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By Nathan Favel on 2015-06-04 08:41:32

Original Air Date:  6/3/15

Tonight, we bestow the second Aztec Medallion unto its first owner, as well feature the first Submissions Match in LU history in the main event.  Let's get to the action, inside the 'Temple"!

Match #1:  Jack Evans vs. Argenis - Aztec Medallion Match

These two had a high-flying feast in our opener, complete with more back-flips and suicide dives than you can handle!  Evans continues to be wrestling's best aerialist, with fluid movements that would make even Rey Mysterio Jr. envious, which of course meant well for this bout.  Argenis worked hard to keep up with Evans, who seems to be carving his own niche in LU as a brash rudo who publicly humiliates his opponents, like he did with Argenis, who retaliated as only a luchador can. Overall, this was an excellent opener.

Winner:  Jack Evans - Holder of Aztec Medallion #2

Match #2:  Cage (Brian Cage), Delevar Daivari (Shawn Daivari/Shiek Abdul Bashir) and Big Ryck (Ezekiel Jackson) vs. Ivelisse, Angelico & Son of Havoc (Matt Cross/M-Dogg 20/Spartan 3000) (Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions)- Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Title Match

This was a fun, brief match that gave everyone a chance to shine and had some great moments of suspense that made this worth watching. There was a lot of "hustle-n-bustle" here, with no one move getting much of an opportunity to stick around to visit very long, which was done to make the match feel more urgent. When you watch this bout, expect chaos and bedlam, the likes of which one doesn't readily anticipate to see in a mid-card match. Overall, this was a blast to watch and a joy to review.

Winners: Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc - Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions

Match #3:  Main Event - Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star - Submission Match

This was a fabulous brawl that properly demonstrated how to use psychology to logically explain why working over a body part can lead to a victory. Pentagon Jr. was like a man possessed in this encounter with Sexy Star, who herself was as tenacious as Pentagon was manic (not the TNA/TJ Perkins gimmick... you smart asses).  It's been a while since a chop in a wrestling match was brutally violent, but Pentagon found a way to smack Sexy Star's breasts practically off her chest with just one thrust of the back of his hand! In the end, we had a satisfying conclusion to this match that leaves the door open for more between these two.

Winner:  Pentagon Jr.

News of the Night:

#1:  Chavo Guerrero betrayed Black Lotus for Dario Cueto, who (Cueto) in turn "fed" her to his "brother".  So, now Black Lotus is going to be raped by a freak in a cage.  How has no one reported this to the authorities? Isn't rape against the law? Are you understanding that I think the idea of showing these segments on TV is fucking stupid?

#2:  Cage attacked The Mack (Willie Mack) before he and Big Ryck could join Daivari for the Trios Tag Team Title Match.  Evidently, the relationship between Mack and Ryck, who are supposed to be cousins, is already being booked to end, as Ryck allowed the attack to stand, if only reluctantly.  Hopefully, they will give this angle/story-line a bit more time to flourish.

#3:  Texano came out to aid the Trios Champions, which further cements his welcome face turn.

#4:  In some rather interesting news, Vampiro came to the aid of Sexy Star, after the main event finished, to protect her from Pentagon, who was attacked her post-bout.  The crowd loved Vampiro and, in a vignette at the show's end, reached down deep into his soul to find the "old Vampiro", in what is the beginning of Vampiro's return to the wrestling ring.

Final Verdict: 

My previous gripes aside, this was a fine broadcast that had some marvelous moments of action.

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