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May 30th

On this day in history in ....

1925 - Joe Stecher defeats Stanislaus Zbyszko for the World's Heavyweight Wrestling Title in St. Louis, Missouri. It marks Stetcher's third World Title reign, but is not without controversy as Wayne Munn, who Zbyszko had won the title from, was still recognized as World Champion in Illinois and Michigan. Ed "Strangler" Lewis would later beat Stecher and Munn to unify the World Title.

1943 - Joe Silva defeats Adolfo Bonales to win the Mexico National Lightweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico. 

1945 - Marshall Estep defeats Ken Fenelon for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in Toronto, Iowa.

1955 - Jake "The Snake" Roberts (birth name Aurelian Jake Smith, Jr.) is born in Gainesville, Texas. 

1956 - Killer Kowalski defeats Yvon Robert in Montreal, Quebec for the Montreal World Heavyweight Title, beginning his seventh reign and ending Yvon Robert's 16th.

1964 - Bobby Steele defeats Chick Purvey to win the European Middleweight Title in Manchester, England. 

1964 - Benny Galant defeats El Rayo de Jalisco to win the NWA World Middleweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1966 - Herb Welch and Al Costello defeat Karl and Eric von Brauner in a tournament final to win the vacant Mid-America version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee. The title had been vacant since February when Antonio Inoki, who held the title with Hiro Matsuda, suffered a broken leg. 

1970 - The WWWF ran at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The results were:
- Little Brutus and Sky Low Low defeated Sonny Boy Hayes and Joey Russell.
- Victor Rivera defeated Lee Wong.
- Crusher Verdu defeated Joe Crugnale. 
- Gorilla Monsoon defeated Toru Tanaka.
- The Mongols (Bepo and Geto) defeated Dominic DeNucci and Mario Milano.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Karl Kovacs.

1970 - Bobby Hart defeats Johnny Valentine for the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee. 

1973 - Tony Garea & Haystacks Calhoun defeat Professor Tanaka & Mr. Fuji for the WWWF World Tag Team Title in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. This is the first tag title for Garea, who would go on to hold the same title with three other partners (Dean Ho, Larry Zbyszko and twice with Rick Martel).

1978 - Antonio Inoki defeats André the Giant by countout in Osaka, Japan to win the first-annual New Japan Pro Wrestling MSG League. 

1981 - The WWF ran at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The results were:
- Pete Doherty fought Don Serreno to a time-limit draw.
- Dominic DeNucci defeated Johnny Rodz.
- Special Delivery Jones defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna. 
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales defeated Angelo Mosca via disqualification.
- Bruno Sammartino pinned Killer Khan.
- The Great Yatzu defeated Fred Marzino.
- Rick McGraw defeated Frank Savage.
- Tony Garea and Rick Martel defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Moondogs via disqualification.

1981 - Jack Brisco defeats Kim Song for the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Title in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1981 - Sweet Ebony Diamond defeats Greg Valentine to win the NWA Television Title in Charlotte, North Carolina, beginning his second reign and ending Valentine's third. 

1983 - Little Tokyo defeats Cowboy Lang in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the NWA World Midgets' Title, beginning his third reign and ending Lang's second.

1984 - Angelo Mosca ends Mike Rotundo's second run with the Florida version of the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title after only nine days in Tampa, Florida. 

1986 - A tournament was held to crown the first ever Universal Wrestling Federation Champion in Houston, Texas. The UWF was the new name for Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling, which had grown and expanded to include more cities outside of it's original Louisiana and Oklahoma territory. Prior to the tournament, Hacksaw Duggan, the reigning Mid-South North American Champion, vacated his title, as the UWF Title would now be the top championship for the company. Here are the results of the tournament:

First Round:
Hacksaw Duggan defeated Buddy Roberts.
Chavo Guerrero vs. Buzz Sawyer ended in a double DQ.
Jack Victory defeated Brett Sawyer.
Kamala defeated Sting.
Steve Williams defeated Rick Steiner.
Terry Taylor vs. Michael Hayes ended in a draw.
Ted DiBiase defeated Rock (Ultimate Warrior).
Terry Gordy defeated Koko B. Ware

Hacksaw Duggan received a bye to the semifinals.
Kamala defeated Jack Victory.
Steve Williams received a bye to the semifinals.
Terry Gordy defeated Ted DiBiase.

Hacksaw Duggan defeated Kamala.
Terry Gordy defeated Steve Williams.

Terry Gordy defeated Hacksaw Duggan. Prior to the match, One Man Gang attacked Duggan, ramming him into the ringpost and leaving him a bloody mess. Gordy and Michael Hayes, having no allegiance to Duggan or Devastation Inc. (the heel stable OMG was a part of) watched the attack without getting involved. Gordy then easily defeated Duggan to win the title.

1986 - The Shadow (Jaymie Knight) wins a 13-man battle royal to win the vacant NWA Central States Heavyweight Title in Des Moines, Iowa. The title had been vacated that same day by Bob Brown due to an ankle injury, ending his 15th reign. 

1996 - Sean Morley (Val Venis) defeats El Bronco for the WWC Television Title in Caguas, Puerto Rico. This reign would actually last nearly three years, as the title was not officially vacated until March 3, 1999, despite his working for the WWF since 1997. 

1998 - Hysteria defeats Vance Nevada to win the Canadian Wrestling Federation Junior Heavyweight Title.

2000 - In Nampa, Idaho, in a match taped for the May 31 edition of WCW Thunder, Sean Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo defeat Kronik (Brian Adams and Brian Clark) for the WCW World Tag Team Title. 

2001 - Evolution (Nova and Frankie Kazarian) win a tournament for the vacant UPW Tag Team Title in Santa Ana, California. The title had been stripped from the Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon) on January 31.

2003 - Void wins the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title for the second time, defeating Chris Sanders in Humboldt, Tennessee.

2003 - Talon defeats Joe Woods to win the vacant NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight Title in Ocoee, Florida. 

2004 - Lacey defeats Mercedes Martinez and Daizee Haze in a three-way match to become the first NWA Midwest Women's Champion in Highland, Indiana.

2008 -  WWE transferred Hacksaw Duggan from a full-time talent to a talent under a legends deal.

2008 - Bobby Lashley appeared at an American Fight League MMA card in Atlanta to announce his signing with the company, setting the stage for his first MMA bout following his WWE run.

2009 - Ring of Honor aired ROH on HDNet.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Mike ‘Philly Cheese Porpoise’ Hogewood and Dave ‘DP Associates will live forever’ Prazak.

Mike and Dave talk about the Tag Title Match tonight where tables are legal where the American Wolves will face the team of El Generico and Kevin Steen. Dave Prazak predicts that we will see new tag team champions tonight.

Match Number One: Rhett Titus versus Roderick Strong

Titus does not like the way the fans are serenading him. Titus works on the arm but Strong with a side head lock take down. Titus with a head scissors and Strong escapes and Strong with an arm drag into an arm bar. Titus throws Strong out of the ring, but Titus does not realize that Strong is waiting for him on the apron until Titus turns around and Strong with a springboard shoulder tackle followed by a chop and a drop kick for a near fall. Strong with a back breaker for a near fall. Strong with a chop that has Titus showing a lot of pain. Titus will not go on the Irish whip so Strong with another chop. Titus with a knee. Strong misses a kick in the corner and Titus with a lungblower and then he punches Strong. Titus with a thrust and he follows it with a punch. Strong with chops but Titus with punches and then he chokes Strong with his boot. Titus with a slam and a knee drop for a near fall. Strong with a jawbreaker and forearms but Titus sends Strong into the turnbuckles. Titus with a splash into the corner followed by a knee that takes Strong down for a near fall. Titus works on the neck but Strong with chops and a cross body for a near fall. Strong tries for a back breaker but Titus blocks it and hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Titus with kicks followed by an Irish whip. Titus misses a move into the corner and Titus hits the turnbuckles. Strong with a running clothesline into the corner followed by a back body drop. Strong with chops but Titus with a thumb to the eye. Strong with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Titus with a rollup but he can only get a two count despite using the tights. Titus with a leg lariat for a near fall. Titus sets for a power bomb but Strong with an enzuigiri and a gutbuster followed by the Yakuza kick for the three count.
Winner: Roderick Strong

It is time for a profile of Austin Aries. Aries talks about his training for the title match next week. He says that you have to deal with four egos and turn them against each other to snatch the opportunity. Aries says that he brings style and substance to things.

