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By Mike Johnson on 2018-05-17 08:00:00

May 17th

On this day in history in ....

1938 - Memphis legend Jackie Fargo is born.

1949 - Dave and Earl Hebner are born.

1963 - Bruno Sammartino defeats WWWF World Champion Buddy Rogers in under a minute with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker to win the championship at Madison Square Garden in New York City, starting the longest WWWF/WWF/WWE Title reign in history, lasting seven years.  Other results from the event, which drew 19.639 fans, saw:


-The Magnificent Maurice pinned Karl Steif at 9:53.
-Pat Barrett pinned Good Chihuahua at 10:11.
-Johnny Barend pinned Tim Woods at 11:14.
-Pedro Morales pinned Willie Bath at 9:58.
-The Great Mortimer pinned the Great Scott at 8:29.
-The Fabulous Kangaroos defeated Pete Sanchez & Vittorio Apollo after 30 minutes.
-Bobo Brazil & Dory Dixon fought WWWF U.S. Tag Team Champions Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard to a curfew draw.

1965 - WWWF ran at Madison Square Garden in New York City, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Bill Watts when Watts was unable to continue in 22:08 in a Best of Three Falls match.    The undercard results saw:

-Arnold Skaaland defeated Tony Newberry at 16:49.
-Miguel Perez defeated Steve Stanlee at 12:34.
-Don McClarity defeated Magnificent Maurice at 16:53.
-Haystacks Calhoun & Argentina Apollo fought Jerry Graham & the Goden Terror to a no contest in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 24:14.
-Chief Big Heart & White Owl defeated Waldo Von Erich & Smasher Sloan in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 14:10.


1966 - WWWF ran Scranton, PA at the Catholic Youth Center with the following results:

-Arnold Skaaland defeated Ronnie Etchison.
-Bobo Brazil defeated Smasher Sloan.
-Waldo Von Erich defeated Chief Big Heart via disqualification.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna.

1966 - A live event in Macon, GA was headlined by Enrique Torres & Alberto Torres beating The Medics by DQ, Swede Karlson beating Danny Little Bear and Billy Hines beating Red Dugan.

1967 - The AWA World title was defended in Denver, Colorado as champion Verne Gagne defeated Larry Hennig in a bout with no time limit.  Other results from the event saw:

Johnny Powers beat Ernie Ladd in a Best of Three Falls bout.
Danny Hodge beat Johnny Valentine in a Best of Three Falls, winning the final fall by DQ.
Harley Race beat Silento Rodriguez via pin

1968 - A live event in Atlanta, GA at the Paul Jones Sports Arena saw the following results:
Dick Steinborn beat Hans Schmidt via DQ.
El Mongol beat Mr. Wrestling and unmasked him as Dick Steinborn
Enrique Torres & Alberto Torres beat Tony Nero & Tank Morgan
Louie Tillet beat Oki Shikina
Johnny Walker & Jim Wilson beat Rising Suns
Pedro Valdez drew Silento Rodrgiuez

1969 - A live event in Cincinatti, Ohio at the Gardens saw Mark Lewin defeat Thunderbolt Patterson using a reverse crandle in this one-fall match. Patterson was without the services of his valet "Man Hamilton" due to what took place in a special handicap match just before the main event.  That match saw Patterson handcuffed to the ring post.  Lewin destroyed Hamilton before the match and slammed him, laying him out.  He was carried to the back.

In other matches:

Rocky Johnson pinned Dr. Jerry Graham after knocking him off his feet with a drop kick.
The Mighty Igor defeated Man Mountain Mike.
Lou Klein downed George "Cry Baby" Cannon.
Dan Miller and Kojika fought to a time-limit draw.
The Stomper defeated Bob Harmon.
The Scufflin' Hillbillies (Rip Collins & Chuck Conley) won over the team of Mike Loren & Jack Armstrong.

1973 -  WWWF ran New London, CT with the following results:

-Louis Torres fought Mike Feliciano to a draw.
-Joe Esposito defeated Vincenti Pometti via submission with a bearhug.
-Ricky Sexton pinned Juan Caruso.
-WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales pinned Moondog Mayne.

1974 - A Georgia Championship Wrestling event at the Omni in Atlanta, GA saw the following live results:

In a Lights Out Match, Andre The Giant & Mr. Wrestling II beat Bill Watts & Big Bad John
NWA World Champion Jack Brisco beat Dusty Rhodes via DQ
Georgia Tag Team Champions Ronnie Garvin & Terry Garvin beat Bob Armstrong & Haystack Calhoun
Southern States Champion Jerry Brisco beat Bobby Duncum
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson beat Steve Keirn & Dennis Stamp
Art Nelson drew Jerry Oates
Bob Sweetan beat Mike Stallings
Ali Vaziri beat Zebra Kid

1975 - Former WCW star Alex Wright is born.


1975 - WWWF ran Philadelphia, PA, headlined by Spiros Arion defeating WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino via count-out at 12:03.


1976 - WWWF ran at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  The scheduled main event was to be WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino vs. Stan Hansen, but Hansen had broken Sammartino's neck at the previous MSG show.  Instead Hansen wrestled Ivan Putski in the main event, defeating him via countout.    Undercard results for the show saw:

-Vivian St. John defeated Paula Kaye at 7:10.
-The Fabulous Moolah defeated Susan Green at 11:14.
-Baron Mikel Scicluna fought Jose Gonzalez to a draw.
-Tony Parisi defeated Rocky Tamayo at 6:09.
-Scandor Akbar defeated Louis Cerdan at 5:09.
-Billy White Wolf defeated Crusher Blackwell at 8:46.
-The Executioners defeated Pat Barrett & Kevin Sullivan at 11:43.
-Gorilla Monsoon, Haystacks Calhoun, & Bobo Brazil defeated Superstar Billy Graham, Ivan Koloff, & Ernie Ladd.


1978 - WWWF taped television at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, PA featuring the following results:

-The Yukon Lumberjacks defeated Larry Zbyszko & Peter Maivia via countout.
-Spiros Arion defeated Mike Busick.
-George Steele defeated Jim Ray.
-Luke Graham defeated Jim Oliver.
-WWWF Tag Team Champions Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci defeated Strong Kobayashi & the Golden Terror.
-The Yukon Lumberjacks defeated Jim Oliver & Johnny Rivera.
-Strong Kobayashi defeated Pete Austin.
-George Steele defeated Fred Marzino.
-Spiros Arion defeated Charlie Brown.
-Stan Stasiak fought Larry Zbyszko to a draw.
-Luke Graham defeated Jim Ray.
-Stan Stasiak defeated Jim Oliver.
-Haystacks Calhoun & Larry Zbyszko defeated Sylvano Sousa & Frank Monroe.
-WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Strong Kobayashi.
-WWWF Tag Team Champions Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci defeated Tank Patton & Butcher Vachon.
-WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated George Steele via countout.

1978 - Georgia Championship Wrestling ran Columbus, GA at the Municipal Auditorium featuring the following results:

Dusty Rhodes & Mr. Wrestling II beat Rock Hunter & Abdullah the Butcher
Thunderbolt Patterson beat Ole Anderson
Tommy Rich & Adrian Adonis beat Ken Dillinger & Helmut Schmidt
The French Angel beat Paul Ellering
Hartford Love beat Steve Regal

1978 - A live event at Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii saw the following results:
George Wells defeated Rocky Tomayo
 John Tolos defeated Chris Markoff by disqualification
Buddy Rose and Big John Studd defeated Bill and Russ Francis
Tor Kamata defeated Billy Whitewolf in a loser leaves town match
Joyce Grable and Vicki Williams defeated Pepper LeBlanco and Leilani Kai
Nick Bockwinkel defeated Rick Martel in a bout that saw Bobby Heenan locked in a cage at ringside

1979 - WWF ran Brooklyn, NY with the following results:

-Johnny Rodz defeated Steve King.
-Jose Estrada fought Johnny Rivera to a draw.
-Bulldog Brower defeated SD Jones.
-Cowboy Lang & Tiny Thumb defeated Little Tokyo & Butch Cassidy.
-Ivan Putski defeated Jimmy Valiant via countout.


1980 - WWF ran Brooklyn, NY with the following results:

-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Larry Williams.
-Manuel Soto defeated Marc Pole.
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Wild Samoans defeated Mike Masters & Rick McGraw.
-Jose Estrada fought Johnny Rodz to a draw.
-Ivan Putski defeated Bobby Duncum.

1981 - Tommy Rich won a tournament for the Georgia Heavyweight championship at the Omni in Atlanta, GA.  The full results of the event saw:

In a No Time Limit, No DQ Match, Ted Dibiase & Junkyard Dog beat The Freebirds' Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts

Round One:
Tommy Rich beat Bill Irwin
Ken Patera beat Ray Candy
Dusty Rhodes beat French Angel
Greg Valentine beat Mr. Wrestling II
Mike Sharpe beat Jim Duggan
Nikolai Volkoff received a bye.

Semi Finals:
Tommy Rich beat Nikolai Volkoff
Dusty Rhodes went to a double DQ against Ken Patera
Greg Valentine beat Mike Sharpe

Tommy Rich beat Greg Valentine to win the Georgia Heavyweight title.

In other bouts on the event, Ricky Gibson beat Gypsy Joe, Roberto Soto beat Bobby Eaton and Robert Gibson beat Bryan St. John.

1982 - NWA World champion Ric Flair defeated Terry Gordy in the main event of an event in Birmingham, Alabama.  The event also featured the following results:

Roy Welch beat Tommy Wright
Scott McGhee beat Ted Oates
Jacques Rougeau beat Jos LeDuc by DQ
Ron & Robert Fuller beat New Zealand Sheepherders

1982 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Greenville, SC with the following results:

Mike Rotundo beat Tony Russo
King Parsons beat Bill White
Killer Kahn beat Mike Davis
Don Muraco & Jake Roberts beat Ole & Gen Anderson
Jimmy Valiant & Paul Jones beat Ivan Koloff & The Ninja.

1982 - Georgia Championship Wrestling ran Augusta, GA with the following live results:

Bob Armstrong beat Gary Hart
Tommy Rich beat Buzz Sawyer via DQ
Leroy Brown beat Masked Superstar
Tom Prichard drew Ray Stevens
Brad Armstrong beat Chick Donovan

1983 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Raleigh, NC with the following results:

-Rick McCord defeated Masa Fuchi.
-Mike Rotundo defeated Gene Anderson.
-Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw defeated the Great Kabuki & the Magic Dragon.
-Rufus R. Jones defeated Jake Roberts via disqualification.
-NWA U.S. Champion Greg Valentine defeated Dory Funk Jr.

1983 - Georgia Championship Wrestling, empowered by WTBS' national cable outlet, ran Grand Rapids, Michigan with the following results:

Tommy Rich & Paul Orndorff beat Killer Brooks & Larry Zbyszko
Tony Atlas beat Buzz Sawyer via DQ
Dick Murdoch beat Iron Sheik
Ronnie Garvin beat Bob Roop
Matt Borne & Arn Anderson beat Brian Blair & Brett Wayne


1984 - NWA World champion Kerry Von Erich defeated Black Bart in the main event of a Championship Wrestling from Florida event in Melbourne, Florida.


1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Sumter, SC with the following results:

-Kurt Von Hess defeated Keith Larson.
-Brian Adidas defeated Jeff Sword.
-Rufus R. Jones & Pez Whatley defeated Ernie Ladd & Jesse Barr.
-Angelo Mosca Jr. defeated the Outlaw.
-Jimmy Valiant defeated Adrian Street.


1984 - New Japan Pro Wrestling ran Nagasaki, Japan with the following results:

-Tatsutoshi Gotoh defeated Pat Tanaka.
-Shunji Kosugi defeated Naoki Sano.
-Kuniaki Kobayashi & Black Cat defeated Norio Honaga & Fumihiro Niikura.
-Big John Studd & Otto Wanz defeated Animal Hamaguchi & Isamu Teranishi.
-Adrian Adonis defeated Osamu Kido.
-Riki Choshu & Yoshikai Yatsu fought Fujiwara & Kengo Kimura to a double countout.
-Dick Murdoch defeated Ken Patera.
-Andre The Giant defeated Mr. Saito via disqualification.
-Antonio Inoki, Seigi Sakaguchi, & Tatsumi Fujinami defeated WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan, the Masked Superstar, & John Quinn.


1984 - WWF ran Johnstown, PA at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena featuring:

-Butcher Vachon defeated Steve Lombardi.
-B. Brian Blair fought Johnny Valiant to a draw.
-Pat Patterson & Rocky Johnson defeated Sika & Samula (Samu).
-Ivan Putski defeated Greg Valentine via count-out.
-Bob Backlund defeated the Iron Sheik via disqualification .

1984 - WWF ran Plymouth Meeting, PA, with the following results:

-Terry Daniels fought Akira Maeda to a draw.
-Tony Garea defeated Tiger Chung Lee via disqualification.
-David Schultz defeated Chief Jay Strongbow.
-Jose Gonzalez defeated SD Jones.
-David Schultz, Mr. Fuji, & Tiger Chung Lee defeated Tony Garea, Terry Daniels, & Akira Maeda.


1985 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Wheeling, WV with the folllowing results:

-Scott Irwin defeated Joel Deaton.
-The Italian Stallion defeated Mike Davis via disqualification.
-Buzz Sawyer defeated Tommy Lane.
-Pez Whatley fought Bob Roop to a draw.
-Ron Garvin defeated John Tatum.
-Manny Fernandez & Thunderbolt Patterson defeated National Tag Team Champions Ole & Arn Anderson.


1985 - WWF ran Augusta, GA at the Civic Center, featuring the following:

-Rocky Johnson defeated Rene Goulet.
-George Wells pinned Bret Hart by reversing a roll up.
-Ricky Steamboat pinned Moondog Spot with the crossbody off the top.
-Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff.


1986 - Playboy Buddy Rose & Doug Somers defeat Scott Hall & Curt Hennig in Hammond, Indiana, to win the AWA World Tag Team Championship. The finish of the match saw Col. DeBeers (who Hall had run off during an interview segment where DeBeers was ripping on Americans) come to ringside and ram Hall headfirst into the steel ringpost. A bloodied Hall was then counted out of the ring, and for some reason, the referee gave the tag team championship belts to Rose & Somers. It was later explained that for this one match, titles could change hands on a countout (although they never gave a reason why).


1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Baltimore, MD at the Civic Center with the following results:

-Denny Brown fought Steve Regal to a draw.
-Black Bart defeated Sam Houston.
-Manny Fernandez defeated Leo Burke.
-The Rock N' Roll Express,Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey in a non-title match; Jim Cornette was held in a cage for the duration of the match.
-Ron Garvin defeated Arn Anderson.
-NWA US Champion Magnum TA fought NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard to a no contest.
-Dusty Rhodes & the Road Warriors defeated NWA Six Man Tag Team Champions Baron Von Raschke, Ivan & Nikita Koloff to win the titles.


1986 - WWF ran Minneapolis, Minnesota at The Met Center before 2,800 fans, featuring:
-Jim Neidhart pinned Lanny Poffo.
-Jim Brunzell pinned Hercules.
-Danny Spivey pinned Bret Hart.
-Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy defeated George Steele & Cousin Luke (substituting for Uncle Elmer) when Bundy pinned Luke.
-Ricky Steamboat fought Jake Roberts to a double disqualification.
-Tito Santana defeated WWF IC Champion Randy Savage via disqualification.
-WWF champion Hulk Hogan defeated Adrian Adonis via disqualification.


1986 - WWF ran Tacoma, WA at the Tacoma Dome, featuring:

-Moondog Rex defeated Scott McGee.
-King Tonga defeated Bob Orton Jr..
-Nikolai Volkoff defeated Cpl. Kirchner.

-The Iron Sheik defeated George Wells.
-Pedro Morales fought Moondog Spot to a draw.
-Paul Orndorff fought Don Muraco to a double disqualification.
-WWF Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs defeated Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake.


1987 -The Lightning Express, Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner,  defeat Rick Steiner & Sting to win the UWF Tag Team Titles.


1987 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran two events on this day.  A matinee event was held in Asheville, NC at the Civic Center, headlined by NWA U.S. Tag Team Champion Stan Lane defeating Todd Champion and Ron Garvin defeating NWA U.S. Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton.  The promotion then ran an evening event in Daytona Beach, FL at the Ocean Center headlined by The Rock N' Roll Express defeating NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane in a non-title match.


1987 - WWF ran Toronto, Ontario at the Maple Leaf Gardens featuring:

-Sam Houston pinned Johnny K-9 with a bulldog at 7:41.
-Bob Orton Jr. pinned Frankie Laine with a running powerslam at 4:42.
-Don Muraco pinned Lanny Poffo with the tombstone at 6:50.
-WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated King Harley Race; after the bout, Race attacked Hogan as he was posing and bloodied him; later on in the card, the champion returned ringside and challenged Race to a Texas Death Match for the following month's card and if he couldn't beat Race then he would quit pro wrestling.
-Outback Jack pinned Frenchy Martin with a bulldog at 4:21.
-Nikolai Volkoff pinned Cpl. Kirschner at 13:05 with a backbreaker.
-Demolition defeated The Killer Bees.

