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By Mike Johnson on 2018-06-13 08:00:00

June 13th

On this day in history in ....

1940 - Orville Brown wins the first of two titles which earned him recognition as the first World Heavyweight Champion as recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance. Brown defeats Bobby Bruns in Kansas City, Kansas to win the Kansas City version of the Midwest Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title.

1957 - Ed Francis defeats Al Lolotai for the NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Title in Honolulu, Hawaii, ending Lolotai's second reign.

1960 - Jacques "The Mountie" Rougeau is born in Saint-Sulpice, Quebec.

1960 - Tony Borne defeats Bull Curry to win the NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Title in Fort Worth, Texas.

1962 - Mike Jones, better known as the WWF's Virgil and the NWO's Vincent, is born in Nashville, Tennessee.

1972 - Alfonso Dantes defeats Rey Mendoza for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Tijuana, Mexico, ending Mendoza's fifth reign.

1974 - The Interns (Tom Andrews and Jim Starr) defeat Bob Geigel and Rufus R. Jones to win the Central States version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Kansas City, Kansas, ending Geigel and Jones' third reign.

1975 - Black Gordman and Goliath win the NWA Americas Tag Team Title for the seventh time, ending the third reign of The Hollywood Blonds (Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts).

1975 - Great Kusatsu and Mighty Inoue defeat Tor Kamata and Duke Savage in a tournament final to win the vacant International Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Title in Morioka, Japan.

1978 - Jack and Jerry Brisco defeat Mr. Saito and Mr. Sato (The Great Kabuki) in Miami, Florida to win their seventh NWA Florida Tag Team Title.

1981 - The Kelly Twins (Pat and Mike Kelly) defeat Wilbur Snyder and Spike Huber to win the World Wrestling Association (Indiana) Tag Team Title in Indianapolis, Indiana.

1982 - "High Chief" Peter Maivia, father-in-law of Rocky Johnson and grandfather of The Rock, succumbs to cancer at age 45.

1982 - Centurian Negro defeats Gran Hamada in Monterrey, Mexico, for the Universal Wrestling Association World Middleweight Title, ending Hamada's second reign and beginning Negro's second.

1983 - Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) defeats Fishman to win the vacant WWF World Junior Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico, beginning his third reign.

1985 - Kuniaki Kobayashi defeats The Dynamite Kid for the NWA International Junior Heavyweight Title in Koga, Japan.

1986 - Lex Luger defeats Ron Bass to win the NWA Bahamas Heavyweight Title in Nassau, Bahamas.

1987 - Bill Watts' Universal Wrestling Federation holds its second Superdome Extravaganza in New Orleans, Louisiana. The results:
- Shaska Whatley and Shane Douglas fought to a draw.
- Buddy Roberts defeated Mike Boyette.
- Steve Cox defeated Gary Young.
- The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy) defeated The Terminator and The Enforcer (Doug Gilbert).
- The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) defeated The Angel of Death and Vladimir Petrov to retain the NWA World Tag Team Title.
- The Lightning Express (Tim Horner and Brad Armstrong) defeated Rick Steiner and Sting to retain the UWF Tag Team Title.
- Big Bubba Rogers defeated Barry Windham to retain the UWF Heavyweight Title.
- Black Bart defeated Chris Adams.
- Steve Williams defeated Dick Murdoch.

1987 - Bill Dundee defeats Chick Donovan to win the AWA International Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning his second reign.

1990 - WCW Clash of the Champions XI was held in Charleston, South Carolina at the McAlister Fieldhouse. The show aired live on TBS, doing a 4.1 rating. Here are the results from the show:
- Steve Armstrong & Tracey Smothers defeated The Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes).
- Tommy Rich defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via disqualification.
- Tom Zenk & Mike Rotundo defeated the SST (Fatu & Samoan Savage).
- Mark Callous defeated Brian Pillman.
- The Rock N' Roll Express defeated U.S. Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane via disqualification.
- Barry Windham defeated Doug Furnas.
- Lex Luger defeated Sid Vicious in under thirty seconds after interference from Ole Anderson backfired.
- NWA World Tag Team Champions Doom defeated Rick & Scott Steiner.
- Paul Orndorff defeated Arn Anderson.
- Junkyard Dog defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair via disqualification.

1991 - Gran Hamada and Perro Aguayo defeat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro and Brazo de Plata) to win the UWA World Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.

1992 - Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. defeats El Egipicio in Mexico City, Mexico to win the Mexico National Heavyweight Title for the third time.

1993 - The WWF held the very first televised King of the Ring pay-per-view event at the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. Although the first pay-per-view event, it featured the seventh King of the Ring tournament. The results were:
- In a dark match, Papa Shango pinned Owen Hart to retain the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title.
- Bret Hart pinned Razor Ramon in a first round match.
- Mr. Perfect defeated Mr. Hughes by disqualification in a first round match.
- Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Jim Duggan in a first round match.
- Tatanka and Lex Luger fought to a 15-minute time limit draw in a first round match.
- Bret Hart pinned Mr. Perfect after a Small Package in a semifinal match.
- Yokozuna pinned Hulk Hogan, after a fireball from a photographer's camera blinded Hogan, to win the WWF World Title for the second time, ending Hogan's fifth reign. This would be Hogan's final WWF television appearance and match until nearly nine years later.
- The Smokin' Gunns (Billy and Bart) and The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) defeated The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu) and WWF Tag Team Champion Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster), when Billy pinned DiBiase.
- Shawn Michaels pinned Crush to retain the WWF Intercontinental Title.
- Bret Hart pinned Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring Tournament. The match had originally been won by Bigelow, but the match was restarted when it was revealed that Luna Vachon attacked Hart with a steel chair. This was Hart's second time as King, as he won the tournament two years earlier. He is also, to this day, the only man to win two King of the Ring tournaments.

1994 - PG-13 (J.C. Ice and Wolfie D.) defeat The Eliminators (Saturn and Kronus) for the USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning their second reign.

1997 - Nygma defeats El Salsero to win the Mexico National Welterweight Title in Xochimilko, Mexico.

1998 - Buddy Landel defeats Jimmy Cicero in Alexandria, Virginia for the Independent Professional Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Title.

1998 - E.Z. Ryder and Darren Daulton defeat Damage Inc. (Skar and Sledge) to win the Canadian Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title in Garden City, Manitoba.

1998 - The NWA Michigan Tag Team Title changes hands twice in Hazel Park, Michigan, as The Outlaws (Woody and Bobby Lee) defeat The James Gang (Hoss James and Ricky James) to win the titles for the second time, then lost them back to The James', beginning their second reign.

1999 - WCW holds the 13th-annual Great American Bash at its usual home, the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. The results:
- Hak pinned Brian Knobbs in a Hardcore match, after Jimmy Hart accidentally hit Knobbs with a kendo stick.
- Hammer pinned Mikey Whipwreck after a Cobra Clutch Slam.
- Buff Bagwell pinned Disco Inferno after the Buff Blockbuster.
- The No Limit Soldiers (Konnan and Rey Misterio, Jr.) defeated The West Texas Rednecks (Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum, Jr.), when Misterio pinned Duncum after Swoll attacked Duncum.
- Ernest Miller pinned Horace Hogan after hitting him with his shoe.
- Ric Flair defeated Roddy Piper by disqualification, when Buff Bagwell came out and attacked Flair. As a result of Flair's victory, Flair became WCW President.
- WCW World Television Champion Rick Steiner defeated Sting in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, after Sting was attacked backstage by dogs and Rick forced the referee to declare him the winner.
- The Jersey Triad (Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon) defeated Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn, when Kanyon pinned Benoit after a Diamond Cutter from Page, to win the WCW World Tag Team Title. All three members of The Jersey Triad (Page, Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow) would be recognized as champions.
- Kevin Nash defeated Randy Savage by disqualification to retain the WCW World Title, after Sid Vicious, making his return to WCW, attacked Nash. This was Sid's first WCW appearance since the infamous 1993 hotel brawl with Arn Anderson during a British tour, during which Anderson was stabbed several times by Sid with safety scissors.

1999 - Koji Nakagawa and Gedo defeat Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda to win the FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Title in Okayama City, Japan.

2002 - NWA:TNA announced plans to debut the X-Division championship.

2002 - Shouichi Ichimiya defeats Chocoball Mukai for the Dramatic Dream Team Ironman Heavymetalweight Title in Tokyo, Japan, ending Mukai's second reign.

2002 - WWF broadcast Smackdown.  Manny A filed the following TV report:

Show Airdate : June 13th, 2002
Taped On : June 11th, 2002
Location : Greenville, SC
Hosted by : Michael Cole & Tazz

Replay of the Flair/McMahon match in which McMahon won 100 percent ownership of WWE.

A large table and red carpet were set up in a ring with many security guards inside. Vince McMahon came out and gloated about being 100 percent owner again. To entertain the fans, the show would begin with a contract signing for the WWE title. Vince told the Undertaker to come out, followed by Triple H. After both guys signed, they stared each other down. Triple H went to point at Taker when he was grabbed by security, enabling Taker to attack him. Taker then nailed him with a big boot which knocked him out of the ring. Triple reached under the ring and grabbed a sledgehammer, which forced Vince and Taker to run to the back. Triple H grabbed the mic and threatened to shut the show down if Taker didn't come back out. He also nailed a security guard with the Pedigree.

After the break, Triple H was still in the ring but this time Billy, Chuck and Rico were on the ramp. Rico claimed that he was supposed to face off with Rikishi but Triple H wouldn't leave the ring. Billy threatened to physically remove him from the ring. Triple H shot back that Billy and his "partner" give new meaning to the words "suck it!" Billy charged the ring with a chair but was nailed with the sledgehammer.

Triple H then said that if Vince didn't send down Taker that there would be no more Smackdown. He then proceeded to destroy the announcers table. The table was apparently very strong as it broke the sledgehammer. He reached under the ring and grabbed a 2nd one and finished the job, destroying the monitor in the process. He then moved towards the cameraman and grabbed the camera. He put it on a chair and was about to smash it when Vince finally came out. He decided to make a match for later between Triple H & Hulk Hogan and Taker & Kurt Angle. Triple H agreed to the match and then smashed the camera anyway.

*1st match : Test vs. the Hurricane (KOTR qualifying match)
Before the match, we saw highlights from earlier tonight of Nidia in the Hurricane's locker room. She threatened that her boyfriend, Jamie Knoble would be there soon enough. Test kicked out of the Eye of the Hurricane and won this one with the Test Drive. After the match, Nidia and Knoble ran down to the ring and attacked. Knoble held Hurricane down as Nidia removed his mask and grabbed his cape.

*2nd match : Tajiri vs. Hardcore Holly (KOTR qualifying match)
We saw highlights of Tajiri's attack on Maven last week in the hospital. Holly won it with the Alabama Slam.

Backstage, Chris Jericho was watching a video of his attack on Edge last week. Big Valbowski walked in and threatened to stick his boot in his a$$ tonight.

*3rd match : Chris Jericho & Lance Storm vs. Big Valbowski and Billy Kidman
Storm and Kidman have new entrance music. The finish came when Kidman rolled up Storm and lifted his shoulder up before the 3. After the match, Storm complained to the ref that his shoulder was up as well. The replay showed that he did lift his shoulder.

Backstage, Mark Loyd interviewed Hulk Hogan. He predicted that Triple H would beat Taker for the belt at KOTR. He then challenged Kurt Angle to a match at KOTR as well.

Lance Storm approached referee Brian Hebner about the lousy call in his match. Lance talked about how Hebner's family has a history of screwing great Canadians.

Backstage, Mark Loyd interviewed Linda Miles. He asked her about Jackie turning on her during her Velocity match last week. Mark informed her that Jackie and Ivory have challenged her and a partner to a match tonight. She chose Trish Stratus as her partner.

In his office, Vince McMahon was approached by Kurt Angle. He accepted the match against Hogan at KOTR. Angle was worried that Hogan would pull the roots of his new grown hair out of his scalp. Taker came into the office at this point. He questioned the tag match. Vince said that it was a calculated risk and he knew that they would pull it out tonight.

*4th match : Reverend D-Von vs. Faarooq
Before the match. D-Von gave a sermon about the sin of masturbation. This brought out Faarooq who talked about how he still masturbates. Faarooq won this one in about 50 seconds with the Dominator. He then cleaned house on Deacon Batista as well.

*5th match : Linda & Ivory vs. Jackie & Trish
Trish got the pin after nailing Ivory with the Stratusfaction bulldog.

Backstage, Stacy Kiebler entered Vince's office. Vince went into seduction mode and kissed her. Stacy appeared a bit disgusted by it. Outside the door, Dawn Marie listened in.

*6th match : Triple H & Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker & Kurt Angle
Before the match, Hogan was jumped by Taker and Angle in the hallway on his way to the ring. This left Triple H to fight the match by himself. The match ended when Triple H nailed Taker with the sledgehammer for a DQ. Angle then hit him with the Angle Slam. As Angle walked up the ramp, a limping Hogan appeared and tossed him into the ring. Triple H went for the Pedigree but Angle backdropped him instead. Triple H then reached up and pulled Angle's shorts down. As Angle went to pull them up, Hogan pulled off the wig to reveal Angle's bald head. He then put the wig on his own head and he and Triple H posed to end the show.

2003 - Yutaka Yoshie and Hiroshi Tanahashi defeat Masahiro Chono and Hiroyoshi Tenzan in Tokyo, Japan, to win the IWGP World Tag Team Title, ending Chono and Tenzan's fourth reign.

2003 - The Goonees (Slacker-J and Slacker Dan) defeat Superfly P and Krull for the United States Wrestling Organization Tag Team Title in Madison, Tennessee.

2003 - WWE held their Fiscal 2003 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results conference call. Here are the highlights. Chief Executive Officer Linda McMahon and Chief Financial Officer Philip Livingston took part in the call, which included a question and answer session with investors.

- They went over the numbers for the quarter, which you can read by clicking here.

- Linda felt that they ended the year on a good note with Wrestlemania, and that it was a success. She said they will reveal the new Wrestlemania XX logo on June 23rd at Raw at Madison Square Garden, since the event will also be held there at the Garden.

- She said that they are 14 months into the brand extension and that ratings have "stabilized". She said the brand extension has allowed them to develop a deeper talent pool, and has allowed them to have two touring groups. She put over the success of the international tours, saying they are the result of the brand extension and their ability to run more tours.

- Linda said that their focus for 2004 is live events, and that live events make everything else possible.

- She said they want to work on having simultaneous merchandise releases around the world, so that when a character appears on television in a country, their merchandise is readily available. She said that right now there is a lag time in getting merchandise to some markets.

- Linda said retail sales were down, and blamed it on market wide problems.

- The Steve Austin biography will be available in time for Christmas this year.

- WWE took an 8.9 million dollar hit due to the shutdown of the World in New York.

- They talked about giving away forty percent of their "free cash flow" in a stock dividend of four cents per share. Of course, they also just bought back a large portion of stock from Viacom, so they won't be paying any dividends to them.

- A question was asked regarding when WWE will get their creative house in order. The caller asked why WWE is bringing in more "retreads" and turning into WCW. Linda asked if this was the same caller that asked the question last quarter, and the caller said he asks this question every quarter because he sees no movement in creative. Linda said that Bill Goldberg's run has been "disappointing". She stressed that they are bringing in new talent, pointing out the Basham Brothers and Linda Miles are being brought into Smackdown. She said they are working on the creative end, and pointed out last night's Smackdown had a dramatic ending. Linda also said that Vince McMahon would be appearing at some live events this summer, as a special attraction. Before the caller could follow-up, they had him disconnected, and never addressed his question regarding the creative problems in the company.

- They blamed the war in Iraq for lower PPV buys.

- They expect it will be a year before they have a tenant in the space in Times Square they used for The World.

- Linda said that WWE is looking to continue Tough Enough, saying that it was the one WWE series that had a larger female than male viewership.

- Linda put over La Resistance, Linda Miles, John Cena, Spanky, and the FBI. She praised Zach Gowen, saying he would be interviewed by ESPN, and that he is an incredible athlete.

- They are in negotiations to purchase several wrestling tape libraries, but did not want to reveal which companies, since the deals have not been finalized.

- WWE are planning more international tours for next year, 31 tours in the planning stages (although not confirmed) at this point.

- WWE is not involved in the production of Rock's films, but do receive an executive producer credit (and a two million dollar fee) for his films, since "The Rock" is their intellectual property.

- They are continuing to work on an animated series. Their film department, WWE Films, is working on a feature film starring Steve Austin, which will most likely go direct to video/DVD/cable.

2003 - The cause of death for Davey Boy Smith was officially determined.  When Smith passed away in Canada last year, his father Sid felt that there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, and demanded an investigation. The body was transported to England, and an inquest was held, at which Sid Smith said "I think someone was responsible for his death and I felt that from the beginning and still do."

After an hour long inquest that included evidence from a forensic scientist and the pathologist who examined Smith after his body was flown in from Canada, they determined that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death. They believe that Smith died from an enlarged heart, and the final verdict was "death from natural causes". Smith was 39.

2003 - USA Wrestling ran Gainesville, GA. headlined by the first NWA title defense made by AJ Styles.  Larry Goodman filed the following live report:

A.J. Styles retained the NWA World Heavyweight Title in his hometown of Gainesville, Georgia last night on the debut show for USA Championship Wrestling. The show, titled "Georgia Mountain Memories - a Night of Superstars and Legends," was long on nostalgia and short on ringwork. The hey day for a lot of these guys was before a lot many of the fans in the building were born. Styles defeated Kid Kash in a very good match that was the best thing on the show by a wide margin. They drew a crowd of 500 and announced a return date for August 15, with possible appearances by Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat.

(1) Local radio guy (with Councilman Mark Musselwhite) beat Jimmy Hart (with Ian Harrison) in 40 seconds. "The Hardcore Giant" Ron Niemi from IPW Florida opened the show by insulting the people of Gainesville. Niemi introduced Hart, who gave the ugly women in the house 5 seconds to hit the exit. Radio guy demanded an apology. Hart wouldn't do it. Hart used a low blow. Musselwhite hit Hart with a chair. A second ref ran in and counted the pin.