Match Number Two: Sara Del Rey versus MsChif with Jimmy Jacobs versus Daizee Haze in a Non Title Match

Del Rey kicks MsChif followed by a clothesline to Haze before she throws Haze out of the ring. MsChif with a drop toe hold and a standing moonsault for a near fall. MsChif with an Octopus to Del Rey and Haze breaks it up with a missile drop kick but MsChif turns it into a near fall on Del Rey. Haze with an X Factor to MsChif. Del Rey with a vertical choke slam to Haze on top of MsChif and Haze gets a near fall. MsChif rollw out of the ring while Del Rey connects with a head butt to Haze. MsChif grabs Del Rey’s leg as she comes off the ropes and Haze drop kicks Del Rey out of the ring. Del Rey with a punch to MsChif on the floor. Haze with a cross body to Del Rey on the floor followed by a few kicks. MsChif sprays green mist in Haze’s face and then MsChif hits the Desecrator for the three count.
Winner: MsChif

After the match Kyle Durden interviews MsChif and he asks what her future is in Ring of Honor. Jimmy Jacobs takes the mic and he says that they don’t have goals. They have accomplishments. It is the goal of every woman in the Age of the Fall to win the Shimmer Title and MsChif has done that. MsChif will take care of Daizee Haze. MsChif screams before Durden leaves the ring.

It is time for a profile of Tyler Black and comments from him. He says that there is a lot of pressure getting ready for a title match. He says that this matches are suited to him because of his age and unpredictability. Black feels that he can steal a win from any of them. He feels that he is hungrier than all three men and it is his dream to hold the Ring of Honor World Title.

We have a message from The Embassy and Prince Nana says that the roller coaster ride will continue with Jimmy Rave and Bison Smith to join him and Ernie Osiris. Nana brings out his associate, Claudio Castagnoli.

Match Number Three: Erick Stevens versus Sami Callihan

Callihan with a kick and side head lock but Stevens with a shoulder tackle and he blocks a hip toss and hits one of his own. Stevens with a slam followed by an elbow drop. Stevens with a chop. Callihan with a forearm to the back but Stevens does not show any effect. Callihan sends Stevens into the turnbuckles and he connects with a head butt and chop. Stevens chops back and Callihan with a rake of the eyes. Callihan with a snap mare and then he licks Stevens’ face. Callihan with a kick to the leg and then Callihan avoids a German suplex. Callihan with a clothesline to Stevens for a near fall. Callihan applies the Koji Clutch but Stevens gets to the ropes. Callihan with a forearm in the corner but Stevens runs Callihan into the turnbuckles. Stevens with the choo choo and then he hits a lariat. Stevens hits the Doctor Bomb for the three count.
Winner: Erick Stevens

It is time for comments from Nigel McGuinness who is being interviewed by Mike and Dave. They ask Nigel about his rehab and he says that it is between him and his doctor. Nigel says that it is going as well as it needs to be. He says that to be at the very top, you need the edge so he is not going to tell anyone when he is coming back. Dave asks Nigel for a prediction for next week. Nigel says that there are four fantastic wrestlers in the match. Bryan Danielson is synonymous with Ring of Honor and he is one of the best in the world. Danielson would be a good bet. Tyler Black is considered by some to be the future, but when you do those moves, you face a lot of risks. He says that Tyler needs to stay healthy. Austin Aries is wrestling a lot smarter and taking fewer risks. He is a good bet for the match. Nigel says that he has a bitter taste in his mouth about Jerry Lynn, but after eighteen months of everyone trying to beat him for the belt, Jerry did it. Nigel tells Jerry that he is going to get his title back. Nigel tells the fans that they doubted him before, don’t make that mistake again. He will take his spot in wrestling history.

Match Number Four: Kevin Steen and El Generico versus The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) in a Tables Are Legal Match for the ROH World Tag Titles

They fight outside the ring as Steen and Generico come to the ring. Generico sends Edwards into the guardrail while Steen battles with Richards. Steen punches Richards while Richards begs for a time out. Steen bites Richards. Edwards with kicks to Generico. Steen hits Edwards from behind. Generico chops Edwards while Richards is sent into the guardrails by Steen. Generico sends Edwards’ head into the ringside table. Generico and Steen punch Richards. Richards is sent into the ring and it ‘officially’ starts.

Generico punches Richards while Steen chops and punches him. Generico with a drop toe hold and Steen with two flip leg drops to Richards. Steen punches Richards but Edwards stops him. Generico punches Edwards and then Steen hits a series of back sentons and then Generico gets on Steen’s back for a double back senton. Genericos tells Steen to get a table. Generico sends Richards into a table that is held up by Steen and then Generico says the same to Edwards. The table is brought into the ring by Steen and Generico and it is set up in the corner. Steen punches Edwards and Generico kicks Edwards. Edwards avoids the table but Generico with a t-bone suplex into the turnbuckles. Richards sends Generico into the guardrail on the floor. In the ring, Steen tries to power bomb Richards through the table, but Richards gets out of the hold and he goes after Steen’s knee. Edwards tosses Generico into the air and Richards with a kick. Edwards with a super kick and Richards with a German suplex into the table, but the table does not break. Richards with another drop kick to the knees. Richards drops Steen’s knee onto the table and the table breaks but it does not end the match.

Steen fights back but Richards and Edwards continue to work on Steen’s knee. Richards with a figure four leg lock set up but he does not apply the hold. Edwards brings a table into the ring as Richards continues to work on the knee. Steen chops Richards but Edwards and Richards with kicks. Steen with elbows to Edwards and Richards and then Generico with a cross body onto both men. Generico with clotheslines and then Generico with a package power bomb to Edwards for a two count. Richards tries for the DR Driver but Generico blocks it. Generico with a tornado DDT to Richards and then he goes up top and hits a flip dive onto Edwards. Steen with a power bomb of Richards onto the table. Steen goes up top and so does Generico. Steen with a Swanton Bomb and then Generico with a frog splash but Edwards breaks up the cover. Steen throws Edwards out of the ring. Steen and Generico battle with Edwards on the floor and Steen gets another table.

They send Edwards into the guardrails and then they get another table and stack it on top of the one already set up. Generico punches and kicks Edwards. Steen sets for the powerbomb through the tables, but Richards kicks Steen in the knee and then Richards kicks Generico. Richards with running splashes into the corner followed by a running forearm as Edwards kicks Steen in the back of the head. Edwards brings a table into the ring and Richards goes up top as Edwards gets another table. Richards misses a shooting star press. Generico with a dive through the ropes and to the other side of the ring post as he hits a tornado DDT on Edwards on the floor. Generico puts Edwards on the table as Generico goes up top. Steen with a cannonball to Richards. Generico with a frog splash on Edwards through the table. Steen has Richards in the Sharpshooter and Richards tries to get to the ropes.

Shane Hagadorn comes to the ring and Steen hits the package piledriver on Hadadorn. Steen with a super kick to Richards and then the table in the ring is set up. Steen puts Richards on the table and Steen goes up top for a moonsault but Richards gets up and Richards pushes Steen through the tables set up on the floor. Generico with a Yakuza kick to Richards and then Edwards with a low blow to Generico. Richards with the Ace Crusher through the table and Edwards gets the three count.
Winners: The American Wolves

2011 - The USA Network aired the second to final episode of their season of "Tough Enough".  Richard Trionfo filed the following report:

We start off with a look back at last week when AJ was finally eliminated as well as Christina who could not capitalize on her chance to show her charisma. We also saw the Rock’s performance on last week’s show. Austin gives his ultimatum to Andy to bring it for a shot at the finals.

We are back at the house and we see Jeremiah and Luke marking their territory. Jeremiah says that him and Luke are the top two.

Jeremiah says that he doesn’t think anyone should come home from the bottom three.

Andy returns and he says that he is pissed off and angry.

Jeremiah has some words for Andy as he walks in. Andy doesn’t care what the situation is because the top three is now the bottom three. Andy sulks around the house.

Andy says that the competition is all about him.

Jeremiah and Luke have a few adult beverages while Andy goes to sleep.

We are at the training center and the final three enter. The trainers greet them. Bill says that there is no theme since they are at the end. It is time to throw stuff at them. Trish says that they are going to fine tune the final three. Can they perform the WWE way.