-Ken Patera (substituting. for Jake Roberts) defeated the Honkytonk Man.


1990 - WWF ran San Diego, CA at The Sports Arena, drawing 3,800 fans with the following results:
-Koko B. Ware defeated Boris Zhukov.
-Hercules defeated Haku.
-The Warlord defeated Tito Santana.
-Rick Martel defeated Ron Garvin.
-Earthquake defeated Jim Duggan.
-The Hart Foundation fought WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition to a double disqualification.


1990 -WWF ran Hartford, CT at the Civic Center, drawing 6,000 fans:
-Hillbilly Jim defeated the Brooklyn Brawler.
-Brutus Beefcake defeated the Genius.
-The Bushwhackers defeated Greg Valentine & the Honky Tonk Man via disqualification.
-The Barbarian defeated Jimmy Snuka.
-The Big Bossman pinned Ted Dibiase.
-Dino Bravo pinned the Red Rooster.
-Jim Powers pinned Pez Whatley.
-WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior pinned WWF IC Champion Mr. Perfect.


1991 - WCW ran Ft. Pierce, FL at the St. Lucie County Civic Center with the following results:
-Dan Spivey defeated Big Josh via count-out.
-Jack Victory defeated David Johnson.
-The Junkyard Dog defeated El Cubano.
-Dustin Rhodes defeated Black Bart.
-El Gigante defeated the One Man Gang via disqualification.
-WCW World TV Champion Arn Anderson defeated Tommy Rich.
-Bobby Eaton defeated Terrance Taylor via disqualification.
-Sting & Brian Pillman defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair & Barry Windham.

1992 - WCW held their "WrestleWar" Pay-per-view at the Jacksonville Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida. Here are the results:
- Dark match: Diamond Dallas Page & Tommy Rich defeated Bob Cook & Firebreaker Chip.
- The Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin) defeated Terry Taylor & Greg Valentine to win the United States Tag Team Championship.
- Johnny B. Badd defeated Tracey Smothers.
- Scotty Flamingo defeated Marcus Bagwell.
- Ron Simmons defeated Mr. Hughes.
- Super Invader defeated Todd Champion.
- Big Josh defeated Richard Morton.
- WCW World Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Tatsumi Fujinami & Takayuki Iizuka.
- WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman defeated Tom Zenk.
- Sting, Nikita Koloff, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat & Barry Windham defeated Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Rick Rude, Steve Austin & Larry Zbyszko in a War Games match. The finish saw Zbyszko accidentally hit Bobby Eaton in the arm with a steel connecting pole from the turnbuckle that Eaton had taken apart during the match. Sting then put Eaton in an armbar for the submission win.

1992 - Smoky Mountain Wrestling ran Beckley, West Virginia at the Raleigh County Armory with the following results:

Thunder Tiger defeated the Master of Disaster
Dixie Dynamite (a masked Brian Armstrong aka Road Dogg) pinned Dutch Mantell
Tim Horner pinned Buddy Landel
Robert Gibson pinned Jimmy Golden
Brian Lee pinned the Dirty White Boy.  Bob Armstrong was the guest referee for the bout
Brad & Bart Batten defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies, Stan Lane & Tom Prichard via disqualification


1992 - WWF ran Nashville, TN at the Municipal Auditorium, drawing 2,400 fans with the following results:

-Jim Powers pinned the Brooklyn Brawler.
-Tatanka pinned Col. Mustafa.
-Kamala pinned Sgt. Slaughter after the Mountie interfered.
-Virgil pinned the Genius.
-Kerry Von Erich pinned Skinner.
-The Undertaker defeated the Mountie.
-The Natural Disasters defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Money, Inc. - Ted DiBiase & IRS via count-out.
-WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair via disqualification.

1993 - Monday Night Raw was broadcast live from the Manhattan Center in New York City, and provided one of the more memorable one-hour shows in the history of the program. Here are the results:

- The Smoking Gunns defeated Tony Vadja and Glenn Ruth.
- The Kid pinned Razor Ramon with a top rope moonsault on a standing Ramon. This was the match where the 1-2-3 Kid gimmick for Sean Waltman was created. The Kid, who had wrestled as "Lightning Kid", "Cannonball Kid", and "Kamikaze Kid" over the previous weeks on WWF television (and lost to the likes of Doink The Clown and Mr. Hughes) scored the huge upset. After the match, color commentator Randy Savage led the crowd in a chant of "1-2-3" to infuriate Ramon.
- Tatanka defeated Scott Taylor (who later would become Scotty 2 Hotty).
- Yokozuna defeated Kamala.
- Marty Jannetty defeated Shawn Michaels to win the Intercontinental Title. Earlier in the show Jannetty, who had not been seen in months, came in from the crowd in street clothes, his face hidden by a hood and sunglasses, to accept an open challenge Michaels had made to anyone who wanted a shot at the Intercontinental Title.  Curt Hennig came to ringside during the bout to prevent Michaels from walking out.


In other matches taped during the show, used on future episodes of Raw:

-Bret Hart defeated Bam Bam Bigelow.

- King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Mr. Perfect pinned Doink the Clown with the Perfect Plex at around the 15-minute mark after the initial Doink switched places with a second Doink underneath the ring.  After the bout, the two Doinks attacked Perfect until Crush made the save and cleared them from the ring.

-WWF Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase & IRS defeated Mike Bell & Tony Devito.

-Crush defeated Bobby Who via submission with the head vice.
-Adam Bomb pinned Phil Apollo with the powerbomb.


1995 - WWF announced Ernie Ladd would be inducted into their Hall of Fame.


1995 - WWF taped Wrestling Challenge and Action Zone in Springfield, MA at the Civic Center featuriong the following results:

-Adam Bomb defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett via countout when Jarrett left ringside.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeated Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith via disqualification when Smith made the save after Luger recieved the Bonzai Drop.
-Bret Hart pinned Hakushi (with Shinja) with a roll up after Hakushi accidentally hit Shinja.
-Howard Finkel pinned Harvey Wippleman with an elbow drop.
-Shawn Michaels & the Undertaker defeated Psycho Sid & Kama.
-Action Zone - 5/21/95: Psycho Sid pinned Bob Holly with the powerbomb.
-Action Zone - 5/28/95: In his official WWF in-ring debut, Savio Vega pinned Eli Blu (with Uncle Zebakiah - Dutch Mantel) with a roll up at around the 11-minute mark after ducking a punch; Jacob Blu was in Eli's corner but was ejected from ringside mid-way through after interfering and prompting Razor Ramon to come out; moments later, both men brawled around ringside until about a half dozen referees appeared and sent both men backstage; after the match, both Jacob and Razor returned ringside, with Razor holding the Blus from entering the ring.

-Action Zone - 6/4/95: Jacob & Eli Blu (with Uncle Zebakiah) defeated Razor Ramon & Savio Vega at 9:46 after Jacob kicked Razor in the side of the face as Ramon prepared Eli for the Razor's Edge.
-King Kong Bundy defeated Tim McNeeny.
-The Blu Brothers defeated Ross Greenberg & Brian Walsh.
-Aldo Montoya defeated Nick Barberry.
-Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Bert Centenno.
-The Bushwhackers defeated Barry Horowitz & the Brooklyn Brawler when Brawler was pinned.
-The Undertaker defeated Mike Bell.
-Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith defeated Roy Raymond & Laurice Moralis.
-Kama (w/ Ted Dibiase) pinned Bill Weaver with a right hand punch.
-Adam Bomb defeated Gus Kantarrakis at 2:41 with a clothesline off the top.
-Henry Godwinn pinned John Crystal at 2:35 with the Slop Drop.
-Rad Radford pinned Mike Khoury at 2:29 with a northern lights suplex into a bridge.
-Duke Drose defeated Bob Cook.
-Techno Team 2000 defeated Bob Cook & Howard Nalley.
-Jean Pierre Lafitte defeated Brian Walsh.
-Shawn Michaels defeated Barry Horowitz
-Men on a Mission defeated Aaron Ferguson & Laurice Moralis.
-Hakushi defeated Bill Payne.
-Savio Vega defeated the Brooklyn Brawler.


1996 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Glenolden, PA at the Briarcliffe Fieldhouse, drawing 250 fans with the following results:
-Rob Van Dam defeated El Puerto Ricano.
-Big Titan defeated Hack Myers.
-Taz defeated Axl Rotten.
-Pitbull 2 defeated Buh Buh Ray Dudley via disqualification.
-ECW World Champion Raven defeated Mikey Whipwreck.
-John Kronus defeated Mustafa.
-New Jack pinned Perry Saturn.
-2 Cold Scorpio defeated Chris Jericho.
-Brian Lee defeated Tommy Dreamer in a falls count anywhere match that saw them brawl out of the building and into the backyard of a residence next door.


1996 - WWF ran Baltimore, MD at the Arena, drawing 6,559 fans with the following:
-The Bushwhackers defeated Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy at 7:38 when Butch pinned Cassidy after Luke interfered behind the referee's back.
-Justin Bradshaw pinned Aldo Montoya at 8:01 with a superkick.
-Savio Vega pinned Mike Khoury at the 58-second mark with a back kick.
-Ahmed Johnson defeated Davey Boy Smith via disqualification at 10:45 when Owen Hart interfered as Ahmed prepared to hit the Pearl River Plunge; after the bout, Ahmed chased both men to the back
-Steve Austin pinned Jake Roberts at 17:10 with a roll up and using the tights for leverage after Roberts thought he had won the match with the DDT; Ted Dibiase had placed Austin's foot on the ropes to break the cover moments prior to the finish.
-The Ultimate Warrior pinned Owen Hart at 7:25 with a flying shoulder block.
-Vader pinned Yokozuna at 12:22 after hitting him with Jim Cornette's tennis racquet.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Skip & Zip defeated Henry & Phinneas Godwinn at 13:10.
-Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Razor Ramon at 12:32 with the Pedigree as Razor tried to revive the referee
-WWF champion Shawn Michaels defeated Diesel.

1997 - WWF ran in Madison Square Garden in New York City.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report for the Wrestling Lariat Newsletter, which is archived in the Elite section of


The World Wrestling Federation returned to their flagship building, Madison Square Garden in New York City, for the first time since Wrestlemania highlighted by one of the first in-ring appearances of Brian Pillman for Titan Sports, as well as Steve Austin’s first appearance in the Garden as a babyface.

The main event was originally supposed to be the Undertaker & Sycho Sid meeting Mankind & Vader, but Sid is wherever the heck he is (and does anyone REALLY care? I sure don’t.). The day of the show, local promos in NY listed Ken Shamrock as UT’s partner, as did the program, but they made an announcement that “due to injury”, The Undertaker would defend against Mankind in a Lumberjack match instead.


The show opened with Life Cassidy, who has signed an extension on his contract with the WWF and is going to be pushed soon, defeating Bob Holly with the reverse powerbomb, which looks awesome. They started on the mat, and soon began trading headlocks. Holly hit a hurancanrana and Life hit several superkicks. After the second, Life began pointing to the lights, so some fans at ringside were chanting “Snowbu”. He missed a moonsault off the top and Holly took over. Life did a sloppy looking Flair flop over the turnbuckles but came back with the powerbomb for the pin. The crowd was really into the opener.


Crush meeting Jesse Jammes followed. Crush got a slight pop, coming out to the Nation of Domination music, while Jammes was booed as he came out singing his song. Crush dominated in the beginning until he missed a charge in the corner. Jammes leapfrogged over and hit a superkick. He goes for a high cross bodyblock during a crisscross, but Crush catches him and drops him on his knees in a backbreaker. The place starts chanting “Boring” and they were right. Crush throws a bearhug on Double J, and throws him down into a slam. Jammes comes back with a DDT and a flying forearm, but gets cut off and hit with the heartpunch for the pin. Jammes is booed on the way out.


Next up was a match where the Godwins defeated Dan Kroffat & Doug Furnas. I immediately went to the bathroom and got sick. The Godwins got a standing ovation. There was really nothing to this match at all. The Godwins got the pin after Kroffat & Furnas butted heads by accident. The two teams argues afterwards. The misuse of Kroffat & Furnas in Titan is criminal.


Next up was Flash Funk taking Rockabilly. Funk came out to an “ECW” chant. They started on the mat counter-wrestling, and Flash got several two counts. Billy Gunn hit a stiff sounding clothesline on Funk for a two count. Gunn followed up with a spinning kick, but Funk returned to offense with a flying elbow off the first rope. Funk went to the top and hit a bodypress. Gunn followed up with a exploder-style chokeslam and hit a swinging DDT off the top for the pin. The Rockabilly gimmick is pretty funny.


Mankind came out to do an awesome promo next, talking about how 30 years ago Bruno Sammartino had defeated Buddy Rogers for the WWF title in the same building (34 years ago in the old Garden facility, actually, but who really cares?). Mankind spoke about how he once hitchhiked 500 miles to see Jimmy Snuka superfly off the top of the steel cage against Bob Backlund. He said that although New York has the ugliest women in the world, and 99% of the males in attendance wanted to touch him in an impure way, the Garden was a very special building to him. He said the only thing that would make tonight a more special day for him would be if his “Uncle Paul” was here, but the Undertaker had burnt Paul Bearer, so it was impossible. He asked the timekeeper to ring the bell 10 times, but the crowd booed loudly. Mankind got angry telling everyone they had ruined the greatest night of his life and swore he would defeat the Undertaker tonight. Excellent promo, and most of the lines were derived from his farewell days in ECW, so it was kind of cool in a nostalgic sense as well.


Next up was Rocky Maivia meeting Savio Vega of the NOD. Vega got a slight pop and Maivia got a big pop as well. Faarooq and Crush come out with Savio. Savio attacks Rocky with a sidekick and applies a nerve hold. Rocky comes back to hit a bodyblock for two, then slingshots Savio in the turnbuckles. He hits a DDT and hits a flying bodypress off the top rope for the pin, but Crush is distracting the referee. Maivia hits him, and turns into a Savio sidekick for the pin. The NOD whips Maivia and the WWF officials drag him out of the ring. Faarooq tells him, “Take your ass kicking like a man and go back to the locker room.” He does. Rocky sucks!


Next up was the main event, with the Undertaker defending the WWF World title against Mankind. Everyone who had previously worked was a lumberjack, as were Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna. Undertaker got a huge pop as he came out in the dark. Mankind gives the NOD their salute before the match. Mankind attacks UT, but is tossed out of the ring, The Lumberjacks toss him back in. The Undertaker throws him throat first into the corner and pummels him. Mankind tries to kick him, but UT catches his leg and spins him around. Mankind hits a clothesline out of the spin. Undertaker comes back with a bodyslam, and tries to walk the ropes, but Rockabilly shakes them and he gets crotched. The faces argue with the heels, who all hide behind Chyna. Chyna not backing down to the faces is hysterical. The Undertaker gets thrown out on the heel side and they all attack him. The faces jump on the heels and UT rolls back in the ring. Mankind throws him back out of the ring, in front of the NOD, who stood around ding nothing the entire time. They put the boots to UT as well. Mankind comes out and throws Undertaker into the rail and hits him with a chair. Back in the ring, the Undertaker hits his flying clothesline. Undertaker rips off Mankind’s mask. He goes for the tombstone but Mankind gets the Mandible Claw on him. The Nation of Domination, sensing a title change, dragged Mankind out of the ring and attacked him, trying to save Faarooq’s King of the Ring title shot. As all this is going on, the lumberjacks are brawling. Undertaker attacks the NOD. Back in the ring, he hit the tombstone on Mankind for the pin. Good match.


After intermission, during which the ring crew tried to fix a raised board but were unable to, Goldust took on Hunter-Hearst Helmsley. Good match. Dustin came out himself and asked the crowd is they were ready to see Marlena. The place popped. He said he had two Marlenas for New York: his wife Terri and their daughter Dakota dressed identically. They did a gimmick where they gave Dakota the mic, but she didn’t want to give it back and kept telling the crowd, “Hi”. It was cute in a kidsy sort of way, but this is from a promotion where Mankind and the Undertaker are throwing fire? Can we say “unfocused”? The match was good and the two worked well together. They started fast and went back and forth trading spots. HHH hit his cool flip bump into the corner. Goldust hit a bulldog, and then threw Helmsley into the turnbuckles, where he bumped to the floor. Goldust suplexed him back in, but Chyna hooked his leg and HHH fell atop for the pinfall.


