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By Joseph Smith and Andrew Twiss on 2015-06-27 09:24:18

Andrew Twiss sent this report.

Here are full results from NXT Live in Cocoa Beach, FL for 6/26/15

Greg Hamilton is our MC for the evening. Dasha Fuentes is our ring announcer.

- Uhaa Nation def. Axel Tischer. Solid opener. Uhaa looks like a star. Axel is decent in the ring.

- Charlotte and Devin Taylor def. Cassie and Lina. Decent match. Charlotte is always impressive, but Devin was having a bit of a rough night. She seemed out of place for her spots at times and was struggling to keep pace in the matches. She definitely needs more polish before she gets on tv as an in ring performer. Cassie and Lina worked well as a team with Cassie playing the small girl using her monster to back her up.

- Greg Hamilton brings out Sylvester Lefort for an interview. It was hard to hear a lot of what Lefort was saying, due to his thick accent and the crowd being very vocal in heckling him. Lefort did mention that he is looking for young talent who want to succeed and make money. Looks like they may be getting him ready to go back to managing and keeping him out of the ring.

- Bull Dempsey def. Mike Rallis. OK match. Most of the match was Bull playing up his cardio and weight. Seeing Bull's "attempt" at a kip up was amazing to see in person, as he looked like a turtle that got rolled on his back and couldn't get back up. Still, Bull makes the comeback wins with a top rope butt splash.

- Sasha Banks def. Blue Pants. Before the match, Sasha came out and told the crowd that she is tired of facing all of the same old Divas since she's beaten them all. She issued a challenge for anyone new to try and face her. Blue Pants came out to a great reaction. They worked a solid match with Sasha in control for most of it.

- The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley) def. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Surprisingly, this was one of the better matches on the show. The crowd was totally into Mojo and Ryder, while Dawson and Wilder are always solid. Really fun match that got the crowd fired up.

- Marcus Louis def. Angelo Dawkins. Not a good match. This bout dragged on for a while without much action. Marcus Louis looks the part of the psycho heel, but he needs to find a way to merge that personality into an in ring style that gets the crowd going. This match brought the crowd down and even elicited a few Boring chants.

- Dasha brings out new NXT recruit Levis Valenzuela Jr, who talks about how NXT is growing and how he wants to represent his country. He wants to sing and dance with the crowd, but is interrupted by Preston Cunningham Jr. I couldn't make out much of what he was saying, but he went to attack Levis and got thrown over the top rope for his troubles. Levis and Dasha danced in the ring for a minute before Levis left. Nice to see them slowly start incorporating new talent into the shows.

- Finn Balor def. Solomon Crowe. Really good match. You can never go wrong when Finn is in the ring. He and Crowe work well together and this match was excellent to watch.

- Main Event: The Vaudevillains def Blake/Murphy and Jason Jordan/Chad Gable. Incredibly fun match. The Vaudevillains are over huge. Gable and Jordan look real solid as a team. Blake and Murphy are incredibly talented and this match was worth the main event spot. Bonus fun fact: I don't know where Wesley Blake got his hair done for this show, but I need to find out because it looked amazing. But I digress.

Another fun show and I'm looking forward to the next one.

- I believe this might be Blue Pants'  (Leva Bates) first appearance at a non televised NXT house show. If not, it's incredibly rare for her to work NXT outside of the tv tapings. I hope WWE goes ahead and finally signs her already.

- Meet and Greet before the show was with Blake, Murphy, and Bull Dempsey

- NXT returnsto Cocoa Beach on July 17th.

Joseph Smith sent this report.

A few friends and I from the #NXTFTPIERCE crew took a trip to check out the NXT show in Cocoa, FL last night.  Here is my report.  I apologize in advance if some of the names are not quite right as this was a lower level NXT show compared to what we usually have in Fort Pierce (building in cocoa is less than half the size than the Fenn Center) so there was a lot of new talent that we haven't seen yet in the Fort or on NXT TV.

Florida National Guard Armory
Cocoa, FL
26 JUN 15

Meet and Greet featured Bull Dempsey and WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy.

Event is sold out with approx 200 fans in attendance.

Dasha Fuentes is our ring announcer.

Uhaa Nation pinned Axel Denton??

Devin Taylor and Charlotte defeated Lina Fenene and Cassidey.
Charlotte was clearly the star in this match and Devin has shown improvement since we last saw her in Fort Pierce however she is still slow when executing moves.  Charlotte pinned Cassidey after the Natural Selection.

Sylvester Laforte interview segment putting himself over as a manager looking for new talent

Bull Dempsey pinned Mike Rollins
More continuation of Bull's "out of shape" gimmick.  Why they are doing this with him is beyond me!

WWE Sasha Banks defeated Blue Pants(possible house show debut) by submission with the Bank Statement in a non-title match.  Sasha was on her game and cut an amazing promo stating she has beaten every estabished Diva in NXT and wanted "new meat." Every time someone in the crowd yelled out a name Sasha replied "yeah I beat her too."  She issued an open challenge to any "new chick in the back" and the challenge was accepted by Blue Pants (who was over huge with the crowd) while Sasha reacted with the "Are you kidding me" routine.  Very entertaining match.

Hype Bros(Mojo Rawley and Zach Ryder) defeated The Mechanics (Dawson and Wilder when Zach pinned Dawson

Marcus Louis defeated Angelo Dawkins by submission

Interview segment Lenny Venezula Jr?? Interupted by Preston Cunningham jr.  Ok segment. At least we got to see Dasha dance which was nice.

Finn Balor pinned Solomon Crowe with the Coupe De Grace.
This should have been the Main Event in my opinion.  Easily the best match of the night along with Sasha vs Blue Pants.  Crowd was into this match(This is awesome chant before the match even started) huge and the two had an amazing back and forth match

Main Event-Triple Threat Tag Team Match (Non Title)
WWE NXT Tag Team Champions: Blake and Murphy vs The Vaudevillians vs Jason Jordan and Gable.

Aiden English pinned Blake to win a very entertaining triple threat match.  All three teams worked hard and there were some amazing spots but not quite on the same level as Balor vs Crowe

NXT returns to Cocoa on 7/17/15.

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