(2) Viscera (with Mysterious Benefactor & The Barbarian & Mr. Hughes) beat Frankie Capone. It took all of a minute. The heel group, lead by Benefactor, is known as the Darkside. Viscera gave Capone the Brain Damage and pinned him with a splash. Viscera squashed him flat with two more splashes in the postmatch. That brought out Jim Duggan with his 2 x 4 to a weak "USA" chant.

(3) Hacksaw Jim Duggan beat The Barbarian in 7 minutes. Is this 1983 or 2003? Slooow pace. Damned if Duggan didn't get the crowd behind him by working that played out "USA" chant. Duggan got in the football stance and hit Barbarian with a lariat for the pin. Darkside destroyed Duggan in the postmatch. Barbarian threatened to hit Duggan with his own board, while refs Jimmy Rivers and Rudy Charles tried to protect him. Benefactor said Duggan had never faced an enemy like The Darkside, so I guess we're in for more of this on the return show.

(4) Ricky Morton beat Bobby Eaton in 4:15. Nothing much to this. Eaton went heel. Eaton got a near fall with a swinging neckbreaker. Morton got the duke with a small package.

Morton said the Midnight Express with Eaton were his toughest matches. Morton said he might have hated Eaton but he always respected him. Eaton acted like he didn't want to do it, but Morton got him to come into the ring to shake hands.

Niemi introduced A.J. Styles to the hometown crowd. Respectable pop but nothing fantastic. Styles said that after attending wrestling at the Mountain Center as a kid, wrestling in the building was like a dream come true. Niemi addressed Styles' title defense against Kid Kash. Styles said he wasn't Tommy Rich and he didn't plan to lose the belt after only a couple of days. Niemi said that Rich lost the NWA Title (to Harley Race) in Gainesville after holding it for only five days.

(5) The Road Warriors beat The New Bluebloods (David Taylor & Ian Harrison) in 8:22. Road Warriors were over strong. They didn't look all that bad in the ring either, especially Hawk. Hawk took a bump into the post and Bluebloods got some heat on him before he hit a double clothesline. Warriors pinned Taylor using the Doomsday Device.

Intermission. Ring announcer, David Penzer said USA was negotiating to have Ricky Steamboat appear on the return show set for August 15. There was mob around Raven and Konnan at the gimmick tables. Bagwell did some business. Glen Gilberti/Disco Inferno did little.

Tony Schiavone came out to present plaques to the legends. Schiavone has picked up a good bit of table weight since his WCW days. "I have stories on everyone I bring out here and most of them I can't tell." Schiavone said that when WCW got hot in the mid 80s it was partly because they had the best tag team wrestling in the world. Eaton came out first. Crowd wanted a speech but Eaton wouldn't talk. Morton was next. Schiavone put over Morton's singles matches with Ric Flair for the NWA belt in the mid 80s. Schiavone introduced Paul Orndorff by mentioning his WWF cage match with Hulk Hogan. Orndorff really connected with the crowd with his mic work. Orndorff recalled wrestling in the Gainesville Civic Center in the old days. He offered his services as a troubleshooter type (an offer that the promotion accepted). Schiavone said that Michael Hayes was the first to bring music into wrestling. Hayes got a great pop. Hayes joked about Schiavone's intro. Questioned whether he lit up every town he was in or was he lit up in every town. Said he heard that he had a helluva a career but he didn't remember any of it.

(6) Ray Gordy (with Michael Hayes) beat David Flair in 8:10. They both worked hard here. Flair came out to the 2001 theme. Crowd was "whooing" on Flair's chops. Gordy worked Flair's arm early. Flair hit a back suplex but Gordy got a foot on the ropes. At 6:30 Flair took a slam off the top. Gordy mounted a comeback with an enzuigiri and fisherman suplex. Good near fall with a senton bomb. Flair was looking to set up the figure four when Hayes delivered a one punch KO. Gordy rolled Flair up for the 1..2..3.

Flair issued a challenge for tag match on the August 15 show. Flair said he was bringing in his dad. Hayes said he would make Slick Ric his bitch instead of Triple H's.

Penzer was quick to say that he couldn't confirm an appearance by Ric Flair on the August show. Penzer said that if they were able to make the match, it would be announced on WDUN and at their website,

(7) A. J. Styles beat Kid Kash to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title in 13:03. Like night and day compared to the rest of the show. Fans were clearly drawn in by quality of the wrestling. There were a couple of rough spots, but they covered them well. Chain wrestling until Kash leveled Styles with a clothesline at 3 minutes in. Styles sent Kash to the outside with a kip up huracanrana. Styles moonsaulted to his feet from the apron. Kash hit an awesome slingshot hurancanrana to the outside. Styles vaulted the rail and superkicked Kash with authority. Styles snapped Kash's head back with a dropkick. Kash caught Styles as he came off the top with a dropkick to the nuts. Kash busted out a Baron Von Raschke claw and a camel clutch. Styles outdid Jason Cross with his brainbuster. Styles did his version of the Novacaine. Kasn did some kind of tripped out fisherman bomb thing. They had the crowd popping for the false finishes. Kash got in ref Rudy Charles' face about not counting three. Charles shoved Kash down. Kash countered a powerbomb with a huracanrana and hit a tornado DDT. Styles barely kicked out. Kash went for a top rope huracanrana and Styles countered with a Clash off the ropes for the pin.

(8) Konnan beat Disco Inferno in 5:35. Konnan's mic work was way over. There's a sizeable Mexican population in Gainesville and the promotion did succeed in drawing some Hispanics to the show. Match itself was pretty lousy. Disco attacked Konnan. Konnan lost his shoe early in the match and threw it at Disco. Inferno hit a russian legsweep to set up the debut of The Village People's Elbow. Konnan won it with a facebuster. Disco said the decision should be reversed because his nose was broken on the finish.

(9) Raven beat Buff Bagwell in 11:12. What were they thinking when they booked this match? Bagwell came during Raven's music. He looked juiced to the gills. Bagwell reminisced about having his first WCW match in Gainesville before he turned on the crowd. The one thing (the only thing?) Bagwell has going for him at this stage of the game is that the crowd seemed to hate him with a passion. Strong pop for Raven. He said Bagwell's promo was garbled, as if he had something in his mouth. Raven said let's make it a Raven's Rules match. Raven sold like a maniac for Bagwell's offense, taking some good shots into the rail. Bagwell did his posing routine and gave the crowd a full moon. Raven gave Bagwell a drop toehold onto a chair. Bagwell hit Raven AND the ref with low blows. Bagwell missed with the Blockbuster. Raven superkicked Bagwell for the pin. Bagwell got his heat back with an electric chair drop and a Blockbuster on Raven.

NOTES: Styles and Bagwell had an altercation on Thurdsday night at the Sportstime bar during a pep rally for the show. Seems that when Styles came in, Bagwell made a comment to Styles about shaking his hand last. They got in each other's faces at that point. … USA had sponsorship from WDUN-AM and Magic 102FM in Gainesville. Schiavone works as an announcer for WDUN. … USA is being backed by Centerstage Sports, an offshoot of the Centerstage Theater where WCW used to tape television. … Some fans expressed the opinion that the crowd size was held down because the promotion was late in getting the word out about the show. Some also felt that a general admission price of $15 was too steep.

2004 - WWE holds its Bad Blood pay-per-view event at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Tim Whitehead filed the following PPV report:

WWE's Bad Blood (6/13 from Columbus, Ohio) came off as disappointing to me. I almost hate to write that, since clearly Triple H and Shawn Michaels put a lot into their performances in the Hell in the Cell. But for whatever reason, the live crowd really didn't get into it. This had the effect of making the match seem boring, even though it really wasn't. Both HHH and the Heartbreak Kid sold huge for each other to put over the match's brutality, but with the crowd dead, those long periods of selling made the match come off as dull. Combine that with a generally lackluster and heatless lower card and I feel compelled to give the show a narrow thumb's down. Commentary from Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler was a strong point, and they did do their best to put over the main event despite the unusually quiet crowd.

CHRIS BENOIT & EDGE beat LA RESISTANCE by DQ in a RAW World Tag Title match in 10:14. Sylvan Grenier sang the Canadian national anthem badly again. This would make more sense if his tag partner wasn't an American and his opponents weren't Canadians themselves. Benoit & Edge kept outmaneuvering Grenier at first. Benoit chopped and suplexed Conway. La Resistance got the better of Edge, hurling him out and ramming him into the ring barrier. Edge got pounded for a while. He hit a crossbody on Rob Conway for a near fall, but Conway scored two with a suplex. Edge hit a big kick on Conway and used a double neckbreaker on both opponents. He went for the hot tag but Benoit was down, having been knocked off the apron seconds earlier. Edge eventually tagged, and Benoit cleaned house. He put the sharpshooter on Grenier, with Conway making the save. Edge almost speared Benoit, which was a tease spot. Benoit put the crossface on Grenier while Edge speared Conway. Grenier was about to tap when Kane went in and attacked Benoit for the DQ. Of course, La Resistance retained the belts. Kane chokeslammed both Benoit and Edge, and then rammed Benoit into the stairs. This was done to soften Benoit up for his later WWE World Title defense against Kane. The wrestling was okay but there was almost no heat and the DQ was a waste.

Eric Bischoff told Jonathan Coachman that William Regal would be banned from ringside for Coach's match against Eugene. Coach acted totally confident. Bischoff went off on Eugene, calling him an embarrassment and other foul names. Bischoff then realized that Eugene was standing nearby and heard every word he said. Bischoff went over to him and claimed he was only trying to protect him from harm. He bought up the incidents from a few years back where HHH tore his quad and Benoit broke his neck, with each being sidelined for a year. He told Eugene he was merely trying to protect him from that type of thing. Bischoff gave Eugene the opportunity to just go home and forget about his match, but Eugene said he wanted to wrestle, hugged Bischoff, and began dancing around.

CHRIS JERICHO defeated TYSON TOMKO in 6:05. They opened with brawling. Tyson used his superior power to manhandle Jericho, working on his sore ribs. Jericho hit a dropkick off the second rope followed by a springboard dropkick. Tomko dropped Jericho's ribs across his knee. Tomko missed a fistdrop and a charge into the corner. Jericho hit a bulldog but Tomko rolled clear when Jericho went for the lionsault. Tyson blocked the walls hold. Trish Stratus got on the apron. Tomko ended up colliding with her and then staggering back into an enzugiri, with Jericho getting the three count. A standard RAW TV type match which again had little heat.

Randy Orton was interviewed by Todd Grisham. The crowd booed him as he was bragging about himself. Orton acted furious over the boos and walked out into the crowd, continuing to brag about himself while running the fans down as nine-to-five job types with no chance for the fame and fortune he has earned. Shelton Benjamin came out and basically told Orton to shut up. Benjamin was ready to fight right then and there (their match was scheduled for later on the show in storyline). Orton began stammering that he wasn't ready, but to his dismay a ref arrived, the bell rang, and the match began.

ORTON beat BENJAMIN in 15:03 to retain the IC Title. Benjamin started strong with a crossbody, an armdrag, and a kneelift. Orton bailed out. Benjamin followed him. Orton sent Benjamin into the security barrier. Benjamin backdropped Orton over the barrier. Benjamin dominated in the ring, scoring several twos using standard moves such as lariats and suplexes. Benjamin missed a charge and hit the post, allowing Orton to score a near fall. Ric Flair materialized at ringside. Orton hooked a headlock, which Benjamin escaped with a sideslam. Orton hit an innovative neckbreaker, but he missed a splash off the top, allowing Benjamin to nearly pin him. Benjamin scored more twos after backdrops and other basic maneuvers. Benjamin hit a spinkick. Flair interfered to break up a pin attempt, prompting Benjamin to drag him into the ring. Benjamin hooked the figure four on Flair while also managing to somehow cradle Orton for a near fall. Orton then did a collision spot with Flair. Benjamin went up for a high crossbody, but Orton rolled through on it and used the tights for the pin. The match was okay and had a sensible booking pattern where the guy jobbing dominated most of the match, but the lack of heat again brought things down. It's still going to take some time to get guys like Orton and Benjamin out from under the shadows of names such as Steve Austin and Rock.

Matt Hardy and Lita were kissing and cuddling in her locker room. Bischoff came in with a security detail and had Matt booted out of the building to prevent him from interfering in the women's title match. It was pretty funny, as Matt complained about this intrusion by males into a female locker room, when A) he was there and B) so was a cameraman.

TRISH STRATUS defeated VICTORIA, LITA, and GAIL KIM in a four way match in 4:43 to capture the women's title. Trish and Lita brawled out to the floor as Victoria and Gail went at it in the ring. It was actually kind of a cluster when all four were in the ring, brawling around with no particular direction. Tomko had come out with Trish, and he interfered to stop Lita from scoring a pin on her. The ref saw the infraction and forced Tomko to leave with a threat to DQ Trish otherwise. Lita hit the twist of fate on Trish, but Gail broke the pin up. Lita hit a spinning headscissors on Trish. Some of Lita's moves look scary in their execution. Gail hooked one of her cool submissions on Victoria, which Trish broke up. All four ended up down on the mat for another cluster. Finally, Lita DDT'd Gail and went for the pin, but Trish surprised Lita with a sideroll, holding the tights to score the pin and win the title. Victoria afterward looked despondent, having lost her title without being pinned due to the rules. A weak match.

EUGENE defeated COACH in 7:37. Eugene won an early test of strength. The crowd chanted Eugene's name, and this ended up being the only match on the show with sustained heat. Eugene did a weird spot where he sort of rolled up into a ball, with Coach not having the slightest idea what to do about it. Eugene spanked Coach. They did the old comedy spot where Coach was rebounding off the ropes, but Eugene simply left the ring. Coach just kept rebounding until he was exhausted. A cute chick in the crowd gave Eugene a stuffed animal (this was a planned spot). Eugene caught Coach in the rolling cradle. Manami Toyota is a lot cuter doing that move. Coach then fell victim to the Junkyard Dog headbutt. Coach left the ring and motioned for someone to come out. A hot chick in a bikini arrived with a tray full of cookies. Eugene was distracted by the cookies, allowing Coach to wallop him from behind. But Eugene did the Hulk Hogan routine where he stopped selling and got stronger with every blow landed. Eugene hit a dropkick and an airplane spin. Garrison Cade came out and ripped the head off of Eugene's stuffed animal. Yes, this was all getting pretty silly. Eugene ended up giving Cade a Stone Cold Stunner and delivering the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow for the pin. Afterward, he gave Coach a stunner as well. By the way, the stunners weren't good, and neither was the match, though the live crowd found it entertaining.

CHRIS BENOIT defeated KANE in 18:12 to retain the RAW World Title. Bischoff went to work with chops and fists. Kane overpowered Benoit and hurled him across the ring. Kane shoulderblocked Benoit from the ring. Benoit came back in, where Kane pounded him. Benoit rolled clear when Kane went for an elbow drop. Benoit hit an enzugiri but Kane blocked both the sharpshooter and the crossface. Benoit went after Kane's arm, hoping to weaken it so the crossface could later be applied. Kane brawled back and for several minutes did the slow, methodical big man offense. Benoit posted Kane. Kane hit a lariat and scored several near falls. Benoit managed to get a crowd pop by finally hooking the sharpshooter, but Kane made the ropes. Benoit hit three German suplexes. He then chopped Kane and hit three more Germans. Up to this point, the match had been average and the crowd heat weak, but from this point on the action was very strong and the crowd did get into it. Benoit hit a diving headbutt, with Kane sitting back up Undertaker-style. Kane blocked the crossface and hit a chokeslam. Kane was pissed when Benoit kicked out at two. Kane booted Benoit in the face, but Benoit managed to catch Kane in the crossface. Kane escaped, establishing him as a powerhouse who can neutralize Benoit's legendary finisher. Benoit went for the crossface yet again, but when Kane kept blocking it, Benoit improvised and surprised Kane with a sideroll for the pin out of nowhere. JR put over Benoit's ingenuity, saying he called an audible. The last few minutes pulled the match into the above average column.

Benoit did a very good post-match interview where he put Kane over as a great opponent, noting his success at thwarting his crossface and sharpshooter finishers. Benoit said he proved once again that he's the real deal.

HHH defeated HBK in the Hell in the Cell in 47:22. Yes, they really did go that long. The first ten minutes or so was standard stuff. They did some brawling, a few moves such as neckbreakers, and kept tossing each other out to the floor. HHH was the first to juice, when HBK rammed him into the cage, though it was only a small amount of blood. HHH went after HBK's historically bad back, scoring a number of near falls. HHH brought a chair into the ring. HBK blocked HHH from using it. They brawled out, where HHH posted HBK. Back in the ring, HHH slammed HBK on the chair. HHH scored more twos. HHH hit HBK across the back with a chairshot. HBK blocked a pedigree attempt and hurled HHH out, where he slammed him into the stairs. HHH backdropped HBK off the stairs, blocking an HBK piledriver attempt. HHH hit HBK with another chairshot to the back. In the ring once again, HBK hit a flying forearm. HHH evaded the sweet chin music and hit HBK with the stairs. HBK juiced a huge gusher. HHH used the stairs again and then threw HBK out, where he raked his face on the cage to draw more blood. Returning yet again to the ring, HHH scored some twos. He hit a spinebuster and hooked a sleeper. HBK escaped the hold and hit a DDT, followed by a chairshot which juiced HHH big time. While all this was going on, the crowd was mostly cool, popping only for a few key spots. Both guys were doing a great job of selling, which required them going down for long periods. Combined with the cool crowd, this made the match unfairly appear dull. HBK scored some twos. He hit HHH with another chairshot, followed by a facebuster. HBK then brought a ladder into the ring. He used the ladder to hit HHH in the head and in the ribs. HBK sent HHH crashing into the ladder. HHH then bumped across the ladder out to the floor. HBK rammed HHH into the cage and into the ladder before tossing him back in the ring. HBK, who had a swollen knuckle from some earlier spot, came off the top with an elbow. HHH rolled clear. HHH posted HBK and then brought a table into the ring. HBK beat HHH down and laid him out on the table. He then came off the ladder with an elbow and put HHH through the table. The crowd, by this late point, was starting to finally get into the match. HHH blocked the chin music and hit a pedigree for a near fall. HBK hit the chin music, but HHH got a pop for kicking out when HBK covered him for a pin attempt. Finally, HHH hit two more pedigrees, and with both men bloody and moving very slowly, HHH draped his arm over HBK and got the pin. I can't fault either guy's work ethic here, and I have to say it was a solid match, but it just didn't click well enough to call it a great match (as a Hell in the Cell should be) and the lack of heat hurt it badly. Flair & Batista came out and helped HHH to the back. The ref helped HBK up as the show left the air. JR & Lawler sold it well, as if a legendary feud had just climaxed.

