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By Nathan Favel on 2015-05-22 09:33:19

Original Air Date: 5/20/15

This week, we have a Ladder Match for the Trios Championship! Let's get to the action, inside the Temple!

Match #1: Prince Puma (Ricochet) - Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Champion vs. Marty "The Moth" Martinez

This was a fun little match that gave Puma an easy win, after some well paced back and forth action, of course. Martinez looked good here and managed to keep up with the incredibly agile Puma, who continues to excel in the role of a luchador who descends from Aztec royalty.

Winner: Prince Puma

Match #2: Texano vs. Delevar Daivari

This was a strong brawl that felt more like an NWA bout from the 1980s than anything else. The match was slower than I expected, with Daivari trying to work over Texano while Texano was attempting to bulldoze Daivari into the canvas. This match ends with a controversial finish, which I will elaborate on in the "News of the Night" section of this report.

Winner: Delevar Daivari

Match #3: Main Event - Son of Havoc (Matt Cross), Angelico & Ivelisse - Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions vs. The Crew (Cortez [Ricky Reyes], Castro & Bael) - Ladder Match for the Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Championship

Luchadors + Ladders = 1000 reasons to never try wrestling at home. This "Ladder Match" was every bit as gutsy and wild a scene as you'll ever get on television. If you were expecting a safer bout tonight, then you would be wrong. There is a spot (among several) in the match that is so insane, that I am not going to even elaborate on it here, as I want you to experience it for yourself. If you were to add up seconds spent on the ground in this match, you'd probably get just 14 seconds (which is the collective IQ of Congress, incidentally). Please stop me if I am getting repetitive, but this match will put you into traction if you stand too close to the TV while watching.

Winners: Son of Havoc, Angelico & Ivelisse

News of the Night:

#1: Big Ryck (Ezekiel Jackson) may now be working for Daivari, per the stipulation that Daivari is now playing a rich Middle-Eastern man and Ryck is a money-mark. Well, isn't that just special?

#2: Konnan and Hernandez have ended their association, which further cements the latter's rudo (heel) turn.

#3: Vampiro conducted what may be Johnny Mundo's (John Morrison) best promo in his career. The idea was to establish Mundo got tired of Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio/Dos Caras Jr.) trying to take his spotlight away, thus the reason for the heel turn.

#4: Chavo Guerrero Jr. made the offer to Black Lotus's masked trainer for Guerrero to protect Lotus, in return for the trainer's help in wiping away Chavo's debt to someone in Mexico.

#5: Black Lotus intends to kill Dario Cueto's brother, who I am assuming means the big monster that Cueto has spoken of in recent weeks. I wasn't aware that wrestling allowed its matches to become snuff films but, ratings are ratings.

#6: Texano appears to have been turned technico (face).

Final Analysis: This was a good card made great by a main event that was so shocking, that it makes one cringe just thinking about the lasting effects the inevitable injuries will cause for all involved in the match.

Next Week: Fenix vs. Mil Muertes - Death-Match Rules

Until next time...

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