan with more kicks to Christian and then he hits the running drop kick into the corner. Bryan goes for another but Christian recovers and hits a spear but Bryan kicks out at two.

Christian tries for the Killswitch but Bryan counters for the Yes Lock but Christian avoids it. Christian with a back heel kick and he goes to the turnbuckles but Bryan catches Christian and applies the Yes Lock. Christian tries to fight out of it, but he has to tap out.


Winner: Daniel Bryan


Teddy Long is on the phone in his office and he has to hang up because Dolph Ziggler enters. Teddy says that he has good news for Dolph. He is giving Dolph the night off.

Dolph says that he wants to compete tonight.

Teddy says that Alberto is facing Sin Cara tonight and he does not want Dolph to get involved. He says that he does not want to suffer the same fate as Vickie Guerrero so there will be no interference tonight.

Dolph says that he understands and realizes that Alberto and Teddy are buddy buddy.

Teddy says that he is doing his job. He tells Dolph adios.

Dolph tells Teddy on Sunday he will become the next World Champion.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Two: Seth Rollins (with Roman Reigns) versus Jey Uso (with Jimmy Uso)


They lock up and go around the ring until Rollins applies a waist lock and he applies a hammer lock. Uso with a side head lock but Rollins with a top wrist lock and side head lock of his own. Rollins with a kick but Jey with a forearm. Uso with an uppercut to Rollins in the corner followed by a snap mare and a sliding clothesline for a near fall.

Rollins with an Irish whip but he runs into an uppercut and Jey goes to the turnbuckles. Seth pulls Jey off the turnbuckles and he gets a near fall. Rollins with a belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall. Rollins with a splash into the corner and he gets a near fall. Rollins kicks Uso and he applies a rear chin lock.

Jey with a punch but Rollins with a kick and he sends Jey into the turnbuckles. Rollins sends him around the ring but the more you hit a Samoan in the head, the more he wants it. Rollins with chops but Uso with forearms and an uppercut.

Uso with a splash into the corner and he sets for the running butt splash into the corner and he connects. Reigns gets on the apron and distracts Jey but Jimmy with a super kick. Jey with an alley oop Samoan drop after Rollins misses a splash into the corner. Jey gets a two count. Reigns with a clothesline to Jimmy on the floor and that distracts Jey long enough to allow Rollins to hit the ropes and crotch Jey. Rollins hits Black Out for the three count.


Winner: Seth Rollins


We go back to Raw with a look at the McHumiliation of Vickie Guerrero.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Three: Chris Jericho versus Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman)


Axel punches and kicks Jericho in the corner and the referee warns him. Axel with an Irish whip but he runs into an uppercut and Jericho with chops and a back elbow. Jericho with a missile drop kick from the second turnbuckle and he gets a near fall. Jericho with knees and elbows to Axel. Axel with forearms to the back of the head followed by kicks.

Axel sends Jericho into the turnbuckles followed by an Irish whip but Jericho floats over and Axel goes into the ring post shoulder first. Jericho tries for the Codebreaker but Axel holds on and hot shots Jericho and gets a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Axel with a forearm to the throat and then he goes to the turnbuckles and hits another elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Axel rubs his forearm across Jericho’s eyes. Axel chokes Jericho in the ropes followed by a forearm. Jericho with chops and a kick followed by a forearm. Jericho with a waist lock and then he turns it into a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Axel uses his legs to fight out. Axel with a springing Saito suplex for a near fall. Axel with a chop and kicks followed by an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Jericho goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall. Jericho with a bulldog and he tries for the Lionsault but he can see Axel moving so he over rotates and lands on his feet.

Axel tries to send Jericho over the top rope to the floor but Jericho lands on the apron but Axel with a knee to the midsection. Axel hangs Jericho from the second rope and hits a neck breaker and gets a near fall. Axel punches Jericho and gets a near fall.

Axel tries for a slam but Jericho escapes and he tries for the Walls of Jericho but Axel counters with an inside cradle but he only gets a two count. Jericho with an enzuigiri and he gets a near fall. Jericho with a forearm and then he sends Axel over the top rope to the floor on a back body drop when Axel charges at him.

Jericho misses a baseball slide and Axel with a clothesline to Jericho. Axel sends Jericho back into the ring and Jericho with a Codebreaker while Axel climbs back into the ring and Axel falls to the floor. The referee starts his count and Axel cannot get up by ten and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Chris Jericho (by count out)


After the match, Axel shows his frustration and he throws chairs into the ring. Heyman does his best to try to calm down Axel.


Match Number Four: Miz versus Ryback


They lock up and Miz sends Ryback into the turnbuckles. Miz continues to toy with Ryback and he punches Ryback. Ryback charges at Miz and Miz drops down and Ryback goes over the top rope to the floor. Miz with a baseball slide and a double sledge from the apron. Miz returns to the ring and he slides under Ryback but Ryback grabs Miz and sends him into the turnbuckles.

Miz comes off the turnbuckles and Ryback catches him and hits a power slam followed by a leg drop. Ryback with a forearm to the back followed by a kick to the back. Ryback picks up Miz and runs him into the turnbuckles. Ryback with a hard Irish whip and then he stands on Miz’ head.

Miz with punches and Ryback goes for a slam but Miz escapes and he goes for the back of the leg. Ryback with a shoulder tackle and then he slams Miz’ head to the mat. Ryback with a slam and he goes for a splash but Miz gets his knees up. Miz with punches followed by a drop kick to the knee. Miz with a knee lift and boot to the head.

Miz with the Awesome Clothesline and then Miz goes up top for the double sledge. Miz with knees to the hamstring but Ryback kicks him away. Miz with kicks to the leg followed by a DDT to the knee. Miz puts the leg in the ropes and he kicks it. Miz drops down and hyper-extends the knee.

Ryback complains to the referee and he says that he is hurt. He says that he felt something pop. He does not want the match to be stopped. He asks the referee to help him up. Miz does not take advantage of the situation and Ryback with a clothesline to Miz and then he picks up Miz and hits the marching muscle buster for the three count.