Austin enters the building as Bill tells the contestants to do cross body presses.

Bill says that they want to see the best that they have. Bill says that they all possess something to make the start of a WWE superstar.

Now it is time for some hip tosses in the ring as they come out of the corner. Andy has some trouble with a float over. Austin says that he wonders if he has what it takes long term. Booker tells Andy that he has to be in control.

Andy says that he is human and he points out that he will never be perfect.

Bill takes them back in the training and he asks Andy if he remembers it.

Bill says that if you don’t bring it to the table, he is going to bring the table to you.

We see Luke try for a leap frog and he hits Andy in the face with his knee.

Austin says that he doesn’t want any more injuries and if you can do it in the ring, go ahead and do it.

We see Jeremiah and Luke collide in the ring. Jeremiah doesn’t know what happened. Austin wants to know if anyone broke something. Bill says that Jeremiah has the commitment, agility, and heart but Bill tells him that he is not that crisp in the ring.

Booker tells all three of them that they failed with their training today and then they are sent back to the Tough Enough House.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the contestants to redeem themselves. They go to a photo shoot and we see Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, and The Miz.

Andy says that he is going to give everything with whatever they are doing.

Austin says that it is about putting it all together and there is more than being in the ring. There are media appearances and photo shoots. They are joined by the Miz.

Miz congratulates them for getting this far, but the training has just begun because the press and promotion is part of the daily life of a WWE Superstar.

Miz says that they don’t wear fanny packs or Zubaz pants any more.

Trish tells them to get ready for their photo shoot.

We see the contestants getting dressed and Luke thinks that Andy looks uncomfortable.

Luke comes out first and he says that he feels comfortable in the suit. We see the photo shoot. Austin felt that he could do it 24/7 and he has some arrogance. Austin says that he thinks his looks and swagger will take him far.

Andy is out next and Miz says that Andy looks like a nice, good old boy. They tell Andy to do whatever he wants to show who he is. Miz says that Andy has trouble breaking out of his shell. Miz says that he hopes that Andy can get out of the shell because if he can’t, the WWE will eat him up. Austin and Miz try to give Andy some encouragement. Austin says that Andy released his ‘Silent Rage’.

Jeremiah is out last and Austin asks him if he has his teeth in. Miz is shocked to see Jeremiah without his teeth. Austin says that Jeremiah is surprising everyone with his natural ability. He has a presence and a future.

Miz wishes everyone luck before he leaves and he reminds them that he is awesome.

Austin tells them that Bill and Booker are waiting back at the training facility for some more fun.

We go to commercial.

We are back at the training facility and Booker tells everyone they are in the bottom three.

Luke admits they had trouble yesterday but they have to bring it every time.

We see Andy taking shoulder tackles then Luke and finally Jeremiah.

We then see Irish whips into the corner.

Booker and Trish tell Andy to act like he is a big man. Andy points out how they tell him to be the big man.

Trish and Booker are impressed with the turnaround by Andy.

Bill says that Andy looks like he was born to be in the ring and he is convincing the trainers as well as Jeremiah and Luke.

Bill wants to know where Luke’s drop kick was in the past. Bill was impressed with the performance and we see him smile.

Booker tells Jeremiah to slow things down a bit. Bill tells him to sit down because he is trying to get to the finish before it is necessary. Jeremiah knows that he needs to control that. Jeremiah admits that he needs to bring his game more than Andy or Luke because of his ‘unexperience’. Bill tells him to work at 40% speed.

Bill says that Jeremiah has to digest everything that is thrown at him.

They are told to go to the floor. Luke says that things were electric in the training center.

Bill tells them that they need to want it. Bill tells them to leave.

It is time to go to a Children’s Hospital with Austin so they can meet some kids. Austin points out that this is about everything that a WWE Superstar has to do. He says that going to a hospital puts things in perspective.

Luke talks about the reactions on the children’s faces.

Andy also thinks about how the families are dealing with their children being sick.

Austin says that every kid he sees in the hospital is tougher and braver than he is.

Jeremiah says that it means a lot to be here because he had a cousin who died of cancer.

Austin says that you realize how lucky you are after an experience like they had. Austin was impressed with how they did at the hospital.

Austin tells them that they have another tough day at the compound.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for more training. Bill is looking forward to today’s session.

Austin enters the ring and he tells everyone that it is time for the Skills Challenge. It is a comprehensive challenge and at the end of the day, someone is going home. Austin says that they are looking at everything.

Austin tells Luke to run the ropes for 45 seconds.

Bill says that they were looking at everything they learned. He mentions that Austin would add something for the contestants. Bill says that they get to watch their kids like proud parents, but they can’t nudge them or help them any more.

Andy says that you have to look good in there.

Trish says that she likes how Andy does when he acts like a big man. She says that he fell into the role today, but is it enough to make it.

It is time to slam the bag and drop some elbows.

Booker mentions that Luke has his confidence back, but being knocked off the pedestal rattled his cage a bit.

Luke says that when he went up top it was time for him to shine and he says that it was Luke’s moment when he dropped the perfect elbow.

Bill mentioned that Jeremiah was green in the ring but he will learn it when given the chance. Bill wonders if he is capable enough.

Bill says that Jeremiah slammed the bag in the wrong direction and then he got a little creative with his elbow drop and Bill liked that he fixed it. However, you can’t fix it every night. He says that Jeremiah has glimpses of impressive stupidity.

Jeremiah says that he know exactly what he was doing with the elbow.

Austin stops Jeremiah. He says that things caught up to him and he is unable to grasp everything to maintain a save level in the ring.

Austin tells them that they are the bottom three and the final three so one of them is going home. Austin tells them to pack up their stuff because they will be back in the ring later tonight.

Bill says that it comes down to what the captain says and he has some tough choices.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremiah talks about his elbow drop and he thinks that he impressed the trainers. Andy says that Jeremiah has busted his butt, but he was a bit careless and reckless today. Jeremiah says that he did not expect it to be perfect, but he wanted to try it.

Andy says that tonight is make it or break it night and he has the same strategy that he had since day one.

Luke says that he feels like he did the best job showing the trainers that he could be the next WWE superstar.

They have a final drink before they go to the Mud Hole.

We go to the ring and Steve Austin makes his grand entrance.

Austin says that he is proud of all three. He says that someone is going home tonight.

Austin tells Jeremiah that we finally get to learn about him. Jeremiah says that he was in the army for three years. He was going to be the toughest person. He fought in Afghanistan. Austin asks Jeremiah about his devotion to wrestling and Jeremiah says that it is a lifetime thing, not a quick look.

Austin tells Andy that he thinks him that he is too weak and fragile from the neck up. Andy tells Austin that he is full of it. Andy says that it has been a challenge mentally and emotionally.

Austin asks Jeremiah about his child and wonders why Jeremiah hasn’t been emotionally frazzled. Jeremiah says his kid knows that daddy is at work.

Jeremiah says that Andy is soft. He says that he is emotionally stronger than anyone else in the ring.

Austin says that Luke doesn’t bring much to the table. He says that he is a good looking guy who is a mechanic. Luke points out that it is an entertainment business and Austin thanks Luke for telling him that after 20 years. Luke says that he brought the swagger back this week and he dropped a mean elbow.

Austin asks Luke if what Jeremiah is doing is impressive. Luke says that he is a natural athlete. Luke says that Jeremiah looked to him for help and a win for Jeremiah is a win for him too.

Austin tells Luke that a win for Jeremiah is a loss for Luke.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for more of Austin with the final three.

We get Luke’s comments that aired before the commercial.

Luke says that Jeremiah might be the arrogant one of the group.

Austin asks Jeremiah if he is arrogant and Jeremiah says that he is confident. Jeremiah says that he’s got skills.

Austin asks Luke about Jeremiah’s skills comments. Luke says that he had the best skills of the three.

Jeremiah says that he ain’t perfect and he is on the fence with him.

Austin asks Andy if he is going to cry. Andy says that he is passionate and emotional. Austin says that he didn’t cry because of the business.

Austin says that everything he likes about him regarding the business, he doesn’t have the charisma. Andy says that he has the fire and a mean streak a mile long.

Austin asks Andy if he has any potential in the business and Andy says he has zero. He calls Luke a weasel who isn’t comfortable in his own skin.

Austin comments on the nervous laugh from Luke and Luke disputes that it is nervous. Luke says that he gets excited in the ring and Austin calls him twitchy.