2006 - The premiere, and taped, edition of ECW on SciFi airs from Trenton, New Jersey's Sovereign Bank Arena, posting a 2.8 rating. The show opened with Paul Heyman presenting new WWE Champion Rob Van Dam with the ECW World Title, in reward for his defeat of John Cena at the previous Sunday's One Night Stand to win the WWE Title. The show also featured the debut of Kelly Kelly in her segment which would become known as Kelly's Expose, as well as the debut of the then-unnamed vampire, Kevin Thorn.

Dave Scherer filed the following TV report:

We are live (well, tape delayed) with the first edition of ECW on Sci Fi.

The show opened with clips from Sunday's One Night Stand PPV, including Rob Van Dam winning the WWE Title. They followed with clips from Raw, talking about how the title decision stands and how John Cena will be at the show tonight.

The show is rated TV 14, for those who were curious.

The show opened with Paul Heyman coming to the ring as "a representative of ECW", whatever that is. It should be noted that Justin Roberts was the ring announcer, not Steven DeAngelis. Joey Styles and Tazz were at ringside to call the action. Heyman then said it was his privilege to introduce Rob Van Dam, who came to the ring with the WWE Title. RVD thanked Paul Heyman, then the fans. He said that we all saw him beat John Cena at ONS and win the WWE Title. He said, "Say hello to your new champion, Rob Van Dam". He told Heyman that John Cena said he was going to show up tonight. Rob said that he hopes Cena does the right thing and helps him celebrate being the new champion. Heyman said that it was his honor to present RVD with something that he knew someday he would hold, the new ECW World Heavyweight Title (the shoot of that is that the plan back in ECW was for RVD to win the title when the time was right, it just never happened). RVD said that he could not think of a greater honor for his career. He said he would accept it and cherish it, and also keep the WWE Title. He said, "I can pull it off". Some fans chanted "throw it back". He said he would wear the ECW Title proudly and then pointed to the WWE Title and said, "Look at this, it spins!"

Edge's music hit and he came to the ring with Lita. Heyman gave him a grand introduction. Edge shook hands with Heyman and thanked him for inviting he and Lita to the show. He told RVD that no matter what he thinks of ECW, he respects him. He said that they had a lot in common. They both won money in the bank. They both broke the glass ceiling. And it will be an honor to face him at Vengeance. They shook hands and as Edge was turning to leave, he came back and speared and unsuspecting RVD instead. Tazz and Joey Styles were outraged.

Edge left though the crowd and as he was looking back at the ring, John Cena came up behind him. Edge finally turned around and Cena pounded Edge and threw him back around ringside. RVD and Cena took uncomfortable turns beating on Edge until they had enough and hit each other. Edge ran away with Lita while Cena laid out Paul Heyman and left. Then, the ECW locker room emptied. The whole angle had a real WWE feel to it.

They came back from commercial with a live events update.

In the back, Paul Heyman was with the locker room, irate at Edge and John Cena ruining their celebration. Heyman said that if Monday Night Raw wants to bring themselves to ECW, they will do the same thing next Monday at Raw. So, expect an invasion on Monday's show.

A zombie, appropriately named "The Zombie", walked out to the ring. Tazz asked if this was "a rib". Zombie got the mic and growled into it. Tazz and Styles called it ridiculous and laughable. Sandman's new music played, which no one knew, and he came out in the crowd, drinking a beer. He made his way to the ring and the bell rang. He pounded Zombie with his cane and beat him in less than a minute. There is your first match of the new ECW. Tazz said he thought we have seen the last of the Zombie. We can only hope. Then, we saw Zombie again as Sandman pounded him to the back with his cane.

We then saw "Kelly" (OVW's Barbie Blank), a hot blonde who said she was an exhibitionalist and would take off all her clothes tonight. She's hot, so I will watch. Then they aired a commercial for DX's return at Vengeance.

They came back with clips of Tazz choking out Jerry Lawler from the PPV. Well, it wasn't a clip, it was the whole scenario and Steven DeAngelis was the ring announcer for this one. Then again, you already knew that. Why he wasn't the ring announcer tonight, don't ask me. Jerry Lawler's gut was also as big as it was Sunday night. I guess Sci Fi didn't care to edit that down so it didn't offend viewers. Anyway, Lawler hit Joey Styles on the way out. Styles jumped on Lawler's back when the King hit the ring and Lawler went to piledrive him. Tazz then choked out Lawler.

Kurt Angle then came to the ring. His opponent was Justin Credible, who came out to generic loud music. Angle threw Credible around like the guy was working for the MTV group before he came back to ECW. Oh wait, he was. Seriously, Angle pounded the snot out of Justin, doing the "wrestling machine" character that we reported WWE had planned for him to help save his body. Kurt choked Credible out to win the match in a couple of minutes. The announcers talked about how Angle can choke guys out in ECW, he can't at Vengeance. Angle said that he would make Orton tap out at Vengeance. He's the new face of ECW. It should be noted that John Finnegan, an ECW original, was the ref here.

Paul Heyman was shown on camera. He said that if people wanted Extreme, they would find out what it is. Everything he had planned for the show is now out the window (given what we saw in the first thirty minutes, I support that decision). He is going to take 10 of ECW's best and put on an Extreme Battle Royal. All weapons are legal. The winner faces John Cena at Vengeance and will join the ECW group when they show up at Raw on Monday and face the WWE wrestlers. I am guessing at least some of the guys that don't win will do so as well.

Kelly said that next she would show all of her assets. To say she's stupidly hot would be an understatement.

They plugged "The Rise And Fall" of ECW" book, which is on sale now.

We saw a vampire outside of the building.

Then, we got a replay of the Edge-Cena-RVD angle that we saw not even a half hour ago, just in case we forgot what happened.

Kelly the hot new ho came out to strip for us. She's smoking, no doubt. She went up to the stage and danced a little like a stripper. She pulled of her skirt, stripping down to her skivvies. She took off her top, leaving her in her bra. She went to take off her bra and couldn't get it unsnapped. I swear, she couldn't. Maybe it was her first time wearing one. So, she pulled the straps down and lifted it up over her cans, which she covered with her hands. Tazz said he likes the new ECW and think it will be better than the old one. Yeah right.

Now it's time for our main event, the Extreme Battle Royal. Tommy Dreamer came out first, followed by Sabu. We came back from commercial and Roadkill and Danny Doring were in the ring as Al Snow was walking out to it. Then, Stevie Richards came out, followed by Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke, with Big Guido and the former Trinity of TNA. Next was Balls Mahoney and Big Show. The match was on for a minute when they went to another commercial. When we came back, no one had been eliminated. There was a lot of plunder and weapons. Tazz and Styles said that they were different than Raw and Smackdown and that's what makes ECW better. The story of the match was that everyone went after Big Show since he's huge. Show eliminated Snow and Doring quickly. He then threw out Stevie, Roadkill and Balls. Dreamer attacked Big Show briefly and then stopped. Sabu launched himself on Show and was tossed off, but didn't hit the floor. Dreamer wasn't so lucky as Show press slammed him out of the ring through a ringside table. Show threw out Mamaluke and Little Guido. He faced off with Big Guido, who got tossed next, leaving Sabu and Show. Big Guido was on the floor holding Show's arm as Sabu came off a chair and hit him with another chair in the back, and Show rolled out. So, Show eliminated everyone but Sabu and lost. Sabu will face John Cena at Vengeance. Show was very unhappy on the floor. The announcers sold that ECW would be at Raw on Monday.

2008 - Harvey Whippleman releases autobiography "Wrestling With the Truth."
2008 - To the dismay of New York City wrestling fans that have been attending WWF/WWE events at Madison Square Garden for decades, MSG has informed those who held long-standing subscription services with the building, allowing them to pay and sit in the same MSG seats at every show (as long as they picked them up in advance at the venue's box office) would no longer be honored.

The tickets subscription services had not been sold to the general public in many years, but fans who held the subscriptions, some going back to the late 1970s, had been able to maintain them.  When fans attempted to arrange payment for their regular seats after the announcement of the upcoming August house show, they were told that since WWE has not run a house show in three years at the facility, the subscriptions were considered "null and void."

WWE PPV and TV tapings had not been included in the subscription plans since they utilized a different floor set-up for the venue due to the staging and production involved.

2008 - Severe Iowa flooding put the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Waterloo, Iowa into severe danger.  The Museum, which moved to Waterloo 18 months ago, has seen its basement and main floor completely flooded.  “We started moving things and then the water reached the electrical sockets and we got out of there,” Director Mike Chapman told The Des Moines Register.  You can read their article about the damage, which saw countless irreplaceable artifacts destroyed, at this link.  

2008 - During a press conference in Santiago, Chile, promoting a 7/2 Raw house show, Carlito took aim at Triple H's place in World Wrestling Entertainment, specifically his marriage to Stephanie McMahon-Levesque.

When asked about their marriage, Carlito commented, "I may get in trouble, but that's why I'm here. My opinion is that it was a smart move by [HHH].  I think that's why he's champion now and has been champion in the past, it's easier to him. We, the real wrestlers, don't depend on people in the business.  We don't have that benefit.  We have to deliver the maximum in the ring. Others are given championships in a plate of gold or platinum,  I'm happy for him."

Carlito, who claimed he had been discriminated against in WWE because he was Latin (but did not specify any instance), saying his heritage makes it harder for him, but he doesn't regret being Latino. He also commented that he never sees Triple H going overseas to promote the company, stating, "I don't see him coming to Chile or Paraguay, places like that.  He's always comfortable."

As mentioned yesterday on, Carlito is again unhappy with his WWE push and status.  In a sign that he wasn't just playing a heel role during the conference, Carlito put over babyface John Cena's work ethic and criticized wrestling fans for not supporting him.  The McMahon-Levesque marriage has always been pretty much considered "out of bounds" for anyone to discuss publicly for the obvious political reasons.

Ken Kennedy also took part in the press conference, remaining in character before the local media.

Announced for the Santiago event was WWE champ Triple H vs. John Cena, WWE Intercontinental champ Chris Jericho vs. JBL, Shawn Michaels & Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga & Snitsky and Ken Kennedy vs. Carlito.

2008 - World Wrestling Entertainment issued the following statement:

WWE has come to terms on the release of developmental talent and former Spirit Squad member Mike Mondo. We wish Mike all the best in his future endeavors.

Mondo, real name Michael Brendli, had been working in WWE developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling as the masked Mighty Mikey.

Brendli was arrested on DUI charges in Tampa on 6/1/08. At the time of his arrest, Brendli was listed as having a blood alcohol level of 0.094.  A second test listed him with a level of 0.091. Under Florida law, "DUI is one offense, proved by impairment of normal faculties or unlawful blood alcohol or breath alcohol level of 0.08 or above."

Brendli would rebound from the release and is currently on the Ring of Honor roster.

2009 - One of the greatest in-ring workers of the modern age and the founder of Pro Wrestling NOAH, Mitsuhau Misawa, just a few days short of his 47th birthday, passes away following an in-ring accident after taking a suplex.  Misawa was wrestling in a tag team bout at the Hiroshima Green Arena, teaming with Go Shiozaki to challenge Bison Smith and Akitoshi Saito for NOAH's Global Honored Crown Tag Team championships  Around 15-17 minutes in, Saito delivered a back suplex.  Misawa went over for the bump but didn't get back up. The entire roster surrounded the ring as they attempted to revive him. The crowd, realizing something was wrong, went silent and then began chanting Misawa's name.

It is believed Misawa may have suffered a heart attack as he immediately stopped breathing.  EMTS attempted to revive him in the ring via AED in the ring and he was rushed out to an ambulance.  In the wake of the Misawa incident, the show was immediately halted. The NOAH roster were instructed to return to their tour buses and were later informed Misawa had passed away.

Yomuri Online in Japan reported that Misawa passed away en route to the hospital at 10:10 PM Japanese time. It's possible he passed away before that, but 10:10 is the official time in media reports.

Misawa was groomed for stardom from the day he was brought into All Japan by Shohei "Giant" Baba after being successful amateur High School wrestler. He became the second Tiger Mask (under the hood, he wrestled Bret Hart in 1990) before eventually competing under his real name.

Misawa's classics with Toshiaki Kawada and Kenta Kobashi were the stuff of immediate legend, with Japanese photos of the bouts showing hard-hitting still photos that looked more like boxing matches. Then, when you'd see the tapes via trading, you were awe-struck at how intensely athletic and competitive the bouts were. Before hardcore was a buzz word used to promote a certain style, that's what All Japan main events were - a hardcore, physically brutal style of storytelling in professional wrestling that was unlike anything else in the era.

When All Japan Pro Wrestling owner Shohei "Giant" Baba passed away in 1999, issues with Baba's widow, Motoko Baba eventually led to Misawa leading an exodus of most of the core All Japan talents from the company a year later, forming Pro Wrestling NOAH. The biggest hold-out was Toshiaki Kawada but every other major AJPW name at the time jumped. NOAH, almost immediately, became one of the top in-ring products anywhere in the world, with Misawa as one of the key figures in and out of the ring. All Japan was never the same, although it continues to live on under the ownership of Keiji Mutoh.

Stateside, Misawa made very few trips to the United States to perform, working a pair of shows for Ring of Honor and Harley Race's WLW last year as well as appearing for California's Pro Wrestling Iron, an American satellite promotion for NOAH a few years prior run by Mike Modest and Donovan Morgan.

In Japan, Misawa was one of the all-time greatest in-ring performers and in many ways, was still carrying the torch for the style that Baba and All Japan, in their prime, excelled at. He wasn't in his prime shape anymore and physically, was beaten down by the punishment he put his body through, but when needed, could still perform at an incredible level in comparison to others half his age.

Mike: I can't even begin to express what an awesome performer Misawa in his prime was.  In many ways, the style that he, Kenta Kobashi and Toshiaki Kawada, among others, popularized in the United States via tape traders helped inspire the entire "strong style" phase of wrestling on the independent level of the United States. It's impossible to even access the influence his work had on the entire wrestling industry.

2009 - Ring of Honor returned to the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, presenting "Manhattan Mayhem III".  Mike Johnson filed the following report:

Before the event, the entire ROH locker room assembled around the ring.  Ring announcer Bobby Cruise announced that earlier today, Mitusharu Misawa passed away in Japan.  He issued ROH's public condolences to Misawa's family and friends as well as their Japanese partners in Pro Wrestling NOAH.  The promotion held a 10 bell salute for Misawa, followed by a moment of silence.  It was a classy moment.

After everyone departed, ROH commenced with their usual entrance music and pageantry to officially open the show.

Austin Aries made his way to the ring.  He cut a promo talking about how tough New York City is supposed to be.  He began cutting down NYC and at one point said, "You weren't so tough on a certain day in September a few years ago."  Believe it or not, the line didn't get much of a reaction.  He then ripped on the crowd noting that at the last show, a fan took a poke at him and got destroyed.  THAT the crowd reacted to.  He introduced Kenny King and Rhett Titus.

The Young Bucks defeated Kenny King & Rhett Titus.   Really good opener.  The crowd was all over the Bucks for being Hardy-looking pretty boys, but by the end, had been completely won over.  They started slow but built to a ton of highspots that blew the crowd away.

Necro Butcher pinned Jimmy Rave. Necro pretty much killed Rave early.  Rave got the better of Necro by attacking the knee while Necro was being restrained as he tried to get through the ropes into the ring.  Butcher caught Rave with a small package out of nowhere.  The Embassy began beating Butcher.  Colt Cabana finally saved Butcher, coming out after his theme music hit.

Ric Flair cut a promo about the NYC fans and tonight's ROH title bout.  Flair then left the venue so he won't be appearing ringside as advertised for the ROH title bout. I have more on this on the main page.

Roderick Strong defeated Sonjay Dutt in a solid match.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Tyler Black in a short First Blood match after stabbing him in the forehead with a screwdriver. Tyler Black then destroyed Jimmy Jacobs and then announced he was going to use his World title shot tonight, making the main event a three way match.  The match was too short to really be anything of note, but given how Black was to work a main event bout, it made sense.

Colt Cabana won a Four way when he made D'Lo Brown submit. Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli also competed.  Lots of cute comedy with Cabana trying to get Danielson to dance early, then rolling him up for a near fall.  This was easily the best Brown appearance to date from an in-ring standpoint.

ROH Tag champs American Wolves defeated Steen Generico in a submission match.  Really good match with lots of near submissions and cool spots.  The Wolves are probably the most underrated team in the business right now.   The crowd was really into Steen and Generico's saves and come from behind spots.  Davey Richards finally caught Generico's bad knee in a submission and he tapped.  Steen cut a good promo after saying they would get the belts.

Jay Briscoe pinned Little Guido with the Jay-Driller in a really good match.  Guido got a nice reaction coming out and fans chanted, "Where's my pizza?"  Guido worked a serious style.  They had an awesome exchange of mat wrestling early.  Guido missed a dive out of the ring.  They went back and forth until Jay nailed the finisher.  If Guido didn't earn a job here, there is no justice in the world.  He got a standing ovation and a thank you chant on the way out.  Great stuff.