Winner: Ryback


Renee Young is in the interview area with Sheamus. She asks Sheamus about his participation in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and his match tonight against Randy Orton. Sheamus says that he will follow St. Patrick’s footsteps and rid Smackdown of snakes. Sheamus says that he is not afraid of heights. He is not known as someone who brings a briefcase to work. Maybe he will put a few pints in it or some corned beef and cabbage. At Money in the Bank, when he wins, he will cash it in when he wants and he will become a three time WWE Champ. He says that pints are on him. Sheamus leaves and comes back and says that Renee is pretty cute.

AJ skips in the back while Kaitlyn sulks as she walks to the contract signing that will take place after commercial.

We are back and Teddy Long is in the ring and he says that he wants everyone to join him along with the Diva Division for this contract signing for the Divas Title Match that will take place at Money in the Bank between Kaitlyn and AJ Lee.

Teddy wants their signatures on the contracts.

AJ notices the Sequined Sisterhood of the Sparkling Pants and she wants to know if they are going to protect Kaitlyn. She says that half of them don’t like Kaitlyn. The other half don’t like her, but they should because no one cared about the Divas Division until she won the title. AJ says that everyone can line up and thank her.

Teddy cuts off AJ and tells her to sign on the dotted line.

AJ signs the contract and then she tells Kaitlyn that once she signs the contract, AJ will embarrass her worse than ever before.

Kaitlyn wonders what it is that AJ has in store for her.

Kaitlyn signs the contract and Teddy says the match is official.

AJ tells Katie that she tried to help her but she has no choice. Does Kaitlyn remember the real texts she sent to her fake secret admirer? AJ reads some of the texts. One is about how Kaitlyn doesn’t trust Natalya. The next one is about Cameron and Naomi and how they only care about the reality show.

Kaitlyn tries to take the phone and AJ says ‘HULK SMASH’. AJ says that she has insurance and a family plan. She says that AJ is pretty good with technology and with pointing so she tells Big E to point to the TitanTron.

AJ asks if anyone has a tissue after reading the next text. AJ tells Kaitlyn that they should do everyone a favor. She tells Kaitlyn to rip up the contract, tuck her tail between her legs, and walk away so we never have to see her again.

Kaitlyn says no because this is not going to work again. She manipulated her. She lost her friends, she lost her title, and she lost herself. She will never ever ever let a needy, clingy, man crazed psychopath destroy her again. She says that she will be champion again. AJ will end up rocking back and forth in a fetal position in a padded cell drooling like the crazy . . .

AJ slaps Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn pushes AJ and pushes the table and traps her in the corner. Kaitlyn attacks AJ but Langston pulls Kaitlyn off AJ. Kaitlyn slap Langston and then she hits a spear on AJ.

Fandango kisses his image in the mirror and he walks in the back with Summer Rae and we go to commercial.

We are back and Zeb Colter is at the announce table with Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger.


Match Number Five: Wade Barrett versus Fandango (with Summer Rae)


Fandango avoids Barrett but as he dances around, Barrett with a boot to the head for a near fall. Barrett with punches in the corner followed by kicks. Barrett with an Irish whip followed by a back breaker for a near fall. Barrett with knees to the chest followed by a short arm clothesline. Barrett with knees to the midsection and then he puts Fandango on the turnbuckles.

Barrett with punches to the ribs while Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow make their way to ringside.

Fandango with a kick to Barrett followed by a rollup for the three count.


Winner: Fandango


After the match, Fandango celebrates, Barrett complains, and then we have the two tag teams argue among each other. Dean Ambrose is nowhere to be seen.

Michael Cole says that Kane is not cleared medically to participate in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match due to what the Wyatt Family did. We have the footage.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Six: Alberto Del Rio versus Sin Cara


Sin Cara has grown a bit and he makes a bee line for Del Rio before doing his usual bouncing around the ring. Cara appears to have grown and he punches Del Rio before the bell rings. Del Rio with a kick and Cara with punches. Del Rio goes to the floor and Cara follows after him and he sends Del Rio into the ring and Cara with a Zig Zag and then he gyrates and it is Zig Cara.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and she takes Lillian Garcia’s mic. Vickie with a series of Excuse Mes. No one has shown her respect since she got fired on Monday. Vickie says that Teddy Long made her buy a ticket. Vickie rips up the ticket and tells Teddy what he can do with his ticket. Vickie demands that Teddy Long be fired because he is a liar. He calls Teddy a spineless puppet.

Teddy Long comes out and he says that on Monday, Stephanie McMahon had two words for her. Tonight, he has one word for Vickie . . . security.

Vickie is escorted from the arena and Lillian takes her mic back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Teddy Long tries to ask Dolph what he did to Alberto but it turns out that he has found the real Sin Cara. Dolph shows up and he apologizes to Teddy and says that he left his phone in the locker room and now he is leaving. He tells Sin Cara that was a hell of a job and he has never seen him better.


Match Number Six: Randy Orton versus Sheamus


They lock up and Sheamus with a clean break with some help from the referees but Orton with a punch and kick. Sheamus with punches but Orton with kicks. Sheamus with a kick and forearm and he sends Orton into the turnbuckles. Sheamus with punches and the referee warns him. Orton with a rake of the eyes and then he climbs the turnbuckles and he punches Sheamus.

Sheamus with a knee and he tries for a suplex but Orton blocks it. Sheamus with a suplex for a near fall. Sheamus with a wrist lock and arm bar. Orton with a head butt and punches followed by a European uppercut. Sheamus with a power slam for a near fall. Orton sends Sheamus to the floor and Sheamus pulls Orton out of the ring. They exchange punches but Orton with the advantage. Sheamus sends Orton into the announce table and Orton tries to Irish whip Sheamus into the ring steps but Sheamus uses his leg to stop himself.

Orton with a clothesline and we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with a reverse chin lock and we see action during the commercial break when Orton dropped Sheamus on the ringside barrier. Sheamus punches Orton but Orton with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Orton with a reverse chin lock and body scissors. Orton and Sheamus exchange punches and Sheamus with a clothesline.

