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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-05-27 20:50:26
Last week, NXT presented Unstoppable and we saw three champions retain their titles, a new number one contender for the NXT Championship, and a new face in the company with ties to Orlando, Samoa Joe.

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Sami Zayn’s music plays but he looks a lot like NXT Champion Kevin Owens who does his best to continue to annoy the NXT fans.

We see footage from Raw when Kevin Owens attacked John Cena after Cena’s victory over Zack Ryder.

Owens says he was going to come out here and he was going to issue an NXT Title Open Challenge, but . . . the fact is he is not an insecure person. He does not feel like he has to defend his title against just anybody to prove himself. Kevin says he likes it when people earn their matches against him.

Kevin says that he hears the people chant ‘John Cena sucks’ but he never hears them chant ‘Sami Zayn sucks’ because he does. You are clapping and chanting and there was someone who called him a bad person and that is not true. Kevin says that he is a good man. For example, he is a good man because that was the last time we will ever have to hear that horrendous theme song after what he did at Takeover.

Kevin says he is surprised about what people are saying about what he did at Takeover. Sami Zayn asked for the match and Kevin said he would take him out. Sami showed up and he took him out. He did it to keep his title and to continue to provide for his family and that is the essence of a good person.

Kevin says another example of being a good person. When Samoa Joe came out onto the ramp and the place exploded, Kevin says he let you live in that moment. Kevin says he heard people say that he backed down because he was afraid of Samoa Joe. That is as ridiculous as the colors of John Cena’s merchandise. Kevin says he did it to make sure you went home with a positive feeling. He could drop Samoa Joe . . . like that. If Joe steps in the same ring as him, he will drop him . . . like that.

Speaking of dropping people, at Elimination Chamber, John Cena, I will show you that the real champ is here.

William Regal’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

William tells Kevin that he knows he is walking a very thin line here.

Kevin tells William before he says anything about head butting him, you put your hands on me first.

William says that is the only reason why you still work here.

William says over the last six months, there have been a number of Superstars stretchered out of here. He mentions Alex Riley, Neville, and Hideo Itami.

Kevin denies any involvement in what happened to Itami.

William also includes Sami Zayn.

Kevin reminds William that Sami asked for the match and Kevin told him what to expect. Kevin says it is also on Regal for making the match.

Solomon Crowe’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Crowe says he is sorry and he cannot listen to this garbage any longer. He heard something interesting while in the back. He heard Kevin say, he won’t fight anyone unless they earned it. It is because you are scared that at any given moment someone can beat you for the NXT Championship. That part about you being a ‘good guy’? Solomon says after seeing what Kevin did to Sami Zayn last week, you are a piece of crap.

Kevin asks Solomon if that is how he feels. Kevin tells Solomon he will show him how good a man he is. You just earned yourself an opportunity. Owens asks Regal if that is okay.

Regal says they are making his job easy. The main event will be Solomon Crowe versus Kevin Owens.

Kevin runs through the people he has stretchered out. He mentions Zayn a few times and then he says that you can add Crowe to the list.

We take a look at the video from last week showing Hideo Itami after he was attacked in the parking lot with Kevin Owens saying ‘that’s a shame’.

We see comments from Hideo Itami after his surgery. He says somebody attacked him in the parking lot. He says he does not know who, but they took his opportunity at the NXT Title. Itami says he has injured his shoulder and he had surgery. When he comes back, there will be no stopping him.

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage from last week when Renee Young interviewed Zack Ryder about NXT. He says he had a great time and then Mojo Rawley interrupts and he says that is how we do it every time and he says that he is hyped. Zack says he is called over the top.

Match Number One: Emma (with Dana Brooke) versus Bayley

Emma pushes Bayley against the ropes and they have something to say to each other. Emma pushes Bayley down. Bayley runs Emma into the corner but Emma with kicks to Bayley. Bayley with a forearm but Emma sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and kicks her.

Emma with a punch to Bayley. Emma with a wrist lock but Bayley reverses and she gives Emma a drop toe hold and she punches Emma. Bayley with a clothesline into the corner for a near fall. Emma sends Bayley into the ropes and Bayley falls over Emma for a near fall. Emma with a kick and she gets a near fall. Emma with another near fall. Emma with a forearm to the back and she chokes Bayley in the corner.

Emma with a forearm to the back followed by a snap mare using Bayley’s hair. Emma mocks the Bayley high five to the crowd. Emma with another snap mare by the hair. Emma chokes Bayley in the ropes and uses Bayley’s hair to assist her. Emma gets a near fall. Emma yells at Bayley but Bayley runs Emma into the corner and connects with a shoulder. Bayley with a running back elbow into the corner followed by a suplex.

Bayley goes to the turnbuckles but Emma grabs the leg and pulls her to the mat and hits a dragon screw leg whip and Emma applies the Emma Lock and Bayley taps out.

Winner: Emma

After the match, Dana picks up Bayley and holds her for Emma to slap Bayley.