Austin Aries became the first 2 time ROH champion defeating Jerry Lynn and Tyler Black.   Nigel McGuinness was the outside enforcer.  This was an elimination style bout.  Black's ankle was worked on for a long time.  Aries locked a figure four outside the ring around the ringpost on Black but Nigel broke it up.  Black pinned Lynn to eliminate him and the crowd went nuts, realizing there would be a new champ crowned.  Aries and Black went into overdrive with tons of stiff kicks, back and forth exchanges and near falls.  The crowd was dying to pop for a Black win but it was not to be as Aries drilled him with the brainbuster and won the belt.  Aries was announced as the first two time champion, which has been the direction ROH has been building to with him for several months.  He won his first title from Samoa Joe with the same move.  The title change left the crowd buzzing on the way out.

Notes: ROH will return to NYC on 9/26 with Bret Hart appearing.  The show will be held upstairs in the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom.  ROH originally had the Hammerstein booked but the venue came back to them and asked them to release the date for a Latin themed event taking place over that weekend....In a departure from previous events, ROH did not bring a lighting truss to the Hammerstein....Former WWE developmental talent Danny "Inferno Kid" Gimondo was visiting at the show...I have more on the Ric Flair situation on the main page.

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We start off tonight with a look back at Jeff Hardy’s victory over Edge at Extreme Rules . . . and CM Punk cashing in Money in the Bank for a second time and getting his second victory using that means after a second Go To Sleep.

We are live on tape from Biloxi, Mississippi and your announcers are Jim ‘How about a Smackdown Rebound on ECW and Superstars’ Ross and Todd ‘Can’t Wait for Next Week’s Mastur-Graphic about the Stanley Cup’s ratings’ Grisham.

CM Punk comes to the ring with his title belt since he no longer has the Money in the Bank briefcase. Punk says that he wants to cut to the chase because he wanted to come out and clear up a few things. He says that he has heard some grumbling since he cashed in the briefcase on Sunday night saying that he stole the World Title from Jeff Hardy. Punk says that he does not see it that way. Last year, when he did the same thing to Edge, he did not see it that way either. Nobody saw it that way. Punk says that he cannot take back what he did nor does he want to because he is proud to be everyone’s champion for the second time. He says that he earned the right to cash in the money in the bank briefcase when he put his body on the line at Wrestlemania. Last Sunday, there was an opportunity to become champion staring at him and he took advantage of it. It does not make him a bad guy. That is just the purpose of the contract in the briefcase. Punk says that it might not have been the most popular decision. Punk says that he has never done anything to be popular, just to do what is best for him. Punk says that the title belt is something that he has worked so very hard to attain. The title is the reason why he is a WWE Superstar to begin with and it means the world to him. Punk vows to bring respect, honor, and integrity back to the World Title. He will represent the WWE and Smackdown to the best of his ability.

Jeff Hardy might have something to say about that and he comes to the ring. Jeff says that he did not come out here to complain about what Punk did. Jeff says that he does not agree that Punk earned the title. Jeff asks the fans and they agree with him. Jeff says that Punk had the right to cash in Money in the Bank, but he cashed it in on the wrong guy.

Punk says that he knows that Jeff would be angry and Punk says that he understands Jeff’s point of view, but he wants Jeff to see where he is coming from. Punk says that he did not put Jeff in the ladder match at Extreme Rules, it was Jeff who chose that stipulation. Punk says that the night that Jeff did that, a light bulb went off in his head and he knew that he was cashing in that night regardless of who won. Punk says that Jeff won and those are the breaks.

Jeff says that he does not care about Punk’s reason because he senses selfishness. Hardy asks Punk if he cares about his fans. Jeff says that he does not walk the same path as Punk and he never will, but he wants his rematch and he wants it tonight.

Before Punk can respond to Jeff’s request for a rematch, Edge comes out and he says that if anyone gets a rematch for the World Title tonight, it will be him. Jeff reminds Edge that he won the ladder match on Sunday night. Jeff says that this is not about Edge, it is about him and Punk. Punk tells Edge that Hardy has a point because Punk reminds Edge that he did not beat him for the title, but he beat Hardy. Edge tells Punk no because Hardy got lucky at Extreme Rules. Edge tells them that the two of them combined have not held the title as long as he has. Edge says that Hardy had the shortest World Title reign in the company, but at least Jeff has some originality. Edge says that he has been trying to figure out what makes Punk tick since he came to the company. He has tried to figure out who Punk emulates and he says that Punk wants to be him. Edge talks about Punk living a ‘Straight Edge’ lifestyle and he names it after him. Then he cashes in Money in the Bank twice, just like him. Edge tells Punk that he never has been and never will be him. Edge tells Jeff that if he wants another title shot, he needs to get behind him.

Hardy hits Edge with the mic and then he hits a Twist of Fate on Punk before going up top to hit a Swanton on the champion but Jeff gets up gingerly showing the effects of Sunday’s match.

Teddy Long comes out to stop the playas. He wants to sort things out. Teddy points out that Punk is the champion and his first title defense will take place on the WWE 3 For All on Monday night. Teddy says that Punk will face the winner of the Number One Contender Match between Edge and Jeff Hardy. Time to Holla before we go to commercial.

We are back and Teddy apparently has a guest who he was shocked to see had entered his office while he was busy making matches for Smackdown. It is Chris Jericho who is sampling a cold beverage. Chris says that he wants to know why he is being denied his shot at being the World Champion. Teddy says that he is not denying Jericho anything, but Jericho would have to disagree and he says that it is another act of disrespect to him by Teddy and the administration. Jericho reminds Teddy that he is a five time World Champion. He also tells Teddy that he unmasked Rey Mysterio for the first time ever. He also became a nine time Intercontinental Champion. Based on that alone, he should be the number one contender. He also reminds Teddy that he vowed to be the face of Smackdown so he tells Teddy to make things right for him tonight. Teddy says that he is having a hard time coming up with a good argument so tonight, Jericho will face CM Punk.

Match Number One: Dolph Ziggler versus Great Khali with Runjin Singh

The bell rings and Ziggler goes to the floor instead of locking up. He returns to the ring and then he kicks and punches Khali but they have no effect on Khali. Khali with a clothesline and Ziggler goes back to the floor. Ziggler gets back to the apron and he punches Khali before returning into the ring the hard way. Khali with a punch to the head and then he chops Ziggler and then he puts Ziggler on the apron but Ziggler drops Khali’s arm on the rope. Ziggler works on the legs with a drop kick to the knees and then he clips Khali. Ziggler punches Khali and then he puts him in a front face lock. Khali picks up Ziggler and throws him down to the mat. Khali with a big boot and Ziggler gets out of the ring before Khali can choke slam him. Ziggler grabs Singh and uses him as a human shield and then he outsmarts Khali by getting back into the ring before the ten count.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler by count out

Match Number Two: Layla and Michelle McCool with Alicia Fox versus Melina and Eve Torres

Layla and Eve start things off and Layla sends Eve to the mat followed by forearms and an Irish whip but she charges into an elbow from Eve. Layla charges again and hits the turnbuckle when Eve moves out of the way. Eve with a drop kick for a near fall. Layla drives Eve face first into the mat and Michelle is tagged in. Michelle with knees to the lower back followed by a side Russian leg sweep and reverse chin lock. Eve with a jawbreaker and a drop toe hold and Melina is tagged in. Melina with kicks and a clothesline. Melina with a satellite back heel kick for a near fall. Michelle misses a kick when Melina does the matrix and Melina kicks Michelle from that position. Melina takes Michelle down by the hair and Layla breaks up the cover. While she celebrates in the ring, Eve with a drop kick that sends Layla to the floor. Michelle with a European uppercut followed by an Irish whip but she charges into a knee. Melina sets for the Code Red but Alicia gets on the apron and that gives Michelle enough time to counter into the McCool Clash for the three count.
Winner: Michelle McCool and Layla

We are back with this week’s Striker Fact about how more women watch Smackdown than the ‘women’s networks’.

Match Number Three: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas versus R Truth and John Morrison

Before the match starts, Truth has some comments about Haas and Benjamin.

Benjamin and Morrison start things off and Benjamin draws Truth into the ring and while the referee sends him back to the apron, Haas hits Morrison from behind. Benjamin punches Morrison and the referee pulls him away. Benjamin with kicks and punches to Morrison. Morrison with a forearm and then he escapes a belly-to-back suplex and hits a satellite side Russian leg sweep followed by a pommel horse leg drop for a near fall. Truth tags in and he punches Benjamin. Truth with a kick but he misses the scissors kick. Benjamin with an Irish whip but Truth floats over. Benjamin punches Truth and then he sets for the Stinger Splash but he leaps into Truth’s boots. Truth floats to the turnbuckles and he knocks Haas to the floor. Benjamin leaps to the turnbuckles and hits a butterfly superplex that sends Truth to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Benjamin works on Truth’s neck. Truth with punches to Benjamin but Benjamin with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Benjamin punches Truth before tagging Haas in and Benjamin slams Truth on Haas’ knee for a series of near falls. Haas with a hard Irish whip and then he gets a near fall. Truth punches Haas but Haas with a kick to the chest followed by a boot and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Haas with a chin lock into a front face lock. Truth gets to his feet and he tries to get into his corner to make the tag but Haas with a take down and then he does whatever he can to keep Morrison out of the ring. Truth kicks Haas away and then when Haas charges at him, Truth with a split and then he tries to make the tag. Truth with a sunset flip and then he makes the tag. Morrison with a springboard drop kick followed by a leg lariat. Morrison with a drop kick to knock Benjamin off the apron. Haas misses a splash into the corner and then Morrison with the springboard spin kick.

All four men are in the ring and Truth with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors that sends Benjamin to the floor. Haas hits Truth from behind and he goes to the floor. Haas has one of Morrison’s legs but Morrison is able to escape the predicament with a Pele kick and then he hits Moonlight Drive followed by the corkscrew split legged moonsault for the three count.
Winners: R Truth and John Morrison

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage of Chris Jericho unmasking Rey Mysterio for the first time.

Chris Jericho is in the ring and he has something to say. Chris says that he is a man who stands up for what he believes in. He calls himself and honest man while almost everyone else is a liar. Chris also considers himself a successful man while he feels that everyone else is a failure. He says that by unmasking Rey Mysterio, he has done him a favor. He has lifted the weight of deceit off his shoulders and Rey does not have to look over his shoulder with paranoia that he will be recognized. Chris says that he has set Rey Mysterio free. Instead of thanking Rey like a man for what he has done, Rey has disappeared. In time, Rey will realize that he has been redeemed by his savior, Chris Jericho. He will let the world know the same thing about CM Punk. Jericho says that he is better than CM Punk because he is the best at what he does. Jericho says that he will win tonight and there is nothing that anyone can do about that.

Match Number Four: Chris Jericho versus CM Punk in a Champion versus Champion Non Title Match

They lock up and Punk with a side head lock and take down. Jericho with a top wrist lock and he tries to take Punk down, but Punk with a bridge. Punk with a side head lock take down. Punk avoids a belly-to-back suplex and Punk with kicks and a back elbow for a near fall. Punk with a front face lock and he tries for a suplex but Jericho lands on his feet. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Punk escapes. Punk gets Jericho up for the Go To Sleep but Jericho escapes and goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Punk with forearms. Jericho with an Irish whip but Punk with a version of the Anaconda Vice in the ropes. Punk with a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Punk with knees to Jericho but Jericho drops Punk on the top rope. Jericho with the springboard drop kick that sends Punk to the floor. Jericho lets Punk get back into the ring and then Jericho with a kick followed by a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Punk gets to his feet but Jericho takes Punk back to the mat. Punk escapes the hold but Jericho with a drop toe hold that sends Punk into the turnbuckles. Jericho misses a charge into the corner and Jericho’s shoulder goes into the ring post. Punk with a series of kicks to Jericho and a drop kick. Jericho backs into the corner and Punk with the running knee and bulldog for a near fall. Jericho sends Punk to the apron and Punk tries for the springboard clothesline but Punk misses. Jericho hits the Lionsault for a two count. Jericho kicks and slaps Punk in the head. Jericho with an elbow as Punk charges into the corner. Jericho charges into a power slam for a near fall. Punk with a kick but Jericho responds with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Jericho tries for a bulldog but Punk avoids it and Jericho ends up on the top turnbuckle. Punk tries for Go To Sleep but Jericho blocks it and he puts Punk in the Walls of Jericho. Punk finally makes his way to the ropes and Jericho releases the hold.

Punk sends Jericho to the apron and Jericho with a forearm. Jericho goes to the turnbuckles and Punk with a leaping spin kick and Jericho is out. Punk with a superplex and both men are down. Punk can only get a near fall. Punk with slaps but he misses the back hand slap. Jericho with a Codebreaker but he takes too long to make the cover and Punk gets his foot on the rope. Punk with a roundhouse kick followed by Go To Sleep for the three count.
Winner: CM Punk

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound. Did you know that Triple H was back?

Match Number Five: Jeff Hardy versus Edge in a Number One Contender Match

Before the match starts, CM Punk’s music plays and he comes out to join Grisham and JR at the announce table.

They lock up and Hardy is favoring his knee. Edge goes for the leg but Hardy with a forearm to the back. Hardy kicks Edge in the corner and he slams Edge’s head into the turnbuckles. Hardy with a hard Irish whip and Hardy with a kick to the back. Hardy with a slam and then he works on Edge’s back with a knee and forearm. Hardy gets a near fall. Edge with a knee and elbow to the back of the head. Edge with a kick to the back. Edge with a forearm and a kick to the leg. The referee checks on Jeff Hardy while Edge tries to get a second wind. Edge with more kicks to Hardy. Edge with an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner and Edge’s shoulder hits the ring post. We go to commercial.

We are back and Hardy works on the arm and he hits a leg drop onto the arm. We see footage during the commercial of Hardy working on Edge’s arm and shoulder. Back to live on tape action and Hardy with a cross arm breaker and then he drops a knee on the arm. Hardy continues to use the ropes to work on the arm. Edge with a big boot to Hardy and Edge goes down as well as he tries to recover from the damage to the arm. Edge sends Hardy into the turnbuckles and Edge with knees to the back. Edge chokes Hardy in the ropes but when Edge tries for a cross body into the ropes, Hardy moves and Edge hits the ropes hard and both men are down. Hardy cannot get Edge up for a gourdbuster driver and then Edge clips the knee and he turns the focus to the leg. Edge works on the leg. Hardy with a leaping short arm clothesline and both men are down. Hardy with a running forearm to Edge but Edge with a kick. Hardy goes up for Whisper in the Wind but Edge crotches Hardy and both men are down again as we go to commercial.

We are back and Edge kicks Hardy and then he wrings Hardy’s leg into the ring post. Edge with a forearm to Hardy and then he sends Jeff back into the ring and gets a near fall. Edge with an elbow to the leg and then he continues to work on the knee. Edge kicks Hardy in the hamstring and then he tries for a figure four but Hardy kicks Edge to the floor. Edge goes up top but Hardy with a kick and then Hardy hits a DDT and both men are down.

Hardy gets a near fall and then they each go for clotheslines and they are both down. Edge misses a punch and Hardy with a side Russian leg sweep and a cover for a near fall. Hardy with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles as he takes off his shirt. Hardy with a leg drop from the second turnbuckle for a two count. Hardy with a reverse atomic drop but Hardy tries for a leg drop but Edge blocks it. Edge puts Hardy in a Sharpshooter and Hardy tries to get to the ropes and he succeeds. Hardy with a sunset flip for a near fall. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate but Edge sends him into the turnbuckles. Edge misses a spear when Hardy moves and Hardy with a near fall on a rollup. Hardy with a kick and Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the turnbuckles for the Swanton but Edge goes to the floor. Hardy with a cross body off the apron and both men are down on the floor. Edge throws Hardy at Punk and as Edge waits in the ring for the referee count, Punk attacks Edge and the referee calls for the bell.
No Contest

After the match, Punk punches Edge but Hardy returns to the ring and he punches Punk. Hardy with a Twist of Fate to Edge but Punk with the Go To Sleep to Hardy. Punk stands over both men in the ring

We see Teddy Long and Tiffany watching in the locker room. Tiffany says that was an exciting match. Teddy says that if she wants to see exciting to watch Raw on Monday night. Tiffany mentions the ECW Title match between Tommy Dreamer and Christian. Teddy tries to one up her by announcing a Triple Threat Match between Edge, Jeff Hardy, and CM Punk.

We return to the ring and Punk stands over Hardy and Edge with his title belt as we go to credits.

2010 - TNA held a press conference and signing event to officially launch their action figure line with Jakks Pacific. Jeremy Borash and Don West presided over the launch, introducing all six of the talents who comprise the initial series - Sting, Suicide, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.  Each talent was brought out one at a time and unveiled their figure, giving comments about the action figure line.  Sting joked that when he grows up, he wants to look like his figure.  Jeff Jarrett noted that when he and Sting broke into the business, the sign that you made it was your first championship, but now that sign is when Jakks Pacific creates an action figure for you.  AJ Styles joked that his figure was a collector's item, since it shows the beard he no longer sports.  Samoa Joe said he might not have the prettiest action figure, but was sure his could beat AJ's figure up.  TNA President Dixie Carter was then introduced and talked about how happy the company was to work with Jakks Pacific.  She said that when Jakks came to them about working together, she knew it meant it would keep TNA out of the toy marketplace for some time, but all good things are worth waiting for.  She thanked everyone for their support of the company and told them the best was yet to come.  After the launch ceremony, each of the talents made their way to tables where they signed limited edition versions of the TNA action figure line.  The talents were each given their #1 numbered figure to keep while fans each received a complete set with the same number.  It was a pretty professionally run deal that went smoothly.