Both men are down and Sheamus with the two running double sledges and he runs Orton into the turnbuckles and he tries for the running knee lift but Orton avoids it. Orton with two clotheslines and he avoids a clothesline from Sheamus and he shows Sheamus how to give a power slam. Orton runs his laces across the face.

Orton with a kick to Sheamus but Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus gets Orton on his shoulders for the Finlay Slam but Orton escapes and he hits a back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus goes to he apron and Orton wants to give Sheamus the IEDDT but Sheamus gets into the ring and he sends Orton to the apron. Orton drops Sheamus on the top rope.

Sheamus wants to give Orton the forearms across the chest and he connects. Sheamus brings Orton in and he hits the Finlay Slam and then he looks around for the spot to start the Brogue Kick set up. He pounds his chest as he waits for Orton to get up. Orton avoids the Brogue Kick. Sheamus with an elbow and Orton with a punch to Sheamus on the turnbuckles. Orton with an IEDDT.

Orton looks around and he twists to the mat and he punches the mat. Orton tries for an RKO but Sheamus pushes Orton away. Sheamus goes to the apron and then he goes up top for the flying shoulder tackle but Orton crotches Sheamus.

Orton punches Sheamus on the turnbuckles and then he connects with a head butt. Orton climbs the turnbuckles and both men fall to the floor.

From out of nowhere, Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring and he goes under the ring and he gets a ladder. Bryan brings the ladder into the ring and he hits Sheamus and Orton with it and the referee calls for the bell.


No Contest


After the match, Bryan climbs the ladder after setting it up in the ring. Sheamus grabs Bryan and he pulls Bryan off the ladder. Sheamus punches Bryan and he sends Bryan to the floor. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Christian punches Sheamus and pulls him off the ladder and sends him into the ladder.

Christian climbs the ladder and Sheamus pulls him off. Sheamus climbs the ladder again and he fights up top with Sheamus. Christian knocks Sheamus off the ladder. Bryan pushes Christian off the ladder and he falls to the floor.

Bryan resets the ladder and then Orton gives him an RKO. Orton climbs the ladder and he takes the briefcase.

We go to credits.

2013 - SHINE crowned Rain as their first champion at SHINE 11, an iPPV from Tampa, FL.  Richard Trionfo filed the following live report:

SHINE Women's Wrestling will crown their first champion tonight in Ybor City, FL at the Orpheum. The event will be held on iPPV and can be ordered by clicking here.

SHINE released the following video preview of the tournament:


Welcome to the live coverage of Shine 11, celebrating their first anniversary with a title tournament to crown the company’s first champion.

Your hostess tonight is Chasity Taylor and she welcomes everyone to the Orpheum for Shine’s First Anniversary show.


Match Number One: Bracket A Fatal Four Way Qualifier: Mercedes Martinez versus Nikki Roxx (with Daffney) versus LuFisto versus Su Yung (Winner Faces Rain in the First Round)


Before the match starts Roxx and Martinez have some words.

All four are in the ring and Nikki and Mercedes push Su and Lufisto before they go back and forth. Su and Lufisto take care of Nikki and Mercedes. Lufisto with a snap mare and a rear chin lock followed by an elbow to the top of the head. Lufisto with a kick to the chest and a snap mare and kick to the back.

Su runs Lufisto into the turnbuckles and Nikki tags in and she gets a near fall with a rollup on Su. Su with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Nikki with an inside cradle for a near fall. Su with kicks to Nikki and then she uses the ropes for an arm drag. Su with a snap mare and Nikki covers up for a kick so Su waits and she kicks Nikki.

Mercedes makes the blind tag and Lufisto tags in. Lufisto with forearms but Mercedes fires back and she chops Lufisto numerous times. Now it is Lufisto’s turn and she misses a charge into the corner. Mercedes with a running boot and then she goes for another one but Lufisto with a drop toe hold and then Lufisto with a cannonball for a near fall.

Lufisto thinks about a tag to Nikki and she tags in but Mercedes goes to the floor. Su enters the ring but Mercedes pushes Nikki into Su. Mercedes and Nikki exchange forearms. Mercedes with a double leg take down and she punches Nikki. Nikki with punches to Mercedes. Su pulls Mercedes off Nikki and Su with shots to Nikki and Mercedes. Su with an elbow to Lufisto and then Mercedes with a vertical choke slam to Su for a near fall. Nikki goes up top and hits a cross body on Mercedes.

Lufisto goes up top but Nikki with an Irish whip of Mercedes into Lufisto. Su with a blockbuster to Nikki for a near fall. Mercedes tries for a superplex on Lufisto while Su and Nikki go to the floor. Lufisto with a head butt that puts Mercedes in the Tree of Woe and Lufisto with a double stomp. Su with an elbow drop for a near fall on Mercedes. Lufisto with a double leg take down on Su into a Trailer Hitch. Nikki with a Dragon Sleeper on Lufisto while she holds on.

Mercedes with an arm bar submission but Daffnety has something to say to Mercedes. Nikki with forearms and then she hits an Exploder suplex for a near fall on Mercedes. Nikki tries for the Voodoo Drop but Mercedes with two rolling suplexes followed by a swinging neck breaker in the ropes but Daffney puts Nikki’s foot on the rope.

Mercedes argues with the referee and then she grabs Daffney and Nikki and Mercedes fight on the floor while Lufisto hits a Burning Hammer for the three count.


Winner: Lufisto (Advances to face Rain in the first round)


Match Number Two:Bracket B Fatal Four Way Qualifier: Amazing Kong versus Angelina Love versus Ivelisse (with April Hunter) versus Kimberly (Winner Faces Santana in the First Round)


Before the match starts, Kimberly puts Things on the turnbuckles. When she gets to Kong’s corner she swats it away into the crowd.

Kimberly and Ivelisse attack Kong before the bell rings and Angelina goes after Kimberly. Angelina with a hip toss and elbow drop for a near fall. Kong tags in and they hit a double back elbow. Kong grabs Kimberly’s Thing and then hits Kimberly. Ivelisse with forearms to Kong but Kong with a head butt and she Irish whips Ivelisse into Kimberly. Angelina with a splash onto Ivelisse and Kimberly and then Kong does the same and Angelina gets a near fall on Kimberly.