Austin asks Luke how he thought Andy did in the skills challenge. He says that he did okay except for the fiery part.

Austin asks Andy for his comments.

Austin asks Andy if he missed something charismatic from him. Andy says that he did not bring it every time. He says that he had to slow down. Austin says that Jeremiah didn’t slow down.

Jeremiah says that he is proud of what he did.

Austin wants to know what happened today. He says he left it all in the ring. Austin says that Jeremiah was bad in the skills challenge today. Austin says that he thought Jeremiah was going to break his neck as he came off the top. He says that he has a lot to learn and he says that he never hurt anyone.

Austin tells everyone that they put up a hell of a fight. They have their strengths and weaknesses. Based on everything he has seen, Jeremiah represented himself well, but the greenness caught up to him. It isn’t by much, but Jeremiah is going home.

Austin tells Luke that the green ass rookie almost sent his ass home. He came close to sending Andy’s ass home too.

Austin tells Jeremiah that he impressed him.

Jeremiah says that it has been a hell of a ride and he has no regrets. He came here knowing his skill level and it caught up to him. He went outside the box. However, he did what nobody thought he could do. He is looking forward to getting back in there and doing it again.

The next time they see each other will be at the FCW arena. They will have a five minute exhibition in front of the fans and WWE brass. The best performance will get the contract.

Austin wishes them luck and Austin asks for some Steveweisers. Beer spills in the ring.

Andy says that he is so excited by this opportunity.

Luke says that he is on the doorstep of his dreams and it is a wild ride.

Andy says that he cannot wait to get back to work. He is going to win this competition.

Luke says that he is the rock star and he is going to win this competition.

We go to credits.

2011 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin with a dedication to the people of the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives to protect this country.

We are live from Omaha, Nebraska and your announcers are Michael ‘High-Low’ Cole and Jerry ‘The Decision’ Lawler.

R Truth is at the merchandise stand and he is throwing John Cena merchandise all over the place and it forces us into some technical difficulties.

Truth looks at the other merchandise and he is probably wondering where he is on the merchandise because we can’t hear what he is saying. Truth eventually destroys a merchandise stand. He goes to a concession stand and he destroys that too.

Truth can’t avoid photos of John Cena and he storms off.

Truth makes his way into the seating area.

Cole calls Truth delusional and Lawler blames Truth for the technical problems.

Truth sees some more John Cena t-shirts and he is going into a rage. Truth yells at a child in a John Cena t-shirt and then he tells a fan wearing a Cena hat and t-shirt to get out of his face.

Truth points out that we have a row of fans in Cena gear. Truth finds a Little Jimmy who came to the show with his dad. Truth asks Jimmy’s dad what his son’s name is and wonders if it is Little Jimmy. Cena says that his eyes have deceived him. Big Jimmy has on a John Cena t-shirt too. Truth asks Big Jimmy if he thinks that Cena is better than him. He wants Big Jimmy to says something and Big Jimmy says ‘What’s Up’.

Truth says that it isn’t about ‘What’s Up’ no more. It ain’t about none of you people either. Truth tells everyone to stop booing him and they should be booing themselves. Truth says that everyone is against him and conspiring against him. The adults, the kids, the grandmamas, and the Little Jimmys. Truth says that he can’t stand the Little Jimmys and they make him sick.

John Cena’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Cena says that after a few weeks, we finally get it. The man is trying to keep Truth down and everyone hates R Truth and everyone is named Jimmy. Cena says that is a fantasy world. He says that Truth is off the deep end. Cena wants to know what is wrong with Truth.

Truth says that it is everyone whose fault it is. It is also Cena’s fault. The people, Cena, and Little Jimmy have been conspiring to keep him down. Ever since he stopped rapping and dancing, nobody likes him any more.

The fans chant for Cena and then John says that the people are not Jimmys. They are the greatest fans in the world. They agree with Cena that Truth should be in a freaking straitjacket. Cena does not know why Truth feels the way that he does. If Truth wants a match, he says that he has no problem knocking some sense into him.

Truth says that is what he wants. Now the Little Jimmys gets to see him beat John Cena down.

The General Messenger makes his presence known. Michael Cole reads the e-mail. Make the match official. The main event is R Truth versus John Cena. There are no Little Jimmys allowed at ringside. Truth tells Cena that he is gonna get got.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the WWE staff out back at the arena playing around the plastic pool.

Match Number One: Kofi Kingston versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero in a Non-Title Match


They lock up and Kofi goes for the leg and he takes Kofi to the mat. Dolph with a waist lock on Kofi but Kofi with a standing switch and take down. Ziggler with a near fall and then he punches Kofi. Ziggler with a side head lock but Kofi with a top wrist lock into a side head lock and take down.

Kofi gets a near fall followed by a front face lock. Ziggler with a kick to the midsection and a forearm to the back of the neck. Ziggler with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Ziggler with a kick to Kofi followed by a punch.

Kofi kicks Dolph but Kofi lands on his feet when Dolph tries to get him out of the corner. Kofi with an Irish whip and a monkey flip. Kofi leaps into the corner but Ziggler knocks Kofi to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with an arm bar and chin lock on Kofi. Ziggler with a punch to Kofi followed by the vintage leaping elbow drops and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with a side head lock. Kofi with punches and a kick but Ziggler with an Irish whip and he misses a splash into the corner. Kofi with chops to Ziggler followed by a drop kick. Ziggler avoids the Superman punch. Kofi with a kick and he hits the Superman punch and it is time for the Boom drop and he hits it.

Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise and he misses it. Ziggler puts Kofi in the sleeper but Kofi escapes. Ziggler runs into the corner and he is met with the pendulum kick. Kofi goes up top but he misses the cross body. Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall.

Ziggler tries for a gutbuster but Kofi with an inside cradle for a near fall. Kofi tries for the SOS but Ziggler holds on to the ropes. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the three count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Will we see Alex Riley apologize to the Miz tonight? If Michael Cole has his way, he will.


We are back and it is time to hear from Ricardo Rodriguez and he introduces Alberto Del Rio, who is not dressed to wrestle. Apparently Brodus Clay could not get the lackey waiver that Alex Riley had and he is not in the back of Del Rio’s car.

Del Rio tells us who he is . . . but we already knew that. He says that we already know what happened last week with the Big Show. We go to the same video package that was shown on every WWE show last week, but we got a spot shadow on Ricardo Rodriguez running from the car.

Alberto says that it was an accident. Alberto wants Ricardo to tell them what happened. Ricardo tells everyone what happened, but he says it in Spanish. Alberto says that a lot of people make the same mistake, just like the Big Show. He blames Big Show for everything.

He says that bad things happen to bad people. Alberto says that he is a nice guy, but business is business. That is why Big Show owes him money for damaging his car, and Ricardo will send him the bill. Alberto tells Big Show to get well soon and then he does the Del Rio wink.

We see Eve and Kelly Kelly in the back and we go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Brie Bella and Nikki Bella versus Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres


Eve and Brie start things off and they lock up. Eve with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Eve flips over Brie and then takes her down with an arm drag. Eve with a sunset flip for a near fall. Eve with a modified Anaconda Vice and Kelly distracted the referee to allow Nikki to interfere. They make a series of quick tags as they work on Eve. They double team Eve and get a near fall. Nikki chokes Eve and then Brie kicks her in the head.

Brie tags back in and she puts Eve in a front face lock. Eve with a release Northern Lights suplex and then Kelly tags in and she hits her vintage Thesz Press and then she spanks Brie. Kelly with a head scissors as she loses her belt and Kelly with a Stinkface and bulldog. Nikki breaks up the cover and Eve with a drop kick to Nikki. Kelly hits the K2 on Brie for the three count.

Winners: Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole is in the ring and he says that the most must see WWE Champion of all time was justified in firing his protégé. Cole does not know why the Raw General Manager rehired Alex Riley. We go back to last week and see the footage.

Alex Riley comes to the ring. Cole says never before in the history of the WWE has there been an act of treachery or backstabbing. Cole wants to know how Riley could have done that.

Cole tells Riley that Miz was like a father to him. Miz protected Riley. The Miz nurtured him and took him under his wing. Miz would eventually let Riley fly. Then Riley unmercifully attacked his mentor. Cole tells Riley that there are impressionable young men and women watching all over the world. How were those people emotionally affected by what he did to the Miz?

