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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-31 20:37:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the 2015 WWE Elimination Chamber from Corpus Christi, Texas, the first ever "PPV" special exclusively on the WWE Network here in the United States.



Renee Young, Byron Saxtin, Booker T and Corey Graves are the pre-show panel.  They acknowledged Rusev was out of the Chamber match due to the ankle injury.

Lana will be taking part in a Twitter chat.

The New Day went to Kane looking for help.   He announced all three would be allowed into the Elimination Chamber, but in the same pod.  Xavier Woods was worried due to being trapped in one pod, so Kane suggested they start the bout and have to go through everyone.  Big E and Kofi Kingston wanted nothing to do with that and thanked Kane, pulling Woods away.

The panel discussed John Cena vs. Kevin Owens.  They aired a great video feature on the bout.

They discussed the WWE Divas championship bout.

Stardust vs. Zack Ryder

They had a good match with Ryder getting far more offense than usual coming off of the John Cena match, including a dropkick off the apron to the floor.  It looks like WWE might have realized they've got a solid hand with Ryder. The announcers noted Stardust's issues with actor Stephen Annell coming off Raw and said he was going to unveil a new move.  It was the Queen's Crossbow (really the Crossrhodes) to continue the issue.  JBL said that Ryder failed his city, a reference to Oliver Queen on "Arrow" being obsessed with saving Starling City.  Some solid wrestling here. 

In the social media lounge, Lana said she didn't have any information on Rusev's injury but doesn't wish anyone harm.  She said they no longer speak.  On Dolph Ziggler, she said they have a good time and she has a legitimate interest in him.  She was asked how she feels about the United States now.  She said that she's judged people in her life but when Rusev judged her, it made her realize she perhaps has made a mistake and now she is trying to see things from other people's perspectives.  When asked how she feels about being free from Rusev, she said she chooses to be free and happy despite the circumstances.


Summer Rae gave Miz a big introduction, so they are still together in storyline.    Miz came out wearing a new ridiculous black outfit.   The crowd crapped on Miz, so he told the crowd to stop booing Summer.  He plugged his "Marine 4" film then asked everyone how much they missed him.  They showed footage of Daniel Bryan forfeiting the Intercontinental championship several weeks ago.    Miz introduced Bryan, who came out smiling and did his "Yes" entrance.

Miz said they have had differences in the past, but the footage was hard for him to watch.  He said he wishes Bryan a speedy recovery.  Miz asked how Bryan is doing, but every time Bryan tried to answer, Miz made it all about him.  Miz said it's tragic Bryan's "career is over" but it's tragic because of all the time Miz put into his career.  Bryan said his career is not over and he will be back.  He said that while he was out, however, he wrote a book that will be out this July.  I've read an advance copy and it's absolutely great - one of the most honest books about current day WWE.

Miz began knocking Bryan for not promoting his "Five Day Energy Drink" commercial and said Bryan looks like just another fan instead of looking like a star like Miz and real movie stars do.  He offered to help Bryan and would only take 10%.  Bryan told him to shut up.  That got a huge "Yes" chant.   Bryan said he's here to present the IC title to whoever wins the belt tonight.  He said again, his career is not over and he will be back.

Miz said he would normally slap Bryan out of that chair but due to doctor's orders, he can't touch Bryan and Bryan can't touch him.  Bryan said he was tired of listening to Miz's advice and said that he finds MizTV to be boring.  He said he had a great way to fix it and brought out Macho Mando and Axelmania.  Macho charged the ring but was laid out by Miz.  Axelmania ripped his t-shirt to distract Miz.  Macho laid out Miz and Axel dropped the leg. 

Bryan, Macho and Axel did the posedown to close the segment. Odd they never plugged the Bryan DVD coming out.