Angelina with a knee to Ivelisse. Angelina gets a near fall and Kong tags back in. Kong chokes Ivelisse followed by a forearm to the back. Ivelisse with an elbow followed by a body block and then she charges at Ivelisse but Ivelisse drops down and Kong goes over the top rope to the floor. Angelina comes in and Ivelisse with an elbow and she sends Angelina to the mat and gets a near fall. Ivelisse gets another near fall.

Ivelisse chokes Angelina and the referee warns her. Ivelisse gets another near fall. Kimberly comes in and Kong goes after April on the floor. Ivelisee with an Irish whip to Angelina and Ivelisse drop kicks Kong off the apron.

Kimberly and Ivelisse with a double kick to Angelina and Kimberly makes the cover. Kimberly rubs her Thing on Angelina and gets a near fall. Ivelisse tags in and Angelina with a cross body onto Kimberly and Ivelisse for a near fall. Kimberly goes for a baseball slide on Kong but Kong pulls up the ring skirt and traps Kimbelry. Ivelisse gets a near fall on Angelina while this happens.

Ivelisse with forearms to Kong but Kong with a spinning back fist and she gets a near fall. Kong puts Ivelisse on the top turnbuckle and April gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Ivelisse with a sleeper on Kong and Angelina breaks it up. Kong with the Implant Buster on Angelina but Ivelisse is the legal person in and she connects with a super kick on Kong. Ivelisse and Kimberly throw Kimberly’s Thing around the ring. Ivelisse with a Code Red for the three count.


Winner: Ivelisse (Advances to face Santana in the first round)


Before our next match, Saraya Knight wants everyone to show some respect to the former SHIMMER Champion. She tells everyone to stay out of her way. Do not speak to her, touch her, or something that will make her slightly angry or she will punch you in the mouth. She tells Jessicka is just her warm up round because she will be the first SHINE Champion. There isn’t anyone in this room who will stop her.


Match Number Three: Sweet Saraya Knight versus Jessicka Havok in a First Round Tournament Match


Saraya with a Thesz Press off the apron before the bell rings. Jessicka sends Saraya into the apron and Saraya with a double sledge to Jessicka’s back. Jessicka runs Saraya into the ring post and then back into the ring.

Saraya kicks Jessicka a little low and then she hits a hesitation drop kick. Jessicka with a clothesline for a near fall. Jessicka chokes Saraya and the referee warns her. Jessicka gets a near fall. Havok with a back breaker and she stretches Saraya over her knee. Havok with a kick to the back and she gets a near fall.

Saraya slaps Jessicka in the face and Jessicka slaps her back. They go back and forth and Jessicka staggers Saraya and then Saraya with a kick to the upper thigh. Jessicka returns fire with a kick to the upper thigh region.

Havok with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Havok gets her on her shoulders again and she climbs the turnbuckles for a super Samoan drop but Saraya with elbows and then she hits a sit out power bomb and gets a near fall.

Saraya rolls to the floor and Jessicka follows. Jessicka with forearms and then she chokes Saraya. Saraya slams Jessicka’s head on the stage and they go on to the stage. Saraya sends Jessicka into the wall and then she grabs a chair and hits Jessicka. Jessicka sends Saraya into the wall and then runs her back first into the wall.

Saraya with a forearm and then she grabs a chair and hits Jessicka in the back with it. The referee warns Saraya and Jessicka punches Saraya. Saraya throws Jessicka off the stage and then she pours a drink on Jessicka.

They move to the bar and Jessicka sends Saraya into the bar. Saraya chokes Jessicka on the floor. Jessicka with forearms and then she kicks Saraya in a very personal place. Jessicka with punches to Saraya.

They make their way back into the ring and Jessicka gets a near fall. Saraya chokes Jessicka. Saraya with a slingshot into the bottom rope and then she hits a baseball slide that sends Havok to the floor. Havok picks up Saraya and she hits a spinebuster on the stage. Saraya kicks Jessicka off the stage and then she hits Jessicka with a mic stand. Saraya slams Jessicka into a chair and then she kicks Jessicka and then drops her on the chair. Jessicka with a kick and she hits a piledriver on the stage but the referee does not count because they are not in the ring.

Jessicka carries Saraya off the stage and into the ring and Saraya kicks out at two. Jessicka with forearms to Saraya. Saraya hits Jessicka with a chair and she calls for the bell. Saraya hits Jessicka again.


Winner: Jessicka Havok (by disqualification)


After the match, security tries to stop Saraya and they grab her and take away the chair. Jessicka tries to get up but her knee gives out.


Match Number Four: Leva versus Mia Yim


Leva makes her way to the ring dressed as the Venom.

They shake hands before the match. They lock up and Mia with a side head lock and wrist lock. Leva with a cartwheel and reversal. Mia does the same and she forces Leva to the mat and she gets a rollup for a near fall. Mia with a side head lock and shoulder tackle followed by an arm drag into an arm. Leva with punches and a shoulder tackle followed by an arm drag.

Leva and Mia both hold themselves in the ropes and they eventually return to the ring. Mia with a rollup for a near fall. Mia with a shoulder tackle. Leva with a head scissors take down and then Leva goes for a sunset flip but Mia stays on her feet. Leva is able to avoid a few kicks but Mia with a round kick for a near fall.

Mia with a Boston Crab and then she applies the Muta Lock. Mia with a snap mare and kick to the back. Mia tries for a drop kick but Leva rolls out of the way. Mia with a drop kick for a near fall. Mia returns to the Boston Crab. Mia with a kick to the head. Leva drops Mia on the top rope and she hits a drop kick that sends Mia over the top rope to the floor. Leva gets a near fall. Mia with an inside cradle for a near fall. Leva with a series of chops. Leva tries for a rana but Mia blocks it and hits a buckle bomb. Mia charges into the corner and Leva with a tarantula and then she hits a double stomp to the back for a near fall.