How was the Miz emotionally affected by what Riley did? Cole points out that Miz is a friend of his. Miz was hurt by this. Miz was emotionally scarred by what Alex did. Cole tells Riley that Miz thought of Riley as a brother and a confidant.

Cole says that he has one question for Alex Riley: How can he justify his actions from last week.

Alex says that he never felt better than he did last week.

Cole tells Riley that he should get down on his knees and beg Miz for forgiveness. He says that Riley has no idea what the Miz is capable of.

Riley tells Cole to shut up and he tells Cole that he has a big mouth, just like the Miz. He says that Cole is arrogant, just like the Miz. He says that Cole is getting annoying, just like the Miz.

Cole tells Riley that he is none of those things, and neither is the Miz. Cole tells Riley that he is a bastard.

Riley grabs Cole and then he sends Cole to the mat. Riley reminds Cole what he said about Riley.

Miz comes to the ring and he attacks Riley from behind. Miz with a boot to the head and then he kicks Riley. Miz punches Riley and then he kicks Riley in the head. Riley with a spear and he punches Miz. Riley chases Miz up the ramp and he catches up to him. Riley sends Miz into the ringside barrier and into the ring bell pit. Riley throws Miz across the announce table but Miz is able to escape into the crowd.

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage from last week’s main event when Bret Hart helped Rey and Cena beat CM Punk and R Truth.

Match Number Three: CM Punk with Mason ‘Not-tista’ Ryan versus Rey Mysterio


Punk has something to say to Rey before they lock up. Punk with kicks and forearms followed by kicks and knees in the corner. Punk chokes Rey before the referee warns him. Rey with a kick to Punk followed by a head scissors. Rey punches Punk in the corner but Punk sends him to the mat. Punk with a knee and he throws Rey under the bottom rope. Rey with a shoulder and punches to Punk from the apron. Mason Ryan sends Rey into the ring post and Rey goes to the mat.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Punk has Rey on his back but Rey with an arm drag. Rey with a kick to the leg. Rey tries for a float over but Punk catches him and Punk hits a back breaker for a near fall. Punk with a figure four head scissors on Rey. Punk with elbows to Rey’s head and he gets a near fall. Punk returns to the head scissors and he blows a kiss to a fan in the crowd.

Punk gets a near fall and then Rey kicks Punk in the head and leg. Punk with a kick of his own and he tries to suplex Rey but Rey lands on his feet. Rey kicks Punk into the ropes and Punk falls into the ropes. Punk goes to the floor and Rey with a suicide dive that sends Punk over the announce table, but Rey has trouble getting up.

Rey sends Punk back into the ring and Rey looks over his shoulder at Ryan. Rey goes up top for the seated splash followed by the springboard cross body for a near fall. Punk sends Rey into the corner but Rey with a kick. Rey with a victory roll and bridge for a near fall. Punk with a back breaker for a near fall.

Punk gets Rey up for the Go To Sleep but Rey counters with a rana and Rey sets for the 619. Rey takes care of Ryan instead with a drop kick. Punk gets Rey on his shoulders again but Rey escapes. Punk with a kick to the head and he gets the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

It is time to talk about the season finale of Tough Enough and Steve Austin was on the Jimmy Fallon show last week.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Kharma’s reign of terror on the Divas and then her emotional breakdown last week.

Kharma is in the ring and she says that ever since she was a kid, she had two dreams. The first was to become a WWE Superstar. Everyone said that her standing in the ring in front of everyone was impossible. She says that she tried out for Season Two of Tough Enough. Jim Ross told her that she was too fat to ever be a WWE Diva. Kharma took those words and went to Japan where she rubbed the floors of wrestling dojos in exchange for training to become a wrestler. She then went to every promotion until her dream came true. Then WWE made her feel welcome.

Kharma says that her other dream is to be a mother. Kharma says that she is with child. Because it is a high risk pregnancy, she cannot do anything physical to harm her child. She thanks everyone for letting her share her dream.

The Bellas come out and Nikki wants to know if she was hearing things right that she was pregnant. Brie says that she thought Kharma was just fat. Nikki says that Kharma should be proud that she hooked up with someone. Brie asks Kharma if she is worried that she can’t beat them up.

Kharma moves at the Bellas and they scatter. She says that when she comes back next year, she hopes that they are still here because she has a new dream.

It is time for another Barack Obama dream sequence. At least it is a new one.

We go to commercial.

We are back with more barbecue festivities from Omaha for the WWE road crew.

We see highlights from last week’s match between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne and what Bourne did after the match.

Match Number Four: Jack Swagger versus Evan Bourne


Swagger with a boot to the chest and then he sends Bourne to the mat with more boots to the chest. Swagger chokes Bourne. Bourne blocks a belly-to-back suplex but Swagger with forearms. Swagger tries for a belly-to-back suplex but they are too close to the ropes and they go to the floor. Swagger sends Bourne into the ring apron.

They return to the ring and Swagger with a clothesline for a near fall. Swagger does push ups on Bourne’s back and then he puts Bourne in a chin lock and he twists Bourne like a pretzel. Swagger with more boots to Bourne and he chokes him some more. Swagger slaps Bourne in the head a few times. Bourne with kicks to Swagger but Swagger blocks Bourne and hits a side slam.

Swagger slaps Bourne in the head. Bourne with a rollup for a three count when he blocks a German suplex attempt.

Winner: Evan Bourne

R Truth is walking in the back and he says that people call him nuts. He happens to be walking past a truck with his photo on the side.

John Cena is walking through another part of the building and he stops next to Zack Ryder with a replica belt. They fist bump and Cena walks away.

Match Number Five: R Truth versus John Cena in a Non Title Match


They lock up and Truth with a side head lock but Cena with a snap mare and Truth goes to the floor. Truth takes his time to get back into the ring and Truth kicks Cena and he connects with an elbow to the head. Truth with kicks in the corner and the referee warns Truth. Cena with an Irish whip and bulldog. Truth goes to the floor again and a fan points out that Zack Ryder has a t-shirt and Truth doesn’t.

Truth gets back into the ring and Cena blocks a kick and he hits a clothesline. Cena with a Blue Thunder Bomb and it is time for the five knuckle shuffle and Truth goes to the floor again.

Truth argues with some more fans at ringside. Cena gets Truth up for the Attitude Adjustment but the momentum sends Truth over the top rope to the floor. Truth goes into the crowd to talk to Little Jimmy and Big Jimmy from earlier in the show.

Cena goes after Truth in the crowd and Cena punches Truth. Truth punches Cena as he climbs over the ringside barrier and R Truth returns to the ring before the referee makes his ten count, but Cena is unable to return to the ring.

Winner: R Truth by count out

After the match, Truth goes over to Little Jimmy and Big Jimmy. Truth takes Little Jimmy’s drink and after taking a sip, he throws it in Big Jimmy’s face.

Cena goes over to Big Jimmy and wipes the soda off of Big Jimmy. Cena checks on Little Jimmy as we go to credits.

2012 - TNA President Dixie Carter held a media conference call to promote TNA Impact Wrestling going live weekly on SpikeTV for the summer od 2012.  Here is the complete recap:

*Currently, they have 12 weeks where they are live. They hope to expand that at least one week since that week comes in between PPVs, but they are excited with the opportunity and really excited to build on it.

*Carter loves the more reality-based elements they are implementing on the show, feeling it freshens up the product and the characters.

*Brooke Hogan will not be wrestling and is there to help get some attention on the product. Carter was surprised at how much Hogan knew about the business as she literally grew up around some of the biggest names in the industry.

*Carter is very proud of the ten year anniversary and noted that there are some who covered the company from the start who didn't expect it to last ten months. She said it was hard and they've made mistakes but they are proud to be here.

*Carter doesn't believe they need to do 12 PPVs a year and they are currently negotiating contracts on the PPV end.

*At one point last November, there was talk of taking Impact to three hours but she wanted quality over quantity.

*Carter said that wrestling matters to them and it's not a dirty word. They are excited to show the real elements that go into the business for the fans.

*Carter said that the Monday night experiment showed the strength of the WWE's business and what they have built over the last few decades. She respects that and wants to build something greater for TNA.

*There is a possibility of live "specials in 2013 on SpikeTV.

