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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-06-19 23:45:39
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of ROH Best In The World 2015, live from Terminal 5 in New York City!

Preshow Stuff

ROH looks to have drawn somewhere in the 700-900 range from where I'm sitting, though that's an estimate because I'm under one of the balcony sections.

Will Ferrara vs J. Diesel vs Romantic Touch vs Cheeseburger

Funny sequence to start as the Touch tries a series of sex related moves on Ferrara, who isn't having that. Cheeseburger (who is over like crazy here) winds up in trouble, but manages to make a hot tag to Ferrara and all heck breaks loose with all four men in the ring. Ferrara airplane spins Cheeseburger, then takes his head off with a lariat for 2. The Touch comes in with a unique version of the airplane spin, grinds his groin into Cheeseburger's face, then gets rolled up by Cheeseburger for the win.

Winner: Cheeseburger

Solid preshow match to get the crowd going, and a nice moment as Ferrara and the Touch raise Cheeseburger's hand after the match.

Donovan Dijack vs Mark Briscoe

Mark has ODB in his corner, and Dijack as always has Truth Martini at his side. Mark is the first recipient of streamers tonight, but that doesn't help him as he winds up on the receiving end of some early power offense from the big man. Mark uses his speed and agility to outmaneuver Dijack, and gets a one count off a Russian legsweep. Now Mark has some momentum behind him and starts firing back on Dijack, chopping him down to size and drilling him with a crane kick. He makes the mistake of trying a vertical suplex, and Dijack easily blocks and reverses. The crowd is solidly behind Briscoe as he tries a top rope crossbody, but Dijack easily catches him and then just casually tosses him to the side. Dijack hoists Mark back up and literally bodyslams him over the top rope and to the floor. Now THAT was a Mick Foley sick bump. Dijack brings Mark back in, and Briscoe is in big trouble as Dijack continues unloading the offense. Mark finally rocks the big man with a flying knee out of nowhere, and another off the ropes finally puts Dijack down. Mark drives Dijack to the floor with a running dropkick and then takes him out with a dive through the ropes. Truth Martini tries to block Mark from coming off the apron onto Dijack, so ODB tears the Book of Truth in half to stun Martini long enough for Mark to come off the apron. Back inside and Mark gets a 2 count, whips Dijack to the corner, but Dijack does a Flair flip, pops up to the top rope, and hits a bodypress for 2. Dijack hits his version of Go2Sleep, but Mark comes right back with a big brainbuster and comes off the top rope with Froggy Bow for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Solid opener, Dijack looked like a real monster with some of the power stuff he was doing here.

BJ Whitmer & Adam Page vs Matt Sydal & ACH

The crowd swears at Whitmer as he stalls tying up with ACH, but finally gets down to business and is promptly befuddled by ACH's fast paced offense. Page tags in and blindsides ACH, then quickly runs until ACH tags out, then he happily comes back in to wrestle Sydal. Sydal catches Page with a series of leg lariats, but Page avoids a leapfrog and Page (after receiving an obligatory watering down by Colby Corino) lays Sydal out and tags Whitmer in. Sydal is in the wrong part of town, and the Decade cuts him off for a 2-on-1 beating while the crowd chants "BJ Weiner" at Whitmer. Sydal uses the crowd distraction to tag in ACH, who cleans house on both member of the Decade. ACH gets 2 on Whitmer off a spinning Flatliner, but Whitmer catches him attempting a leapfrog and counters it to a powerslam for 2. Now ACH is in trouble, and Whitmer dumps him out to the floor where Page flattens him with a running shooting star press off the apron. ACH connects with an enziguiri to Whitmer and makes the hot tag to Sydal, who goes NUTS with more high flying offense than I can accurately recap at the speed my fingers type. Just trust me when I say he does a lot of cool stuff and hits a standing moonsault on Page for 2. Whitmer tries to slow him down and gets dumped to the floor, and Sydal comes off the top with the Sydal Press. He covers, but Colby pulls Page out of the ring to save him. ACH takes Colby out with a dive, but Page recovers enough to hit Fade To Black on Sydal for the win.

Winner: Adam Page & BJ Whitmer

Good match, and it's nice to see Sydal getting the chance to really cut loose like he couldn't for years in WWE.

Silas Young vs Dalton Castle

The crowd went NUTS for Dalton Castle, streamers and everything. Silas tried to get the jump on Dalton, but Dalton quickly turned that around and clotheslined Silas out to the floor. Dalton comes on with the theatrics, but Silas quickly shuts that down with the backbreaker/lariat combo, and now Dalton is in trouble. Dalton's young boys are hilarious at ringside leading the fans to chant for Dalton by waving their feather things around. Silas continues putting the boots to Dalton, but Dalton goes to a sunset flip, pulls Young's tights down, and the young boys get up on the apron to fan Young over and give Dalton a 2. Silas pulls his tights up, so Dalton pulls them back down, suplexes Young, and pops him over with an overhead release suplex for 2. Silas shuts that momentum down real quick with a DDT into the turnbuckle (which I've never seen before), then he and Dalton go out to the ring apron and trade right hands. In another really innovative spot, Silas backdrops Dalton over the cornerpost to the other side of the apron, then hits a spear through the ropes that sends both men to the floor. They head back in where Dalton hits a real impressive deadlift German suplex with a bridge for 2, then he goes to the top and gets crotched on the top rope when Silas shoves the referee into the ropes and knocks him off. The referee refuses to count, and Dalton sneaks in under the ensuing argument and rolls Silas up for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Good back and forth match, the crowd was into this one the whole time and both guys really busted it. Silas Young isn't happy over losing, and he lays one of Dalton's young boys out as revenge.

C&C Wrestle Factory vs War Machine

C&C gets things off to a quick start, jumping War Machine before the bell and completely outrunning them with high-flying offense. Caprice and Cedric seem to be having a little dissension as Cedric doesn't appear too happy to be teaming with Caprice, and Hanson takes advantage of that by KILLING the both of them with clubbing clotheslines. Caprice gets trapped in the ring, he tries a sunset flip but Hanson easily powers him up off the mat and takes his head off with a clothesline before taking a cheapshot at Cedric on the apron. War Machine continues pummeling Caprice with more hard hitting offense, but Caprice gets away and goes to the corner, and Cedric reaches out and screams at Caprice to tag him, but Caprice doesn't for some reason. War Machine quickly guzzles Caprice, hit their finish, and call it a day.

Winners: War Machine

Don't know what that was about with Caprice, but Cedric isn't too happy about it and he stalks Caprice with the wrench. He winds back to nail him, then thinks better of it, stuffs the wrench down into his tights, and waits for Caprice to get to his feet so he can tell him in no uncertain terms that the teams is done. Cedric walks off and Caprice doesn't look like he knows what happened.

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