Mia tries for a suplex but Leva blocks it. Mia with a drop kick that sends Leva into the turnbuckles. Mia misses a kick and Leva drop kicks Mia into the turnbuckles. Leva tries for a splash into the corner but Mia moves and Leva tries for a headstand on the turnbuckles but Mia sends Leva to the floor.

Mia rolls Leva back into the ring but Leva rolls back to the floor. Leva punches Mia as she goes to the floor. Leva sends Mia into the sound booth. Leva with a senton onto Mia. They get back into the ring and Leva gets a near fall. Leva misses a super kick and Mia with slaps and kicks followed by a spinning back fist and German suplex for a near fall.

Mia tries for another German suplex but Leva holds on to the ropes. Leva with a Shiranui for a near fall. Leva with kicks but Mia blocks one and she hits a sit out power bomb but Leva kicks out at two. Mia climbs the turnbuckles for a moonsault but Leva blocks it. They fight on the turnbuckles and Leva with a head butt.

Leva with a Pepsi Plunge but Mia kicks out at two. Mia blocks a superkick and then Mia with a German suplex. Mia blocks another super kick and Leva goes for a Shiranui and Mia blocks it. Mia with a kick to the head followed by a German suplex for the three count.


Winner: Mia Yim


Match Number Five: Rain (with April Hunter) versus Lufisto


April distracts Lufisto and Rain attacks her from behind and she kicks Lufisto. Rain with forearms and kicks followed by a head butt and she tosses Lufisto across the ring by the hair. Lufisto has Rain’s nose and then she hits a series of arm drags followed by a slam. Lufisto gets a near fall. Lufisto stretches Rain but Rain sends Lufisto into the ropes and then hits a clothesline.

Rain with a cravate and then she distracts the referee and April attacks Lufisto’s leg. Rain works on Lufisto’s injured knee and gets a near fall. Rain with a single leg crab. Rain distracts the referee again and April punches Lufisto. Rain choke Lufisto in the ropes.

Rain with a snap mare and she gets a near fall. Rain with a front face lock but Lufisto with a package brainbuster and both women are down. Lufisto blocks punches from Rain and Lufisto with forearms and chops. Lufisto with the Kobashi chops followed by a drop kick to the head against the turnbuckles but Rain kicks out at two.

Rain misses a splash into the corner and Lufisto hits a splash into the corner. Lufisto with a face wash and she hits a running boot to the head and then Lufisto gets a near fall. Lufisto with a Crippler Crossface but Rain gets to the ropes. Rain with a lungblower for a near fall. Lufisto with a side Russian leg sweep and then she goes up top and hits a diving head butt but Rain kicks out.

Lufisto sets for the Burning Hammer but April gets on the apron and distracts Lufisto. Rain with a rollup for the three count.


Winner: Rain (Advances to face Jessicka Havok in the semi-finals)


Match Number Six: Santana (with Amber O’Neal) versus Ivelisse (with April Hunter)


They lock up and Santana with a wrist lock. Ivelisse with a reversal and Santana with a reversal and then she uses the ropes for an assisted arm drag. Santana with a side head lock and take down. Ivelisse with a head scissors. Santana escapes and she kicks Ivelisse.

Ivelisse with a waist lock and take down. Ivelisse takes Santana’s headband and mocks Santana. Santana with a double leg take down and she takes her head band back. Ivelisse goes to the floor. Santana with a baseball slide to Ivelisse. Santana sends Ivelisse back into the ring and Amber gets April away from Santana.

Ivelisse with a hot shot and she slams Santana’s head into the mat. Ivelisse tosses Santana by the hair. Ivelisse catapults Santana into the bottom rope. Ivelisse gets a near fall. Santana kicks Ivelisse in the head and she goes to the floor. Ivelisse pulls Santana off the apron. Ivelisse sends Santana into the ring post. Ivelisse rolls Santana back into the ring.

Ivelisse with a modified Scorpion Death Lock but Santana gets to the ropes. Ivelisse chokes Santana but Santana with forearms. Ivelisse gets Santana on her shoulders and then drops her on the mat and gets a near fall.

Ivelisse slams Santana’s head into the mat and then she hits a flapjack and rolls into a single leg crab. Ivelisse with a modified Indian Death Lock. Santana escapes and both women are donw. Ivelisse goes for a half nelson suplex but Santana with an arm drag followed by a drop kick and a side Russian leg sweep. Ivelisse with a super kick and she signals that it is over, but Santana did not get the memo and she kicks out at two.

Santana with an Irish whip and she hits a handspring back elbow into the corner. Santana puts Ivelisse on the turnbuckles and goes for a rana but Ivelisse blocks it. Ivelisse with chops but Santana with a forearm. Ivelisse with a Boston Crab but Santana counters and gets a near fall with a rollup. Ivelisse with a near fall.

Santana with Eat Defeat and she misses the handspring moonsault. Ivelisse with a jumping spinning heel kick for the three count.


Winner: Ivelisse (Advances to face Mia Yim in the semi finals)


Match Number Seven: Jessicka Havok versus Rain (with April Hunter) in a Semi Final Match


Jessicka limps to the ring and Saraya attacks Jessicka from behind and hits her repeatedly with a chair.

Rain wants the referee to start the match. Lexie Fyfe comes out to check on Jessicka. The referee starts his count and he gets to ten.


Winner: Rain (by count out) (Advances to the Final to face Mia Yim or Ivelisse)


Match Number Eight: Mia Yim versus Ivelisse (with April Hunter) in a semi final match


Ivelisse and Mia jockey for position. Mia with a kick to the leg. Mia with a wrist lock but Ivelisse with forearms. Mia pushes Ivelisse away and Mia with forearms. Ivelisse goes for the leg and Mia does the same. Ivelisse takes Mia to the mat but Mia with a guillotine. Ivelisse with a front face lock. Mia escapes and they exchange nasty glances. Mia with a kick to Ivelisse’s injured shoulder.

Mia with a drop kick but Mia misses a boot into the corner. Mia connects with a kick that knocks Ivelisse to the floor. Mia with a suicide dive onto Ivelisse but she does not fully connect. Ivelisse sends Mia into a pole and then runs her back into the apron. Ivelisse with a chop but Mia with a forearm. Ivelisse with a kick and chop to Mia.