*In regard to content on the Impact broadcasts with the earlier timeslot, Carter said they take the racier elements seriously to present them in the right way. Carter said that too much blood, language and sexually offensive material means nothing. Everything has to have meaning. In their attempts to make it mean as much as possible, some of those elements will come out.

*In regard to fears of producing live TV, Carter said there will always be a mistake and that's the reality of live TV. Live TV gives the audience a desire to need to watch the show live in the face of DVRs. It also prevents spoilers from getting out, which means viewers read it and create their opinion based on what the person wrote and also what's going to be in what segment.

*The move to live TV is happening at "warp speed" as she didn't know they would be live on 5/31 as of the last TV Tapings.

*Carter said they won't stick to any one format and plan to mix it up week to week to get viewers to invest the complete two hours in the live broadcast.

*Dixie Carter will be at the Brooklyn, NY Basebrawl event and actually sent their head of live events a note yesterday that they needed to do a PPV in that stadium.

*Carter said the best thing that they do is provide a great live event experience to the fans.

*Carter was asked about new talents. She said that was one of the reasons they are pulling the curtain back for the Gutcheck and they've found a number of talents like Crimson, Rosita and Jesse Sorensen that way. The Alex Silva decision was legitimately reversed on the fly live and it's an exciting new element on the show and to be put into the system.

*They don't expect any major ratings changes at first. The new timeslot being live will help them get the audience to the new timeslot quicker and establish that. They want to use the interactive element on the show as they've never had that ability to do before on their TV series. Carter said that tomorrow is a big night but it will only get better in the weeks to come.

*They want to let the talents cut loose and not be restricted to shorter two and three minutes segments. Last week, fans got to see a taste of what Hulk Hogan does behind the scenes. Carter gets defensive at the criticism that Hogan takes time from the guys and is just there for the check when he's working with talent and trying to make the show better. Carter said he works for her and she feels honored he is doing so much in those meetings and now everyone will get to see that for themselves on the TV series. Carter said it's going to be a big part of the legacy Hogan leaves in the business for himself and others. She noted that the 15 segment that opened Impact last week was completely unscripted and that allowed them to show their characters on a different level.

*They have not had a conversation about what needs to be done to be financially successful going live every week. They want to have consistency and quality week to week. The criticism that they do too much is something she takes to heart. They have to slow down and now have a six month story arc and bible so they can unfold their stories over time. The timeslot change and the summer season means it will take time for the audience to find them but they will hit their mark over time.

*Carter said Alex Shelley is a great talent and the door is open for him to return.

*On Ric Flair: "I cannot comment at this time."

*Tomorrow on TV, Dixie will introduce Brooke Hogan and will also have another announcement. She said they will have to tune in.

*Carter said they will be doing an Australia tour and it's going to happen. If it was up to her, it would happen sooner than later and they are working and researching dates and venues.

*Carter said that their follow-ups weren't always great in the past, noting the Samoa Joe kidnapping and the Jackie Gayda blackmail tapes. She noted that some would say it was just wrestling and it didn't matter but they needed their attention to detail to be better. Carter said a big goal is to be consistent and have a long story arc and a story bible that will hold them accountable. She said if something has slipped through the cracks lately, it's the exception and not the rule.

*Carter said they are going to present their product in a unique way and a unique journey. She said once they evolve into the next phase of what Impact is all about, they will face their next challenge. This is an evolution and they will evolve over time. Carter was excited to see where this was going to take them.

*The goal is to bring Impact to Australia, not Ring Ka King or something else. If someone within her own company beats her to the punch, she won't be a happy camper.

*In regard to changes in direction, Carter was asked if anyone one person changed her mind. Carter said it's more about how people follow and watch television anymore. They have great characters but needed to have a more unique presentation and let them cut loose. She hopes to attract new viewers and hopes that happens.

*Concussions were brought up. Carter said there's been an effort and decision on the company's part to get away from more dangerous aspects. She gets offended when the fake word is used in pro wrestling and knows the dangers of what happens in the ring. Jesse Sorensen is lucky to be alive and they have to make everything as safe as possible and that's just the right thing to do.

*Carter was asked about their German events being canceled. Carter said they had an issue with their local promoter and while they don't like to cancel shows, it was right the move to make. They need to spend more time and effort to grow the market and the fan base there.

*In regard to marketing, most series promote the debut and the finale. They have 52 weeks of shows to promote and that spreads them thin, so they sometimes rely on celebrity tie-ins to expose themselves to a new audience. They pick and choose the opportunities and try to grow their audience outside of just pro wrestling.

*Carter was asked about a UK spinoff using UK talents similar to Ring Ka King. Carter said, "we are working on something as we speak and we hope to announce something soon. Stay tuned."

*Carter wanted to do TV from London as opposed to a PPV because more people would see it. Carter said she wanted to expose their broader audience worldwide for all to see.

*If they change their taping schedule and go live, they could conceivably tape in Manchester as well as London but right now, that's not in the plans. If they change the taping schedule as they go forward, that could be a possibility still.

*The most perfect world would be on the road every week live but she can't pull the trigger on that until it makes sense. She said that Universal allows them to have different fans every week and going live will allow a different significance and feel to the building.

*Dixie Carter approached SpikeTV about going live every week for the summer.

*As a private company, you don't release earnings and breakdowns and the PPV buyrates won't be released. She said their buys trickle in over the year and there is a lot of false information out there. You can't counter every piece of false information out there, you just move on and ignore it.

*The X-Division remains important to them but they have had some injuries that has changed their storyline plans. You can't just put anyone in there because if they can't perform at that level, it's glaringly apparent. They are looking for new talent and it's a top priority.

*The European tour is very special to Carter and the company. The UK was the first country to truly give TNA their stamp of approval in terms of wanting TNA to be the top company in the industry. She said they just love the company and everyone in TNA is grateful for that. She said the European tour is a great experience, naming the Liverpool and Manchester venues as some of her favorite.

*Carter said the interactive aspect of the company with meet and greets and personally thanking fans like she likes to do is a critical part of the company.

*They want to continue to have Fan parties and interactive events in the UK between tours to keep the UK fans invested. She'd like to do a second tour a year in different markets.

*The Gutcheck deliberation that will air tomorrow was taped. There's been talked about having a female Gutcheck contestant soon.

*Carter was asked about advice for someone wanting to break into the company. Carter said you have to be passionate about what you do and try harder than the next person. She said that if you work hard and you are passionate about what you do, you can make it happen. She said there are so many times where the company should have failed to exist but you can't take no for an answer and if you don't, you will succeed.

*In regard to negative feedback to Brooke Hogan, Carter said that she hasn't been given a chance yet. They could have brought in someone from outside of the business but chose to bring her in. There's a reason she's a celebrity in her own right and will surprise everyone.

*The wrestlers prefer the four side ring and as MMA gets more popular, there's some confusion between the two. They may used the six sided ring for special events down the line like they did for the Destination X PPV.

Vince Russo was a great creative writer but sometimes its time for change in someone's life. His strengths were his writing. She said they are trying to do things differently and improving upon them. She said he's a truly nice man and she wishes him the best. She said the product change isn't Russo related but looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes and trying to evolve the product around how a viewer might watch pro wrestling. They were doing that when Vince was here and now they are making the changes. They won't be making the changes overnight but will be making them.

*Carter said they aren't currently on TV in Spain but there's been talk of touring there any way since there is such a huge fan base there.

*Carter said those who have been with the company from day one have a different perception on the fight to survive. She noted Kurt Angle, Sting and Hulk Hogan joining the company being big deals and said what Hogan is doing for the company is great for her and the company.

*Carter was asked about running live events in Israel and said it would be something special and amazing for their wrestlers and they hope it can happen down the line.

*They could have overruns on the live broadcasts but Spike has a live show at 11 PM so she doesn't see it going long.

*Carter said that the audio levels of the crowd on PPVs hasn't been up to par and she's hoping the live broadcasts in the Impact Zone will do more to capture that live experience.

*Carter said that she doesn't know what the perfect number of PPVs should be. 6-8 is a possibility.

*Don West leaving is a "heart-breaker" and he is a hard one to replace but they have what she called a "hit by a bus strategy" and Jimmy Jay has been trained to replace him, although West leaving will be a big loss.

*Carter said their biggest problem is having so many talents who deserve to be on TV every week and they have to slow things down and be conscientious to the fact that forcing everyone on the show means no one gets over. They have to build the stories.

