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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-26 11:33:13
The word making the rounds is Erick Rowan will be out six months with a biceps tear. WWE has not officially updated his status.

WWE will tape Raw in Baltimore, Maryland on 9/7.

Steven Fernandes reporting....Australian-based company called 'Sting International Pty Ltd' are attempting to trademark the word 'Sting' in the US. WWE are opposing their right to trademark. They have been given till September 30th to file an opposition or ask for another extension. Not sure if WWE currently own a 'Sting' trademark as I was not able to find any record on the USPTO database.

WWE has released New Day t-shirts as well as Sasha Banks sunglasses.

Thomas Rude sent the following videos:

6/22/15 Top 10 Raw Moments

Billy Gunn Previews The First WWE Tough Enough Challenge-WWE #toughenough

Paige Busts The Competition At the Mall-WWE #toughenough

The Competitors Ready For Their First "Tough" Challenge-WWE #toughenough

WWE Network Sneak Peek:  "Unfiltered" With Renee Young-"Magic Mike XXL"

6/25/15 WWE Tough Enough Digital Extra-Hogan's X-Factor

6/24/15 WWE Tough Enough Digital Extra-Billy Gunn's Wake-Up Call

6/24/15 WWE Tough Enough Digital Extra-Dianna Freezes Out The Pain

6/24/15 WWE Tough Enough Digital Extra-Y2J Breaks Down WWE Tough Enough

6/23/15 WWE Tough Enough Digital Extra-Booker T Gives ZZ A Boost

6/24/15 Jason Jordan Is Confronted Again By Chad Gable

Finn Balor Discusses The Struggle To Contain His Inner Demon

Unseen Footage Of Triple H's Wrestlemania 31 Entrance

5 Things:  5 Youngest Champions In WWE History

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