2010 - TNA held their Slammiversary PPV.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

TNA Slammiversary opened with a video package on the growth of TNA has a company.

Kurt Angle vs. Kazarian.

Yep, Kurt Angle in the opening match on a PPV.  You have to feel bad for everyone else on the show, since they all have to follow him now.  Huge chant for Angle before the bell.  Angle took Kazarian down with a side headlock.  Angle hit a shoulderblock, but Kazarian grabbed a pair of armdrags.  Kazarian posed in the ring, then they locked up and Angle grabbed an armwringer.  Kazarian flipped out of it and applied his own, but Angle countered and tripped Kazarian down to the mat.  Kazarian kipped up and put Angle in a headlock.  Angle caught Kazarian on a leapfrog attempt and rammed him in a corner.  Angle missed a charge in a corner and Kazarian hit a springboard dropkick.  Kazarian picked Angle up off the mat, but Angle grabbed a waistlock and hit two German suplexes.  Angle went for a third, but Kazarian hit Angle low with a mule kick.  The referee was going to disqualify him, but Angle insisted the match go on.

Kazarian charged Angle and beat him down in a corner.  Kazarian threw Angle to the floor, then hit a somersault dive on him.  Kazarian rammed Angle headfirst into the apron, then rolled him in the ring.  Kazarian hit a slingshot legdrop for a two count, then applied a front facelock.  Angle punched out of it, but missed a clothesline, only to come back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Kazarian reversed a whip into a corner, then hit a clothesline.  Kazarian choked Angle with his shin, then kicked him in the back before returning to the front facelock.  Angle powered up and broke out.  Angle hit some punches, then ducked a Kazarian counter punch and hit a German suplex, flipping Kazarian to the mat.

They both got up slowly and traded punches.  Angle landed two clotheslines, then hit a backdrop.  Angle whipped Kazarian into a corner, but ran into a boot.  Kazarian charged Angle, who tossed him with a belly to belly suplex.  Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Kazarian floated out of it and hit a spinning neckbreaker.  Kazarian charged Angle, but Angle kicked him in the gut and hit a powerbomb.  Kazarian kicked out at two, but Angle went right into an ankle lock.  Kazarian turned it into a rollup for two, then dropkicked Angle for another near fall. Kazarian went to the top rope, but took too long and Angle ran up and pulled him down with a belly to belly suplex for two.

Angle went for the Angle Slam again, but Kazarian floated over into a sunset flip, but Angle rolled through it into an ankle lock.  Kazarian kicked Angle in the face to escape it.  Kazarian charged, and Angle backdropped him to the apron.  Kazarian hit Angle, then hit a slingshot DDT for a two count.  Kazarian went for an reverse backdrop piledriver (Axe Guillotine Driver), but Angle hooked the top rope and pulled out of Kazarian's grasp.  Angle dodged a charging Kazarian, who bounced chest first into the ropes, and Angle hit a lightning fast German suplex.  Angle maintained his grip and hit three more German suplexes.  Angle pulled down his straps and measured Kazarian.  Angle went for the Angle Slam, but Kazarian armdragged out of it.  Kazarian hit his Axe Guillotine Driver for a two count.  Kazarian picked Angle up, and Angle went for a tilt-a-whirl, but Kazarian landed on his feet and hit a clothesline.

Kazarian went for a springboard, but Angle kicked him in the gut and hit an Angle Slam, finally.  Kazarian kicked out at two.  Angle went to the top rope for a moonsault, but Kazarian cut him off and hit a powerbomb for a two count, using the ropes for leverage.  Kazarian went for his piledriver again, but Angle rolled out of it and hooked Kazarian in an ankle lock.  Kazarian went for the ropes, but Angle pulled him back into the ring and added a leglace to the move.  Kazarian tapped at the 15-minute mark.

Winner: Kurt Angle.

Angle gestured that contender "number nine" will be next.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcomed us to the show.  Tenay thanked the fans for eight years of support, and Taz thanked the "pioneers" of TNA, naming many who are still with the company like AJ Styles, James Storm, Chris Sabin, Abyss, Bob Ryder and Don West, and also thanked Jerry Lynn, who is no longer with TNA.  Tenay mentioned that Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA, had to watch the show from home tonight.

They reviewed the X-Factors for the next bout.

X-Division Champion Douglas Williams vs. Kendrick.

Williams went for a wristlock at the start, which Kendrick escaped.  They went to a double knucklelock, then Kendrick grabbed a Fujiwara armbar, but Williams grabbed the ropes.  Williams took Kendrick down with a waistlock, but Kendrick escaped and hit some elbows to the back of the head.  Kendrick charged into a Williams kick, then Williams used a leglace to roll Kendrick to the mat.  Kendrick reversed the hold, and Williams kicked Kendrick to the floor.  Williams went outside and rammed Kendrick into the guard rail, then gave him a back suplex on the floor.  Williams decked Kendrick, then tossed him back into the ring.

Williams raked Kendrick's face, then they traded forearms.  Kendrick went for a bodyblock, but Williams caught it and turned it into a Samoan Drop for a two count.  Williams hit a backbreaker, then put Kendrick in a bow and arrow.  Kendrick pulled out of it and landed on top of Williams for a cover, but Williams easily kicked out.  Williams applied a cravate, and the fans chanted for Kendrick. Kendrick fought up and Williams went for a suplex.  Kendrick blocked it, but Williams muscled him up and dropped him gut first on the top rope.  Williams then went to knock him off the apron, but Kendrick slingshotted over him and Williams fell through the ropes and to the floor.

Kendrick hit Williams with a tope, then tossed him back in the ring and hit a missile dropkick for a two count.  Kendrick hit an enzugiri and a Shining Wizard kick for a two count. Kendrick hit a flying kick to Williams' face for another two count.  Kendrick went for a whip, but Williams reversed it.  Kendrick tried to kick him, but Williams blocked it and hit a kick to the inner thigh.  Williams hit a clothesline and some forearms.  Williams went for a backdrop, but Kendrick grabbed a sunset flip, leading to some reversals for two counts.  Williams hit a jumping knee, then a snap suplex, then a gut wrench suplex.  Williams then hit an Exploder for a two count.

Kendrick, from his back, slapped Williams in the face after his kickout.  Williams went for the Rolling Chaos Theory suplex, but Kendrick bit Williams' arm to escape it.  Kendrick put Williams on the top rope for a superplex, but Williams shoved him off.  Williams then jumped off the middle rope into a tornado DDT for the pin at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Douglas Williams.

The announcers noted how Williams used a move off the ropes, something he always criticizes others for doing, to get the win.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Eric Bischoff about Sting's recent comments.  Bischoff essentially said he had no idea what Sting was talking about, and that after tonight, he hoped Sting would be out of their hair.

Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne vs. Roxxi

Rayne came out alone, without the rest of the Beautiful People. Madison Rayne got on the mic before the bell, and said she wanted Roxxi to explain how she could "pop in and out of the company whenever she felt like it" while the Beautiful People were dominating.  Rayne said this time she "popped in and was handed a title shot".  Rayne said she is putting everything on the line tonight, while Roxxi is putting up nothing.  Rayne said Roxxi should put up the same thing that Tara did, her career.  Rayne badgered her into agreeing, and just as she did, Rayne hit her in the head with the microphone.

Rayne called for the bell and covered Roxxi, but she kicked out at two.  Roxxi was busted open from the microphone shot.  Roxxi hit some shots, but was knocked to the floor by Rayne.  Roxxi was quickly becoming a bloody mess.  Roxxi got on the apron and shoulderblocked Rayne, then rammed her into the turnbuckles.  Roxxi went to climb the ropes, but Rayne yanked her into the ring and got a near fall.  Rayne put Roxxi in an armbar, but Roxxi fought out of it.  Roxxi hit an enzugiri, then a series of forearms.  Roxxi hit a running elbow and a kick to the chest, then a fallaway slam.  Roxxi hit a spinebuster for a two count.  Rayne reversed an armbar and went for her finisher, but Roxxi blocked it and hit the hammerlock spinebuster.  Rayne rolled to the floor.  Roxxi went outside, tossed Rayne back in.  As Roxxi was getting back in, Rayne kicked her and hit her neckbreaker on the knee for the win at the five minute mark.

Winner: Madison Rayne.

Madison waved goodbye to Roxxi, and yelled for her to get out of here.  Roxxi, a bloody mess, looked despondent, then waved to the crowd and left.

A video package on the Ray-Neal match was shown.

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal.

Before the match could start, Brother Ray said he wanted Devon to come out.  As Devon did, Shannon Moore ran out, thinking it might be a set up.  Brother Ray apologized to Neal, saying that Shannon was right, he has been a bully lately.  Ray said that Devon has talked a lot of sense into him, and continued to apologize.  Ray said Neal was a hero in the Navy, and he was wrong to call him a failure.  Moore left at this point.  Brother Ray offered Neal a handshake, then gave him a hug.  Devon and Brother Ray raised Neal's arms, then the three of them left the ring.  They were halfway up the aisle when Brother Ray nailed Jesse, then flung him into the ring.

The bell rang, and an angry Devon was rushing back to the ring, but security stopped him and the referee, at Brother Ray's request, ordered him away, since the match had officially started.  Brother Ray kicked Neal.  Moore was watching from the stage.  Devon yelled "This isn't over" as security walked him off.  Ray dropped some elbows on Neal, then ripped off Neal's shirt and chopped his chest.  Brother Ray just mauled Neal, hanging him in the Tree Of Woe and slapping him.  Ray pulled Neal off the ropes with a neckbreaker.  Brother Ray ripped the dog tags off Neal, said "Your best friend's dog tags?  Ha!" and chopped Neal on the chest.  Neal fired back with some shots, building momentum.  Ray reversed a whip, but Neal jumped on the ropes and hit a flying bodypress, then slammed Ray with a belly to belly suplex.  Brother Ray avoided a punch and hit a Bubba Bomb full-nelson slam, then chopped him in the back.  

Tommy Dreamer, to a huge ovation, started walking down the steps in the stands.  Brother Ray was on the middle rope, then stopped and stared at Dreamer, who did his crucifix pose.  There was an "ECW" chant.  Dreamer moved into the crowd, and posed again.  Jesse Neal charged Brother Ray, who kicked him down.  Brother Ray went for the second rope senton, but Neal moved out of the way.  Neal hit Brother Ray with the spear for the pin at the four minute mark.

Winner: Jesse Neal.

Dreamer exited the crowd, a smile on his face.  Ray was dumbfounded in the ring. Ray argued with the crowd as he left.

Hernandez was interviewed about Matt Morgan, saying he watched while Morgan treated him, the tag titles, and the whole tag division as a joke.  Hernandez said he got a taste of Morgan at Impact, and tonight he would get the whole meal.  They then aired a video package on Morgan-Hernandez.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez.

Morgan came out in street clothes, wearing a neckbrace. Morgan came out and gave an "emotional" promo about how he could not perform on the PPV tonight.  Morgan claimed Hernandez "jumped him from behind" and injured his neck.  Morgan told the referee that he had a signed note from his physician that he could not perform.  Morgan apologized to the fans that he could not perform, then walked off.  Hernandez ran out and jumped Morgan from behind, ripping his neckbrace off and tossing him into the ring.  

The referee rang the bell, so I guess we have a match after all.   Hernandez choked Morgan with his t-shirt.  You know, that can get you fired in some places.  Hernandez choked Morgan in a corner. Sorry, couldn't resist.  The referee broke them up.  Hernandez picked up the referee and sat him in the top rope.  Morgan begged for mercy, then tripped Hernandez out of the ring.  On the floor, Morgan hit a discus lariat.  Back in the ring, Morgan threw Hernandez shoulder first into the ringpost, then did it a second time.  A third time, and Morgan tossed Hernandez to the floor.  Morgan seemed content to take a countout victory, and mockingly acted like his neck was hurt.  Hernandez rolled in at eight, and Morgan stomped him.  Morgan hit back elbows in the corner, then an avalanche.

Morgan hit a sideslam for a two count.  Hernandez reversed a whip and hit a avalanche, then a shoulderblock.  Hernandez ripped Morgan's shirt off him and choked him with it.  The referee broke it up, but Hernandez went back to choking him again.  Hernandez grabbed the referee and tossed him to the mat.  The referee disqualified Hernandez at the five minute mark.

Winner via disqualification: Matt Morgan.

Hernandez went after Morgan, who was trying to exit, and rammed him back first into the ringpost.  Hernandez put Morgan's head against the ringpost, and went to kick him, the same thing Morgan did to Hernandez to injure him.  As Hernandez went for the kick, Morgan pulled referee Brian Hebner in the path, and Hebner got kicked in the ribs.  Morgan escaped, and Hernandez soon went after him, while Earl Hebner (Brian's Dad) and the other referees checked on Brian Hebner.

Christy Hemme interviewed Hulk Hogan about Sting.  Hogan said Sting "crossed the line" and broke the "unwritten code" amongst wrestlers when he injured Jeff Jarrett the way he did.  Hogan said he would have his eye on Sting.

Abyss vs. Desmond Wolfe in a Monster's Ball match.

Wolfe was accompanied by Chelsea, since her 30-days with Abyss are now over. Abyss started tossing weapons in the ring as soon as he came out.  They went right at it, with Wolfe missing with a kendo stick shot and Abyss hitting a boot to the face.  Abyss went for a chair, but Wolfe kicked it in his face.  Wolfe wedged the chair in a corner, then hit Abyss in the gut with a kendo stick.  Abyss reversed a whip and Wolfe went for a leapfrog, but Abyss caught it and hit a side slam for a two count.

Abyss went under the ring and pulled out a barbed wire board, tossing it into the ring.  Abyss put it in a corner, but Wolfe hit Abyss with some forearms.  Wolfe went to whip Abyss into the chair in a corner, but Abyss put on the brakes.  Wolfe chargeed, Abyss moved and Wolfe went head first into the chair.  Abyss went and got two trash cans. As Abyss was getting in the ring, Wolfe kicked the middle rope into Abyss'  groin.  Wolfe hit Abyss with a pair of trash can shots.  Wolfe yelled something to Chelsea, that you couldn't make up.

Wolfe went into a trash can, and pulled out a teddy bear wrapped in barbed wire.  Wolfe asked out loud if this was some kind of joke.  Abyss bodyblocked Wolfe, driving the barbed wire teddy bear into Wolfe's midsection.  I should note, Wolfe still has his shirt on.  Abyss went to ringside and presented the barbed wire bear to Chelsea, then sort of barked at her.  Abyss pulled out a bag and got back in the ring.  Abyss emptied the bag, which was filled with broken glass, in the ring.  Wolfe said "I didn't sign up for this" and left.  Abyss followed, and Wolfe used Chelsea as a shield.  Wolfe grabbed a kendo stick and hit Abyss as he was distracted by Chelsea.

Wolfe pulled Abyss over the the staging area, then up on a platform.  Wolfe held up the stick and said "Now he dies!" buy Abyss grabbed Wolfe by the throat and chokeslammed him, breaking up part of the platform when he landed.  Wolfe was convulsing.  Abyss dragged Wolfe to the ring and covered him, but Wolfe got his foot on the bottom rope at the two count.  Abyss put the barbed wire board in the ring, and set up Wolfe for a superplex.  Wolfe fought out of it, then used a sunset flip-style powerbomb off the top rope to sent Abyss into the barbed wire board.  Abyss' arm was sliced open.  Wolfe got a two count.

Wolfe grabbed a kendo stick and hit Abyss in the head twice, but missed on the third try.  Abyss grabbed Wolfe and hit the Shock Treatment backbreaker for a two count.  Abyss picked up Wolfe off the mat, but Wolfe hit a knee to the midsection.  Wolfe hit Abyss with a kendo stick shot to the back of the head, and Abyss fell down, face first, into the broken glass.  Abyss was bleeding from the head.  Wolfe still couldn't put Abyss away.  Wolfe told Chelsea to give him her purse.  Chelsea reluctantly gave it to Wolfe.  Wolfe opened the purse, but the brass knuckles weren't in it. Wolfe asked where the knucks were, and Chelsea had them in her hand.  She then tossed the knucks over Wolfe, to Abyss.  Abyss hit Wolfe with the knucks, then finished off Wolfe with a Black Hole Slam for the pin at the 12-minute mark.

Winner: Abyss.

Chelsea was expressionless at ringside.  In the ring, Abyss was tasting his own blood.  Abyss saluted the fans and celebrated his win.  Chelsea backed down the ramp along, still holding the teddy bear.  Wolfe, who rolled to the floor, was complaining about Chelsea costing him the match.

Rob Van Dam was interviewed, saying he wasn't going to let Sting play mind games with him, but what Sting did with the belt on Impact did bother him.  RVD said he doesn't care about Sting's agenda, he cares about his own.  Van Dam said he is at his best, and that it was "Showtime.... the Whole F'N Showtime".  

A video package on Styles-Lethal was shown.

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal.

Ric Flair accompanied Styles to the ring.  Lethal kept glancing at Flair at ringside as the bell rang.  They locked up, and jockeyed for position.  AJ backed Lethal in a corner and chopped him.  Lethal responded with a slap, and Styles tripped over his own feet.  Styles went to the floor and regrouped.  They locked up again, and Styles grabbed a side headlock, taking Lethal to the mat.  Lethal grabbed a headscissors to escape and kept Styles on the mat.  Styles rolled out of it and got his headlock back.  Styles dropkicked Lethal in the leg, but Lethal fought back with punches and a chop.  Styles slid under Lethal and hit a chop.  Lethal went for a monkeyflip, but Styles landed on his feet.  Styles hiptossed Lethal, who reversed it and hit one, then dropkicked Styles in the face.  Lethal hit a snap suplex for a one count.