*They are focusing on the digital media aspect of the company as they need to streamline that and get it ready for the future as technology evolves and moves forward. She said there are a lot of people who work crazy hours for the company and Bill Banks will have great success overseeing it.

*There haven't been any talks with Spike TV as to decide when and whether to expand the live broadcasts past 12 weeks. She is just concerned about making every Thursday this summer special.

*In regard to writers criticizing the company, she said there are some who are spiteful but most are passionate about the business and want to see TNA be the best it can be. She said there have been times they gave the writers a reason to knock them but they are just trying to do the best they can.

*Carter was asked about Bully Ray's work and asked who the next big star was. Carter said that isn't a next big one but you would see work in Bobby Roode and James Storm and praised Storm's fire and passion. She said Ray is a classic example of people reinventing themselves.

*Carter said the next step in their company is to open additional offices similar to the way WWE has them. This would help them have a presence in markets like LA and NYC. Carter said that if you understood how much they accomplish with such a small crew, you'd be shocked.

*When they announce the location for Bound for Glory, it will excite people.

*There are no updates on Ring Ka King or All Wheels Wrestling but they hope to make an announcement regarding Ring Ka King and India soon.

2012 - WWE announced that Randy Orton was suspended effective for sixty days for his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

Orton was suspended in 2006 by the company for 60 days as well, later admitting in WWE Magazine he was suspended for smoking marijuana backstage in a locker room.

While discussing his anger management issues in the September 2006 issue of the Magazine, Orton said, "My problems came to a head when I decided to smoke a joint and someone smelled it and stooged me off. You know who you are, so if you're reading this, thanks. But I also had a few outbursts of anger on the road. I get loud and verbally abusive. But I've nipped that part of me in the bud. I attended an anger management clinic in Atlanta. It cost 15 grand for a four-week stay. I had to live down there on the campus. The first week I was there, I was like, OK, I'll do what I have to do to get out of here." But then I started to realize, wow, I was wrong in a lot of these situations. I just got this reputation of being hard to work with, being a d**k and everything in the book. But the truth is, I don't flip out anymore."

Orton was not able to return to action for the company until 7/30, leaving him out of the next two planned WWE PPVs, the 7/3 Live Smackdown and the 7/23 Raw 1000th episode. That would put him back at the 7/30 Raw taping in Cincinnati, Ohio. In total, Orton missed 35 scheduled WWE dates, including a number of house shows where he was in main event positions.

2012 - WWE released Dr. Tom Prichard from his position in WWE developmental, where he had been a top trainer.

2013 - ROH signed a new deal with Adam Cole, who would go on to become ROH champion.

2013 - Dixie Carter announced a new TNA signing, who would turn out to be MMA star Rampage Jackson.

2013 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

We look back at last week's events surrounding Bully Ray, Sting, and the Hogans, as well as AJ Styles turning on Aces & Eights after turning on TNA, then we go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Bully Ray says that tonight's order of business is AJ Styles, AJ Styles, and AJ Styles. D-Lo Brown tells Ken Anderson he's sorry it didn't work out since they thought AJ was joining, and the rest of the gang walks out of the clubhouse leaving Anderson and D-Lo alone. Anderson motions to D-Lo to go first, then Anderson suckerpunches D-Lo from behind and smashes his face into the wall, leaving D-Lo out cold on the floor.

Bully Ray and Devon come out to the ring and Bubba says it's three days until Slammiversary, three days until his brother Devon takes out Joseph Park once and for all, and three days until he faces Sting. Bubba's not taking anything away from Sting, and runs down the list of men he's defeated: Ric Flair, Bubba's father-in-law Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy. Bubba says he beat Hardy too and did it to win the TNA World Title, but he took Hardy out just like he's going to take Sting out this weekend. He says that he and Devon are fighting Sting and Park tonight, and tells them to come on out so they can fight right now.

Team 3D vs Sting & Joseph Park

Sting and Park rush the ring and an out of control immediately breaks out. The fight spills right out to the floor as Sting and Park take it to Team 3D, but Bubba rams Park into the ringpost and starts drilling him with right hands. Park dodges a wild chairshot as Devon drills Sting with a stiff uppercut on the other side of the ring and then they fight onto the entry ramp. Sting goes into the ringpost as we go to commercial.

We're back and Team 3D is in firm control, working Park over while blocking him from getting to Sting. Park suddenly powers up and slams Devon a couple of times, but takes too long going to the second rope and gets kicked off by Bubba, who then gives him a shot in the back of the head for good measure. Bubba tags in and puts the boots to Park before taking a cheap shot at Sting for good measure. Devon stops to pose like Hulk Hogan before getting Park in a chinlock, Park breaks free but takes a flying back elbow from Devon for 2. Park finally makes the tag and Sting comes in and cleans house on Team 3D. He kicks Devon's leg out and goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, Park tackles Bubba and goes for one of his own, but Bubba kicks Park into Sting and they both go down. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Devon and then tries one on Bubba, but Bubba moves and Sting hits the corner, they hit a double team neckbreaker on Sting, Bubba slams Park and they go for WHAZZUP, but Abyss' music hits and they stop to stare at the top of the ramp. Abyss doesn't show, but his music provides enough of a distraction for Sting to sneak in and hit the Deathdrop on Devon for the win.

Winners: Sting & Joseph Park

Team 3D's first televised match as a team in something like two years ends in defeat.

Dixie Carter is backstage, and she's...WALKING!

Kurt Angle is backstage and says it's all well and good that AJ Styles didn't end up joining Aces & Eights, but there's a price for his actions. He's going to be watching AJ's match tonight very closely.

TNA President Dixie Carter comes out to the ring to wave at her subjects and proclaim that they'll be celebrating 11 years of business this Sunday at Slammiversary. She says there have been some great men and women to compete in TNA over the years, so this weekend, they'll be announcing the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame to join Sting, who will be challenging Bully Ray for the TNA World Title this weekend. She wishes Sting luck and gets ready to talk about more stuff, but the Aces & Eights music hits and Doc, Garett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco come out to the ring. Garett sexually harasses Christy Hemme by snatching the microphone out of her hand and gets in the ring to ask Dixie where the love is for Aces & Eights is. He doesn't hear her wishing Bully Ray luck, and he knows she's excited about her announcement this weekend, but Garett says it's going to feel more like a funeral. Doc and Brisco get into the ring and back Dixie into the corner, but Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus come running out to chase them off. Joe says he spent a month at home picking stitches out of his face and waiting to get ahold of them. Tonight, the wait is over because he doesn't know who gave Garett permission to talk, but he wants to see how lippy he gets when Joe is beating him into the man he'll never be. A referee comes out and Garett jumps Joe, and it looks like we have an impromptu match!

Samoa Joe vs Garett Bischoff

Joe wipes the mat with Garett and we go to commercial.

We're back and Joe is still wiping the floor with Garett, but he gets distracted by Doc and Brisco on the floor. Magnus takes them out, but it gives Garett enough of an opening to hit a clothesline on Joe and then go out to the floor to join in the beatdown on Magnus. The bell rings at this point as Joe comes through the ropes with a diving forearm and takes Aces & Eights out.


I guess it's now grounds for DQ for a participant to go out of the ring and beat up people who aren't involved in the match. Joe and Magnus get back in the ring and Joe gets a microphone and calls Aces & Eights cowards. He knew this might happen, so he came up with a backup plan and announces that Doc, Bischoff, and Brisco will face himself, Magnus, and the returning Jeff Hardy!

We look back at last week when Gunner beat up Shark Boy and Robbie E to convince James Storm to be his partner at Slammiversary, then we go backstage to Storm and Gunner as Storm says he picked Gunner because he's a beast. He's served his country overseas and he's killed people, and Storm wants someone who can kill people in the ring too. Gunner says if the other teams want a war, they'll get one.

The Hogans are backstage and Hulk wants to know what happened out there last week with Bully Ray. Brooke says that it's not easy hearing Bubba say that he loves her and he's technically still her husband, and Hulk says that he's just trying to screw with her head. Hulk says that Sting has the heart of a champion and he's betting the farm on him, but Brooke looks unconvinced. Yeah, Hulk has been wrong a hell of a lot more than he's been right. In fact, if Hulk was a real executive and was wrong as often as he is, he would have gotten canned years ago.

