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By Dave Scherer on 2015-05-17 09:59:00

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So I have a question about TNA tapings whether they be for PPV or TV. How do they stop fans from posting spoilers online?

They don’t, and they can’t. Unless they want to run in an empty building, they can’t stop fans from filing reports on the shows they seen. WWE can’t do it either.

Why does WWE have to dub over The Oddities' theme song? Is it because ICP composed it? I know it was released on WWF The Music Volume 3. Do they not have rights, even though they released it?

When WWE dubs things out, it’s almost always due to rights issues. In this case, they probably had the right to run it on a DVD, but not on The Network. That would make sense since when they signed the deal to use it, the Network had not come into play yet and as they learned with the Jesse Ventura lawsuit, they can’t just assume they have the rights to use things unless they have specifically negotiated to do so.

We all know that somehow, some way, Rollins will walk out of Payback as the champion. But what I want to know is how do you think they will do it?

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Just what is Bray Wyatt's purpose? I mean he seems to fit no real niche except to replace the Undertaker. His initial role made sense, but now I am not sure what his role is. I'm confused. Your thoughts please. 

It could have been so much more than what it has been. He is a guy that could have been important to the company. He came in with a huge buzz. I still remember how excited the crowd was the first time The Wyatt Family faced off with The Shield on PPV, chanting that it was awesome before they ever locked up. But then, Creative fed the entire family to John Cena and they lost all of the buzz that they had. Also, in the eyes of the fans they were branded losers. Now, I just don’t know that Creative can get him hot again, which is a real shame since he was a very potentially valuable asset at one point.

Why hasn't Andy Kaufman been inducted into the  celebrity wing of the WWE HOF? Considering all he did for pro-wrestling, isn't he more worthy than any other celebrity who was inducted previously? I can still remember Andy Kaufman throwing water in Jerry Lawler’s face on David Letterman. 

There are a few reasons. For one, he is dead and WWE likes to get a buzz from the celebs appearing at the Hall. It gives them extra publicity. For another, his feud with Lawler didn’t happen in WWE. It wasn’t a WWE feud so he’s not exactly a WWE celebrity.

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