Styles punched Lethal in the gut, but Lethal hit a series of punches, then chopped Styles.  Lethal rammed Styles in a corner, then hit a side backbreaker for a one count.  Lethal hit a spinning headscissors, sending Styles to the floor.  They did a nice spot where each teased a dive, then stopped themselves when the other moved out of the way, ending with Lethal tripping Styles on the ring apron, and Styles bumped to the floor.  Back in the ring, Styles choked Lethal, but missed a chop.  Lethal hit a chop, but Styles tossed Lethal crotch first on the top rope and he attempted a leapfrog.  Styles and Lethal exchanged chops, then Styles hit a jumping kick on Lethal for a two count.

Styles slammed Lethal, then hit a kneedrop for a two count. Lethal battled back with shoulder blocks, chops and punches.  Lethal went for a backdrop, AJ stuffed it, but Lethal hit a side kick for a two count.  Lethal picked up Styles, and Styles quickly grabbed a back suplex.  Styles tossed Lethal to the floor, at the feet of Ric Flair.  Flair choked Lethal with his jacket while Styles distracted the referee.  Styles went to the floor and chopped Lethal, then tossed him into the ring for a two count.  Styles put Lethal in a chinlock, but Lethal elbowed out of it.  Styles tried a clothesline, but Lethal hit a handspring elbow as he bounced off the ropes.  Styles kept trying to grab a front facelock, but Lethal would slap, punch or elbow Styles every time he went for it.  Lethal hit a second rope leg lariat, then hit a second rope moonsault onto a standing Styles for a two count.

Lethal chopped Styles, then hit a dropkick in a corner.  Lethal hit the backbreaker/faceplant Lethal Combination for a two count.  Lethal went to the apron and tried for a springboard, but Styles caught it and hit a neckbreaker across the knee for a two count.  Flair and Hebner argued about the count.  Styles went for a discus punch, but Lethal ducked it and hit a back suplex into a neckbreaker for a two count.  Lethal let himself get distracted by Flair for a moment, and Styles poked him in the eyes.  Styles put Lethal in a figure four leglock, but Lethal made the ropes.  Styles kicked at Lethal's leg, then hit a brainbuster for a two count.  Styles went for a Styles Clash, but Lethal rolled under it and gave AJ a released Dragon Suplex.  Flair pulled Styles towards the ropes to break up the cover.  

Lethal grabbed Styles by the legs, and despite Flair's protests, put Styles in a Figure Four leglock.  Styles managed to make the ropes.  Lethal gave Styles a backbreaker, then went to the top rope but missed the elbow smash.  Styles hit the Pele Kick, then went to climb the ropes, but his knee gave out under him, the result of the figure four.  Styles tried to jump up to the middle rope, but his knee buckled as he did so.  Styles jumped off the middle rope, but Lethal caught him and delivered a Northern Lights suplex for the pin at the 18-minute mark.

Winner: Jay Lethal.

Lethal celebrated with the fans at ringside, giving out a "Whoo!"  Flair yelled at Styles for losing, while Styles pointed at his knee.  Kazarian came down, and looked to calm down Flair.  Styles said "I'm sorry" and was sitting in the corner, as Flair and Kazarian left together.

Sting did an interview, saying he would take the World Title from the "pawn" Rob Van Dam.  Sting said 'some want to rule the world, some want to make it a better place, and some just want to watch it burn'.  Sting asked who everyone thought he was.

Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy did an interview, trying to come up with a name for their team.  They decided on "The Enigmatic A**holes."

Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money.

Anderson and Roode started out, with the fans chanting "Let's go A**holes."  Roode tripped Anderson to the mat and tagged in Storm, who grabbed a front facelock.  Anderson reversed into a hammerlock and got away from them.  Hardy tagged in, and there was a chant for him.  Roode took Hardy down with a armwringer and Beer Money hit a reverse atomic drop/legsweep combo.  Roode screamed "This is a real tag team" as Hardy and Anderson conferred.  Hardy kicked Storm in the gut and tagged in Anderson.  Anderson and Hardy hit a double back elbow, then some of the old Hardy Boys spots.  Roode eye raked  Anderson and chopped him.  Anderson fought back, but Roode held the ropes open as Anderson was bouncing off them, and Anderson fell to the floor.

Roode blasted Anderson and rolled him into the ring, where Storm got a two count.  Beer Money made a wish on Anderson, then Roode stomped him and hit a kneedrop for a two count.  The fans were spelling out the word "A**hole" in support of Anderson.  Anderson rallied with a clothesline on Storm.  Hardy tagged in and cleaned house, hitting a gourdbuster on Roode, but Storm broke up the cover.  All four men were in the ring, and Storm tossed Anderson to the floor.  Roode catapulted Hardy into Storm's DDT, and Roode got a two count.  Roode held Hardy , but Anderson pulled Storm out of the ring before he could deliver a superkick.  Hardy gave Roode a Twist Of Fate and a Swanton, but Storm pulled the referee out of the ring before the cover.  The referee thought Anderson did it, as Storm dropped to the ground after doing it.  Anderson was ordered back to his corner.  Roode punched Hardy, but Hardy unloaded with a flurry of shots.  Roode came in for a double team gutbuster, but Anderson broke up the cover.  

Storm gave Hardy an elevated DDT for a two count.  Roode tagged in and hit a side backbreaker for a two count. Beer Money hit a double vertical suplex, then did the "Beer... Money" pose.  Roode tagged in Storm, then slammed him.  Hardy grabbed a small package on Storm, but Roode was distracting the referee.  Roode tagged in and clotheslined Hardy.  Hardy rallied, but missed a Whisper In The Wind attempt on Roode.  Roode picked up Hardy, but Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate.  Anderson got the hot tag and cleaned house, including a rolling Samoan Drop on Roode.  Storm went to elbow Anderson, but he moved and Storm elbowed Roode.  Hardy threw Storm to the floor, then jumped off the back of Anderson and dove into Storm.  Anderson went for the Mic Check, but Roode blocked it and hit the spinebuster.  Hardy broke up the cover and kicked Roode.  Storm ran in and gave Hardy the Eye Of The Storm.  Beer Money set up Anderson for the suplex/neckbreaker combo, but Hardy pushed Storm out of the ring.  Anderson floated out of Roode's suplex with a Hardy assist, and Anderson, who was bleeding from the eyebrow, hit Roode with the Mic Check for the win at the 14-minute mark.

Winners: Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy.

Mr. Anderson's mic came down, and Anderson and Hardy proclaimed each other as the winner.  Hardy wished TNA a happy anniversary.

They hyped the main event.

World Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Sting.

The cameras followed both men for their whole entrance, with Sting starting in the bleachers, and Van Dam (who had a singlet painted like Iron Man) starting in the back.  Jeremy Borash did the "big match introductions" for the bout.  They locked up at the start, with Sting putting Van Dam in a corner and kicking him.  They went right to the rampway, then Sting dragged Van Dam to the floor.  They went over the guard rail and into the crowd.  Sting told the referee "I've got business to take care of" as he tried to whip Van Dam into the wall.  Van Dam stopped it, kicked Sting, and threw him into the wall repeatedly. Van Dam punched Sting, who was leaning over the guard rail.  Van Dam jumped off the guard rail and legdropped Sting in the back of the head.

Van Dam battered Sting around ringside, then Sting backdropped Van Dam over the rail.  Sting threw Van Dam into the wall a few times.  They made it back to ringside and exchanged punches, then Sting raked his eyes.  We finally made it back into the ring, with Sting stomping RVD.  Sting hit a Stinger Splash to RVD's back, then one to the front.  Sting scored a two count.  Sting put Van Dam in a chinlock, but Van Dam battled up.  RVD ducked a clothesline and hit a double leg lariat. RVD hit some punches, then a pair of clotheslines and a superkick.

RVD did his pose, and hit a second rope thrust kick after ducking a Sting clothesline.  Van Dam hit a powerslam and a split leg moonsault for a two count.  Sting muscled Van Dam into a corner and pounded Van Dam.  Somehow Earl Hebner caught a shot in the eye and  was stumbling around.  Van Dam went to the top rope off a Sting whip and dove into a bodypress, but Sting moved and Van Dam slammed into Hebner.  Sting picked up his baseball bat and hit Van Dam in the gut, then the face, then the leg.  Hebner was down and didn't see any of this.

Jeff Jarrett walked down to the ring and snatched the bat away from Sting.  Jarrett hit Sting in the gut with it, then in the jaw.  Jarrett gave RVD a thumb's up, then walked off, keeping the bat with him.  RVD hit Sting with a Rolling Thunder backsplash.  Hebner crawled over for the count, but Sting got his shoulder up at two.  RVD missed a monkey flip attempt in the corner.  Sting missed a Stinger Splash, hitting the turnbuckles hard.  Van Dam hit a kick to the head and the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin at the 11-minute mark.

Winner: Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam celebrated with the belt as the show ended.

2011 - WWE presents a live three hour "All Star Raw" themed to help promote the WWE All Stars videogame.  The main event featured CM Punk defeating John Cena in a non-title bout that set the stage for Punk's epic rant on Raw and his WWE title win at the Money in the Bank PPV in Chicago.

Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We are live from Uniondale, Long Island, New York and your announcers are Michael ‘I don’t want another Stunner mommy’ Cole and Jerry ‘Is that Mike Johnson in the crowd’ Lawler.

The Miz comes out and he is still holding his head high even though in the last six weeks he has lost his title and his human lapdog Alex Riley.

We see footage from last week when Alex Riley and Steve Austin got assists on a John Cena victory over Miz and R Truth that was later reversed.

Miz says that tonight is WWE All Star night. Monday Night Raw is the flagship show of the WWE. Last week, he won the main event so that means that he is the all time WWE All Star. Miz says that has been obvious for a long time. You would have to be an ignorant moron not to know that. That means that you would be Alex Riley. He calls Riley a fraud and he says that he will expose Riley more than a Tweet from Anthony Weiner.

Before he does that, he is going to teach Riley another lesson. Something to teach Riley how to be a superstar. Miz comments on the whating in the crowd and he says that he is going to teach Riley a lesson as he calls out Steve Austin. Miz wants to know why there is an icon from the Attitude Era looking over him trying to steal his spotlight and success. Miz tells Austin that he owes him an apology.

Miz is interrupted by broken glass and Austin makes his way to the ring.

Austin says that he was waiting backstage and he heard Miz says that he was going to call him out. Austin wants to know if that is the best that Miz has got. He talks about Miz’s stupid suit, tie, hair, and handkerchief. He then tells Miz to shut up before he responds. Austin tells Miz that the night after Wrestlemania, he let Miz run his mouth and talk his trash to see if Miz is as good as everyone says.

Austin says that he will give Miz some credit. He calls him a silver tongue devil. When it came to the fight, Miz turned his tail and ran to the back.

Austin cuts off Miz again. He tells Miz to keep his mouth shut while his is moving.

Austin tells Miz that he will respect him tonight. Austin says that he has an itchy trigger finger and he will give Miz a stunner if necessary. Austin says that Riley got in the ring with him and jumped his ass, but Riley got his ass whipped. He gives Riley credit for showing that he had guts. He can talk as well as give and take an ass whipping.

Austin tells Miz that Riley might be a bigger superstar than Miz some day.

Austin tells Miz to shut up and then wants to know if he should give Miz a stunner and the fans want it.

Austin wants to know what is going to happen on Sunday when Miz and Riley meet in the ring. Austin grabs Miz by the tie and he tells Miz that him and Riley need some counseling so he is going to put them with someone who is good at talking. They will be in the ring with Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Austin tells Miz that if he knows what is good for him, he will get out of the ring. Miz saunters behind Miz and Austin tells Miz that he better get to steppin’ because it ain’t Miz’s time to be a hero.

Austin says that he is making the law and the matches . . .

And then he is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio and he is finally ready to wrestle.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto.

Alberto introduces himself to Austin, but he already knows that. Alberto says that he wanted to make this official. The greatest superstar of his time, Stone Cold passing the torch to the greatest of all time, Alberto Del Rio. The rumors have been running all day. Alberto says that Austin wanted to see what true greatness was up close. Alberto says that it is his destiny . . .

To be cut off by Steve Austin. Austin says that he ain’t much of a fortune teller and he ain’t got no psychic abilities to look into the future, but he sees an ass whooping in his future. Ever since Alberto injured Big Show, Alberto thinks that he is big bad and tough. There is a sumbitch who has wanted to bash in Alberto’s skull, but he hasn’t had a chance. Alberto will be facing this man . . . and it is Big Show’s partner, Kane.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Big Show being attacked by Alberto Del Rio’s car three weeks ago.

Match Number One: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Kane

Kane with a knee and punch to Del Rio followed by an elbow and uppercut. Kane with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Kane tries for a slam but Del Rio escapes and kicks Kane followed by an arm breaker for a near fall. Del Rio continues to work on the arm and he kicks Kane in the arm and gets a near fall. Del Rio with a key lock but Kane forces Del Rio over the top rope to the floor.

Del Rio returns to the ring and he eats a punch and big boot. Kane with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Kane with a side slam for a near fall. Kane goes up top and Del Rio moves out of the way. Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker and Kane tries to get to the ropes and he finally gets there.

Del Rio refuses to release the hold so the referee disqualifies Del Rio for not adhering to the five count.

Winner: Kane by disqualification

Big Show’s music plays and Del Rio releases the hold. Show runs to the ring and he goes after Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez comes to Del Rio’s aid and Show pounds Rodriguez. Kane tries to stop Show while Del Rio continues to punch Ricardo. Kane finally pulls Show off of Rodriguez.

Steve Austin comes out and he tells Del Rio that he might as well make his way down to Washington D.C. because Del Rio will be facing the Big Show at Capitol Punishment. He says that being hit by a car won’t feel anything like feeling a punch from Big Show.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Big Show sprinting to the ring to go after Del Rio only to see Ricardo Rodriguez look like a Mike Tyson opponent. Rodriguez got stretchered out of the building during the commercial break.

Match Number Two: Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and Wade Barrett versus Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson, and Sin Cara with Smackdown Trampoline in a You can only see this match on Smackdown Match

Cody and Cara start things off and Cara kicks Rhodes in the leg and then he hits a springboard back elbow. Bryan tags in and he connects with an English uppercut or two. Rhodes with an Irish whip but Bryan with a boot. Bryan knocks DiBiase off the apron but Rhodes with kicks to Bryan. DiBiase tags in and Ted hits a drop kick and he gets a near fall.

Barrett tags in and he punches Bryan in the battle of Season One NXT participants. Barrett with a hard Irish whip for a near fall. Barrett with a chin lock and Bryan with a double sledge to escape. Barrett with a back heel kick to Bryan followed by a pump handle power slam for a near fall.

Barrett and Jackson have some words and then Barrett knocks Cara off the apron. Bryan kicks Barrett and Jackson is tagged in. Jackson punches Barrett and hits a few shoulder tackles. Jackson with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Jackson with a slam or three. Jackson gets Barrett up for the torture rack but Rhodes and DiBiase break it up. Jackson sends Rhodes and DiBiase over the top rope to the floor. Jackson presses Bryan onto Rhodes and DiBiase.

Jackson with a kick to Barrett and then Cara is tagged in. Cara with a springboard cross body for the three count.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, and Ezekiel Jackson

We go to commercial.

We are back and Hornswoggle is shooting t-shirts into the crowd.

R Truth comes out and he sees Hornswoggle shooting t-shirts to the Little Jimmys in the crowd and the Little Jennys. That looks like a big ball of fun. Truth says that he likes having fun and he asks Hornswoggle if he can do it because it looks like fun. He tells Hornswoggle that there is nothing to be afraid of because he is a good R Truth. Truth tells Hornswoggle that he is going to beat John Cena on Sunday and become the new WWE Champion.

Truth tells everyone to stop booing him because they should be booing themselves. Truth says that John Cena is not going to stop him from getting what he wants on Sunday and neither is Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle shoots a t-shirt at Truth and Truth grabs Hornswoggle and he tells Hornswoggle it is going to be okay. Truth smiles so that means that everything is okay. Truth shakes Hornswoggle’s hand and then he kicks Hornswoggle in the head.

Austin is on the TitanTron and he tells Truth to pick on someone his own size . . . like John Morrison. They will be meeting in the ring tonight.

Truth says that John Morrison is going to have to get some of this and this is a kick to Hornswoggle.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of R Truth kicking Hornswoggle.

Match Number Three: Santino Marella versus Sheamus

Sheamus with a forearm and then he sends Santino into the turnbuckles and Sheamus kicks Santino repeatedly. Sheamus with forearms across the chest and then he hits a running knee lift on the apron. Sheamus gets a near fall.

Sheamus with a cravate on Santino but Santino with punches. Sheamus with a forearm to the back and then he sends Santino into the turnbuckles. Santino punches Sheamus after blocking punches from Sheamus. Santino with a drop toe hold and split but he cannot hip toss Sheamus. Sheamus misses a clothesline and Santino with a hip toss and it is time for the cobra. Sheamus misses the Brogue kick and Santino hits the Cobra but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus with the Brogue kick and then he puts Santino in a Four Leaf Cloverleaf and Santino taps out.

Winner: Sheamus

It is time for a sneak peak at Suits, which premieres soon on USA.

Randy Orton walks in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back with the video package that opened both hours of last week’s Smackdown.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for his long awaited return to Raw, a place he has not wrestled since the end of April. We see footage from last week’s main event between Randy Orton and Sheamus when Christian interfered.

Orton has the cousin of Sin Cara’s trampoline with a defective mic. Orton says that live TV is awesome. Randy takes a page from Alberto Del Rio’s promo book by introducing himself. Orton says that he hasn’t been gone for too long but he says that it feels damn good to be back on Raw. He says that you would think that he feels satisfied because he is the World Heavyweight Champion. He has the opportunity to cause Christian a lot of pain on Sunday. Believe it or not, he is not satisfied. He is not satisfied because he knows that Christian is in this building. Orton wants Christian to come out and he promises not to give Christian an RKO. He just wants to talk.

Orton says that Christian got him because the first chance that he gets he will hurt Christian. Orton tells Christian to be a man or he will go to the back and find Christian himself.