They return to the ring and Ivelisse gets a near fall. Ivelisse with a head scissors and she drives Mia’s head into the mat. Ivelisse tries to slam Mia’s head into the mat again but Mia escapes and she kicks Ivelisse in the head. Ivelisse kicks Mia to the apron. Ivelisse with a rolling snap mare and then she kicks Mia in the head and gets a near fall.

Mia with punches and then she connects with a knee. Ivelisse with knees and then she rolls through into a guillotine and she keeps her shoulders off the mat. Mia gets to her feet and she escapes the hold but Ivelisse with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Ivelisse chokes Mia in the ropes and she stands on her back to add more pressure. April with a leg drop to the back while Ivelisse distracts the referee.

Ivelisse gets a near fall. Mia with a slap and kicks but Ivelisse blocks one and she connects with slaps and kicks and it sends Mia to the mat. Ivelisse gets a near fall. Ivelisse with more near fals and then she punches Mia. Ivelisse with kicks to the back.

Ivelisse chops Mia but Mia chops back. They go back and forth and Ivelisse with a forearm. Mia with an Irish whip and Ivelisse gets her feet up when Mia charges into the corner but Mia grabs the leg and hits a version of a dragon screw leg whip and sends Ivelisse to the floor. Ivelisse and Mia exchange forearms and chops. Mia with a kick to the chest followed by a forearm to the back and a kick to the back of the head. Mia with a round kick to the head.

Mia hits a quebrada but April gets on the apron and argues with the referee. Mia kicks Rain when she tries to interfere and Ivelisse sends Mia to the mat. Rain hits Ivelisse with her cast and Mia gets the three count with a rollup but Rain thinks she hit Mia and is shocked at the result.


Winner: Mia Yim (Advances to the Finals to face Rain)


After the match, Ivelisse argues with Rain and April tries to play peacekeeper. April holds Ivelisse while Rain yells at Ivelisse. Ivelisse leaves the ring.

Daffney, Solo Darling, and Nikki Roxx make their way to the ring.

Daffney says that she has been looking at the talent who has come to Ybor City to wrestle for SHINE. Daffney says that Valkyrie has been causing problems and Daffney says that she wants people who will fight for Justice and end these Shineanigans.

Daffney says that she knew that Nikki Roxx would be part of her group. Daffney says that she saw something special in Solo. She puts her heart and soul in everything. She saw that heart and she knew that she wanted Solo to be in her squad of All-Stars.

Before our main event, Lexie Fyfe comes to the ring and she has the SHINE Title Belt with her.

Lexie says that she is tired of the interference going on in this tournament. Lexie tells Valkyrie that their cheating ways are not how we want a championship won. Lexie bars April and Ivelisse from this match. Lexie wishes Rain and Mia luck.


Match Number Nine: Rain versus Mia Yim in the Finals of the SHINE Title Tournament


Rain hits Mia from behind before the bell. Rain kicks Mia and chokes her in the corner. Rain chokes Mia in the ropes and then sends her into the corner. Rain sends Mia face first into the mat and then she kicks her in the corner. Rain tosses Mia around the ring by her hair and then she chokes Mia in the corner.

Mia with a forearm but Rain with an Irish whip. Mia moves when Rain charges into the corner and Mia gets a near fall with a rollup. Rain with a forearm and Mia with a clothesline and drop kick. Mia with a back heel kick for a near fall. Mia with a Muta Lock but Rain gets to the ropes.

Mia with a catapult into the bottom rope and she gets a near fall with a La Magistral. Mia with a front face lock and a forearm to the back. Mia with a Boston Crab. Mia with a forearm but Rain with a drop kick for a near fall. Rain with a cravate followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Rain stretches Mia while trapping the legs. Rain stomps on the back and gets a near fall.

Rain with a kick to the head and she gets a near fall. Rain with a kick to the head for a near fall. Rain with kicks to the back and she applies a camel clutch. Rain kicks Mia in the back and she sends Mia into the turnbuckles. Rain with a kick and a drop kick into the turnbuckles.

Rain drops Mia across the top rope but Mia with forearms and she hits a stunner on the top rope. Mia returns to the ring and she kicks Rain in the head and then she tosses Rain across the ring by the hair. Mia with a snap mare and chin lock. Mia with a Dragon Sleeper and she adds a body scissors but Rain will not tap and she gets to the ropes and Mia releases the hold.

Mia with a head butt and Rain with a forearm. They go back and forth and Mia adds chops. Mia gets a near fall after a chop. Rain with a swinging neck breaker and she applies a guillotine choke. Mia gets to her feet and she hits a package suplex and both women are down. Mia gets a near fall.

The referee starts his count and they struggle to get to their feet. Mia with a forearm and Rain with one. They go back and forth and Mia with a kick and drop kick and she gets a near fall. Rain with a rake of the eyes and she tries for a DDT but Mia holds on to the ropes and Mia gets a near fall. Mia with a kick to the back followed by a forearm. Mia with Kawada kicks to the head followed by a knee and kick to the head.

Mia with forearms and kicks followed by a back fist and German suplex but Rain gets her foot under the rope to stop the count. Mia goes for the quebrada but Rain gets her knees up and she hits an Implant DDT for the three count.


Winner: Rain


After the match, Ivelisse and April Hunter come to the ring to celebrate with Rain.


Thank you for following the live coverage of SHINE 11. I will have my thoughts on the show in a column on the main page and my audio thoughts in the Shine 11 Post Game Show on the Elite Section of the site.

For more on SHINE and their title tournament, visit

2013 -    Triple H appears on PWInsiderTV, discussing the unveiling of the facility, where it ranks among his career milestones, wanting to protect the future of the wrestling business, the timeline of how long it's been in development, how the facility helps legitimize WWE to new outside partners, Vince McMahon's reaction to Triple H reaching out to get Bruno Sammartino to join the WWE Hall of Fame, his reaction when Bruno accepted, why he shouldn't take the credit for Bruno joining and much more:


2014 -WWE ran Madison Square Garden in NYC.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

WWE returned to NYC and Madison Square Garden for their Summerslam Heatwave tour on Saturday 7/12. The show drew a healthy house of about 12-14,000.

