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By Al Jenkins on 2015-06-28 09:37:27

Here is the latest report.  It's been a long week!

Velvet Sky beat Madison Rayne in an Xplosion match.


Brooke beat Marti Bell to retain the TNA Knockouts Title when a Gail Kim video distracted Marti.

Dixie Carter announced Jeff Jarrett would be the latest inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame.

Bobby Lashley beat Tyrus.  EC3 joined Pope and Josh on commentary during the match.

Austin Aries wanted a TNA Title shot.  Bully Ray said no.  Aries asked for a shot at the Tag Titles.  Ray said no.  Bully offered an X Division shot.  Aries didn't want that.  Rockstar Spud came out and they got into it.  There will be a match that if Aries wins, he gets the Rockstar name.  If he loses, he has to leave TNA.

Eli Drake beat Drew Galloway when he held Drew's tights.

EC3 ran down Jeff Hardy.  He ran down Matt Hardy.  Jeff came out (to a big pop) and brought out Matt.  EC3 will take on Matt in a Full Metal Mayhem match.

Mr. Anderson rolled up Bram.  Bram attacked him after the match.

Jeff Jarrett was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in a nice ceremony.

Gail Kim beat The Dollhouse.  It was 3 on 1, but Taryn Terrell left her girls hanging and Gail pinned Marti.

Kurt Angle told the crowd about his tumor and needing surgery.  When he comes back, he wants EC3.  Eric Young came out and said he was the reason Angle is hurt.  He attacked Kurt and went to piledrive him by Chris Melendez made the save.  EY then piledrove Melendez on the floor.

Rockstar Spud beat Austin Aries, who has to leave TNA.

Shera beat James Storm by DQ when Storm used a cowbell on him.

EC3 beat Matt Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match to retain the TNA Championship.

Kenny King and Hernandez had some issues until MVP broke it up.

Eric Young beat Chris Melendez.

The Dollhouse were messing with Christy Hemme until Brooke and Gail made the save.

Hernandez beat Lashley in a steel cage match with help from King and MVP.


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