Next up was Faarooq with Crush & Savio scheduled to meet Ahmed Johnson. Faarooq called the crowd a bunch of morons who were going to be shocked because one of their heroes was going to join the NOD tonight. Ahmed’s music came on and he came to the ring, and gave the NOD salute. He hugged Savio & Crush and they left the ring. He saluted Faarooq to a lot of jeers, and hugged him, but grabbed him into a belly-to-belly suplex. The place popped and the tease was cool. They brawl in the ring with Ahmed dominating, until Faarooq hits a low blow. He bodyslams Ahmed. They go back and forth and they stumble into the ref, knocking him out. One of my buddies that I usually go to shows with said “That was a very bad ref bump, and you can quote me”. Ahmed hits the tiger driver, but Savio comes in and hits a horrible chair shot. He puts Faarooq on top for pin, and the three trash Ahmed. Pretty bad match.


This left us with Steve Austin & The Road Warriors taking on Hart Foundation members Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Brian Pillman. Pillman looked a bit thinner than before his accident, but was in great shape and despite still having some pain in his ankles, one of which is fused, bumped his butt off and seems to be well on the way to his old form. Austin got the biggest pop of the night. Pillman was in full force, trying to go over the rails after the crowd and never stopped moving. When Austin hit the ring, the heels ran from it. Austin & Owen start and Austin slaps him down and throws the sharpshooter on him. Davey Boy jumps on him, but Austin clotheslines him down, then knocks Pillman off the apron. Pillman landed on his feet and showed no sign of pain. Hawk tags in and powerslams Owen, dropping a fist on him. Pillman tags in, but jumps out of the ring when Austin tags in. Pillman tries to run away, but is caught by Animal and pressed thru the ropes. Pillman gets his throat caught between the middle and bottom ropes and the crowd pops. He gets free and Hawk hits a weak looking powerbomb. Owen tags in, and evades a hawk charge. Hawk his the corner fast. Pillman hits him on the floor with a chair. They drag Hawk to the heels’ corner and they triple team him. The crowd starting chanting “Pillman sucks” so he spit at them. Pillman holds Hawk down in a chinlock, putting his feet on the ropes. Owen tags in and piledrives him, but Hawk no-sells. He tags in Austin and all three heels jump on him. The LOD jump in and all six brawl. Pillman & Hawk fly thru the ropes and brawl on the floor. Austin hits the Stone Cold Stunner for the pin. The place pops. Austin gives the Warriors the double finger salute and leaves them in the ring. Really good, fast paced main event. I was very happy to see how great Pillman looked. 1996 should have been his year.  Hopefuilly, 1997 will turn out to be


MSG Notes:


The show was way too short, running from 8:00 to 10:20 with a 15 minute intermission didn’t like nor hate the show, it was “eh”. Had it not been for the main event and the UT match. I would have hated it.


The crowd looked to be in the 11,000 range, with at least a third papered as the WWF gave away 2,500 pairs of tickets thru a promotion with the New York Daily News.  The idea here was that if the fans came for free, they'd spend money on merchandise and concessions.


When they ran down the card at the beginning of the show Steve Austin and Ahmed Johnson’s names got the loudest reaction.


They announced a return on Saturday June 13th and those who bought their tickets at intermission got a surprise: a rise in prices for ringside from $25 to $32. Add in Ticketmaster charges and WWF tix in NY could be as expensive as $40 per.


From the “I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen it” Department: The plastic LOD shoulderpads for children sold at the gimmick tables had the WCW name and logo (!) on the instruction booklets.


There were scattered chants of “ECW” during the first half of the show, lead by two fans walking an ECW banner around the building on a sheet.


Austin 3:16 shirts were on at least every third person in the building, and Mankind shirts were selling briskly. The Mankind shirt has a yellow smiley face with the Mankind mask over it. It's a cool looking shirt.


The WWF’s next show in the NY market is on June 21st at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island featuring European champ Davey Boy Smith vs. Shawn Michaels and a tag encounter with the Undertaker & Steve Austin taking on Brian Pillman & Bret Hart.


1997 - WWF ran Birmingham, AL, drawing 10,292 with the following results:
-The Headbangers defeated Los Boricuas.
-Jeff Jarrett defeated Steve Blackman.
-Kurrgan defeated D-Lo Brown.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Road Dogg & Billy Gunn defeated the Legion of Doom.
-Terry Funk defeated Marc Mero.
-Bradshaw defeated Owen Hart via countout.
-The Undertaker defeated Kane via disqualification.
-Vader defeated WWF IC Champion the Rock via disqualification.
-WWF World Champion Steve Austin defeated WWF European Champion Triple H.


1997 - WCW ran Winston-Salem, NC at the Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum:

-Lord Steven Regal defeated Alex Wright via submission with the Regal Stretch at around the 18-minute mark
-Buff Bagwell defeated Scotty Riggs via forfeit when Riggs failed to appear as scheduled.
-Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Psychosis at around the 15-minute mark with a springboard hurricanrana into a cover.
-Jeff Jarrett defeated WCW TV Champion the Ultimo Dragon in a non-title match via submission with the figure-4 at around the 19-minute mark.
-Dean Malenko (sub. for Chris Jericho) defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Syxx via disqualification when WCW Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash attacked Malenko as he had the Texas Clover Leaf applied.
-Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Public Enemy at around the 25-minute mark when Rick pinned Johnny Grunge after avoiding an elbow off the top through a table.
-The Giant defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash via disqualification in a handicap match at around the 12-minute mark when Syxx interfered; Lex Luger was scheduled to be the Giant's partner but wasn't allowed to compete; after the bout, Luger made the save against the nWo.
-Diamond Dallas Page defeated Randy Savage via disqualification at around the 8-minute mark when Buff Bagwell interfered as DDP attempted the Diamond Cutter; after the bout, Page dropped Bagwell with the Diamond Cutter, prompting Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Syxx to come out; moments later, the Giant, Lex Luger, and Rick & Scott Steiner made the save.


1997 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Buffalo, NY at the Bert Flickinger Center, drawing 1,697 fans.  The show, which was released on ECW Home Video as "The Buffalo Invasion" featured the following results:
-The Pitbulls defeated Little Guido & Tracy Smothers (w/ Tommy Rich) at 14:04 when Pitbull #2 pinned Guido following the Super Bomb
-Balls Mahoney pinned Bill Wiles at 4:53 after a chairshot to the head
-Taz defeated Spike Dudley via submission with the Tazmission at 5:30.

-ECW World TV Champion Shane Douglas pinned Chris Chetti at 13:10 with the belly to belly suplex after avoiding a springboard moonsault; Rick Rude came out at the 11-minute mark, pulled up Francine's dress to reveal her panties, and then carried her backstage in a very suggestive piledriver position, leaving Douglas by himself
-Raven (with Chasity & Lupus) & Stevie Richards (mystery partner) defeated Tommy Dreamer (with Beulah McGillicutty wearing a neckbrace) & ECW World Champion Terry Funk (Dreamer's mystery partner) at 16:16 when Richards pinned Funk after saving him from an interfering Louie Spicolli by dropping Spicolli with the Stevie Kick as Funk was set up for the Spicolli Driver.

-ECW World Tag Team Champions The Eliminators defeated Big Dick & D-Von Dudley (w/ Joel Gertner & Buh Buh Ray Dudley) and the Gangstas in an elimination match at 18:09; Saturn pinned Mustafa and Kronus pinned Big Dick after the champions hit the Total Elimination on both men at the same time; the Gangstas didn't appear until 4:30 into the match; after the bout, Saturn & Kronus hit Total Elimination on Buh Buh Ray as well
-Tommy Dreamer pinned Louie Spicolli at 7:35 with the DDT after Beulah McGuillicuty, who Spicolli held in front of him to block a chairshot from Dreamer, gave Spicolli a mule kick low blow; prior to the bout, Spicolli cut an in-ring promo putting over the fact his interference cost Dreamer & Funk their win earlier in the show, the fact he broke Beulah's neck, and Dreamer was too hurt to compete - with Dreamer then appearing as the referee began counting him out; after the bout, Spicolli dropped Dreamer with the Spicolli Driver to abruptly end his victory celebration
-ECW World Champion Terry Funk defeated Raven (with Lupus & Chasity), Stevie Richards, and the Sandman in an elimination match at 10:41; Sandman pinned Raven at 5:07 following the Stevie Kick from Richards; Richards pinned Sandman with the Stevie Kick at 10:30; Funk pinned Richards after dropping the steel retaining barrier across Richards' back.  Richards' injury would keep him out of the ring for the remainder of his initial ECW run.  He would sign with WCW shortly thereafter.


1998 - WCW ran their Slamboree '98 PPV in Worcester, MA at the Centrum before 11,592 fans with the following results:
-WCW World TV Champion Fit Finlay pinned Chris Benoit with the tombstone.
-Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams via submission with the Torture Rack.
-Ciclope won a cruiserweight battle royal; due to pre-match stipulations, he earned an immediate WCW Cruiserweight Title match; other participants included Evan Karagias, Damien, El Dandy, El Grio, Juventud Guerrera, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Marty Jannetty, Kidman, Lenny Lane, Psychosis, Super Calo, Johnny Swinger, and Villano IV; After the match, Ciclope unmasked to reveal himself as Dean Malenko.
Dean Malenko defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho to win the title via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf.
-Eddie Guerrero (with Chavo Guerrero Jr.) pinned Ultimo Dragon at 11:10 with a brainbuster and the frog splash after Dragon accidentally knocked Chavo off the ring apron when Eddie moved out of the way; stipulations stated Chavo would win his freedom from Eddie if Dragon won; after the contest, Chavo cornered Eddie and acted as though he was going to attack him but then attacked Dragon instead, with Chavo shoving Eddie away when Eddie tried to stop him.

-Diamond Dallas Page pinned Raven in a Bowery Death Match.
-WCW U.S. Champion Bill Goldberg pinned Perry Saturn.
-Bret Hart defeated Randy Savage.  Roddy Piper was the guest referee.

-Sting & the Giant defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (with Dusty Rhodes) to win the titles.


1999 - WCW broadcast Monday Nitro from Cedar Rapids, IA at the Five Seasons Center with the following results:

-WCW World Champion Kevin Nash defeated Diamond Dallas Page via disqualification.
-WCW Tag Team Champions Raven & Perry Saturn defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko.
-WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Evan Karagias.
-Randy Savage & Madusa defeated Ric Flair & Charles Robinson.
-Hardcore Hak fought Fit Finlay to a no contest.
-WCW World TV Champion Rick Stiener fought Sting to a no contest.
-Curt Hennig pinned Konnan.

2002 -


2002 - WWE Raw ran Louisville, KY at  Freedom Hall, drawing 6,000 fans with the following results:
-Jackie pinned Crash Holly with a roll up
-Brock Lesnar pinned D-Lo Brown with the Brockbuster.
-WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus pinned Molly Holly with the bulldog.
-Nick Dinsmore (the future Eugene) & Rob Conway defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Doug Basham & Damaja(Danny Basham), with Victoria with a double team move to win the titles.
-WWF Intercontinental champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Rob Van Dam with a roll up and using the ropes for leverage.
-Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Shawn Stasiak & Goldust following the swanton.
-WWE Hardcore Champion Steven Richards pinned Bubba Ray Dudley after Raven interfered and hit the DDT on the challenger, before suffering the Steven Kick from Richards.
-William Regal pinned Spike Dudley after using the brass knuckles as a weapon.
-The Undertaker pinned Bradshaw after kicking a chair into Bradshaw's face.
-Steve Austin defeated Ric Flair & the Big Show in a handicap steel cage match by pinning Flair with the Stunner after outside interference from Booker T backfired.

2003 - Frontier Wrestling and Ring of Honor ran a joint event titled "Frontiers of Honor" in London, Great Britain featuring the following results:

James Tighe pinned Paul London with a standing star press at 10:37
Jack Xavier pinned Mikey Whipwreck with a wheelbarrow roll up at 11:58
Paul Burchill defeated the Double Dragons in a handicap match at 6:39, the referee stopped the match after Burchill hit both men with a standing moonsaults followed by a standing star press
AJ Styles pinned Jonny Storm with a springboard 450 Splash at 16:03; after the match, Storm attacked Styles after a feined handshake and Jody Fleisch made the save
ROH champion Samoa Joe pinned the Zebra Kid after a rolling german suplex into a rolling dragon suplex into bridging german suplex pin at 9:27; as a result of the win, the ROH Heavyweight Title was renamed the ROH World Title
Low Ki fought Flash Barker to a 20-minute time-limit draw
Christopher Daniels pinned Jody Fleisch with the Angels Wings at 23:55

2004 - WWE Smackdown ran Palm Springs, CA with the following results:

-WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Rico & Charlie Haas defeated Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly when Haas pinned Gunn with a roll up.
-Mordecai pinned Orlando Jordan.
-Mark Jindrak pinned Sho Funaki with the Mark of Excellence.
-Billy Kidman & Paul London defeated Doug & Danny Basham and Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli in an elimination match; a Basham pinned Stamboli with a roll up; London pinned a Basham with the 450 splash.
-The Undertaker pinned Booker T with the tombstone.
-WWE US Champion John Cena pinned Rene Dupree with the FU.
-WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero defeated Jamie Noble and Spike Dudley by pinning Spike.
-Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated the Dudley Boys in a No DQ match by scoring simultaneous pins.

2004 - WWE broadcast Raw from San Diego, CA at the Sports Arena, drawing 5,600 fans with the following results:


Sunday Night Heat:
-Rhyno pinned Steven Richards with the Gore at 5:05
-Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier defeated Aaron Aguilera & Chad Wicks when Grenier pinned Wicks following a double team move at 4:59
-Garrison Cade pinned the Hurricane with the flying elbowsmash at 4:42.


Tim Whitehead filed the following TV Report from the Raw broadcast:


The 5/17 edition of RAW IS ROCK & ROYAL aired live from San Diego. The streak continued with yet another hot show.


They opened with Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler announcing that Chris Benoit & Edge would defend the World Tag Titles against Randy Orton & Batista on the show, and that the main event would be the twenty man over-the-top rope battle royal to choose the contender for the singles World Title at the Bad Blood PPV.


Trish Stratus defeated Lita in 6:07. It was reported that Eric Bischoff banned both ladies' male allies from ringside for this match. Trish mocked Lita, prompting Lita to slug her and pound her on the mat. Trish fought back with kicks and punches. Lita hit a spinning headscissors. Trish hotshotted Lita and choked her. She then hit Lita with a lariat and a neckbreaker. They each scored a bunch of twos. Trish hit a spinebuster. Lita blocked the stratusfaction and hit a suplex. Lita did the Russian legsweep and a twist of fate but again could only score a two count. Kane then appeared on the TitanTron. Lita was startled, allowing Trish to cradle her and use the ropes for the pin. Good match! Afterward, Kane told Lita she would have to answer "yes or no" before the show ended, and that she'd better answer correctly. Of course, JR & Lawler wondered aloud what this was all about. Lita was no help, as she just looked scared and said nothing.


Orton came out. He admitted that he likes to talk about himself. No kidding. He bragged about beating Mick Foley at WrestleMania and Backlash, about beating Edge last week, and about being the longest reigning IC champ in seven years. He predicted that he and Batista would win the tag belts. He called his accomplishments endless. He then put over Evolution as a group, particularly Triple H, whom he called the greatest wrestler alive. He pledged that HHH would win the battle royal and get the Bad Blood World Title shot, hinting that he, Batista, and Ric Flair would back HHH up during that match and insure his victory. Out came Shelton Benjamin. He reminded Orton that he beat HHH, the supposed greatest wrestler alive, twice. He said he would win the battle royal and there would be nothing Evolution could do about it. Orton said Benjamin has had some good luck, but that luck soon runs out. He called Benjamin no match for Evolution. Benjamin challenged Orton to put up his IC belt against him. Orton called Benjamin uppity and made a heel racial comment about Benjamin's "people" taking a mile if you give them an inch. He said he wouldn't soil the IC belt by giving Benjamin a title shot. Benjamin slugged Orton and put the fists to him, followed by a lariat and a splash. Flair ran out and pulled Orton from the ring to safety. As Flair helped Orton retreat, JR said he had a case of limbertail. A strong set-up for what will presumably be a Benjamin run at the IC Title, which should be good.


Backstage, Orton told the other Evolution members that he'll eventually take care of Benjamin, but on his own terms. For tonight, he wanted to concentrate on winning the Tag Titles and guaranteeing HHH victory in the battle royal. HHH asserted that in a battle royal, it's every man for himself, but he said this in a "wink, wink" kind of way. The other Evolution guys all agreed to protect HHH and give him the win.


William Regal commended Eugene for his successful debut match last week. Eugene wanted another match, but Regal downplayed the possibility. Bischoff walked up. He hypocritically congratulated Eugene, but then pulled Regal aside for another private conversation. Regal apologized for failing to sabotage Eugene last week. Bischoff said trying to cause Eugene to lose had been the wrong tactic and that a better plan would be to humiliate Eugene during an interview. He said he would set up an interview in the ring for Eugene where he'd be ridiculed very badly, and would go home crying and never come back. JR was disgusted by this insidious plan. Regal seemed to support Bischoff, but also seemed to be developing some sympathy for Eugene, as many fans predicted last week.


Footage aired from last week of Shawn Michaels attacking HHH, leading to Michaels being suspended.


