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By Al Jenkins on 2015-06-27 09:34:43

Here is your report from night three of TNA's current run in Florida.

This is for July 15.

In his rematch with Kurt Angle, Ethan Carter 3 retained the Title by a DQ loss.  He was in trouble so he hit the ref to get DQ'd.

As Mike posted on the site, Dixie Carter returned.  She has seen the error of her ways and is now a babyface.  She wants EC3 to change and be a good guy too.

Xplosion match: Grado beat DJ Z.

Brooke beat Marti to retain the Knockouts Title.

I believe this is for July 22's Impact.

Dixie proves she was serious about being a babyface when she announces Bully Ray as the new GM type.

Drew Galloway won a 20 man Battle Royal to get a shot at EC3 later on.

Matt Hardy beat Bobby Roode in a Tables Match.

The Wolves beat Kenny King and Hernandez to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles.

EC3 beat Drew Galloway when Eli Drake helped him.

The rest may be for Impact on 7/29:

James Storm berated Khoya until he turned babyface.  He is now going by his real name and will represent India.

Bully Ray suspended Eli Drake for his actions. 

Bram beat Magnus in a Street Fight.  Storm attacked Magnus afterward.

Matt Hardy won a Ladder match to become the number one contender to EC3's Title.


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