*Rusev, in his MSG debut, defeated R-Truth with the Accolade. Lots of heat on a Rusev and Lana and tons of USA chants. The act is over. Truth had control early but was cut off and beaten down with power moves. He made a comeback and dropkicked Rusev out of the rig but was nailed with a thrust kick when he returned and locked in the finisher. A solid match that served its purpose, which was to continue to establish the Bulgarian Brute.

After the match, Jack Swagger charged the ring, complete with theme music. They brawled and Swagger clothes lined Rusev over the top to the floor. Zeb came put with an American flag. He cut a promo on Lana. He challenged her to let Rusev and Swagger fight tonight. Then crowd loved this. Lana told Rusev to crush and we had another match....

*Rusev defeated Jack Swagger with the Accolade. They faced off waving flags. Rusev kicked him low when Swagger put his hand on his heart for the "We the People" bit then locked in the submission. Nice way to add some heat going into the PPV as an angle but obviously not much of a match.

*Natalya and Nikki Bella defeated NXT Women's champion Charlotte and Sasha Banks. The BFFs just split in the NXT storylines but they did some stuff to tease dissension. Some nice back and forth wrestling with Charlotte and Natalya early on. Nikki and Natalya hit a double Superplex on Charlotte for a two count. The BFFs took control on Natalya and tagged in and out working her over. Charlotte locked in a forward choke and slammed Natalya down for a two count. a miscommunication allowed Nikki to make the got tag and she cleaned house on Banks. They nailed the Hart Attack on Charlotte and then Nikki nailed Shock Treatment on Banks for the pin. Real good match. Probably one of the better matches Bella has ever had. The NXT girls looked really good in the ring, far more comfortable than a lot of male developmental talents have looked in their Garden debuts.

*In his MSG debut, Bo Dallas pinned Zack Ryder with the BoDog. Bo cut a promo before the match telling the fans the reason the Rangers did so poorly in the playoffs was that the fans didn't Bo-Lieve. Good match. Crowd was into seeing Ryder.

*WWE Tag Team champs The Usos defeated Goldust & Stardust and Ryback & Curtis Axel. Lots of comedy early including a dance off and the tease of Ryback and Axel fighting. Stardust was SUPER over with lots of chants. They did a dive sequence towards the DNS with The Usos' dive bringing down the house. They pinned Axel with a Superfly Splash. Solid stuff.

*WWE United States champion Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio came out on a crutch with his hamstring taped, claiming he was injured as a way to try and trick Sheamus by saying he needed to forfeit. As they were about to Announce it, he attacked Sheamus and beat him with the crutch. ADR beat him around ringside. Sheamus made a comeback but missed a charge in the corner and hit his shoulder on the ringpost. ADR worked over him until ADR missed a move and flew through the ropes. Sheamus pummeled him and went for The Brogue Kick but ADR escaped. ADR escaped White Noise and locked on the cross armbreaker. Sheamus powered out but was caught with White Noise. They went back and forth with some good sequences. ADR caught Sheamus on the top and nailed a belly to back Superplex for a two count. Sheamus ducked a clothesline and nailed the Brogue for the win. Real good match.

*Fans voted for a dance-off between Fandango and Adam Rose. Fandango danced then attacked Rose who laid him out with The Party Foul. Rose had an entourage including the former Rosita from TNA. After, Summer Rae and Layla ran in and beat Fandango down before dancing and teasing kissing each other. Crowd didn't seem to know who Rose was. Crowd was big time into the girls attacking Fandango.

*Chris Jericho pinned Randy Orton. They did some nice back and forth wrestling early. Orton worked over Jericho for some time. Jericho made a comeback with a flying forearm and went to the top for a double axe handle. He went for the Walls of Jericho but Orton kicked him off and nailed a power slam for a two count. Jericho came back with an eCwnziguiri for a two count. They battled on the ropes and Orton was knocked into the ring. Jericho nailed a flying body press for a two count. They battled back and forth. Orton took him down and went for the punt. Jericho moved and locked on the Walls but Orton made it to the ropes. Orton kicked him and nailed the hanging DDT. Jericho shoved off an RKO and hit the Lionsault. Bray Wyatt's signature noise played and the lights went out to distract Jericho. He avoided Orton and nailed the Codebreaker for the pin. Solid, well worked match.

*WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in a Lumberjack match with Ric Flair leading the baby faces and Triple H leading the heels. The Lumberjacks were everyone who worked the show plus Mark Henry, Great Khali and Titus O'Neill, so there were 17 total. No Rusev, Jericho or Orton. Triple H and Ric Flair each had their own entrance. HHH tried to cut a promo but Flair took the mic and that led to them grabbing the mic from each other until Bray's entrance began. They went back and forth battling. When Cena was tossed to the outside, the heel lumberjacks all put the boots to him. Bray did it again and Cena had the boots put to him before they tossed him back in. Bray drilled Cena with a DDT for a two count. Cena mounted a comeback but was caught In a sleeper. The loudest reaction all night was the back and forth chants for Cena during this sequence. Cena fought him off and nailed a tornado DDT off the ropes. He backdropped Bray over the ropes and the faces all worked him over. Wyatt was tossed back in the ring and Cena did all his standards but was freaked out by the Wyatt Spider Walk. Bray nailed an Avalanche one the corner and went for Sister Abigail but Cena escaped and went for the AA. Wyatt caught him with a Urange for a two count. Wyatt tossed him out where Henry caught him and out him back in. Cena was nailed with a back sentom splash for a two count. Wyatt attempted a Superplex. Cena slipped down and nailed a sitdown powerbomb but was pulled out by the heels before he could score the pin. The heels attacked him and faced off with the faces. There was a huge brawl. Cena did a dive off the top onto the Lumberjacks. They brawled to the back. Cena went to grab Wyatt but HHH kicked him and nailed a Pedigree. He told Wyatt to make the cover but Flair rolled in and kicked Wyatt low. Flair and Bray faced off. Flair peppered him with punches including a stiff one that busted Bray open above the eyebrow, which began bleeding. He chopped Bray but was taken down with a punch. HHH instructed Bray to pin Cena so he went for Sister Abigail but Cena turned it into an STF and scored the submission. Fun main event with both guys working super hard despite their insane travel the last 24 hours.