Christian is in the interview area and he says that it must feel bad to stand out there week after week being embarrassed. Christian wants to know why Randy is always so angry since he was born into the WWE. He had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Christian says that he has had to scratch, claw, and fight for everything in the WWE. He says that it was hard work which is something that Orton and the idiots on Long Island wouldn’t know.

Christian wants to poll the crowd and see if they want to see Christian face Randy Orton right now. Christian says that the fans must have confused himself with someone who cares about them.

Randy says that if Edge was here, he could carry Christian to the ring because he did it for seventeen years.

Christian asks if Randy wants to meet him that bad in the ring, he will do it.

Christian walks in the back and he makes his way to the ring with his music playing so there won’t be a sneak attack.

Christian goes halfway down the ramp and then he backs up. Security gets between Orton and Christian when Orton tries to get to Christian.

The Raw General Manager is in fact here so it is a working Flag Day Vacation. Cole says that the General Manager has to get involved. Orton got hit in the skull with the Title belt two weeks in a row and we know that Orton has a concussion. Orton will compete on Sunday, but not tonight. Orton will not face anyone tonight because if Orton got seriously injured, the computer would be liable. The General Manager tells Orton that he should leave and wait until Sunday to get his hands on Christian. If Orton does not comply, Orton will be stripped of the World Title.

Security assumes their TNA security pose by holding up their hands and begging Orton not to do anything as Orton walks to the back.

Austin appears on the TitanTron and he says that Christian escaped an ass kicking from Orton, but he will face Rey Mysterio tonight. Austin pours beer near his mouth as we go to commercial.

We are back and since we have had half the Smackdown wrestlers in matches, we get to hear Booker T on commentary.

It is official. Rey Mysterio will face CM Punk on Sunday at Capitol Punishment.

Match Number Four: Christian versus Rey Mysterio

Christian with a kick and punches to Rey but Rey slides through Christian’s legs and he kicks Christian. Christian sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Rey floats over and then Rey sends Christian into the ropes but Christian gets out of the ropes and he hits a clothesline for a near fall.

Christian with kicks and a slam followed by a neck vice. Rey with elbows to Christian followed by a kick. Rey tries for a springboard move but Christian pushes Rey over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian with a reverse chin lock on Rey. Rey with elbows to Christian but Christian sends Rey into the turnbuckles and then he chokes Rey in the ropes. The referee calls for the bell because Christian did not break before the five count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio by disqualification

After the match, Christian slams Rey but he takes too long going up top and Rey punches him. Rey tries for a superplex but Christian stops him. Rey with a back body drop that sends Christian to the mat. CM Punk comes out and Rey hits a cross body onto Punk and Punk goes down. Mason ‘AlmosTista’ Ryan, Michael McGillicutty, and David Otunga come out to help Punk.

Meanwhile, Rey sends Christian into the ropes and he knocks McGillicutty and Otunga of the apron. Ryan catches Rey when he tries for the 619 and Ryan sends Rey back first into the ring post and rolls him into the ring.

Nexus V2.0 go up the ramp while Christian hits the Killswitch on Rey.

Steve Austin is on the phone in his office and Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler enter. Vickie Excuse Mes into Austin’s ear. Vickie says that since Austin is in charge, she would like Austin to give Dolph a match against Kofi Kingston on Sunday. Austin says that he likes what Dolph is doing in the ring, but there is a catch. Austin tells Dolph that he has to drop Vickie as his consultant.

Vickie says that won’t happen because he is her project. Austin wants to know if Ziggler is Vickie’s project. Austin says that he had Ted DiBiase with him when he was the Ringmaster. Austin asks Dolph if he wants this match. Can Ziggler do it on his own? Dolph says that he will drop Vickie so Dolph has his match.

Vickie tells Austin that this is her guy. Austin says that he was having fun with them because he already made the match earlier today.

We go to commercial

We are back and we see footage of the genesis of R Truth’s current situation and attitude.

Match Number Five: R Truth versus John Morrison in a Smoke Em if you got em and drinks are on Big Jimmy’s shirt Match

John Morrison does not come out when his music plays. It plays a second time and still no Morrison. Truth wants to know where Morrison is. He says that if you act bad, you better be bad.

Truth says that if Morrison won’t come to him, he will bring the fight to Morrison.

Truth tells Morrison that if he is going to run his mouth like he is bad, he better do something about it.

Truth walks through the back looking for John Morrison. He is ready to fight him. Truth sees John Morrison down in the back and Truth is shocked that Little Jimmy got Johnny.

Truth tells the medical staff to get out of the way. Truth kneels over John and says that the Little Jimmys came to see a good match. Truth asks Morrison about his neck and then he says that the Little Jimmys won’t get to see the match. Truth tells Morrison that he got got by the future WWE Champion. Truth gets cart and he rolls it into Morrison.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Dolph Ziggler video package before our next match.

Match Number Five (One More Time): Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero versus Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in a The Fans wanted Zack Ryder in this Match Match

Ziggler and Kofi start things off and Ziggler with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Kofi with leap frogs and a back elbow. Swagger hits Kofi from behind and Ziggler gets a near fall. Swagger tags in and he connects with punches to Kofi. The referee warns Swagger and then he puts Kofi in a front face lock. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Swagger runs Kofi into the corner and then the turnbuckles. Swagger with a hard Irish whip to Kofi and then Swagger tries for the Double Jump Swagger Bomb but Kofi gets his boots up.

Bourne tags in and then he hits a head scissors followed by a double knee drop. Bourne with a drop kick to Ziggler followed by a knee and rollup on Swagger for a near fall. Swagger with an ankle lock and he sends Swagger into the corner. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Swagger while the referee deals with Ziggler. Bourne goes up top and hits the shooting star press for the three count.

Winners: Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Alex Riley being dressed down by Michael Cole two weeks ago.

It is time for the return of Piper’s Pit and your host Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Piper says that it is so cool and before he gets started, he wants to commemorate one moment. It was right here in this spot 25 years ago that Wrestlemania 2 took place and he dropped Mr. T like a bad habit.

Miz makes his appearance before he is properly introduced by Piper.

Miz throws out a few reallys and wants to know if we are going to do this. Miz talks about his favorite moment in this building and it will be in four years when they tear this building down and replace it with nothing. Miz says that he doesn’t like it when people say that he is the next Roddy Piper.

Piper says that there will never be another Roddy Piper. Piper says that the phrase Miz is looking for is a Roddy Piper wannabe.

Miz says that he is nothing like Piper. Miz says that he has been a WWE Champion, unlike Piper. For another, he won the main event at Wrestlemania. To add to the pile, Miz says that his episodes of the Real World were more interesting than They Live and Miz tells Piper to chew some bubble gum on that.

Piper says that he never watched the Real World because he was busy living in the ‘real world’. Since Miz doesn’t like talking about the past and present, why not talk about the future. On Sunday, Miz will be destroyed for a second time by Alex Riley.

Piper welcomes Riley and he tells Riley that he took a lot of abuse from Miz. Piper wants to know what made Riley think it was too much. Riley says that he didn’t want it to happen this way. Miz was his mentor and he gave him a job. Miz was his friend. Riley says that Miz was always using him to stay WWE Champion. Then it occurred to him. Why help Miz when he can beat him.

Piper gets between Miz and Riley. He asks Riley about when Miz lost the title.

Miz is tired of Piper talking about self respect when he used and abused Bob Orton for years. Miz says that Riley didn’t dump him, he fired Riley.

Miz says that he is not afraid of Riley. Piper starts going Warrior on Miz. Piper says that Riley is going to change the questions on Sunday and Piper says that it will be Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome.

Miz asks Piper if he wants to make it interesting. He asks Piper how much money will he bet that Miz would beat Alex on Sunday.

Riley says that Piper can beat Miz right now.

Miz throws out a really or two and wonders if Piper can beat him now.

Miz says that he will put $1,000 up against Piper right now. Miz says that he will wear a suit. He asks Piper to put up or shut up.

Piper thinks about it and he wants to get this right. He has the guy who just won Wrestlemania 27 against the guy who was in Wrestlemania 1. Piper says that he is really gonna get his butt kicked and then he raised the wager to $5,000.

Austin appears on the TitanTron and he says that sounds good. Austin steals the Teddy Crowd Poll and we have a match and both men are putting up $5,000. The special referee is Alex Riley.

WeWe go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Roddy Piper versus Miz with Guest Referee Alex Riley in a $10,000 Challenge Match to see if Wrestlemania 1 or 27 was Better Match

Miz wants to roll up his sleeves before he locks up and he yells at Riley. That distraction allows Piper to attack him from behind. Piper with punches and a thumb to the eye. Piper with a sleeper and Piper gets on Miz’s back. Miz backs Piper into the corner and Miz kicks Piper. Miz with punches and then Riley throws Miz out of the corner. Miz punches Riley and Riley punches back. Piper with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Roddy Piperb>

After the match, Riley throws Miz over the top rope to the floor.

We are back and it is time to see Kelly Kelly and the Bellas on The Price is Right featuring a WWE Hall of Famer.

Match Number Seven: The Bellas, Melina, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Tamina, and Rosa Mendes versus Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, AJ Lee, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, Natalya, and Gail Kim

Kelly and Brie start things off and then Brie tags in Rosa before locking up. Kelly with the Thesz Press and then she slams Rosa’s head into the mat. Kelly spanks Rosa and then she sends Rosa into the turnbuckles and kicks her. Kelly with a Stinkface and then she hits a bulldog but the cover is broken up and there is pandemonium in the ring.

Eventually it clears up and Kelly with a kick and the K2 on Rosa for the three count.

Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, AJ Lee, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, Natalya, and Gail Kim

After the match, Eve Mendes mentions that the Tony Awards were in New York so it is time for a WWE Diva tribute to Broadway. We see a Rockette kick line and one person in the building probably liked it.

It is time to take a look back at the announcement last week that Andy was the winner of Tough Enough, followed by Andy’s welcome to the WWE by Vince McMahon and Steve Austin.

Andy is in the back with Steve Austin. Austin wants to know if Andy is Tough Enough. Austin and Andy have a beer bash in the office. CM Punk enters and he is disgusted with the drinking. Punk wonders how many of Andy’s friends won Tough Enough. Austin wants to deal with Punk by himself.

Austin offers Punk a beer and Punk whats. Austin runs through more types of alcohol and Punk whats. Punk says the whating is annoying. Punk wants to know if Austin can recite the alphabet backwards. Punk says that he is amazed that Austin was able to do one thing right while drunk. He gave Punk a match with John Cena. It is going to change the WWE.

Austin tells Punk that Nexus ain’t allowed at ringside and Punk says that is fine. Punk says that he can get that done. Austin says that he has an announcement to make the world so he has to go.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Steve Austin has an announcement to make, but first he shows that there are some WWE Superstars who can drink and drive as the Stone Cold ATV is driven to the ring by Austin.

Austin says that this has been a hell of a Monday Night Raw. He is having a fun time coming back to Nassau Coliseum. Austin is interrupted by the Raw General Manager.

Cole sheepishly goes to read the e-mail from the General Manager and Austin is not a happy camper. Cole says that Steve Austin did a fair job in his absence this week. However, all good things must come to an end. To make sure that everyone is aware, it will be back next week on Raw.

Austin says that he has some time left as General Manager and he has an announcement as GM. Next week will be another three hour show and next week will be all about the Power of the People. The people will make all of the matches and stipulations for next week.

The General Manager chimes in and Austin threatens to whoop Cole’s ass if the computer dingy dings again. It keeps dinging and Austin throws down the podium and Austin wants a beer for him and the General Manager. Time for some drunk texting with the General Manager. Austin drives over the General Manager and then he backs over it for good measure.

Austin is back in the ring and it is time for more beer and stuff.

Austin walks to the back and then he takes half of the General Manager to the back with him but then he throws it to the floor.

Jerry Lawler has a dream about Capitol Punishment.

Booker and Lawler wake up from their dream.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know they haven’t changed the Did You Know graphic since last Tuesday?

Match Number Eight: CM Punk versus John Cena

Punk with a waist lock but Cena knocks Punk off by going to the ropes. Punk with a side head lock and take down. Cena gets back to his feet and Punk with a shoulder tackle. Punk goes for the Go To Sleep and Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment and then they retreat to their opposite corners. Punk with forearms but Cena with an Irish whip. Punk drops Cena on the top rope.

Punk kicks Cena to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Cena with punches but Punk with an abdominal stretch on Cena. Cena with a hip toss to get out of the hold. Cena goes to the floor and Punk tries for a pescado and he hits it.

Punk goes up top this time and in honor of Randy Savage he hits a double sledge. Punk mocks Cena and the ‘You Can’t See Me’ before they return to the ring and Punk gets a near fall. Punk with a body scissors and chin lock but Cena gets out of the chin lock and then he pulls Punk’s legs apart and he tries for the STF and Punk gets to the ropes.

Punk gets a near fall on Cena and then he kicks Cena in the shoulder. Punk punches Cena in the ribs followed by a knee as he returns to that body part. Punk follows that with a hard Irish whip and Punk hits the turnbuckles in the sternum. Punk with crossfaces to Cena and then he hits a splash onto Cena’s back and Punk gets a near fall.

Punk with an Irish whip followed by a running knee and bulldog but Cena is able to minimize the impact by pushing Punk away. Punk misses a clothesline but Punk knows that Cena is getting ready for the Legendary Sequence and he ducks the first of the two flying shoulder tackles.

Cena rolls back in at eight and Punk kicks Cena but the referee pulls Punk off Cena. Punk with a snap mare for a near fall. Punk thinks about his next move and he eventually goes to the apron for the springboard clothesline but Cena sees it coming and Punk lands on his side and struggles to get up but so does Cena.

They get back to their feet and Cena goes for the Legendary Sequence with the two shoulder tackles and a Blue Thunder Driver. Before Cena can hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, R Truth enters the crowd and he finds a little Jimmy and he trades a hat for some water.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, CM Punk hits Go To Sleep and gets the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, R Truth in his Little Jimmy Hat enters the ring. Truth hits Cena with the plastic water bottle and then he hits Shut Up.

TrTruth takes the WWE Title belt and he stands over Cena and tells Cena that on Sunday he is going to beat Cena for the WWE Championship and that’s the truth.

Truth leaves the ring with the belt as we go to credits.

2011 - Urban Wrestling Federation released the following:


NEW YORK – JUNE 13th – The Urban Wrestling Federation, which delivers unprecedented entertainment by combining the worlds of hip-hop music
and professional wrestling, announced today that their inaugural event will premiere on all major pay-per-view networks and platforms on June 26th, with encore presentations throughout June and July. The ‘First Blood’ debut battle was filmed live at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom on June 3rd, along with many other various New York City street locations leading up to the date of the main event.

First Blood features top hip-hop artists including: 40 Glocc, Melle Mel, Red Café, Big Block, Uncle Murda, Brisco, Billy Blue, and Cuban Link, who are teamed up with a group of the baddest hardcore wrestlers currently fighting on the circuit. The collection of “no-joke” wrestlers include: Homicide, Rich Ortiz, Bestia, Ruckus, Murder 1, The SAT, Eddie Kingston and the Ghetto Mafia.

“Based on the overwhelming electricity and enthusiastic response from those that attended our New York live event, we’re confident the Urban Wrestling Federation pay-per-view events will reach huge audiences around the country, further cementing the UWF as THE next big thing in entertainment,” said UWF Founder and CEO Steve “The Hustler” Karel.

The pay-per-view events will debut on all major PPV networks with a primetime premiere, on June 26th, 8pm edt, 5pm pdt. Following that, thecable PPV platforms will have large day and date schedules, whereas the satellite distribution services will run a number of 24-hour day-long schedules.

2012 - WWE NXT was broadcast.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are wild, young, and on the internet from Manchester, New Hampshire and your announcers are William ‘If only Ron Garvin was ‘Hands of Granite’’ Regal and Josh ‘Happy Day Before Flag Day’ Mathews.

William Regal comments on how Curt and Tyler were offended by his comments about wearing pink and black so they are wearing the Dynamic Dudes colors.

Match Number One: Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins versus Percy Watson and Derrick Bateman

Bateman and Hawkins start things off they lock up with Bateman applying a waist lock but Hawkins with a standing switch and side head lock. Hawkins with a shoulder tackle and a side head lock but Bateman’s shoulders landed on the mat and Hawkins got a near fall. Bateman with a head scissors and when Hawkins escapes he celebrates. Bateman with a drop kick that sends Hawkins into the corner.

Hawkins tags in Reks and they lock up. Reks with knees to the midsection and a forearm. Bateman with a crucifix driver for a near fall. Bateman with chops and he keeps Reks from making the tag.

Watson tags in and they hit a double hip toss and Percy gets a near fall. Reks with a punch but Watson with a leg lariat and forearm to the back. Watson with a European uppercut and then Bateman tags back in and he hits a side head lock take down. Reks with a head scissors and Bateman escapes. Bateman with a cross body but he cannot make a cover.

Bateman runs into boots from Reks in the corner. Reks sends Bateman into the turnbuckles and Hawkins tags in. Hawkins with a snap mare and kick to the back. Hawkins gets another near fall and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Bateman with a jawbreaker and Watson tags back in and hits a few drop kicks and then he drops Hawkins on the mat. Reks tries to interfere and Percy sends Hawkins into Reks and they go to the floor.

Bateman tags in and he hits a suicide dive onto Hawkins and Reks.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Watson with an arm bar on Hawkins. Hawkins runs into a boot and then Reks tries to interfere but Watson stops him. Hawkins takes advantage and he hits a clothesline and gets a near fall.

Reks tags in and he works on the back with double sledges. Reks with a slam followed by a quarter nelson and chin lock. Reks with a sliding punch to the midsection followed by a running clothesline and Reks gets a near fall. Hawkins tags back in and he punches Watson in the midsection and head. Hawkins with a suplex and he gets a near fall.

Hawkins with a knee to the back followed by a reverse chin lock. Hawkins with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Hawkins with a kick to the head and he tags in Reks who hits a shoulder tackle. Watson punches Reks but Reks with a clothesline and gets a near fall. Reks kicks Watson in the ribs and the returns to the quarter nelson and chin lock.

