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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-19 09:30:00
The Great Muta's Wrestle-1 promotion will be not touring the United States next week in conjunction with West Virginia's American Pro Wrestling Alliance as announced.  The entire five event tour, which was to kick off this Tuesday 6/23 in Philadelphia, PA at the 2300 Arena and close on 6/28 in Atlanta, Georgia has been canceled.

The cancellation has been blamed on a "miscommunication" between the two sides leading to the loss of the tour's primary backer.  The venues hosting the tour were notified overnight.

The Great Muta, Minoru Tanaka, former WWE star Sakamato, Masakatsu Funaki, Shuji Kondo, Kai, and Masayuki Kono were scheduled to come over from Japan for the dates, which would have included Muta's first-ever match in the former ECW Arena.  Also announced for the tour were Kevin Sullivan, Rob Terry, Ricky Reyes, The Barbarian, ROH star Moose, Crazy Mary Dobson, Wes Brisco, Chase Stevens, Mad Man Alonso, The Silencer, former WCW personality Sonny Onno and more.

If you purchased advance tickets, I would assume you can receive refunds from the point of purchase.

Beyond Philadelphia, the APWA/Wrestle-1 tour was to feature the following dates:

6/25 in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania at the Rostraver Ice Gardens

6/26 in Parkersburg, West Virginia

6/27 in Shelby, North Carolina

6/28 in Atlanta, Georgia

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