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerrero Jr, Hernandez, James Storm & Gunner

Daniels and Gunner start us off and Daniels shoots his mouth off, but Gunner is undaunted and backs Daniels into the corner. He breaks clean, but Daniels makes the mistake of chopping Gunner on the break and gets ragdolled. Daniels scoots out to the floor to catch a break and get consoled by Kazarian. Daniels slides in, tags out to Aries, and zips out to the apron while telling Aries to go get him. Aries gives Gunner a determined look...then tags out to Roode and escapes to the floor. Roode comes in and trades hammerlocks with Gunner, rams him into the corner and unloads with right hands, but Gunner boots him in the face and takes his head off with a clothesline. Roode is in trouble as he gets caught in the babyface corner and gets quadruple teamed, but he winds up on the floor with Chavo and he gets a shot in and rolls Chavo back inside. Now that Roode has done the dirty work, Daniels is happy to tag in and put the boots to Chavo before dragging him to the heel corner for some quadruple teaming of their own. Chavo finally manages to get to his corner and tag Hernandez, who comes in and tears through all four opponents like they're nothing. Gunner tags in and completely dominates Aries before forcing him to submit to the torture rack.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero Jr, Hernandez, James Storm & Gunner

Great way to reintroduce Gunner, and a great way to protect Storm, who didn't get in the ring once.

We see AJ Styles arrive at the building, then we go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where they sit around and throw around threats at AJ Styles, Joseph Park, and Jeff Hardy. Bubba says he hit Hardy in the back of the head with a hammer, but now he's back. He tells Doc, Brisco, and Garett that they better take care of Hardy, Joe and Magnus, then says he has a job for Knux. He says Hogan's always talking about going to war, so they're going to war and he wants victims tonight. If he doesn't get them, then one of them or all of them (turns to Devon), even you (turns back to the group) will wind up like D-Lo Brown.

Mickie James is backstage, and she's...SKIPPING! She's the new Knockouts Champion, and we'll find out what she wants...NEXT!

We see a video package with all the stars of TNA talking about what Bound For Glory means to them, then we see a recap of last week when Mickie beat Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Title, then Mickie comes out to the ring to say it's been a great year since she released her new album and finally regained the Knockouts Title after two years. She thanks the fans for all their support, but says there have been a small minority who doubted the way she won the title. That hurts her because she deserves this, and would like to address it face to face and asks her friend Velvet Sky to come out to the ring. Oh come on, we all know this is going to end with Mickie turning on her. Velvet comes out and gives Mickie a big hug, then Mickie says she wanted to talk to her because of what people have said about how she won the title, and Mickie says she did go to Velvet before the match and made sure Velvet was 100,000% sure she could do it. She admires Velvet because she was a real champion and fought through the pain, and it was crazy how Velvet's knee gave out on her and asks the fans to give Velvet a round of applause for what a great champion she WAS (emphasis on WAS), and Velvet says that she appreciates the support, but at the end of the day business is business and she wants her rematch. Mickie hesitates for half a millisecond and says Velvet will get her rematch...when she's ready. Velvet says she'd like her rematch at Bound For Glory, and Mickie says she'd love to do that, but Brooke already put her in the ring with Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell, so maybe AFTER. Gail comes out and says she appreciates all the love out here, but Gail wants to get one thing straight: she doesn't think Mickie's that hardcore anymore and doesn't think Mickie would have won the title without her help from the damage she did to Velvet's knee weeks earlier. Gail's been taking people out left and right lately, she's going to finish what she started and take Terrell out at Slammiversary, and then she's coming for her Knockouts Title. Velvet says she's first in line for the rematch, so Gail kicks Velvet's knee out, drags her to the corner for the ringpost figure four, and then jets when Terrell comes running out to chase her off. Mickie just stood there doing nothing in the meantime, and backpedals up the ramp while everyone else is going at it in the ring. Kenny King comes out to join Gail, and the mixed tag is up next!

Chris Sabin & Taryn Terrell vs Kenny King & Gail Kim

the ladies start us off and Terrell dominates Gail, overwhelming her with crazed offense and hitting a rolling neckbreaker. Gail tries to escape to the apron and gets clotheslined and suplexed back into the ring. The gentlemen tag in and Sabin easily controls King with armdrags and takedowns. King tries to throw Sabin into Terrell and clotheslines ihm from behind when he tries to stop himself. King with the cartwheel kick and gets in Terrell's face before covering Sabin for 2 and tying him up in a seated abdominal stretch. King slams Sabin but misses a springboard legdrop and Sabin mounts a comeback. Sabin hits a powerbomb into a DDT for 2, Gail grabs his hair from the apron and allows King to nail him from behind. The girls wind up in the ring and Gail tries to kick Sabin, but Sabin catches her boot and holds her so Terrell can hit a spear. Sabin hits a leaping enziguiri and the Cradle Shock for the win.

Winners: Chris Sabin

Solid match, Sabin has looked great since coming back and it was good to see he and King in an actual wrestling match again. Sabin says that after two torn ACLs and two years of therapy, he gets redemption at Slammiversary and becomes a five time X Division Champion. King jumps Sabin from behind and goes for the Royal Flush, but Suicide comes out of the crowd and hits the double chickenwing into a lungblower. He picks up the X Division Title and goes face to face with Sabin.

AJ Styles and Ken Anderson are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

Sting talks about the early part of his career and how it took him four years to get to the point where he beat Ric Flair for the World Title, and he's held it many times since then. Some of his favorite championship opponents have been Flair and Hogan, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett, but this one is different because of everything he's done and this is his one and only chance to drive the stake through his heart.

The announcers run down this weekend's Slammiversary card, and then it's main event time!

Ken Anderson vs AJ Styles

Anderson attacks AJ on his way into the ring, but AJ doesn't take much time to turn the tide and fire back at Anderson. This is just a straight up fight as they trade punches until AJ trips Anderson and just stomps him square in the chest. AJ snap suplexes Anderson and then drills him with hard forearms. Anderson sneaks a shot in and chokes AJ with his boot, but AJ knocks him out to the ring apron, drags him back inside, then tosses him right back out to the floor. AJ comes under the bottom rope with a baseball slide and is in firm control as we go to commercial.

We're back and AJ is still kicking the crap out of Anderson, but just like every single time we come back to commercial, the other guy turns the tide almost instantly by dragging AJ out to the apron, thumbing him in the eye, and giving him a DDT on the apron. They head back inside and Anderson continues dishing out punishment and nearly backdrops AJ into next week. Anderson gets AJ in a weird neck vice with a bodyscissors, AJ escapes and gets a quick rollup but Anderson is out at 2 and clotheslines him back down to the mat. AJ suddenly unloads on Anderson with a big flurry of strikes before clotheslining his head off, then destroys Anderson with a spinning kick and a spinebuster for 2. Anderson blocks a tornado DDT and hits a Finlay roll for 2, AJ blocks the Mic Check and hangs Anderson in the Tree of Woe before hitting a diving dropkick in the corner. Kurt angle suddenly runs in and starts beating the crap out of AJ to cause another DQ.

Winner: AJ Styles by DQ

Angle continues attacking AJ before AJ kicks his bad leg and goes after him. Aces & Eights rushes the ring and attacks both of them, but Sting comes out with Joseph Park, Samoa Joe, and Brutus Magnus to even the odds. They brawl with Aces & Eights as AJ and Angle fight their way up the ramp, everyone clears out and leaves Sting and Bubba face to face in the ring. They trade right hands and Sting gets the advantage, takes Bubba down, and puts him in the Scorpion Deathlock. Devon runs in and nails Sting from behind and they hit the 3D on Sting as the rest of Aces & Eights comes back into the ring. Bubba holds the TNA World Title up and they celebrate as we see Joe and Sting laid out unconscious and we call it a week.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report, Dave Scherer is off tomorrow but I may do an Impact Postgame Show with Mike Johnson instead, so stay tuned and see what we have in store!

2015 - WWE NXT ran Venice, Florida.  Dan the Man filed the following results:

NXT Live Results
Saturday, May 30th, 2015
Venice, FL - Attendance 366

Mojo Rawley def. Chad Gable

Vaudevillians def. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Marcus Louis def. Tucker Knight

Charlotte, Devin & Carmella def. Sasha Banks, Jessie & KC

Bull Dempsey def. Mike Rallis

Becky Lynch def. Lina

Finn Balor, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy def. Baron Corbin, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

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