Watson with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Watson tries to make the tag but Reks grabs the leg. Watson with a leg lariat and both men are down again. Bateman tags in and he hits a clothesline or two followed by a flapjack. Bateman misses a clothesline but he connects with a forearm to Reks and then one to Hawkins on the apron. Bateman with STO followed by a running flip neck breaker but Reks kicks out at two.

Bateman tries for the snap mare driver but Hawkins interferes. Reks with a forearm to the back and Hawkins with a boot to the head and then Reks hits a DDT from a back breaker position for the three count.

Winners: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Kaitlyn versus Natalya

They lock up and Natalya sends Kaitlyn to the mat with a leg sweep and she kicks Kaitlyn. They lock up again and Kaitlyn with an arm drag and Natalya is shocked. Kaitlyn with a jackknife cover but Natalya bridges and gets a near fall. Kaitlyn tries for another jackknife cover and gets a near fall.

Kaitlyn with a rollup after Natalya floats over in the corner and Kaitlyn does not follow. Kaitlyn chases Natalya to the floor and Natalya returns to the ring first and mocks Kaitlyn. Natalya with a knee to Kaitlyn as she returns to the ring.

Natalya brings Kaitlyn back in and she stomps on Kaitlyn’s hand. Natalya with a kick to the midsection and then Natalya sits on Kaitlyn for a cover but Kaitlyn kicks out. Natalya sends Kaitlyn’s face into the mat and then Natalya with a bow and arrow but Kaitlyn escapes and gets a lateral press for a near fall.

Kaitlyn with an inside cradle for a near fall. Kaitlyn avoids a slam and gets a near fall with a rollup. Natalya runs Kaitlyn into the corner and connects with shoulders. Natalya misses a charge into the corner and Kaitlyn pushes Natalya to the mat. Kaitlyn with a drop kick and a flying shoulder tackle.

Kaitlyn with a forearm and a cross body for a near fall. Kaitlyn runs into a boot and Natalya tries to use the ropes for extra leverage on the cover but the referee sees it. Natalya argues with the referee and Kaitlyn gets a near fall with a rollup. Natalya with a discus clothesline but can only get a near fall.

Kaitlyn with a sunset flip attempt but Natalya sits down for a near fall. Kaitlyn counters with the sunset flip and gets the three count.

Winner: Kaitlyn

We take a look at one of the people who will be participating in the next season of NXT . . . Bo Dallas. He says that he is ready to go when he comes through the curtain.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a profile on Richie Steamboat. He talks about how people asked him how he will be able to live up to Hall of Famer Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat. He is not trying to fill his father’s shoes, he is trying to fill his own.

Match Number Three: The Usos versus Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis

Michael and Jimmy start things off and they lock up with Michael applying a side head lock. Michael with a single leg take down and then he slaps Jimmy in the back and Michael celebrates. Michael with a kick and he tries for a head butt but it appears to hurt Michael more than Jimmy.

Jimmy shows Michael how to give a head butt and then he chops Michael. Jimmy slides into the corner and he chops Michael and then Johnny. Jimmy with an arm drag into an arm bar on Michael. Jey tags in and they hit a double back elbow and double elbow drop for a near fall.

Michael moves out of the way of a super kick and he back into the corner. Johnny tags in. Johnny with a waist lock but Johnny with an elbow. Johnny with a clothesline across the chest but he misses a leg drop. Jey slides into a reverse chin lock. Johnny with elbows but Jey with an elbow. They exchange forearms and Jey with an elbow when Johnny charges into the corner. Michael tries to stop Jey but Jey stops him. Johnny clips Jey’s leg on the turnbuckles and Michael tags back in.

Michael with a kick to the leg and Johnny tags back in and he continues to work on Jey’s leg. Johnny picks Jey up for what appears to be a belly-to-back suplex but Johnny drops Jey’s leg on the ropes. Michael tags back in and he continues to work on the leg from the apron. Johnny works on the knee while Michael talks to the referee and then he deals with Jimmy and Michael with a slingshot splash onto the leg.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael continues to work on Jey’s leg. Jey is able to escape but Michael with an elbow drop to the leg. Johnny tags back in and he connects with a knee to the thigh. Johnny slams Jey’s leg on the apron. Michael pulls Jey towards the ring post and he wrings the leg into the post.

Jey tries to make the tag but Michael stops him. Johnny tags back in and he returns to the leg and is able to get a near fall. Johnny applies an Indian Death Lock and Jey tries to get out with chops and he finally succeeds. Jey gets close to his corner but Johnny gets in the way and stops him. Michael tags back in and he kicks the leg.

Jey with punches but Michael with a drop kick to the knee. Michael punches Jimmy on the apron and that forces the referee to deal with Jimmy. Johnny tags back in and he punches Jey in the face and slams the leg into the apron one more time. Jey kicks Johnny away but Johnny is able to get in front of Jey before he can make the tag.

Michael tags back in and he works on the leg. Jey sends Michael over the top rope with his good leg and he crawls across the ring and he makes the tag to Jimmy.

Jimmy with a flying shoulder followed by a clothesline. He knocks Johnny off the apron and then hits a savate kick and a Samoan drop on Michael. Jimmy with the running butt splash but he can only get a two count. Michael with a Saito suplex and he gets a near fall.

Jimmy with punches but Michael pushes Jimmy. Jimmy with a kick and Jey tags in and they hit an alley oop Samoan Drop but Jey’s leg is still hurt and Curtis with a leg drop from the top turnbuckle and Michael and Jey are down in the ring. Michael rolls Jey over and Jimmy breaks up the cover. Jimmy with a super kick that knocks Johnny off the apron. Michael misses the running snap neck breaker and Jey with a super kick.

Jimmy tags in and he hits the Superfly Splash for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

We go to credits.

2012 - There were several WWE developmental releases:.

Eli Cottonwood, who had appeared on WWE NXT, requested a release from the company and was let go. I am told he received a job offer outside of the business and decided to take it.

Jiro, who was originally trained in Japan by TAKA Michinoku's Kaientai-Dojo, Benicio Salazar, a Mexican talent who worked under a mask in Mexico as El Hijo del Medico Asesino, and Sonny Elliot, a developmental talent from Australia, were released from their developmental deals.

All four were removed from FCW's roster page.

2013 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

Tonight is the Bound For Glory Series selection show, as we find out who will be participating in this year's event. Hulk Hogan comes out to start the show and talks about it took an act of God to keep him from smashing Bully Ray with the hammer, but after all the damage Bully Ray has done to his life and his family, he had to tell Brooke to stay home. But on to other matters, as tonight is the BFG Series selection show. Samoa Joe, Hernandez, and Jay Bradley have all earned their way in, and the last two winners of the BFG Series, Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode, also get free passes into this year's series. Okay, everything sounds good so far. Hogan calls Hardy down to the ring, and Hardy says he's tired of hammers and Aces & Eights, and he's going to win the BFG Series again this year and take the title in San Diego. Bobby Roode joins Hogan and Hardy in the ring and says he was the most dominant World Champion in the history of the company. He's also the winner of the first BFG Series and never lost it, so this year, he wants to make it 2-for-2. Hogan says next week is Open Fight Night and he's going to let the fans decide which of them gets the first call out, and Roode says that's perfect because if the fans vote for him, he's going to call Jeff Hardy out and kick his ass. Hardy tells Roode to kick his ass now, but Bully Ray comes out of the back with a few of his flunkies in tow and asks why they're all so mad at each other. He says it doesn't matter who wins the Bound For Glory Series because whoever wins has to face him, but Bully wants to know why nobody in Aces & Eights is in the BFG Series. Hogan says he's been thinking of him all week long, and Hogan has a pretty good idea how he'll figure them in. They'll have one spot in the BFG Series, and Aces & Eights is going to have a battle royal where they fight each other to decide who gets that spot. Bubba says that's typical of Hogan, but he says that no matter who is in the BFG Series, they're a target of the Aces & Eights just like they're all targets right now. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff rush the ring and Hardy and Roode fight them off, then Roode cheapshots Hardy from behind just so we don't get any crazy ideas about him being a good guy or anything.

Bad Influence is backstage saying that James Storm has had more partners than Taylor Swift and ought to get checked out, and Gunner's the real deal but he doesn't scare them. Daniels said it doesn't matter which of them wins the BFG Series because that guy will wind up with the title at Bound For Glory.

Bound For Glory Series Qualifier: Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs TNA World Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner

Storm starts off with Daniels, Storm evades a cheapshot in the corner and cleans house on Daniels. Gunner tags in and the champs double team Daniels for 2, then Kazarian comes in to try his luck and only succeeds in getting tossed around by Gunner. Daniels manages to slow Gunner down by tripping him from the outside so Kazarian can catch him with a springboard legdrop, then Daniels and Kazarian swarm him with a fast series of double teams. Gunner quickly tags out to Storm, and he manages to counter everything Kazarian tries to throw at him before tagging Gunner back in again. I swear Gunner looks even bigger than he did before he left, but I guess his knees are just as vulnerable as before because Daniels takes his leg out with a clip, leaving Storm to fight both Daniels and Kazarian by himself. Storm still manages to clean house on both opponents, but Daniels nails Storm from the floor with one of the title belts and allows Kazarian to small package Storm for the win.

Winners: Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian

So Bad Influence is in the BFG Series, and it looks like they might also be in line for a title shot. Good stuff.

Still to come: Sting addresses his future, and AJ Styles faces Kurt Angle in a rematch from Slammiversary!

The Mystery Cameraman catches Crimson on his way into the building and asks what he's doing here, and Crimson says it's been 12 months since he's been here and disappears into the dressing room. Hm, that was vague.

Velvet Sky is backstage with an envelope that she says is a present that is going to make Mickie James SO happy. She can't wait to come out and deliver the news and scampers off in delight.

Crimson comes out to the ring and says that he was undefeated for 470 days before finally being defeated 12 months ago. He wonders why he was punished by being sent home for 12 months, but he's not concerned with those numbers anymore because he has a chance to get into the Bound For Glory Series. He tells Joseph Park to come out and dance with the devil.

Bound For Glory Qualifier: Crimson vs Joseph Park

Crimson easily takes Park down and unloads on him with forearms, but Park fires up and tosses Crimson across the ring. Crimson just gets pissed off by that, takes Park's head off with a clothesline, then launches him into the corner. They go out to the floor where Crimson continues the assault before bringing Park back inside and beating him up some more. Crimson easily pops Park up and drills him into the mat with a spinebuster, but misses a charge and Park catches Crimson with a schoolboy rollup for the win.

Winner: Joseph Park

Crimson is in shock that he just lost as an ecstatic Park hugs the referee in the aisle.

Mickie James is backstage wondering what Velvet has for her, but thinks it's sweet that the former champ has a present for the current champ.

Velvet Sky comes out to the ring and says that she feels like her friendship with Mickie James has gotten a little strained lately, but she wants Mickie to come out to the ring so she can give her a present. Mickie comes out and says Velvet is sweet and she should give her a present too. Velvet opens the envelope and produces a certified doctor's note saying that she is cleared to wrestle and she wants her rematch. Mickie says that you can get fake doctor's notes on the internet, and Velvet says there is nothing fake about this, but Mickie says this doctor's note is dated yesterday and, as far as she can tell, her knee is injured again today. Mickie suddenly takes Velvet's knee out and ties her up in a modified version of the hangman's clutch. Nice! Referees come out to pull Mickie off, and she heads to the back with a crazed look on her face while Velvet clutches her knee in pain.

Matt Morgan is backstage and says it's typical of Hogan to make him qualify for the BFG Series after even Sting couldn't make him submit, but none of these chumps can beat him and he's going to qualify, win the BFG Series, and become the World Champion.

Bound For Glory Series Qualifier: Matt Morgan vs Brutus Magnus vs Kenny King vs Rob Terry

First pinfall wins this one. King starts with Morgan, but tags out to Terry before making contact. They go face to face, shove each other, trade shoulderblocks, then Terry gets distracted from the floor and allows Morgan to swoop in and start unloading the heavy offense. Morgan is dominant as he continues pounding on Terry, but Magnus tags in and cleans house, catches King in a crossbody attempt, and hits a Snowplow. Magnus goes to the top and hits the flying elbowdrop, but Morgan breaks the cover at 2. Terry goes back after Morgan, King takes Magnus' head off with a leg lariat, Terry chokeslams King, Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint on Terry, but Magnus dodges a charge and Morgan sails out to the ramp. Magnus hits the Michinoku Driver on King and gets the win.

Winner: Brutus Magnus

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, Morgan's gonna be mad!

Eric Young is backstage, and he's got a shot at getting into the BFG Series tonight when he faces Austin Aries. He says not to tell anyone because he's got to prepare, then goes into a closet, locks it behind him, and starts...huffing and puffing. Okay.

We see a video package looking at Rampage Jackson, and he's here on Impact tonight! We also see a video package looking back at Sting's loss to Bully Ray at Slammiversary, then Sting comes out to the ring to address his future. He says Slammiversary was when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year, but this year was a different story because he failed to beat Bully Ray and will now never be able to challenge for the TNA World Title again. Sting was overwhelmed by wave after wave of Aces & Eights members, but the part he will never forget is that nobody came out to help him when he was in dire straits. That's okay, he doesn't mind at all, because Aces & Eights may be a fine tuned machine and are just like family. Sting's in a place he never thought he'd be again, one where he has to create his own family he can trust and who can trust him. His own new family or, perhaps more accurately, his own new Main Event Mafia. Very soon, the new Main Event Mafia will rise and Aces & Eights will fall.

Bound For Glory Qualifier: Eric Young vs Austin Aries

We see a video looking at ODB showing up on Eric Young's fishing show where she reminds us that they haven't defended the Knockouts Tag Team Title for like six months. I think it's actually been even longer than that, but I don't think we're going to see a title defense anytime soon. They do some basic mat wrestling to start, then go all Memphis with comedy spots before Aries snaps Young's neck down on the top rope and starts putting the boots to him. EY manages to maneuver around Aries and mount a comeback, driving Aries to the floor where he wipes him out with a slingshot crossbody. Young hits a belly to belly suplex for 2, stops to kiss ODB as he climbs the corner, but takes too long and gets nailed by Aries. Aries hits the IED and the brainbuster, and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Austin Aries

Bully Ray is backstage with Aces & Eights and talks about Hogan making them fight each other for the spot in the BFG Series. Apparently they have a plan and he goes to each of the members one by one to ask if they agree. They all agree wholeheartedly except for Doc, who hesitates before reluctantly agreeing.

Chris Sabin is backstage saying that his history these last two years is well documented, but he can't help but think about what if he hadn't torn the second ACL, had won the X Division Title last year, and was able to cash it in for a World Title shot. He's the X Division Champion now and he has to decide whether he wants to keep the title or give it up for a shot at something bigger.

Bounf For Glory Qualifier Battle Royal: Devon vs Doc vs Ken Anderson vs Knux vs Wes Brisco vs Garett Bischoff

The bell rings and they circle one another until Anderson steps into the center of the circle and starts gesturing at people to eliminate them. Wes, Garett, Knux, and Devon all gladly step out, but Doc starts to leave before coming back in and going face to face with Anderson. They end up fighting and Anderson eliminates him anyway.

Winner: Ken Anderson

That's a dangerous little self-motivated streat Anderson was showing there, and I think the rest of the gang noticed because of the way they reacted.

Rampage Jackson comes into Kurt Angle's locker room and asks what he meant by Angle facing Jackson "when he's ready", and Angle said not to worry about it because they're both world class athletes. They make up and Jackson wishes Angle luck against AJ Styles tonight.

We go back to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where they're all asking doc what the hell he was doing out there. Bully Ray says he appreciates the spirit Doc showed, but they had a plan and he should have stuck to it. Doc says it's always been about stepping up and says it was his bad out there, but someone else stepped up recently when AJ Styles attacked him with their hammer after they offered him a cut. He wants to take AJ out tonight, and Bully Ray tells him to get the job done.

It's main event time!

Bound For Glory Series Qualifier: Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

They do a feeling out process to start until AJ drills Angle with a perfect dropkick out of nowhere. Now AJ opens up with the stiff shots and a nice backbreaker, Angle fires back with right hands and stomps AJ down in the corner. AJ snaps Angle over with a suplex, Angle blocks a second one but AJ nails him and hits the snap suplex into the corner as we go to commercial.

We're back as the match finds its way out to the floor, AJ tries a dive and Angle moves, AJ lands on his feet but Angle grabs AJ and hits an overhead release suplex on the floor before rolling him back inside. Angle starts working over AJ's back, but AJ fires up and just straight up knocks the crap out of Angle with a flurry of strikes. AJ hits the springboard forearm for 2, Angle hits the rolling German suplexes, AJ counters the Hacker Slam to a DDT for 2. Angle hits the Hacker Slam on a second attempt and only gets 2, AJ gets Angle in his Indian Deathlock variation, Angle counters to the anklelock, AJ escapes and takes AJ out with a spinkick. AJ goes to the top, Angle runs up the corner and German suplexes AJ, AJ lands on his feet and DRILLS Angle with a DDT into the corner. AJ drags Angle to his feet as Ken Anderson distracts the referee so Aces & Eights can run in and attack AJ. AJ fights them off so Anderson comes into the ring and goes after Angle, allowing AJ to roll him up and get the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

AJ walks off and leaves Angle to get beaten down 3-on-1 until Rampage Jackson comes out to the ring and clears Aces & Eights out with his chain. Jackson and Angle go back to back staring Aces & Eights down and daring them to get in the ring as we call it a week.

That's it for this week, thanks for reading and I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

2014 - The Crazy Monkey, Big Japan's Jun Kasai won the 2014 CZW Tournament of Death defeating Masada in the finals.

2017 - CBS Radio's The Taz Show, hosted by former ECW World champion Taz, celebrates its 400th broadcast.

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