Kane destroyed Val Venis in 1:07. Venis demanded this match in response to Kane's locker room attack on him last week. Venis started strong with brawling, but Kane soon took control. Venis rolled clear on a Kane elbow drop, but Kane hit a hard boot to the face and the chokeslam for the pin. Poor Val, a talented guy who never gets a break.


After the match, Matt Hardy ran in and attacked Kane. He managed to lariat Kane out to the floor and to hit him in the gut with a chair. But Kane blocked a hard chairshot and beat Matt up. He chokeslammed Matt and put his head through the chair. He used the chair to choke Matt out, as JR freaked out over it. With Matt getting killed, Lita ran out and begged Kane to stop. Finally, she got him to release the choke on Matt by saying "yes". Kane grabbed Lita and appeared to whisper something to her. He then left with a huge grin on his face, leaving the distraught Lita to attend to the wounded and unconscious Matt. Guess we'll find out more on this mystery next week.


Footage aired of a Smackdown the Vote rally with Republican Party chairman Ed Gillespie.


Chris Benoit & Edge defeated Orton & Batista to retain the RAW World Tag Titles in 17:30. Orton and Edge started out brawling. Orton took a high backdrop. Benoit punched Orton out. Batista tagged in and overpowered Benoit. Batista has improved tons in recent weeks. Orton returned, but Benoit chopped him down. Edge came in and backdropped Orton out to the floor as Benoit lariated Batista out. Spike TV went to a commercial break and when the action returned, it was the start of hour two. Edge crashed into the post, hurting his shoulder. This gave Orton & Batista the opening to work the bad shoulder over. Orton missed a high dropkick, which gave Edge the opportunity to recover. He catapulted Orton into the turnbuckles. He gave Orton a DDT. Benoit hot tagged and gave Orton a suplex and a backbreaker. Batista made the save when Benoit put Orton in the sharpshooter. Batista lariated the hell out of both Benoit & Edge. The ref took a major bump. Benoit did the triple German suplexes on Orton. Batista slipped Orton one of the tag belts, and when Benoit went for the diving headbutt, Orton held it up and Benoit crashed into it. But Orton only scored two when the revived ref did the count. Flair got on the apron, and Edge ended up spearing Orton into him. Flair bumped off to the floor. Edge brawled out to the floor with Batista. Isolated once again, Benoit hooked the crossface on Orton and he tapped. A definite setback for Evolution. Good match and good crowd heat!


Regal told Eugene to be sure to stand straight during his interview. Eugene was worried that Regal wasn't going out there with him. Regal encouraged Eugene to be a man and stand on his own, and wished him luck. Regal looked sad about all this, definitely developing a soft spot for the innocent and naive Eugene.


Todd Grisham was in the ring, all set to do the interview. He asked Eugene about his victory last week, but before Eugene could answer, Jonathan Coachman arrived. Coach told Grisham to take a hike, calling himself the A-Team and saying he had been given this assignment. Grisham left, which begged the question as to why he was out there in the first place. Anyway, for the next couple of minutes, Coach arrogantly insulted Eugene. He told Eugene the entire arena last week was laughing at him when he won his match, calling him a laughingstock and a joke. Coach said he was ashamed to be in the same ring with Eugene. The crowd booed Coach, but Coach claimed they were booing Eugene. Eugene looked like he was about to cry. Coach continued, saying the only reason Eugene was even there was because he was Mr. Bischoff's nephew. He told Eugene no one likes him, including Regal, and that no girl would ever even look at him. He told Eugene to hit the road, and to go home and tell his friends that he almost fulfilled his dream of becoming a wrestler, but in the end fell short. Coach then corrected himself and said Eugene has no friends so he'd just have to go home alone and say nothing. Eugene left with his head down, crying his way up the ramp as the crowd chanted "a**hole" at Coach. Just as Eugene reached the exit, the sound of "If you smell what the Rock is cookin'" blared over the PA system. The crowd popped huge as Rock emerged onto the ramp top. This was awesome! Rock led Eugene back to the ring. Eugene acted totally in awe of Rock as he posed for the crowd. Rock lit into Coach for saying the people don't like Eugene. Rock said he is the expert on what the people think, and that they think Coach is nothing but a walking popcorn fart. Rock said he saw Eugene kick ass last week in his debut match and that the people love him. The crowd chanted "Eugene", which perked Eugene up. Rock said "screw the Coach", and the crowd chanted that, too. Rock told Coach that from this day forward the people will call him a popcorn fart. Yes, they chanted that as well. Coach said the last time he saw Rock was at 'Mania, where Rock got his ass kicked. Eugene got a huge pop when he said "it doesn't matter" what Coach thinks. Rock and Eugene were getting along very well, but when Rock asked who Eugene's favorite wrestler is, Eugene said Triple H. That was funny! Rock took it in stride, and asked why HHH is his favorite. Eugene said it's because HHH likes to play games. Rock said the only game HHH plays is "hide the strudel", but he seemed satisfied to be Eugene's second favorite wrestler. Rock told Eugene a fun new game would be one where Coach's candy ass gets kicked all over San Diego. They were about to put a whipping on the distraught Coach, but Garrison Cade, Coach's ally, ran in and attacked Rock. Rock quickly rallied and beat the crap out of Cade, flattening him with a spinebuster. Rock then lariated Coach and gave him a Rock Bottom. He allowed Eugene to nail Coach with the people's elbow. Great segment!


Smackdown Rebound featured highlights of the Eddie Guerrero vs. John Bradshaw Layfield feud, including clips of their bloodbath match at Judgment Day.


Kane won the over-the-top rope battle royal in 22:00 to earn the World Title shot at the Bad Blood PPV in June. This match ended up having only 18 participants instead of the previously announced 20. Matt Hardy was reported to be too injured to participate due to the earlier beating, and Christian was said to still be injured from last week's cage match. Couldn't they have at least put a couple of jobbers in as substitutes? Anyway, as the match began, the four Evolution guys all stood side-by-side as if to say to the other 14 that they were a unit. That didn't seem like a smart move, as it would only encourage the other 14 to operate as a unit against them. The bell rang and Kane almost immediately eliminated Johnny Nitro. Steven Richards went out next. Kane then ousted Rosey. Kane, who got put over huge in this match, hurled Hurricane out. But Rosey caught Hurricane, and the rules were that both feet must hit the floor for an elimination. Actually, it kind of looked like both did hit the floor, as Rosey didn't catch Hurricane all that well, though I can't be sure that that's the case. Rosey rolled Hurricane back in as the show went into a commercial break. When the action returned, Rob Conway was eliminated. HHH eliminated both Val Venis and Maven. This was Maven's first RAW appearance in months due to a legit injury. Soon, Sylvan Grenier, Garrison Cade, Rhyno, and Hurricane were ousted. And they went to another commercial break. Jericho backdropped Flair and eliminated him, for the first Evolution setback in this match. Jericho, by the way, was nearly eliminated several times but kept skinning the cat and holding on. Batista finally managed to hurl Jericho out, and he landed kind of dangerously on the stairs. Kane went wild and chokeslammed HHH, Orton, Edge, and Benjamin. Kane and Batista slugged it out, ending with Batista giving Kane a spinebuster. Edge came up and eliminated Batista. Edge then speared HHH, but before Edge could go further, Orton eliminated him. HHH & Orton went at it with Benjamin as Kane remained laid out from Batista's spinebuster. Benjamin was nearly ousted several times. He did a great springboard splash on both HHH & Orton. Benjamin eliminated Orton, followed by HHH ousting Benjamin. This left HHH and Kane in there. Just as HHH seemed to have Kane reeling, Shawn Michaels charged in. The Heartbreak Kid pounded HHH and hit him with a flying forearm. HBK hurled HHH over the top for the final elimination. It didn't make a whole lot of sense that a guy who was not only not in the match, but was under suspension, could eliminate someone, but that's what happened. So Kane was the winner. HBK escaped through the crowd as HHH threw a fit. JR was happy to see HBK get revenge on HHH for costing him the World Title two weeks ago. He kept screaming "How does it feel?" at HHH, as in, how does it feel to be screwed? Lawler said HBK would regret doing this. HHH seethed in the ring as the broadcast ended. It was an above average battle royal with strong heat.




Does Orton ever wine and dine himself, and then take himself to a cheap motel?


Why didn't they at least let Maven cut a promo on his first night back?


If Bischoff really wants rid of Eugene, why not put him in a handicap match against all four Evolution members?


Or how about a steel cage match against Kane, in which fire is legal?


If HHH is Eugene's favorite, does that mean Eugene will start using a sledgehammer in his matches?


Any bets on how likely it is that the Bad Blood title match ends up a three way?


2005 - WWE ran Sioux City, IA at the Tyson Events Center, drawing 3,000 fans for a Smackdown taping with the following results:


-Rene Dupree defeated Chad Murdock.


-WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury (with Melina) defeated Stevie Lee & Jason Bates at 4:38 when Mercury pinned Lee following the Snapshot.
-Nunzio & Sho Funaki defeated Akio & Spike Dudley at 6:40 when Funaki pinned Spike with an Oklahoma side roll.
-Chavo Guerrero pinned Shannon Moore with the Gory Bomb at 5:53.


-Scotty 2 Hotty defeated John Bradshaw Layfield via disqualification at 1:54 when JBL refused to let Scotty out of the corner; after the bout, JBL choked Scotty with a belt until he said "I quit".
-Booker T pinned Mark Jindrak at 2:44 with the scissors kick; moments prior to the bout, Booker confronted Jindrak backstage after he implied Sharmell was a gutter slut; Booker then brawled with Jindrak through the backstage area, through the crowd, and into the ring.
-John Heidenreich pinned WWE US Champion Orlando Jordan in a non-title match at 3:03 with a sidewalk slam.
-Hardcore Holly pinned WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury (with WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion Johnny Nitro & Melina) at 4:51 with the Alabama Slam.
-WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Doug & Danny Basham in a handicap match at 8:53 by pinning Danny with the FU.


2006 - broke news that WWE was in negotiations to bring a revived ECW series to the Sci Fi Channel.


2007 - UFC's Dana White was interviewed  by the Daily Star in Great Britain, discussing their planned UFC event in Belfast when the subject of TNA star and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar came up. White responded, "I have a three o'clock conference call with Angle this afternoon.  Lesnar would be interesting but I do think it would be very hard for anyone from pro-wrestling to make the jump into UFC right now."  Angle wouldn't go on to sign with TNA (or compete in MMA anywhere, for that matter).  Lesnar would go on to become the top PPV draw for UFC as well as UFC Heavyweight champion before retiring and returning to WWE.


2009  – WWE ran their Judgment Day 2009 PPV.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV Report:


