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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-08 13:42:55
In some pretty awesome news, it was announced this morning that former CHIKARA star Tim Donst would be returning to the ring on 7/10 for Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland at Ohio City Masonic Arts Centerafter undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous kidney.  There will be a documentary following Donst as he returns to the ring released as well.   Donst will be wrestling Nick Gage on the show.  That event looks as if it will be Samoa Joe's final date for the company.  Vader is booked for the company on 7/11 in the same venue and has dropped a ton of weight.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate returned to Rahway, NJ over the weekend with the show built around a "Mick Foley Birthday Bash" in honor of Foley's 50th birthday.  I was told it was top to bottom one of the better PWS shows in recent years.  The Bash was hosted by Bill Apter featured appearances from Bret Hart, Shane Douglas, Jimmy Snuka, Kevin Sullivan, Jake Roberts as well as Foley's daughter Noelle and his oldest son Dewey as well as his son Huey.  It ended up with Bully Ray crashing the party.  Ray worked and lost to Colt Cabana, which I'm pretty sure is the first time they had ever wrestled.  Dan Maff defeated Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara to win the PWS title in a NQ DQ match.  The promotion had been building to Maff's title win for some time.  Brian Myers defeated Chris Payne to become the promotion's TV champion after Tessa Blanchard turned on Payne.  There were a lot of ECW names underneath.  Bonesaw defeated Sabu in a Lumberjack match that led to a crazy brawl that included New Jack, Justin Credible and Balls Mahoney.  The Monsters Island group ended up getting into it with the Blue World Order only to have Raven hit the ring and reveal Monsters Island was his and he laid out Richards.  Others on the show included Eddie Kingston, Brian XL, Amazing Red, Zack Gowan and more.  The promotion will debut in Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom the night before Summerslam this August with Rey Mysterio debuting and Mick Foley appearing.  Foley is working here as General Manager.

JJ Dillon was interviewed by Scott Fishman at the Miami Herald to promote this Thursday's big signing in Thursday to help create a wall honoring wrestling history in Tampa, FL at this link.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood's TV episode over the weekend featured a tribute to former WWE Creative Team member Joe Franciosi following his passing several weeks ago.  Franciosi had worked for years together with Dave Marquez.  The promotion had cut-ins with many of the regulars for the promotion giving their thoughts on his passing and saying farewell to him.  It was really classy.

The updated teams announced for the 9/4-9/6 CHIKARA King of Trios tournament in Easton, PA are:

*Bullet Club (AJ Styles & The Young Bucks)
*Team AAA (Aero Star & Drago & Fénix)
*Team Fight Club: Pro (MK McKinnan & Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)

The NWA announced that Rob Kincaid's Circle City Wrestling has officially joined the organization.

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