Charlotte’s music plays and she takes her time to get to the ring. She hits Dana with a forearm on the ramp and then she takes Emma down and punches her. Dana pulls Charlotte off Emma and she puts Charlotte in a full nelson. Emma slaps Charlotte. Dana with a Michinoku Driver out of a fireman’s carry position.

We go back to footage from the match between Rhyno and Baron Corbin.

We see Renee Young interviewing Corbin after his win. He says that Rhyno called him out and then called himself the other Unstoppable force. He proved that he is the only Unstoppable force in NXT.

Rhyno stops by and he says that was fun and intense. Rhyno suggests they do it again, sooner rather than later. Rhyno walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Becky Lynch video package about her career with footage from her match against Sasha Banks from Unstoppable.

Match Number Two: Elias Samson and Mike Rallis versus Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake (with Alexa Bliss) in a Non Title Match

Blake and Rallis start things off and they lock up. Rallis with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Rallis blocks a hip toss and he gives Blake a hip toss. Murphy interferes and Rallis deals with him but Blake with a clothesline. Blake with a slam and Murphy tags in and hits a slingshot senton for a near fall.

Murphy with a reverse chin lock. Murphy gets a near fall. Murphy with a forearm and he mocks Samson on the apron. Murphy punches Rallis and he tags Blake in. Blake comes off Murphy’s back with a punch to the head and he applies a rear face lock. Blake with a reverse chin lock and Rallis backs him into the corner. Samson tags in and he connects with forearms and a drop kick. Samson with a discus forearm to Blake but Murphy with a kick followed by a suplex and he tags in Blake for the frog splash and the three count.

Winners: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

After the match, Murphy kicks Rallis and then Alexa goes up top as they pull Samson into the corner. Alexa hits the Sparkle Splash.

We go back to footage from Unstoppable when Finn Balor became the number one contender for the NXT title.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Devin Taylor asks Alexa how she got involved with Blake and Murphy. Alexa asks if she learned that question in journalism school. She says she is a winner and they are winners. Winners work together. She says that Carmella is from Staten Island, a garbage dump. That is why she is with Enzo and Cass. Next week, she will send Carmella back to that garbage dump.

Match Number Three: Tye Dilinger versus Finn Balor

They lock up and Balor with an elbow to get out of a waist lock. Dillinger with a chop and he goes for a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick. Dillinger gets into the ropes and it was a way to take advantage of Balor and he kicks him and chokes him in the corner while the referee warns him. Dillinger with a snap mare and boot to the head and then Dillinger mocks Balor.

Dillinger with a cravate with the arm trapped. Dillinger turns it into a reverse chin lock with the arm still trapped. Balor with an elbow but Dillinger with a knee and Irish whip but Balor with a boot and then he hits a running chop followed by a running drop kick to the side of the head. Balor goes for the reverse suplex but Dillinger with elbows. Balor with Slingblade and then Balor hits the running drop kick and he goes up top for Coup de Grace for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

We go to commercial.

We see footage of Jason Jordan in the Performance Center. Greg Hamilton asks about what the future has in store for Jason. He says he will be just fine. He has been searching for the perfect partner.

Chad Gable says that Jason must be talking about him.

Jason says Chad better have more than a towel to impress him.

Chad mentions his accomplishments and he says he has been on the Olympic team.

Jordan says he will call Cable if he needs him, but he has a tag team partner.

Gable gives him his towel and walks away.

Match Number Four: Kevin Owens versus Solomon Crowe in a Non Title Match

The bell rings and Owens goes to the floor because he is the champ and he can dictate the pace of the match. Crowe goes to the floor and Owens waits for him with a forearm. Owens with more forearms and kicks to Crowe. Owens punches Crowe and sends him back into the ring. Owens with a boot to the head.

Crowe punches Owens and then he connects with a forearm against the ropes. Crowe goes up top and Owens pushes Crowe off the turnbuckles to the floor. The referee checks on Crowe as we go to commercial.

We are back and Owens punches Crowe. Owens with a reverse chin lock. Crowe punches Owens but Owens sends Crowe to the mat and then he kicks and punches Crowe. Owens with another kick to Crowe. Owens sends Crowe to the floor and the referee starts his count. Crowe struggles to get back into the ring but he gets back in at eight. Owens kicks Crowe in the head as he re-enters the ring.

Owens sends Crowe to the floor another time and the referee counts again. Owens tells Crowe to show him he belongs in the ring. Crowe fights to get back into the ring. Crowe with an enzuigiri from the apron followed by a back heel kick and chops. Owens with a kick to the midsection and he stomps on the hand.

Crowe with a punch to Owens and he hits a running knee into the corner but Owens with a back elbow and back senton. Owens with the pop up power bomb for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens picks up Crowe and sends him to the floor. Owens sets for the apron power bomb and the referee warns him, and then Samoa Joe’s music plays. Joe makes his way onto the stage and he walks to the ring.

Joe gets on the apron and Owens holds up his title belt and then he leaves the ring when Joe enters.

Owens says that is a warning to Joe. Next time that is you. You should have stayed in Oblivion buddy. Owens says that Champ is here.

We go to credits.

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