The usual PPV opening video was a lot shorter than usual, then they showed CM Punk entering to a big hometown pop, as Jim Ross and Todd Grisham reviewed the recent events between Punk and Umaga.
CM Punk vs. Umaga.
Punk opened up with kicks, and Umaga knocked Punk down with a shove, but missed a headbutt to the mat.  Punk continued with his kick-based offense, then tried a springboard bodypress, but Umaga caught it and hit a spinning side slam.  Umaga stomped Punk, then worked him over in a corner.  Punk battled back with right hands, but was taken down with a back elbow.  Umaga whipped Punk hard into a corner, then did the same into the opposite turnbuckles.  Umaga pounded Punk's shoulder, then applied a nervehold.  Punk grabbed the ropes to break it, and Umaga jumped on the outstretched arm.  Umaga threw Punk shoulder-first into the ringpost, then applied a double nervehold.  Punk upkicked to try and break out, but Umaga switched to an armbar.
Punk got to his feet, but Umaga threw him to the mat and delivered a kneedrop.  Umaga scored a two count, but Punk rolled to the apron.  Umaga kicked Punk off the apron, and into the security wall at ringside.  Punk got on the apron and hit some shoulderblocks, then went for a slingshot sunset flip, but couldn't get him over.  Umaga dropped all his weight on Punk's chest, then did it a second time.  Umaga went to do it a third time, but Punk got his feet up and kicked Umaga in the face.
Punk picked up Umaga for a bodyslam, but collapsed under the weight and fell to the mat for a two count.  Umaga went back to work on the arm, but Punk battled up and hit some right hands, only to be decked by a thrust chop.  Umaga then went for a flying headbutt from the second rope, but Punk rolled out of the way.  The fans have been chanting for Punk a lot here.  Punk hit some right hands, then dodged a charging Umaga, pulling down the top rope so Umaga would fall to the floor.  Punk then hit a pescado. Back in the ring, Punk hit a series of kicks, then a kneelift and a leg lariat.  Punk went for a whip, but Umaga reversed it.  Umaga charged into a Punk boot, then charged again and Punk moved, sending Umaga into the ringpost.  Punk hit a jumping knee, then went for a bulldog, but Umaga shoved Punk into a corner.
Umaga went for the running posterior butt, but Punk moved out of the way and Umaga crashed in the corner.  Punk hit a second rope bulldog for a two count.  From the apron, Punk hit a kick to the head, then delivered a springboard clothesline onto Umaga for a two count.  Punk called for the GTS, but couldn't lift Umaga.  Umaga reversed positions and hit a Samoan Drop for a two count.  Umaga called for the Samoan Spike.  Punk ducked the Spike, hit three kicks to the head in a row, and went to lift Umaga for the GTS.  Punk's back gave out on him, and Umaga hit a thrust kick.  Punk fell into a corner, and Umaga hit the running posterior butt, then the Samoan Spike for the pin at the thirteen minute mark.
Winner: Umaga.
Backstage, Chavo Guerrero informed Vickie Guerrero that John Cena was medically cleared to wrestle tonight.  Vickie Guerrero told Big Show, who was sitting on the couch across from her, that the match is on.  Big Show said that Raw has already lost Triple H, and now they would lose John Cena, and it was "bad for business."  Vickie said WWE was bigger than one man, and if Show takes out Cena, someone else would step up to take his place.  Show said "I know who will take his place" and walked out.  Edge entered, and Show stared him down and said "Hello Edge."  Edge said he needed to talk to his wife, and Big Show left.  Edge approached Vickie, and Chavo excused himself, while Vickie was not looking Edge in the face.
Matt Striker and Josh Mathews reviewed the events leading to the ECW Title match.
ECW Champion Christian vs. Jack Swagger.
They did the "big match" intros for the title match.  Swagger lunged at Christian at the start, but Christian sidestepped him and hit some right hands.  Swagger whipped Christian to the ropes, but Christian slid to the floor.  Swagger gave chase, and back in the ring went for a press slam, but Christian floated out and went for the Killswitch.  Swagger broke out, and Christian gestured that he almost had him.  Swagger applied a waistlock to Christian, but Christian elbowed out, only to be hit by a shoulderblock.  Swagger whipped Christian hard into a corner, but missed a clothesline.  Christian dodged a charging Swagger and sent him over the top rope.  As Swagger tried to get back in the ring, Christian dropkicked him between the ropes, sending him back to the floor.  Christian then hit a springboard bodypress onto Swagger on the floor. 
Christian rolled Swagger in the ring, and as Christian got in, Swagger hit a kneelift, and knocked him to the floor.  Back outside, Swagger threw Christian ribs first into the ringpost, then stood on his midsection.  Back in the ring, Swagger scored a two count. Swagger applied a bodyscissors, using the ropes for leverage at one point without the referee seeing.  Swagger stomped Christian's gut, but Christian battled back with backhands before being hit with a knee to the midsection.  Swagger slammed Christian, then went for a V-Bomb, but Christian got his knees up.  Christian hit a second rope back elbow, but Swagger hoisted him in a slam position and rammed him into a corner.  Swagger went for a second, but Christian floated over into a reverse facebuster for a two count.  Christian hit a pair of pendulum kicks in the corner, but missed a top rope splash.  Swagger rolled up Christian for a two count.
Swagger went for a powerbomb, but Christian blocked it.  Swagger tossed Christian into a corner, but Christian ducked the charge.  Christian went to the top rope, but Swagger met him there and hit a top rope belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Swagger went to pick up Christian, but Christian rolled him into a small package for two.  The two men clotheslined each other.  Christian went for a second rope sunset flip, but Swagger dropped down on him for a two count.  Christian went for a tornado DDT, which Swagger blocked, but Christian managed to reverse back into position and hit a reverse DDT for a two count.  Swagger cradled Christian with a handful of tights, but only got a two count as the referee caught him. Christian and Swagger went into a series of reversals, with Swagger trying to get the gut wrench powerbomb and Christian tried to get the Killswitch.  At one point, Christian pulled down Swagger's straps, and he rolled up Swagger and pulled the tights (out of view of the ref) to get the win at the ten minute mark.  They showed replays of how Swagger was unable to pull the tights and get the win, but Christian was.
Winner: Christian.
Backstage, Chavo Guerrero was at the door of Vickie Guerrero's office.  Edge came out, and Chavo wanted to know what was going on.  Edge said he was talking to his wife, and Chavo pointed out they aren't living together.  Edge ripped into Chavo for not defending Vickie against a "cross dresser" who called his aunt a pig.  Edge said Chavo was an embarrassment and walked off.
John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin.
Charlie Haas accompanied Benjamin to the ring.  Right as they locked up, Benjamin hit an Exploder suplex and applied an armbar, then kicked him in the gut hard.  Benjamin hit a shoulderblock, but Morrison came back with some right hands.  Benjamin bailed out to the floor, and Morrison teased a dive to the outside.  Benjamin ducked and walked away, but when he walked back towards the ring, Morrison did a springboard 450 onto Shelton.  If Shelton wasn't there, Morrison could have landed ugly on his leg.  Insane spot.  Morrison threw Benjamin back into the ring and went to the top rope.  Morrison was distracted by Haas, and Benjamin clipped him, then hit an elevated kick that sent Morrison off the ropes and to the floor. Back in the ring, Benjamin grounded him with a chinlock. 
Morrison battled out, but Benjamin hit a back elbow for a two count.  Benjamin stomped and kicked Morrison, then rubbed his face in the mat before applying a camel clutch variation.  Morrison fought out of it, but Benjamin grabbed a cravate and delivered a knee to the head.  Benjamin applied a sleeper, but Morrison fought out and reversed into his own.  Benjamin tossed Morrison into the ropes to escape, and they collided heads.  Both got to their feet slowly, and Benjamin went for a back suplex, but Morrison shifted his weight and landed on top for a two count.  Morrison hit an uppercut, but ran into an elbow.  Morrison came back with a dropkick, a clothesline and a back elbow, then a tilt-a-whirl side legsweep for a two count. 
Morrison went for the Moonlight Drive, but Benjamin reversed it into a inverted backbreaker for a two count.  Benjamin went off the ropes, but Morrison hit a back kick, then a running knee to the face for a two count.  Morrison went for a whip in the corner, but Benjamin went for a leapfrog, which Morrison sidestepped and hit a springboard kick.  Morrison went for a rana, but Benjamin threw Morrison off into the turnbuckles, where Morrison had a ugly landing.  Benjamin went for a whip, but Morrison reversed and went for a monkey flip.  Benjamin landed on his feet.  Haas got on the apron, but Morrison knocked him off. Benjamin dove for, and missed, a Stinger Splash, and Morrison hit the Flying Chuck kick and then Starship Pain (corkscrew split leg moonsault) for the win at the ten minute mark.
Winner: John Morrison.
There was a commercial for the Wrestlemania DVD, which you can order in the Superstore.
The Miz came to the ring.  He said he wanted to give it up for the winner of the previous match... Marty Jannetty.  Miz corrected himself, and said this won't be the last time he follows Morrison and puts on a superior performance.  The fans were giving Miz the "What" treatment and Miz said they sounded like a bunch of quacking ducks.  Miz ripped on John Cena, saying he won't take his challenge.  Miz said Cena is a "loveable loser" and said he was just like the Chicago Cubs.  Miz then pointed out Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs, who was in the front row.  Miz did the "You can't see me" and said Alfonso won't see a World Series ring while he is playing for the Cubs.  Miz said he wanted to apologize to anyone who was born before 1908, and actually saw a Cubs World Series victory.  Miz said if Alfonso had a problem with him, he could either win a World Series, or serve as a "Cena surrogate" and get in the ring.  Miz then said he got a phone call, and said "Really?" into his phone over and over.  Miz said it was Lou Pinella, and he preferred Soriano get his "yearly injury" on the field, instead of off.  Miz said since Soriano couldn't do it, it was a forfeit, and since Soriano was a substitute for Cena, Miz is now 4-0 against John Cena. 
Santino Marella entered, and Miz asked what he wanted.  Santino called him "The Fiz" and said he can't let Miz continue to talk about a "fellow Italian" like Alfonso Soriano.  BTW, Soriano isn't Italian.  Miz said he has noticed some WWE stars represent animals. Vickie Guerrero looks like a pig, and Vladimir Kozlov looks like Sam The American Eagle (of Muppets fame).  Miz asked what animal he was, and Santino said "a jackass" and made donkey noises.  Miz said he had no problem beating down Santino.  Santino said he hoped Miz brought his "metal detector" because he "brought some guns."  Santino flexed, Miz decked him and the two started exchanging punches on the mat.  The crowd cheered when Santino was on top, and booed when Miz was.  Miz finally got the better of it, and laid out Santino with a DDT.
Miz left, and Chavo Guerrero walked out. Chavo gave the downed Santino a frog splash, and yelled "Who's a pig now?"
Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed Chris Jericho.  Mathews asked if there was a "controversy" against him, but Jericho corrected him that it is a conspiracy.  Jericho said it was more than that, it was an "attack" on him, noting he was screwed out of a World Title match twice.  Jericho said Rey Mysterio has gotten by on the back of a biased General Manager and the fans, who he insulted in classic Jericho style.  Jericho said there would be a new Intercontinental Champion tonight, and there would be no 619.
Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho.
Rey called for a 619 chant at the start of the match, playing off Jericho's promo.  Mysterio hit a drop toe hold right away, and set up Jericho for the move, but Jericho slid to the floor.  Jericho got back in and hit some right hands and kicks.  Jericho rammed Rey into the turnbuckles, delivered a snap mare and kicked Rey in the back.  Rey hit a series of forearms, then Jericho caught him with a back elbow and threw Rey to the floor.  Jericho slid out of the ring, but Rey slid in, and then hit a baseball slide kick.  Rey then hit a senton off the apron onto Jericho, and kicked him in the chest.  Rey went for a whip on the floor, but Jericho reversed it and sent Rey into the security wall.
Back in the ring, Rey kicked Jericho so he was hanging off the ropes, then hit a guillotine legdrop off the top rope for a two count. Rey went for a headscissors, but Jericho shoved Rey off and onto the apron.  Rey hit a shoulderblock between the ropes, then went to the top, but Jericho shoved him and Rey got crotched, catching his leg on the turnbuckle connector.  Rey got up on the apron, but Jericho hit a springboard dropkick and sent him to the floor.  Jericho went outside and dropped Mysterio across the security wall, then sent him back into the ring and hit a slingshot splash for a two count. 
Jericho applied a crossface chickenwing, but Rey got out of it.  Rey tried to boot a charging Jericho, but Jericho caught it.  Rey hit an enzugiri, and Jericho fell into 619 position.  Rey ran the ropes, but Jericho sprung up and backdropped Rey.  Rey landed on his leg, and went to the floor to try and shake it off.  Jericho pulled Rey onto the apron and went to suplex him back in the ring.  Rey floated over and ran the ropes, but Jericho picked him up in a spinning torture rack, then dropped to his knees with it and covered Rey for a two count.  Jericho then catapulted Rey into the middle rope for another two count.  Rey tried to kick up from the mat, but Jericho sidestepped it and stomped him. 
Jericho put Rey on the top rope and tried to pull off his mask.  Rey elbowed Jericho to the mat, then hit a top rope senton.  Rey is favoring his leg.  Rey followed with a springboard bodypress for a two count.  Jericho kicked Rey in the gut and went for a sunset flip, but Rey rolled through and kicked Jericho in the head for a two count.  Mysterio went for a leapfrog, Jericho grabbed him and went for an electric chair, but Rey turned it into a sunset flip, but Jericho turned it into a Walls Of Jericho attempt.  Rey wrangled out of that and ran the ropes, but Jericho caught him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count.
Jericho kicked Rey in the gut, then headbutted him in a corner.  Jericho went for a bulldog, but Rey shoved him off into a corner, then gave him a headscissors into 619 position.  Jericho dodged the 619 attempt, and Rey went for a rana, but Jericho caught it and went for the Walls Of Jericho.  Rey kicked it away, and Jericho fell back into 619 position.  Rey went for the move again, but Jericho caught it and applied the Walls Of Jericho.  Rey crawled for the ropes, but Jericho pulled Rey back into the center of the ring.  He pulled too hard, and Rey rolled under the move and cradled Jericho into a small package for a two count.  Rey went for a rana, but Jericho countered with a powerbomb for a two count. 
Jericho pounded Rey and slapped him across the head.  Jericho threw Rey in a corner, but then as he charged in, Rey gave him a drop toe hold, sending Jericho face first into the middle turnbuckle.  Rey then hit a 619 in the corner, just avoiding catching his own legs on the ringpost, and immediately delivered a springboard splash for the pin at the 14 minute mark.
Winner: Rey Mysterio.
The events leading to Randy Orton vs. Batista was shown.  Yep, the first Raw match of the night is going to be the WWE Title match.
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Batista.
Batista has a nasty scab above his left eye.  Mixed reactions for both men during the introductions.  Orton slid out of the ring at the bell.  Jerry Lawler said the scar on Batista's forehead was actually eight stitches from a "confrontation" this weekend, and the announcers speculated that Orton had something to do with it.  Orton got in the ring and Batista grabbed a headlock.  Orton shoved him into the ropes and Batista knocked him down with a shoulderblock.  Orton went to the floor to regroup.  Orton kicked Batista in the gut, and Batista hit a clothesline.  There was a faint "RKO" chant.  Batista hit a suplex for a two count, then hit Orton with a forearm to the back.  Batista dropped his weight on Orton's back twice, then hit some shoulderblocks to the back in a corner.
Batista whipped Orton hard into a corner, and stalked him around the ring.  Orton grabbed his trunks and pulled Batista through the ropes and to the floor.  Batista got on the apron, but Orton dropkicked him back to the floor.  Orton went outside and dropped Batista back first across the security wall.  Orton rolled Batista back in for a two count, then raked Batista's face across the laces of his boot.  Orton hit a series of kneedrops to the chest, then got a two count.  Orton applied a chinlock, but Batista powered out.  Orton grabbed Batista with his side backbreaker and then stomped Batista. Orton applied a chinlock, and the "RKO" chants were there again.
Batista broke out of the chinlock with a back suplex, then hit some punches.  Orton grabbed a sleeper, which Batista shoved off, and Orton hit a dropkick.  It definitely seems Orton has more crowd support than Batista does.  Batista hit some shoulderblocks from the apron, then Orton caught him with a knee.  Orton stretched Batista on the ropes, then hit a DDT for a two count.  Orton began measuring Batista for the RKO.  Orton changed his mind, and instead lined up for the punt.  Randy charged, but Batista nailed him with a spear.  Positive reaction from the crowd for the spear.  They exchanged punches, and the crowd definitely was more pro-Orton on the exchange.  Batista hit some shoulderblocks in a corner, a clothesline, and then a powerslam for a two count.  Orton hit a back elbow and rolled to the floor.  Orton yelled at the referee to count him out.
Batista came out after Orton and pounded him around ringside.  Orton ran around the ring, with Batista chasing him.  Orton then hugged onto the ringpost to avoid Batista pulling him back into the ring.  They got back in, and Orton hit a clothesline, but Batista responded with a more powerful one.  Batista hit a kick to Orton's face, and Orton rolled out of the ring again.  Batista reached out to grab him, and Orton pulled Batista throat first across the top rope.  Orton went for a chair, but Batista hit him as he got on the apron and the chair was dropped.  Batista threw Orton back in the ring, then hit a top rope shoulderblock for a two count.  Batista has more crowd support now.  Batista went for a Batista Bomb, but Orton pulled out and rolled out of the ring again.  Orton grabbed the title belt and headed up the aisle.
Batista grabbed Orton and threw him into the ring.  Orton went to hit Batista with the belt, but Batista ducked it and hit a spinebuster.  Batista went for a powerbomb, but Orton shoved out if it.  Orton went for an RKO, but Batista shoved it off.  Batista went for a spear, but Orton dodged it and Batista went into ringpost.  Orton lined up Batista for the RKO.  Batista shoved off the attempt, and Orton almost ran into the referee.  Batista put his hands on Orton, and Orton slapped the referee, getting disqualified at the sixteen minute mark.
Winner via disqualification: Batista.
Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes hit the ring and attacked Batista.  There was a "Whoo!" and Ric Flair ran out.  Flair started chopping and punching Legacy, helping Batista clean house.  Batista gave Orton a Batista Bomb.  DiBiase ate a Batista spinebuster.  Flair stomped Rhodes out of the ring.  Flair and Batista hugged, and the crowd popped for Flair.  Legacy regrouped on the stage and stared at Flair and Batista.
The events leading to John Cena vs. Big Show were shown.
John Cena vs. Big Show.
They pushed the idea that John Cena wasn't a hundred percent for the match.  Show smiled as he backed Cena into a corner, but Cena rolled away, and appeared to be hurt doing so.  Show yelled "You're hurt" and smiled at Cena.  Cena kept trying to avoid Show.  Dueling chants, pro and con, for Cena.  Show finally caught Cena and punched him in the back.  Show then hit a shot to the gut and Cena winced on the mat in pain.  Show delivered another body blow, then another.  Show yelled "I told you, you couldn't do this, your career ends tonight" and punched him in the gut again.  Cena battled back with some shots, but a shoulderblock attempt bounced off of Show.  Show stood on Cena's midsection.  Show scooped up Cena and slammed him.
Show dared Cena to get up, and went to slam him again.  Cena floated over and hit a few shots, but then was given a side slam for a two count.  Show acted surprised that Cena kicked out.  Show headbutted Cena to the mat, then went for a running kick.  Cena moved out of the way, but Show stopped short of crotching himself on the top rope.  Cena charged and Show flung Cena over the top rope and to the floor.  Show went outside, picked up Cena and drove him ribs first into the ringpost.
Show tossed Cena back into the ring, then went for the camel clutch, but Cena scooted out from under Show.  Cena attempted a running bulldog, but Show tossed Cena across the ring.  Show chopped Cena in a corner, then slugged him in the gut again.  Show whipped Cena hard across the ring, but Cena kicked Show as he charged him.  Cena got on the second rope and jumped right into a Big Show bearhug.  Cena struggled, turning himself around in the hold, and managed to break Show's grip.  Show headbutted Cena in the back and shoved him into the corner.
Show hit Cena with a reverse avalanche in a corner, then whipped him hard across the ring into the other corner.  Show picked up Cena's armband, which had come off, and tossed it away in disgust.  Show went for an avalanche, but Cena moved and Show hit the corner hard.  Cena threw some punches, then hit a shoulderblock to Show's knee, taking him down.  Cena hit the Throwback, then did the "You Can't See Me" and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Show grabbed Cena by the throat as he got up, but Cena grabbed Show with a DDT.  Cena went for an STF, but Show's body was too long to apply it.  Show shrugged him off, then hit a clothesline. 
Show set up Cena in a corner and went for a V-Bomb, which he hit for a two count.  Show stood on Cena's stomach and went for a second V-Bomb.  Cena rolled out of the way, and Show crashed to the mat.  Cena went for the STF again, but Show is just too long.  Show kicked Cena out of the ring.  Show reached down and pulled Cena onto the ring apron.  Cena punched Show and kicked him in the head.  Cena hit the top rope Rocker Dropper, and tried for the STF again.  Again, Show is too tall for it, and Show elbowed Cena away.  Big Show kicked Cena in the gut and then lifted him for a powerbomb and tossed him backwards, so Cena would land face first on the mat.  Show called for the Knockout Punch.  Show threw it, Cena ducked, lifted Big Show and hit the Attitude Adjustment for the pin at the 15 minute mark.
Winner: John Cena.
Cena went to ringside and did the "You can't see me" with Alfonso Soriano.  They played it up as a "miracle win" for Cena.  As Cena walked out, not selling being hurt at all, a fan at ringside was wearing a veterans hat.  Cena put it on, saluted the camera, then gave it back to the fan.
The events leading to Edge vs. Jeff Hardy were shown.


