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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-21 10:01:31
How can Samoa Joe be Samoa Joe in today's day and age of WWE wanting to own all the names?

WWE decided, obviously, to make an exception to that rule. That doesn't mean they can't decide to change his name down the line, as stupid as that would be in my mind.

Whatever happened to the TNA Knockout Tag Team titles?

Nothing. They are collecting dust somewhere in Nashville. TNA discontinued them a long time ago.

How is it TNA had $425K a year for Bischoff and Hervey and couldn't afford the likes of AJ Styles, Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, etc.?

They decided the better investment was in their executive producers, apparently. I think time has told what the loss of certain talents has done to the overall TNA product, but I don't blame TNA for getting into bed with Bischoff, etc. At the time, it was a move that made a lot of sense but it was a strategy that didn't pan out well for all involved, but I never once thought it was a bad idea in theory. The TNA show did improve during the early part of that partnership, but the move to Monday nights hurt them badly and since the hirings and firings were out of Bischoff/Hervey's control, I can't blame them for TNA not spending money on talent. That falls on Dixie Carter's shoulders.

If Sami Zayn is injured to the point he needed surgery, why was he cleared to wrestle last night?

It may be that wrestling wasn't going to make it any worse and it may be that he told the company he could gut through it so they weren't left with a major gaping hole in their storylines. He's an extremely tough guy and I'm personally sad he's gotten injured during a period where he was obviously doing so well.

Where's Abdullah the Butcher's restaurant? Does it still exist?

It does. 2387 Fairburn Rd SW in Atlanta, GA. Their number is (404) 629-2332. Enjoy!

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