Backstage Eden interviewed Dean Ambrose. Ambrose said he feels no pressure on  one hand because he has nothing to lose.  On the other hand, he feels pressure and it's bubbling hatred for The Authority.  He said punching Seth in the face is good for it.    He said he wasn't worried about anyone intefering.  Roman Reigns showed up and said he would be in Ambrose's corner tonight.

They went to the ring with JBL inside the Chamber to explain the rules and show what it's like inside the structure.

Elimination Chamber PPV

They aired a great video to open the show.

WWE Tag Team champions The New Day vs. The Primetime Players vs. Los Matadores vs. The Ascension vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The Lucha Dragons

Torito went to the top of the pod and stayed there, so he's getting involved at some point.  Natalya, sadly, did not do the same.   The Ascension and The Lucha Dragons are starting off.   The Ascension tried to bully the Dragons but were upended by the Dragons' aerial moves.  The Dragons worked over Konnor.  Kalisto went to the top of a pod but were grabbed by New Day.  That left Sin Cara to be beaten by Ascension, who then came after Kalisto.  The crowd was all over New Day.  Kalisto kicked them down.  Cara climbed up to another pod and nailed a swanton on Viktor.  Kalisto went for a move but New Day grabbed his legs and pulled him down, crotching him.

The next team released were Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.  They double teamed Cara before turning their attention to The Ascension.   They nailed a variation of 3D with an uppercut for a two count on Konnor.  Cesaro drilled Kalisto with an uppercut while he was trapped on top of the pod, then nailed a big superplex that showed off Cesaro's strength.  Kidd nailed a springboard elbow but Cara broke up the pin.  All three teams battled with some good action.

The next team released were Los Matadores.  Torito dove off the pod into a rana.  Kalisto climbed to the top of the chamber, hung upside down, then dropped down on everyone. Well, that was insane.   The Ascension wiped out one of the Matadors.  Torito climbed to the top of the Chamber and dropped down on them.  They caught him, charged and tossed him at the other Matador, then hit the Fall of Man for the pin.  This is the best the Ascension has looked since making it to the main roster.

The Ascension then wiped out and pinned Kalisto, wiping out the Lucha Dragons as well.  This left them with Kidd and Cesaro.  The teams battle back and forth with The Ascension getting the better of them.  The Primetime Players were next out and brawled with The Ascension.  Titus manhandles Viktor and looked great.  The Players double teamed Viktor and pinned him, eliminating The Ascension.

The Players began working over Kidd and Cesaro.  Cesaro cut off Darren Young with a standing dropkick to the top rope.   Cesaro went for a top rope gutwrench superplex on Young but Titus slipped underneath and nailed a powerbomb.  Cool looking spot.  Kidd worked over Titus but was caught with a spinebuster.    Young covered Kidd but Cesaro broke it up.   

New Day were the last team released and they attacked everyone.   Everyone battled over a suplex and in the end the challengers suplexed over the champions.  Kidd and Cesaro attacks Xavier Woods and shoved him back into a pod, closing it.  They  began working over Kingston and went for the big swing into the Kidd dropkick.  Young rolled up Cesaro from behind and scored the surprise pin.

It's down to The New Day vs. The Primetime Players.  New Day worked them over three on two.   They beat down Young, then beat Titus against the chains of the structure.   They went after Young again but he ducked an clothesline and knocked Woods and Kingston off the top.  Young sent E into one of the pods.

They Players worked over New Day, sending them into the steel and chains on the outside.  Titus nailed E with a big clothesline after tossing him into the ring.  Young nailed the Gutbuster on Kingston for a close two count.   Young nailed the Cactus clothesline over the top to the steel outside.  E drilled him with an overhead belly to bellly suplex on the steel.  New Day swarmed over Titus and piled up, all pinning him.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, The New Day!

A really good chamber match.  Primetime Players and Ascension looked the best they have looked in, well, forever.  Lots of crazy spots and dives, especially the Kalisto and Torito spots.   A good opening with a lot of hard work.  A lot of those working here busted their ass trying to make the most of the opportunity.

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