World Champion Edge vs. Jeff Hardy.
They played up that this could be the "final chapter" in the Edge-Jeff Hardy feud. They circled each other at the bell, and Edge grabbed a wristlock.  They traded reversals and Edge kicked Hardy in the gut and applied a headlock.  Hardy tossed Edge into the ropes, but Edge hit a shoulderblock.  Hardy hit a pair of armdrags in response, and when Edge tried to shove Jeff in a corner, fell victim to a third armdrag.  Hardy drove a knee into Edge's arm, and there was a chant for Hardy.  Edge put Jeff in a corner and hit a knee to the gut, but Jeff responded with a headscissors and an armdrag. 
Edge tossed Hardy into the ropes, but Hardy put on the brakes.  Edge charged and Hardy backdropped him onto the apron.  Hardy mulekicked Edge to the floor, then hit a somersault dive onto him on the outside.  Back in the ring, Cena went for a Whisper In The Wind, but Edge dodged it.  Hardy rolled to the apron and Edge whipped Hardy into the ringpost, then gave him a spear to the back that sent Hardy to the floor.  Edge tossed Hardy back in the ring and stomped his back.  Edge hit an elbowdrop to the back for a two count.  Jeff Hardy was placed up against the ropes, and Edge splashed his back for a two count.  Edge put Hardy in a surfboard variation, using his head against Hardy's lower back while pulling on the arms.
Hardy got to his feet and broke out of the hold.  He went for a Twist Of Fate, but Edge blocked it and drove Hardy back first into the mat for a two count. Edge punched Hardy and went for a clothesline, but Hardy ducked it and hit a cross bodyblock for a two count.  Hardy hit a jawbreaker, then a gourdbuster.  Hardy went to the top rope, but missed a flying bodypress.  Edge covered Hardy for a two count. Edge missed a boot to the face and Hardy hit a pair of clotheslines, then a reverse atomic drop, a double legdrop between the legs, and a dropkick to the face for a two count. 
Hardy whipped Edge across the ring, slid under him as he tried a kick and tripped him from the floor. Hardy hit the top rope bodypress for a two count, but missed a dropkick when Edge put on the brakes on a whip.  Hardy upkicked Edge and rolled him into a small package for a two count.  Edge kicked Hardy in the gut and went for a DDT, but Hardy blocked it, tripped Edge and put him in a Sharpshooter.  Edge made the ropes to force the break.  Hardy pulled Edge back towards him by the leg and hit the Twist Of Fate for a two count. 
Hardy clotheslined Edge in a corner and went for the elevated kick, but Edge caught it and went for a powerbomb, but Hardy floated over Edge and into a sunset flip for a two count.  Hardy went to the top rope, but Edge slugged him and went for a superplex.  They battled it out on the ropes, and Hardy dove over Edge into a sunset flip off the ropes for a two count.  Hardy dropkicked Edge into a corner, and went for the elevated kick again.  Edge rolled to the apron to avoid it, and Jeff shifted his body to kick Edge to the floor.  Hardy went to the floor and pulled the padding off the security wall.  Jeff rammed Edge into the exposed security wall.
Jeff placed Edge on the Smackdown table, and prepared to run along the top of the security wall.  Jeff started his run, but Edge got up and jumped off the table, spearing Hardy as he was jumping off the security wall, driving him into the ringside mats.  Edge rolled into the ring and told the referee to count. The referee got up to nine before Hardy, to a pop, rolled in.  Edge kicked Hardy into the apron, and there was a chant for Hardy. Edge went to spear Hardy off the apron, but Hardy dodged it and kicked Edge, and gave him a Twist of Fate from the apron, snapping Edge across the middle rope.  Hardy gave Edge a slingshot legdrop and covered him, but Edge got his foot on the bottom rope.  Hardy gave Edge a Whisper In The Wind for another two count.
Edge rolled to the floor.  Jeff went after him, and moved the ringsteps.  Jeff jumped off the ringsteps and hit Edge with a leg lariat, sending both of them over the security wall and into the crowd.  Hardy threw Edge back over the wall, but as Jeff was slowly crawling over the wall, Matt Hardy ran up behind Jeff and hit him with his cast. Matt then hid behind the security wall so the referee wouldn't see him.  Edge tossed Jeff into the ring, but only got a two count.  Edge went for a spear, but Hardy dodged it and Edge hit the turnbuckles.  Hardy went to climb the ropes, but was woozy from the cast shot.  He lost his balance and crotched himself.  Edge got onto the ropes and hit a DDT/superplex variation off the ropes for the pin at the twenty minute mark.
Winner: Edge.
The announcers played up that the cast shot was what kept Hardy from being able to climb the ropes.  Trainers checked on Hardy and Edge held up the title belt on the stage as the show ended.


2010 - It was revealed that former WWF Intercontinental champion Chyna would not be charged in connection to a recent battery case she was under investigation for.  in April 2010, a female friend claimed that she was in invited to a Sherman Oaks motel by Chyna, but when she arrived, she was immediately attacked, choked and beaten with a hanger. She escaped and tracked down two nearby police officers to file a report.  The case was closed.


2010 - WWE broadcast Raw from Toronto, Ontario.  The episode scored a 3.4 rating (not rounded up) with 4.9 million viewers. The show did hours of 3.37 and 3.50.   Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:


We are live from Toronto, Canada and your announcers are Jerry ‘I shouldn’t have had that large coffee from Tim Horton’s tonight’ Lawler and Michael ‘Vintage Zamboni’ Cole.


Bret Hart comes out to the ring and he has something to say. Bret says hello to the people of Toronto and he says that it has been a long time. He says that he was home last week watching Raw on TV and he could not believe that the Miz would challenge him to a US Title match in Toronto. Bret says that he did not take challenges lightly and he called WWF (sic) headquarters and told them to book it. Bret says that you get hot tempered and you put yourself in certain positions. He says that it is important for being remembered the right way and not one of the old wrestlers who hang on too long. Bret says that he will not be wrestling anyone tonight because it is not the right way to go out.


Bret is interrupted by Chris Jericho who makes his way to the ring.


Chris has one question for Bret and he wants to know ‘Why’. Bret says that he was explaining himself. Chris wants to know why Bret came back to the WWE in the first place. He says that Bret can fool all of the sycophants in this country, but Chris knows that Bret is a shell of his former self. He says that Bret was one of the greatest of all time, but now he is a pathetic has been tarnishing his status. Chris tells Bret that he has already hung on too late. Chris say that the worst thing is that Bret has become the biggest hypocrite of them all. Chris says that Bret doesn’t care about closure. He says that Bret is an ego driven phony. He says that was why Bret was screwed in Montreal and he says that Bret deserved it.


Bret wants to know how Jericho could call anyone a phony. He talks about remembering seeing Chris hanging out at the dungeon while being taught how to apply a headlock. He says that Chris is a phony and he needs to take a good look in the mirror at himself.


Chris says that he looked in the mirror and he saw a man who was much better than Bret ever was. Chris says that he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Chris wants to know why Bret had to come out because he could deliver his message any number of ways. He says that Bret wanted to be in the spotlight for one last moment to hear the parasites chant his name and make him feel like he still matters. Jericho says that the only person who matters in the locker room is Chris Jericho. Chris says that it must be a terrible feeling that all of the fans who were happy to see him return are now sickened by what they see. He says that nobody wants him here. Chris says that Bret’s legacy will be based on tonight and he will be remembered for being too scared to take on the Miz in a fight. He says that the Hart family name means nothing. Chris says that Bret’s father would be ashamed of Bret.


Jericho leaves the ring and Bret tells Jericho that he can tell Miz to put his boots on because he is going to have a match tonight.


Chris says that Bret is a con man and he will get himself disqualified for having the guts to fight. He suggests that the match be made a No Disqualification Match.


Bret says that he wouldn’t want it any other way. He says that he is not a hypocrite. Bret says that he is a man of his word. Bret says that he is going to walk around Yonge Street with the title belt. On Sunday, the Hart Dynasty will continue to be the Unified Tag Champions and he tells Chris to put that in his pipe and smoke it.


We will have a Pick Your Poison Match.


It is time for a WWE Shopzone commercial that parodies the Geico Commercials if you can save 15% on merchandise at It asks if Great Khali hates rental cars. We see him in a compact car while Hornswoggle is in a Hummer.


Edge mentions Wayne Brady, Meat Loaf, and Vickie Guerrero and he wonders if Orton thinks he can go around and RKO everyone. Edge says that Orton will not RKO him and he says that he will show the depths that he will. . .


Edge is interrupted by his opponent and it is someone Edge knows well.


Match Number One: Edge versus Christian in a Pick Your Poison Match


They lock up and Christian with a clean break. They lock up again and Edge with a waist lock but Christian with a take down. They lock up again and Edge works on the arm and into a hammer lock. Edge with a side head lock and Christian with a back elbow for a near fall. Edge slaps Christian and then Christian follows Edge to the floor and then Edge with punches when they return. Edge with a punch to Christian. Christian with a punch to Edge and then he avoids a punch from Edge and Christian with another punch. Christian leaps onto Edge’s back and then he slingshots to the floor and Christian goes for a punch but Edge blocks it. Edge with a baseball slide but Christian returns to the ring. Christian with a hesitation drop kick and then he hits a double jump cross body onto Edge and both men are down. Christian goes after Edge but Edge moves and Christian goes into the ringside barrier. The referee gets to nine and Christian returns to the ring. Edge kicks Christian in his shoulder as he works on the apparent injury. Edge with a knee to the shoulder as he applies more pressure with an arm bar. Christian gets to his feet and Christian with punches and an uppercut.


Edge with a shoulder tackle and Christian is holding his shoulder. Edge with a kick to Christian’s head and then he returns to the arm. Edge with an elbow drop and then he puts Christian in an arm bar submission. Edge with another arm submission but Christian gets to his feet but Edge brings Christian back to the mat. Christian with a side head lock after escaping the hold. Edge with a hammer lock but Christian with elbows. Edge runs Christian into the turnbuckles and then Edge runs into the turnbuckles but Christian moves out of the way. Edge blocks the pendulum kick and then he pulls Christian to the mat and gets a near fall. Edge wraps Christian’s arm in the rope but Christian with punches to Edge and then Christian goes up top. Edge punches Christian and then he goes up top as well. Christian knocks Edge off and then he hits the tornado DDT and Christian gets a near fall.


Christian punches Edge and then he hits a running forearm. Christian charges into an elbow in the corner but Christian with a flap jack. Christian goes to the turnbuckles and waits for Edge to get up and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Edge with a kick but Christian sets for the Killswitch but Edge escapes. Christian lands on his feet on a belly-to-back attempt and then he hits the slingshot into the uppercut. Christian drops Edge against the ropes and then Christian goes up top for a diving head butt, but Christian misses and Edge hits the Implant DDT but only gets a two count.


Edge misses a boot to the head and Christian with a rollup for a two count. Edge sends Christian into the ropes and then Edge sets for the spear but Christian stops Edge and hits a sunset flip from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Edge sends Christian’s arm into the mat and he sets for another spear. Christian moves out of the way and Christian hits the pendulum kick. Christian with the back elbow from the turnbuckles and then he sets for the Killswitch but Edge hits Christian in the arm and Edge sends Christian into the ring post and hits the spear for the three count.


Winner: Edge


Randy Orton is on the TitanTron and he congratulates Edge for winning his match. Orton says that he doesn’t get why Christian is out there because that is not who Edge is facing tonight. The gong sounds and it is the Undertaker.


Match Number Two: Edge versus Undertaker in the Pick Your Poison Challenge


The bell rings and Edge goes to the apron and he wants to be counted out. The referee starts to count and Taker paces in the opposite corner. Edge goes to the floor and gets counted out.


Winner: Undertaker by count out


After the match, Christian rolls Edge back into the ring and Taker with a choke slam to Edge.


We go to a video package for the Cena/Batista match at Over the Limit.


We see Maryse reading a magazine with Trish Stratus on the cover. Maryse wonder why the Canadian think Trish is a celebrity. Maryse is asked if she is Canadian, but she says that she is French Canadian. She talks about her photo session and then says that Eve has no personality or charisma as Eve comes up behind her and pours baby powder on Maryse. Eve slaps Maryse and slam her head into the table as referee carry her away.


We go to Buzz Aldrin’s office and he talks about how it is great to be back in Canada. Vickie Guerrero comes by and she welcomes Buzz to Raw and Buzz introduces Vickie to his wife. Vickie and Buzz have some issues about whose office this is. Buzz reminds Vickie that he was the second man to walk on the moon and Vickie walked out of Raw last week as General Manager. Buzz says that he talked to WWE Management and she is not GM and we will see the new GM next week.


Buzz talks about his iPhone application but Vickie says that she does not care because she is the General Manager. The Bellas arrive and Buzz tells them to escort Vickie to the parking lot.


We have a video from last week when Batista attacked Mark Henry and hit him with a chair.


Batista hits Mark Henry from behind with a 2x4. Batista sends Henry into the ring post. Batista runs Henry into the ring post. Batista Irish whips Henry into the ring steps and Henry hits it with his injured shoulder. Batista walks over Henry to get into the ring.


Batista demands his spotlight to pose on the turnbuckles. Then Batista leaves and says ‘you’ll be alright Kool-Aid’. Batista poses under the TitanTron.


We go to footage of the feud between Sheamus and John Cena starting with Sheamus’ WWE Title victory at TLC in December.


It is time for an R Truth ‘Priceless’ non-commercial showing that he will not be Ted DiBiase’s Virgil.


We are told that R Truth will be facing Ted DiBiase at Over the Limit.


Match Number Three: Ted DiBiase with Virgil versus Yoshi Tatsu


Ted with a waist lock take down into a front face lock. Ted works on the arm but Yoshi reverses. Ted backs Yoshi into the corner and punches Yoshi. Yoshi and Ted block hip tosses. Yoshi with a knee and hip toss followed by a Japanese arm drag and drop kick for a near fall. Ted with a punch in the corner followed by an Irish whip. Yoshi tries for a float over but Ted catches Yoshi and hits a gut buster followed by a kick to the gut and then he drops Yoshi on the top rope and gets a near fall. Ted with a reverse chin lock before they get to their feet. Ted with a punch followed by an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow and boot. Yoshi with a spinning heel kick and both men are down. Yoshi with a forearm and kicks to Ted and then he hits the running knees into the corner followed by a rolling snap mare and kick to the chest for a near fall. Yoshi misses a roundhouse kick and Ted hits Dream Street for the three count.


Winner: Ted DiBiase


Ted tells Virgil to get a mic.


Ted tells R Truth that the person who is not ashamed to be the new Virgil is the original Virgil. Virgil will be in his corner on Sunday when he beats him at Over the Limit. Now that the trust fund has kicked in he has no limits and he can buy anything he wants. Ted says that if he can’t buy it, he will beat it.


We see a video package for the CM Punk/Rey Mysterio match at Over the Limit.


Cole and Lawler talk about the matches at Over the Limit.


The Miz and Chris Jericho are talking in the back. Miz walks away and he is stopped by Josh Mathews but Miz takes the mic. Miz says that he shocked the world last week when he announced that he would defend his title against Bret Hart. How often do you get to defeat a legend and a national hero in one match. Miz talks about how there should be a National Holiday because Bret Hart is wrestling. Miz says that he is excited to see Bret Hart competing tonight.


Miz reminds Bret that he cost them the Unified Titles but this will cost him more. Tonight, not only is he going to beat Bret, but he will humiliate him so much that he will eradicate Bret’s family name and spit on the Hart family heritage. Miz says that Bret will be in the ring and lying on his stomach screaming in pain. He will be screaming in pain in front of his own country. He will be calling for help from his very own family. He will make Bret tap out to his very own sharpshooter.


Match Number Four: Miz versus Bret Hart for the United States Title in a No Disqualification No Count Out Match


Miz goes to the floor and he asks for the mic. Miz says that he doesn’t trust Bret because he knows that the Hart Dynasty will get involved. Miz paid some people to neutralize them if they get involved. Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal come out to ringside.


The Harts come through the crowd and they brawl on the ramp.


Jericho comes into the ring to assist the Miz. Natalya comes into the ring to stand by Bret. Jericho yells at Natalya but she slaps Jericho. Bret punches Miz when he grabs Natalya. Jericho punches Bret. Smith hits Jericho from behind and punches him. Smith clotheslines Jeircho over the top rope to the floor. Miz hits Smith from behind and sends Smith to the floor.


Miz kicks Hart in the ribs and then he sets for the Sharpshooter. Kidd with a springboard missile drop kick and then they hit the Hart Attack on Miz and Bret puts Miz in the sharpshooter and Miz taps out.


Winner: Bret Hart


After the match, Bret celebrates in the ring with the Hart Dynasty.


Cole and Lawler talk about what just happened and Cole does not think this is right.


It is time for a Moments Ago Moment of Bret Hart’s celebration.


Cole and Lawler talk about how there is a Money in the Bank pay per view and tickets go on sale this weekend.


It is time to look at Sheamus’ attack on John Cena after the Beat the Clock Challenge.


It is time for another word from our sponsors and it is a Santino Marella ‘The Most Irritating Man in the World’ commercial.


We see highlights from last week’s Women’s Title victory by Layla over Beth Phoenix.


On Sunday, Eve will face Maryse for the Divas Title.


Match Number Five: Michelle McCool, Layla, and Maryse versus Eve Torres and the Bellas


Maryse goes after Eve and we have a scrum as the Bellas pull Eve off and Michelle and Layla pull Maryse away.


Layla and Eve start things off and Layla pushes Eve and then they lock up and Layla with a side head lock. Eve with elbows and Layla with a shoulder tackle but Eve stays on her feet. Layla with a near fall followed by kicks. Eve with a torture rack drop and then she puts Layla in a rear chin lock. Eve with a neck breaker for a near fall. Eve brings Layla into the corner and Brie with a flying mare but Layla with a near fall. Layla with an Irish whip and she sends Brie to the apron. Michelle with a kick that knocks Brie off the apron. Michelle tags in and she runs Brie into the ringside barrier. Michelle rolls Brie in and then she drops knees to the midsection. Layla tags back in and Layla with a snap mare and she slams Brie’s head to the mat. Layla misses a leg drop and Michelle tags in and knocks Eve off the apron and Nikki is brought in. Nikki with a clothesline and drop kicks. Nikki with a monkey flip and then she hits another drop kick. Nikki gets a near fall. Nikki with forearms to Layla and Maryse. Nikki misses a cross body and Maryse tags in and hits the DDT for the three count.


