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By Mike Johnson on 2015-07-01 12:59:10
The Judge presiding over the Hulk Hogan lawsuit against for publishing an article and video about a sex tape featuring Hogan and Heather Clem ruled yesterday that Hogan can wear a plain bandana during the proceedings but will only be able to use his real name. The Judge also ruled that the jury will be able to see the complete 30 minute video but the video will be shielded from the public and the media. The judge warned all involved that he won't let the proceedings turn into a "carnival."

Online now is the latest edition of The We Don't Need No Stinkin' Name Show with Dave Scherer and myself discussing, among other topics, the record low Raw audience this past week, What WWE needs to do to get viewers back, why the fans aren't connecting with the product, what needs to change, which NXT Divas are ready for the main roster and should be up there already, the verbiage WWE uses in promos and why it fails to connect with viewers, differences in how ROH and TNA present themselves, TNA's woes, The Magnus and James Storm situations, what Jeff Jarrett and TNA each get from working with each other, differences between Dixie Carter and Vince McMahon, Lana-Ziggler not clicking, changes in society, why Cena isn't ever going heel, Sheamus going forward and TONS more in the near 2 hour discussion, which you can listen to by subscribing at this link.

Steven Fernandes reporting...WWE have appointed Tracey Keenan as Vice President and General Manager for WWE UK and Ireland. She was previously the WWE Vice President, Commercial Partnerships, EMEA. The official announcement is at this link.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt spoke with The Houston Chronicle about the lawsuit filed last Friday by the family of Matt "Doink the Clown" Osbourne, noting that while the suit claims Osbourne worked for WWF from 1985 to 1997, that wasn't the case. As noted here on PWInsider on Friday, Osbourne wrestled for the company from 1985-1986 and then from late 1992 to late 1993 as the initial Doink the Clown. He returned for one show in 1997. McDevitt said the company will be filing a motion to bring the lawsuit (filed in Texas, where Osbourne passed away) to Connecticut. Osbourne's contract stipulated that any legal issues would be settled in CT, where WWE's operations are located. For more, click here.

The Amy Schumer comedy "Trainwreck", which features John Cena in what is said to be a really funny supporting role, will be released theatrically on 7/17.

Magic Mike XXL featuring Kevin Nash was officially released to theaters today.

Paige was interviewed by The Straits Times to promote WWE's overseas tour this weekend at this link.

For those who asked, it was Tye Dillinger in the ring with Bull Dempsey on Tough Enough last night.

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