After the match, Cena nailed HHH with the AA. He then took the mic and said that after he regained the title, there was a lot of talk about Ric Flair's legacy. He said that without Flair, the title would just be leather and gold but because of him it means something. He have Flair the belt and then did Flair's trademark elbow onto Flair's suit jacket.

Notes: Vince McMahon was backstage watching the show.  He rarely attends house shows, but MSG has always been considered a little "more" than just an average live event by McMahon....Byron Saxton was the ring announcer and did a fine job. Why they never use Howard Finkel here is beyond me. It would add something unique and special and Fink was the best of all time, but that's just me....They were selling new shirts for Bray Wyatt and The Usos as well as signed photos of The Usos, John Cena and Sheamus...Michael Hayes worked the show giving music and production cues.....There were a few video flubs early in the show....They had the WWE Network logo On the venue's electronic boards all night but beyond that no real promotional push, which is amazing when you think about it.  How they are not running an infommercial before the show on the video screens is beyond me...A woman who won a charity auction was guest timekeeper and celebrated with the babyface Divas after their match...There was also promotion for the charity in memory of Daniel Bryan fan Conor. The video brought down the house......A good house show overall, even with the other crew over in Japan.

2014 - CZW ran Voorhees, NJ.  Paul Cornier filed the following report:

CZW returned to the Flyer's Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey yesterday with their New Heights show. This was their first show since last month's phenomenal Tournament of Death 13.

Lucky 13 beat Alex Colon and Latin Dragon in a fast paced triple threat to kick off the show.  Lots of high spots in this one.  Lucky was still banged up from TOD last month, but went home with a win.

Greg Excellent and Buxx Belmar put on quite a display.  Excellent got the win. Lots of comedy here which is what was expected.  Fun match.  Belmar is quite a unique character and got a "please come back" chant from the CZW faithful.

Drew Gulak was out next with his Campaign for a Better Combat Zone in tow.  Gulak fired Alexander James and Dewey Donovan.  DJ Hyde, Sozio and The Front got involved as well.  This all ended up being an elaborate angle to finalize Gulak's long-awaited turn to full-fledged baby face.  Sozio ended up cheating to get a victory over Gulak.

Black Jeez and the returning Jonathan Gresham put on quite the technical display.  Gresham has spent the last couple of years in Europe and it shows.  He is great.  Jeez got the win with a double stomp off the top rope.

Shane Strickland retained the CZW Wired Championship over Caleb Konley.  Caleb looks like a million bucks and gets better ever time I see him.  Good match.  Strickland is new to the role of heel here in CZW.

The angle with Joe Gacy and Alexander James continued with Gacy getting a win.  James has really come into his own in the last few months as a good looking, cocky, asshole heel.

The Juicy Product of David Starr and JT Dunn retained the CZW World Team Titles in a wild four-way that also featured OI4K, The Beaver Boys and Team Tremendous.  Lots of crazy high spots in this one. The crowd was really into it.

The originally scheduled match between AR Foxx and Speedball Mike Bailey didn't happen as Foxx has a legit injury to his arm that is going to require surgery.  This ended up being a CZW World Title match with Biff Busick defending against Bailey with Foxx in Bailey's corner.  Go out of your way to see this match.  It was beyond stiff.  Busick retained while a Bailey got a much deserved standing ovation. This was insane!

The main event saw Matt Tremont and Ron Mathis take on Danny Havoc and Devon Moore in an Ultraviolent Tag Team Match.  Lots of weapons.  Lots of blood.  Tremont got the pin on Havoc after a brutal power bomb on a ladder wrapped in barbed wire.  You got the sense that the Tremont/Havoc feud is far from over.

There was something for everybody here - from the comedy of Excellent and Belmar, to the crazy high spots of the four-way tag, to the technical prowess of Black Jeez and Gresham, to the drama and intensity of the World Title match to the wild bloodbath that closed the show.  Do yourself a favor and check out the replay at

CZW's return to the Flyer's Skate Zone will be on Saturday, August 23rd.  Check out for more details.

2014 - WWE NXT ran Tampa, FL.  Michael Spears filed the following results:

WWE NXT ran Tampa, FL on 7/12 with the following results:

Sin Cara & Kalisto defeated Solomon Crowe & Elias Samson when Kalisto pinned Samson.

Becky Lynch pinned Carmella.

Dana Brooks introduced Troy McClain cut a promo selling his book.

Bull Dempsey pinned Angelo Dawkins.

Marcus Louis (w/Sylvester Lefort) pinned Colin Cassidy (w/Enzo Amore) after Lefort distracted Cassidy.

Tyler Breeze pinned C.J. Parker after a super kick.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder beat Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake when Wilder pinned Murphy.

Mojo Rawley cut a promo stressing his "Stay Hyped" lifestyle.

Baron Corbin pinned Garrett Dylan in a squash.

NXT Tag Team Champions the Ascension (Viktor & Konnor) beat Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan when they hit the Fall of Man on Dillinger.

Notes:  The card was missing many of the names the most casual NXT fans would recognize and the in-ring action suffered...aside from the opener, the Breeze-Parker match and the main event, you didn't miss much if you weren't at the show...that said, the crowd (about 250-300) was lively most of the night and there were many children and families in attendance...Jojo was the ring announcer...NXT needs to do a better job of local advertising and marking the venues - I almost drove past it because the building is set back from the road and there were no NXT signs near the road...there was a healthy selection of NXT t-shirts and 8x10s for sale

2014 - KENTA, soon to be known as Hideo Itami, was officially signed to a WWE deal in a ceremony held in the ring in Osaka, Japan with Hulk Hogan presiding over the signing.

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