Winners: Maryse, Michelle McCool, and Layla


After the match, Maryse goes after Eve but Brie stops Eve from getting involved. Maryse eventually gets close to Eve while Brie remembers that her sister got planted on her head during the match.


Josh Mathews is in the interview area and he got his mic back to interview John Cena. Josh asks about some of John’s decisions and he brings up the match with Sheamus. Cena says that a critic’s job is to criticize and find a flaw in everything you do. He will not give the critics his time. Cena wants to address the people who still support him in the C-Nation. He says that they have tasted victory as well as the agony of defeat. Cena says that he has never failed to deliver on a promise. He says that he is facing Sheamus tonight so Sheamus is not an obstacle at Over the Limit. Tonight, he takes out Sheamus. The I Quit match will be the last time that they will meet and he wants no dispute over who is the best. Cena says that he gave up his rematch clause because if he says I Quit, he does not deserve to have another shot. A champion should not be a quitter. He has seen what Batista has done and he reminds us that he gave Cena a broken neck and he still wears the scar. Batista has failed to do one thing and that is to get him to quit. Cena says that he has a plan and a promise. He says that he will not quit but Batista will be the quitter.


Match Number Six: Randy Orton versus Jack Swagger in a Pick Your Poison Challenge Match


Swagger with a waist lock take down. They lock up and Swagger with another waist lock. Orton with a reversal and take down. Orton with a boot to the hand. Swagger with a kick and punch followed by shoulders in the corner. Swagger with a forearm to the back but Orton with the chin lock back breaker followed by the Garvin stomp. Orton misses the leaping knee drop and Swagger with a clothesline for a near fall. Swagger with a reverse chin lock. Swagger with an Irish whip but Orton with an elbow and clothesline followed by a back elbow. Swagger goes to the floor and Orton goes after him. Swagger sends Orton into the announce table and they return to the ring. Orton with a kick and he sets for the IEDDT but Swagger gets into the ring and he hits a gutwrench suplex and hits the double jump Vader Splash. Swagger goes for a second one and he hits it again. Orton goes to the floor and Swagger knocks Orton off the apron and Orton hits the announce table. Swagger pounds his chest like he is the king of the jungle. Swagger kicks Orton on the floor. Swagger runs Orton into the apron.


Swagger returns Orton to the ring and gets a near fall. Swagger with a reverse chin lock. Orton with elbows to get out of the hold. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex and then he sets for another double jump Vader Splash but Orton gets up and kicks Swagger in the chest. Orton with clotheslines and then he hits the power slam. Orton with a kick and he sets for the IEDDT and he hits it. Orton twists into RKO push ups and then Edge comes into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Jack Swagger by disqualification


After the match, Orton goes for the RKO on Edge, but Orton is pushed off and Orton hits an RKO on Swagger instead. Edge spears Orton and stands over Orton and Swagger.


It is time to run through the card for Over the Limit.


It is time for Buzz Aldrin to come out and he addresses the people of Canada. Buzz says that it has been a great night and he has had a wonderful time. Buzz talks about making the space program better over the last 30 years. He talks about how he supports the President about the space program. He talks about how the Canadians built the landing gear for the Eagle landing craft.


Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox come to the ring and he says that the Canadians don’t have a space program and how the science program of Canada stopped with maple syrup. Zack says that he doesn’t even believe Buzz landing on the moon. Zack says that he would rather be homeless than live in a mansion in Canada eating moose meat.


Buzz says that the last person who said that they staged the moon landing, he hit that person. We have the video tape.


Buzz says that he isn’t going to pounce Zack. He says that he has someone to take care of Zack.


Match Number Seven: Evan Bourne and Gail Kim versus Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox


Ryder and Bourne start things off and Ryder with a punch but Bourne with a drop kick and kicks to the leg. Ryder with a knee and he sends Bourne into the turnbuckles followed by a forearm. Bourne with a rollup but Ryder with a neck breaker and he kicks Bourne in the back. Bourne blocks the leg lariat but Bourne with a rollup. The women get into the ring and Gail sends Alicia into Zack and Gail hits the cross body into the corner. Bourne with a drop kick into the corner and then Gail with a missile drop kick for a near fall on Alicia. Ryder grabs Alicia and Gail kicks Alicia into Ryder. Zack pulls the ropes open and Gail goes to the floor. Alicia rolls Gail into the ring and gets a near fall. Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. The men are back in and Bourne with a head scissors followed by a back kick. Ryder with a kick to Bourne but Bourne with a leaping knee and then Bourne goes up top but Alicia rolls Zack to the floor. Bourne with a cross body onto Ryder. Gail with Eat Defeat for the three count.


Winners: Evan Bourne and Gail Kim


We have a video package for the Swagger/Big Show match at Over the Limit.


We are told that next week’s Guest Host is Jon Lovitz.


It is time for another ‘non commercial’ commercial. It is another ‘Geico’ commercial with Goldust being an awkward blind date.


Match Number Eight: Sheamus versus John Cena


They lock up and Sheamus backs Cena into the corner and connects with punches and kicks. Cena punches back and the crowd shows their love. Cena with an Irish whip and running back elbow before he sends Sheamus to the floor. Cena sends Sheamus into the ring steps. Cena sends Sheamus into another set of ring steps. Cena is Irish whipped into the ringside barrier. Sheamus with a running boot to the head and then he rolls Cena back into the ring. Sheamus gets a near fall. Sheamus with a punch to the head and then he connects with a European uppercut. Sheamus with an Irish whip and a running double sledge to the back for a near fall. Cena with a clothesline and then she sends Sheamus shoulder first into the ring post and Sheamus goes to the floor. Cena waits for Sheamus to get back into the ring and then he gets Sheamus up for the Attitude Adjustment but Sheamus gets out of the hold and hits a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Cena with a side slam and he gets a near fall. Cena with punches to Sheamus followed by an Irish whip but Cena runs into a back elbow and Cena goes to the apron. Sheamus with a running knee to the head and Cena falls to the floor. Sheamus with another running knee to the head and Cena goes to the floor again. Cena goes to the apron one more time and Cena avoids the third knee. Cena with an Irish whip but Sheamus pushes Cena away when he tries for the bulldog. Sheamus with a baseball slide that sends Cena to the floor.


Sheamus slams Cena’s head into the announce table. Sheamus rolls Cena back in and gets a near fall. Sheamus with a knee to the head. Sheamus with a forearm across the chest. Sheamus with another forearm across Cena’s chest. Cena with the two flying shoulder tackles followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb. That means that it is time for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena gets Sheamus up for the Attitude Adjustment but Sheamus holds on to the ropes. Batista is in the ring as Cena sends Sheamus to the floor. Batista with a spinebuster and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: John Cena by disqualification


After the match, Batista gives Cena another spinebuster. Batista with another spinebuster and now it is time for a Batista to put Cena in a modified Border City Stretch and wants Cena to say ‘I Quit’ as we go to credits.

2011 - Kristoffer Diaz' "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" an Off-Broadway drama about race and how it is portrayed in the world of professional wrestling was named the Best New American Play in the 2011 OBIE Awards, a prestigious theater awards ceremony in New York City.

2011 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

This week sees one of the six men seeking redemption have their quest end before they reach the promised land. Who will not be able to make it a win?

We are live on tape from Corpus Christi, Texas and your announcers are William ‘Anyone gets on my bad side, they are going into the Gulf’ Regal and Todd ‘Where are these Texicans that Jesse Ventura talked about’ Grisham. Your hosts are Matt ‘Teaching the three Rs’ Striker and Maryse.

Todd asks William who he thinks is on the hot seat and Regal says that they have all been working hard to stay in the competition.

Darren Young comes out to the ring and he has a purpose tonight. Darren says that next week he did something that no other rookie had done and that was defeat Titus O’Neil. For weeks, he has been dominating NXT. He has dominated the Redemption Points and the challenges. Darren talks about Titus’ bark and he says that it makes him sick. Darren tells Titus that he knows his weakness. Darren says that he has the key to Titus’ weakness. He says that Titus will never see Hornswoggle again, he will never beat Darren again, and he will not win NXT.

Titus O’Neil comes out to the ring to confront Darren Young.

Match Number One: Titus O’Neil versus Darren Young

Titus backs Young into the corner and he wants to know where Hornswoggle is. They lock up and Titus backs Darren into the corner. Young with a kick and a back elbow followed by a knee drop. Young with a kick to the back of O’Neil. Young hits a short arm clothesline on Titus and gets a near fall. O’Neil with a shoulder tackle that sends Young into the ropes and Titus hits a power slam for a near fall.

Titus with a hard Irish whip followed by a short arm clothesline. Titus barks for the fans and he gets a near fall. Young with a kick to the head but Titus kicks back and connects with an English uppercut. Titus with a kick to the back. Titus gets ready for Sky High but we see Chavo in the back with a trunk and we hear Hornswoggle grunting.

Titus gets the key and he leaves the ring. Titus shows his 40 speed that got him on the University of Florida football team.

Titus is counted out.

Winner: Darren Young by count out

After the match, we see Titus get Hornswoggle out of the trunk and then Chavo attacks Titus from behind and then Chavo grabs Hornswoggle by the beard and they leave.

Darren Young wants Chavo to bring Hornswoggle into the ring for him while Regal is surprised at how Darren and Chavo had him buying that Chavo was okay with Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle is brought into the ring and Darren yells at Hornswoggle with his knee on his chest. Young holds Hornswoggle for Chavo to hit a frog splash on Hornswoggle. Chavo hits the frog splash on Hornswoggle.

Titus O’Neil has recovered and he makes his way back into the arena and he forces Young and Chavo out of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Titus O’Neil saving Hornswoggle only to have Chavo and Darren Young attacking Hornswoggle after Chavo got done with Titus in the back.

We see Titus carrying Hornswoggle out of the ring during the commercial break and Hornswoggle is being taken to a medical facility and Titus went with Hornswoggle.

It is time to take a look at the I Quit Match between John Cena and Miz at Over the Limit.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Yoshi Tatsu versus Byron Saxton in a Pro and Rookie Civil War Match

They lock up and Byron backs Yoshi into the corner and Byron with a forearm instead of a clean break. Yoshi turns things around and he chops Saxton. Saxton pushes Yoshi but Yoshi chops back. Saxton wants Yoshi to back off as he retreats into the corner. Yoshi with a Japanese arm drag and a regular arm drag into an arm bar.

Yoshi continues to work on the arm and he misses a Shining Wizard. Saxton hits Yoshi from behind and then he kicks Yoshi around the ring. Saxton sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles followed by a hard Irish whip.

Saxton gets a near fall on Yoshi and he applies a reverse chin lock. Yoshi kicks and chops Saxton but Saxton with a head butt to Yoshi’s midsection. Yoshi with a kick to the chest followed by more kicks from Yoshi. Yoshi hits the Shining Wizard but he can only get a near fall.

Yoshi with an Irish whip followed by running knees into the corner. Yoshi goes up top for the spinning heel kick and he connects for the three count.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know how many houses can get WWE programming?

Matt Striker is in the ring and he brings out his co-host Maryse.

Maryse say that peoples are happy to see her. She say that tonight is the first elimination. However, there is some unfinished business that needs to be dealt with. She brings out Vladimir Kozlov and Conor O’Brian.

Matt reminds everyone that Vladimir Kozlov and JTG have a gentlemen’s wager to mold their rookie into their own likeness. Vladimir says that he trained him and he is best of the best just like him.

Matt brings out the other half of this situation so JTG and Jacob Novak come out to the ring. William Regal gives his thoughts on JTG and Jacob Novak and he challenges Steve Austin for his blunt opinions.

Maryse tells Jacob and Conor that they will be performing for us tonight, but we need a judge. Matt suggests that it be the audience in Corpus Christi.

JTG introduces his boy, his rookie, and his homie. He calls Jacob ‘Glacier Thug’. Jacob says that the people of Corpus Christi sound like haters, just like the stupid English commentator. Novak says that he took Regal to the max and he lost only because he hurt his back. Jacob insults Conor and he tells him that he should have learned how to wrestle from his pro. People may not like him, but he will win redemption. Jacob calls Conor and Vladimir clowns.

It is time for the rebuttal from Conor and Vladimir. Now is the time on NXT when we dance. Fortunately, there will be no monkey touching. Kozlov and Conor toss each other around the ring and then it is time for some board breaking.

In a major shocker, Conor O’Brian is your winner.

JTG pushes Kozlov and Kozlov kicks JTG down to the mat. Jacob and JTG leave the ring, but we might have a tag match.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: JTG with Jacob Novak versus Vladimir Kozlov with Conor O’Brian

The match was joined in progress and JTG with chops but Kozlov with a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a slam. Kozlov with a hip lock take down and then he puts JTG in a side head lock. Kozlov with a shoulder tackle that sends JTG to the floor. JTG tells Regal that this isn’t funny and Kozlov sends JTG into the ring. JTG with a drop kick that knocks Kozlov off the apron after Novak distracts him. JTG sends Kozlov into the announce table and then back first into the ring post. JTG gets a near fall when they return to the ring.

JTG punches Kozlov in the head and the referee pulls JTG off. JTG chokes Kozlov in the ropes. JTG has Kozlov in the corner and he punches Kozlov and then hits the Mug Shot but he can only get a near fall. JTG with a front face lock on Kozlov but Kozlov gets back to his feet and he sends JTG into the corner. Kozlov sends JTG into the turnbuckles and then Kozlov with a boot to the chest. Kozlov traps the arm and he connects with a series of head butts. Kozlov sets for a power slam but JTG escapes and JTG hits a neck breaker.

JTG gets a near fall on Kozlov. JTG with a front face lock but Kozlov runs JTG into the turnbuckles again. JTG with a drop kick to the knees and then he goes to the turnbuckles but he takes too long and Kozlov with a head butt to the chest and then Kozlov with a uranage for the three count.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

Maryse is in the back and Yoshi Tatsu asks her if she saw his match. Yoshi tells her that he won. Maryse talks to Yoshi about the purses that Lucky bought for her. Yoshi says that he thinks Maryse likes things more than people so it is time that they broke up. Maryse says that they cannot break up because they are not in a relationship.

Lucky Cannon enters and he tells her that she needs a shopping spree and he tells her that it is a date.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see who will not be redeemed.

Titus O’Neil is not with the other rookies because he is still with Hornswoggle.

Maryse says that it is sad that someone is going home tonight.

We go to the Redemptron 5000 for the first elimination. We say goodbye to Jacob Novak. Novak shows some anger at his elimination while Regal is ready to throw a party.

Novak says that this is twice that the people have shoved him out. He says that maybe NXT isn’t the place where Jacob Novak gets his redemption. Jacob says that he will be in the WWE and redemption will be his. The day that you don’t flinch is the day that he knocks you out. That day will be soon.

Regal says that it was the most charismatic and passionate that he was the entire time on NXT this season.

JTG tells Jacob not to worry about the haters.

We go to credits.

2012 - Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan, officially signed with TNA. Hogan, who's one time pop music career was launched with the VH-1 reality series "Hogan Knows Best" has most recently been doing some acting in lower budget science fiction and horror films.

While she did an angle with Randy Orton to help build a Summerslam bout with her father, this was her first official job in the wrestling business.  She would be gone from TNA a year later when the company cut her as part of trimming their budget.

TNA's announcement reads:


New York, NY, May 17, 2012 – Television personality and recording artist Brooke Hogan is joining the cast of the highly-rated weekly wrestling program, TNA’s “IMPACT WRESLTING” starting Thursday, May 31 on Spike TV. Brooke’s role will be as the Executive in Charge of the female wrestling division, The Knockouts.

Brooke will join a star-studded cast of the biggest names in professional wrestling, including her father, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. TNA’s flagship series, “IMPACT WRESLTING,” telecasts on Spike TV and is one of the network’s top-rated series on Thursday nights with young men and currently ranks among the top shows on cable in its timeslot with Men 18-34.

In addition to overseeing the traditional duties of the Knockouts Division, Brooke will bring a new energy and direction to the role working with the girls in a variety of capacities.

"I have really gotten to know Brooke by working with her on her music career this past year and a half," said Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling. "When we did talk wrestling, I not only loved her passion and knowledge of it, but the fresh, creative ideas she would come up with. She is very savvy. I asked if she would consider teaming up with me in this capacity while she also worked on her music, and I was thrilled when she said ‘yes.’ A big personality runs in her genes, obviously, and I know she is going to take an already exciting division of Impact Wrestling to another level."

Brooke is heading to New York next week for a media tour to promote her addition to the IMPACT WRESTLING team. Brooke will also promote “IMPACT WRESTLING’s” move to 8 PM and that the series will telecast LIVE for the summer starting Thursday, May 31. TNA's 10th anniversary SLAMMIVERSARY pay-per-view-event is set for June 10th in Dallas, Texas.

