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By Mike Johnson & Paul Jordan on 2015-06-16 10:16:52

TNA changed the planned Slammiversary PPV main event of Kurt Angle vs. EC3 from that night to the 7/1 episode of Impact Wrestling (which is titled "Bell to Bell") as there was no way for the company to conceivably tape episodes that would air after the PPV without spoiling their plans.  The company is working on plans for a new main event, but it won't have the TNA title on the line.

Scheduled for this week's edition of TNA Impact Wrestling:

*EC3 and Kurt Angle have a contract signing for their TNA championship bout.

*Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez.

*Jesse Godderz vs. DJ Zema Ion.

*An update on Magnus vs. James Storm.

*Bram calls out another star.

Paul Jordan sent the following:

Dixie Carter tweeted the following image of the “brand new” X Division Title that will be presented to the winner of the three-way between Low Ki versus Grado versus Tigre Uno. I guess you can say TNA is going green. It's the same design as before just with a green tint instead of blue.

Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell and Rockstar Spud talked about Jurassic World (in which Taryn did stunt work for) on the latest edition of Josh Mathews' Men's Lifestyle Aficionado podcast.

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