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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-15 17:21:40
WWE has opted to pull Daniel Bryan from the road so he can concentrate on his physical therapy. Bryan was slated to make a cameo on the Payback PPV as well as appear on Raw and Smackdown, but will not be going on the road. The belief among those I spoke with this afternoon is Bryan won't return to television until he is cleared to wrestle or the time comes to promote his upcoming DVD and autobiography - whichever comes first. Bryan is slated to do a book signing tour in July.

Paige is scheduled to return to WWE at tonight's live event in State College, PA. She had been written off TV before the Extreme Rules PPV after being attacked by Naomi as part of Naomi's heel turn. The injury was a cover to explain her absence as she was filming a WWE Studios film "Santa's Little Helper" with The Miz.

Big Show, who has not been seen on WWE TV since he lost a Last Man Standing bout to Roman Reigns, is also slated to return at this coming week's TV tapings.

Miz is also expected back sometime in the next month or so, although nothing 100% has been locked in in regard to when, where and how.

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