The TNA roster features many of the top names in wrestling including the aforementioned Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Sting, James Storm, Rob Van Dam, and the lovely and lethal Knockouts.

Brooke Hogan, a native of Tampa, Fl, is a successful television personality, singer and songwriter. Brooke starred in two acclaimed non-scripted shows on Spike’s sister network, VH1, including “Hogan Knows Best” and the spinoff, “Brooke Knows Best.” Both were #1 rated shows for the network. Brooke has also released two albums, “Undiscovered” in 2006 which peaked at #28 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “The Redemption” in 2009. Her song, "Everything To Me," peaked at #1 twice on Billboard’s Top Single Chart. Hogan’s film credits include “Little Hercules in 3D,” “Sand Sharks,” and “Devour.”

About Spike TV:
Spike TV is available in 98.7 million homes and is a division of Viacom Media Networks. A unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB), Viacom Media Networks is one of the world's leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. Spike TV's Internet address is and for up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs, visit Spike TV's press site at Follow us on Twitter @spiketvpr for the latest in breaking news updates, behind-the-scenes information and photos.

About TNA Entertainment:
TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held sports entertainment company based in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in events, products, numerous TV properties, merchandise and music, as well as, the management and promotion of professional wrestlers. In addition, TNA produces monthly PPV events and over 100 live shows a year. The product is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling and is broadcast in over 120 countries. For more information, please visit

2013 - Former TNA X-Division champion Zema Ion underwent an emergency appendectomy on 5/15 after several hours of being sick and finally being taken to the hospital.  Ion wrote online that while he was in the hospital, a tumor was found on his colon and surgery will eventually be required.  It was determined not to be cancerous.

2013 - With the company about to hire an influx of new developmental talents to coincide with the opening of the company's Performance Center in Florida, several talents in the NXT/developmental system were released.

*Derek Bateman was seen on the final season of NXT before it morphed into the current incarnation of the series filmed in Florida. He was signed in 2007 and had been in the system for a long time.  He would later be hired by TNA and rechristened as EC3.

*Briley Pierce, real name Ryan Nemeth, aka the younger brother of World champion Dolph Ziggler. On Twitter, he quipped, "I guarantee you that was the funniest and most entertaining "you're released" phone call in history." He had been signed to developmental in 2011.

*Brandon Traven, who worked the Mid-Western independent scene as Brian Beaker before being signed to developmental. He had originally trained under Harley Race in Missouri.

*Percy Watson, who was signed to the company in 2009 and showed some real character and flashes of greatness on the fifth season of NXT, teaming with Titus O'Neil. He had been working regularly for NXT in developmental but was never moved on up full-time to the main roster.

*Anya, a 6'1" Russian kickboxer named Anna Bogomazova who was signed in the summer of 2012. She had been out of the ring of late with an arm injury.

*Sakamoto, who was originally paired with Tensai before being sent back down to developmental.  He was signed to WWE in 2011 after originally breaking into the business under TAKA Michinoku in Japan.

*Audrey Marie, who was signed in 2011 after being recruited by WWE and trained in the system.

2013 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Extreme Rules is on Sunday and we have one show with a man who likes to make multi man matches out of nowhere. Who will Teddy put in a multi man tag match this week? What will the Shield do as they prepare to get their first shot at gold in WWE? What will Mark Henry do because that is what he do?

We are in Wichita, Kansas and your announcers are John ‘Wichita Lineman’ Layfield, Michael ‘The Manhattan skyline is not the same’ Cole, and Josh ‘Do I get a drinking game’ Mathews.

We begin with MizTV even though it was supposed to be the Highlight Reel. Miz is in the ring and he is dressed to talk. He says that his guests are bitter rivals and they will meet at Extreme Rules. Miz says that he wants to make tonight memorable.

Miz brings out Randy Orton and then he brings out Big Show.

Miz reminds them that in their match, anything goes. Miz brings up the issues that they have had since Wrestlemania so this match is one that people are anticipating.

We see footage from last week when Big Show knocked out Tensai in their match and then he was going to take care of Brodus Clay but Orton hits an RKO on Show.

Miz asks Big Show about the RKO and he asks if this is a preview of what is going to happen at Extreme Rules. Show says that he would expect a weasel like Miz to ask him a question like that. Orton hit that move because he came at him from behind. Orton attacked him at Mania and last week against Tensai.

There are no rules on Sunday so he can use whatever he wants to rip Orton apart. Show says that he does not need a weapon because he has one at the end of his hand. The last thing that the people will remember in St. Louis is a TKO, not an RKO.

Orton says that is a very interesting and entertaining story. There is one thing because the ending is inaccurate. Extreme Rules takes place in his home town and he is not going to let Show beat him in his home town. He won’t let Show knock him out in front of his friends and family.

Orton says that he made the mistake of trusting Show at Wrestlemania. The only thing that people will remember on Sunday is how the Viper struck down the Giant. Orton tells Show that he may not get back up.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter interrupt and Zeb says that everyone got it wrong. Sunday will be memorable but not because of Orton or Show. It is because Jack Swagger will make Alberto say I Quit, and he can say it in his native tongue. People will remember that Jack Swagger’s America becomes a reality on Sunday and he will emerge as the number one contender on Sunday. There will be thousands of Real Americans rising to their feet to say ‘We the People’.

Jack’s opponent will not be prevented from speaking and he makes his way to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez. He tells Colter to shut up. He says that they are sick and tired of hearing Colter talk. The only thing that people will remember on Sunday is . . . Alberto Del Rio becoming the number one contender because he will make Jack say I Quit. He tells Jumanji man that he will make sure that Colter goes back to where he came from so he can never sneak into his business again.

It is time for the Curator of the Hall of Pain to make his way onto the stage because that is what he do. Mark says that people will remember Mark Henry setting world records pulling semis. People will remember him throwing, dragging, and beating Sheamus like no one has ever beaten him in his life. People will remember that he is the strongest man in the world because that is what he do.

Sheamus interjects himself into the conversation because that is what he do. Sheamus tells Lumpy that their strap match will be the most memorable especially when he leaves Mark’s carcass battered and bruised with welts and marks in the middle of the ring. Why wait until Sunday to leave a memory because we can do a preview now.

Sheamus hits the ring and he goes after Mark Henry while Del Rio and Orton take care of their opponents on Sunday night.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Teddy Long to do what he do. He makes his way to the stage and he comments on what we just saw. Teddy says that he is ready for Extreme Rules. Tonight’s main event will see the six men we just saw in the ring. Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Alberto Del Rio will face Big Show, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger.


Match Number One: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (with Dean Ambrose) versus Jimmy and Jey Uso


Jimmy and Rollins start things off and Rollins with a kick and forearms but Jimmy sends Seth into the corner and Jimmy with punches. Jimmy sends Seth into the corner and Jey tags in and he connects with a forearm. Jey with a boot to the head followed by a forearm. Seth with a knee and Roman tags in. Roman blocks a hip toss and hits a short arm clothesline.

Roman with boots to the chest and the referee pulls him out of the corner. Roman with an Irish whip but Jey gets his boot up and he hits a running butt splash into the corner. Jimmy with a forearm and he takes care of Rollins.

Jey with a back heel kick but he misses a savate kick and Reigns with a spear for the three count.


Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns


After the match, Ambrose goes after Jey but Kofi Kingston comes to the ring and he goes after Ambrose. Rollins and Reigns take care of Kofi and they set up for the Cerberus Bomb on Jey but Kofi brings a chair into the ring and he hits Rollins and Ambrose with it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Teddy Long is with Miz in the back and Teddy welcomes Miz back. Miz says that it felt like he never left.

Damien Sandow enters and he says that we would be better off if Miz never came back. We could bask in the glory of a host with taste and direction instead of a card carrying ignoramus who incited a riot.

Damien has a suggestion for Teddy and it is the Damien Sandow Show. In his benevolence, he will give Teddy the first opportunity to produce it.

Teddy says that he will take it under advisement, but Damien will have to show him what he can do in the ring against The Miz.

We take a look back at what Ryback did to John Cena after the six man tag match.


Match Number Two: Brodus Clay and Tensai (with Cameron and Naomi) versus Titus O’Neil and Darren Young


Darren and Clay start things off and Clay with punches to Darren followed by forearms. Tensai tags in and they hit a side slam elbow drop combination. Young goes to the floor and Tensai brings him backing. Titus with a forearm from the apron to Tensai on the floor.

Young rolls Tensai back in and Titus tags in and Titus sends Darren into the corner and Darren sends Tensai into a clothesline from Titus and Titus barks. Titus with a kick to Tensai. Titus with shoulders in the corner. Titus gets into the three point stance but he misses a shoulder tackle and hits the turnbuckles. Clay tags in and he connects with a shoulder and clothesline to Young followed by a Sheeeeplex. Clay with a splash into the corner and then he hits a power slam and gets a near fall.

Titus breaks up the cover and Tensai with a boot to Titus. Clay and Tensai make Darren Young the meat in a sandwich and it is time for the Conference Call Your Momma for the three count.


Winners: Brodus Clay and Tensai


We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind of the ‘Dance Off’


Match Number Three: Chris Jericho versus Antonio Cesaro


They lock up and they have a clean break. They lock up again and Jericho with a side head lock. Cesaro with a shoulder tackle. They lock up and Jericho with a hammer lock while we are distracted by Fandango and Summer Rae in the ‘Never Mind the Show, watch our App’ box. Jericho with a drop kick and Cesaro goes to the floor.

Cesaro takes his time getting back into the ring and Jericho with a punch to Cesaro on the apron. Cesaro with a shoulder but Jericho with forearms. Cesaro with chops and an Irish whip but he runs into a boot and Jericho with a missile drop kick and a drop kick to the back of the head. Jericho with a baseball slide to Cesaro and Antonio goes to the apron.

Cesaro with a shoulder and he wants to suplex Jericho to the floor. Jericho blocks and Jericho tries for a suplex and Cesaro blocks it. They go back and forth and Jericho with a kick to Cesaro and a springboard drop kick that sends Cesaro to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. Jericho with elbows and a back slide for a near fall. Cesaro with a clothesline for a near fall. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. Cesaro forces Jericho back to the mat. Jericho with a shoulder tackle or two. Cesaro sends Jericho over the top rope but Jericho lands on the apron and he goes up top for the double sledge.

Cesaro with a chin lock but Jericho counters and tries for the Walls of Jericho but Cesaro kicks Jericho away. Jericho with a kick and Cesaro avoids the Lionsault. Cesaro leaps on to the chest and gets a near fall. Cesaro with punches to Jericho and then he slaps Jericho. Jericho floats over and hits an enzuigiri and Jericho gets a near fall.

Jericho with a kick to the midsection followed by chops. Cesaro with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro waits for Jericho to get to his feet and Cesaro with a reverse chin lock and then he sets for the Gotch Style Neutralizer but Jericho counters and tries for the Walls of Jericho but Cesaro powers out of the hold.

Cesaro runs into a boot and Jericho goes up top. Cesaro plays possum and hits a European uppercut as Jericho comes off the top and Cesaro gets a near fall. Cesaro tries for the dead lift side salto but Jericho counters and applies the Walls of Jericho and Cesaro taps out.


Winner: Chris Jericho


After the match, Summer emerges from the golden shower curtain. Fandango tries to attack Jericho from behind but Jericho stops Fandango and Jericho with punches. Fandango escapes the ring and then Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Cesaro.

We take a look back at the Big E Langston versus Jack Swagger match from Raw.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter have a pre-recorded message and they are here to talk about Extremism.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cody Rhodes is with Michael, Josh, and John at the announce table.


Match Number Four: Miz versus Damien Sandow


They lock up and Miz with a side head lock but Sandow escapes. Miz with a side head lock take down. Sandow backs Miz into the corner and Sandow with shoulders and kicks in the corner. Sandow with an Irish whip but Miz floats over and connects with a clothesline. Miz with punches followed by an Irish whip.

Sandow with an elbow and then he stops short of a punch from Miz. Miz with a running shoulder from the apron. Miz rolls Sandow back into the ring and Sandow with a kick as Miz re-enters. Sandow with a knee drop and Cody gets on the mic and he wants everyone to stand up for Damien Sandow.

Sandow with a suplex and he hits a knee drop and gets a near fall. Sandow with a quarter nelson and chin lock but Miz with a jawbreaker. Miz with punches but Sandow with a drop toe hold and he hits a running knee to the back. Sandow with knees and then he hits a side Russian leg sweep followed by the Elbow of Disdain and he gets a near fall.

Miz with punches as he avoids Sandow’s punches. Miz with a forearm and knee lift followed by a boot to the head. Miz with the Awesome Clothesline and then he goes up top for the double sledge. Miz gets ready for the figure four leg lock but Cody gets on the apron and Miz knocks Cody off the apron. Miz escapes a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Miz applies the figure four leg lock and Sandow taps out.


Winner: Miz


We go to commercial.


Match Number Five: Aksana versus Kaitlyn in a Non Title Match


They lock up and Kaitlyn with a waist lock take down into a front face lock. Kaitlyn with a suplex and she gets a near fall. Kaitlyn works on the wrist and hits a shoulder tackle. Kaitlyn sets for the inverted DDT but Aksana runs Kaitlyn into the turnbuckles and Aksana with a catapult into the ropes.

Aksana with a rear chin lock and she sends Kaitlyn to the mat and then chokes her in the ropes. Aksana with a side Russian leg sweep and she crawls around the ring and then hits a baseball slide and gets a near fall. Aksana with a rear chin lock. Kaitlyn with a kick but Aksana with a boot and forearms to the back.

Aksana with a back breaker but Kaitlyn gets back to her feet and she hits a spear for the three count.


Winner: Kaitlyn


We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened between Brock Lesnar and Triple H to set up their match on Sunday.


Match Number Six: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez), Randy Orton, and Sheamus versus Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter), Mark Henry, and Big Show


Swagger and Del Rio start things off and they lock up. Swagger with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Del Rio with a hip toss and a kick to the back. Del Rio with a near fall. Del Rio with kicks and punches in the corner followed by a running step up enzuigiri and Orton tags in. Orton stomps on the hand and runs his boot laces across the face followed by a European uppercut and punches in the corner.

Swagger goes for the knee and he starts to work on the knee and he punches Orton in the head. Orton with a drop kick and then he tags in Del Rio who hits a super kick and gets a near fall. Del Rio puts Swagger in the ropes and he connects with forearms to the back and then he hits a lungblower.

Swagger goes to the floor and Del Rio with a suicide dive onto Swagger. Del Rio sends Swagger back into the ring and Del Rio goes up top but Swagger climbs the turnbuckles and hits a belly-to-belly throw. Show tags in and he punches Del Rio in the midsection and chokes him in the ropes.

Show stands on Del Rio’s back. Swagger with a kick to Del Rio when Show distracts the referee. Show with a chop to Del Rio’s chest. Del Rio with punches but Show sends Del Rio into the turnbuckles. Swagger tags back in and he connects with knees. Henry tags in and he connects with a series of head butts. Swagger tags back in and he runs into boots from Del Rio. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and both men are down. Show tags in and he hits an elbow drop to keep Del Rio from making the tag.

Show with a slam and we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio sends Swagger into the turnbuckles. Swagger misses a charge into the corner and his shoulder hits the ring post. Show tags in and he keeps Del Rio from making the tag. Show gets Del Rio up for a fallaway power bomb but Del Rio counters with a rana and both men are down. Del Rio crawls to his corner and he tags in Sheamus.

Sheamus with running double sledges and then he runs Show into the corner and hits a running knee lift. Sheamus goes up top but he flips over Show. Show grabs Sheamus by the throat but Sheamus escapes. Sheamus gets Show up for White Noise and he hits it. Sheamus pounds his chest for the Brogue Kick but Henry distracts Sheamus and Show blocks the Brogue Kick and Show hits a choke slam and Sheamus kicks out at two.

Swagger tags in and hits a series of elbow drops and then he slams Sheamus and hits a leg drop and gets a near fall. Swagger with a front face lock but Sheamus gets back to his feet. Swagger with a knee to the midsection but Sheamus catches Swagger and hits the fireman’s carry slam.

Henry tags in and he kicks Sheamus to keep him from making the tag. Henry punches Sheamus in the head and connects with forearms and punches because that is what he do. Show tags back in and Sheamus punches Show in the midsection and head. Show with a running shoulder tackle and he walks across Sheamus’ chest.

Show with chops across the chest followed by a punch to the midsection. Swagger tags back in and he connects with knees and follows with a short arm clothesline. Swagger with the double jump Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Swagger tries for another Swagger Bomb but Sheamus recovers and he hits Swagger in the back. Sheamus with an electric chair drop and both men are down.

Orton tags in and he hits a back breaker followed by two clotheslines and he avoids a clothesline from Swagger and then Orton with the power slam. Henry with a body block to Orton and Show sends Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri to Henry that sends Mark to the floor. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Show on the floor.

Swagger ducks an enzuigiri and he applies the ankle lock but Orton with an RKO to Swagger for the three count.


Winners: Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, and Sheamus


We go to credits.

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