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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-22 08:17:17

MCW "Ladies Night"

Michael's 8th Avenue

Glen Burnie MD

Friday June 19, 2015


WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley Special commissioner for The Evening


Match #1

Queen Kimber Lee defeated Mandy Leon


Al Alberts was acknowledging Police Officers from BCPD Hispanic Officers Law Enforcement Association when Andrew Steel, Money Green, Cesar, Oakley Woodscame to the ring complaining about not being booked on the show but MCW giving "Ring Time" to these Police Officers. Mick Foley came out with Fenix Fury & Paul Jordane and decided to put 2 of the Baltimore City Police officers in an 8 man tag Team Match later in the show.


Match #2

Punk Rock All Stars defeated Fed Up


Match #3

Renee Michelle defeated Tessa Blanchard


Match #4

Ryan McBride defeated LI Green


Match #5

8 Man tag Team Match of Fenix Fury, Ron Paul Jordane & 2 Baltimore City Police Officers defeated Andrew Steel, Money Green, Cesar, Oakley Woods with Mick Foley putting Mr. Socko on Oakley Woods


Match #6

MCW Rage Championship

Brandon Scott vs. Drolix ended in a 15 Minute Time Limit Draw


Match #7

MCW Tag Team Championship

The Hell Cats defeated Ecktourage


Match #8

Ken Dixon and the Dixon Line Security defeated MCW Champion The Bruiser in a 3 on 1 Handicap match


Match #1

Main Event

MCW Woman's Championship

Mickie James defeated Amber Rodriguez with Lisa Marie Varon as Special Guest Referee and Melina as Outside Enforcer to become the new MCW Women's Champion

At one point during the match when it looked like Mickie was about to get the win and Lisa Marie Varon had been inadvertently knocked down Melina turned on Mickie James by kicking her in the head. She then started pounding on Mickie telling her "I Never Forgot". Lisa Marie varon recovered and hit "The Widow's Peak" on Melina and Mickie hit a DDT on Amber Rodriquez and scored the pin to become the new MCW Woman's Champion
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