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By Mike Johnson on 2020-05-10 08:00:00

May 10th

On this day in history in ....

1946 - Buddy Rogers defeats Lou Thesz in Houston, Texas to win the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title for the fourth time, ending Thesz' reign only one week after he had won the belt from Rogers.

1957 - Mike Shaw, pka as Makhan Singh, Norman the Lunatic and Bastion Booger over the course of his career is born.

1963 - The WWWF ran New Haven, CT, headlined by Bruno Sammartino defeating the Shadow.

1963 - The WWWF ran Washington D.C. at the Coliseum with the following results:
-Arnold Skaaland defeated Gordo Chihuahua.
-The Great Scott defeated Willie Bath.
-Pat Barrett defeated Boris Malenko.
-Brute Bernard & Skull Murphy defeated Pedro Morales & Miguel Perez.
-Argentine Apollo & Dory Dixon defeated the Fabulous Kangaroos.
-Bruno Sammartino & Johnny Barend defeated the Magnificent Maurice & the Shadow.
-Bobo Brazil defeated WWWF World Champion Buddy Rogers via disqualification.

1965 - The WWWF ran Washington, D.C at the Coliseum, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Haystacks Calhoun defeated Jerry Graham & the Golden Terror.

1967 - The WWWF ran Toms River, NJ headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Spiros Arion defeating Luke Graham & Baron Mikel Scicluna.

1968 - Steve Regal, professionally known as William Regal in WWE, was born in Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England

1968 - The Big O (Johnny Valentine under a mask) defeats Mr. Wrestling in Atlanta, Georgia to win the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title.

1968 - The Sicialians, Lou Albano & Tony Altimore defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Battman Tony Marino in the main event of a WWWF event in Johnstown, PA.

1969 - The WWWF ran two live events with the following results:

Jersey City, NJ:
-John L Sullivan defeated Duke Savage.
-Prof. Toru Tanaka & Bulldog Brower defeated Carlos Colon & Pete Sanchez.
-The Fabulous Moolah & Toni Rose defeated Betty Boucher & Vivian Vachon.
-Sky Low Low & Little Brutus defeated Cowboy Bradley & Joey Russell.
-Haystacks Calhoun & Victor Rivera defeated Guillotine Gordon & Luke Graham.

McKeesport, PA:
-Frank Holtz defeated Ron Romano.
-Jim Dorsey defeated Terry Yorkston.
-Andy Martin defeated Bill Terry.
-Dominic DeNucci defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino fought Killer Kowalski to a no contest

1974 - The WWWF ran  Harrisburg, PA at the Zembo Mosque featuring the following results:
-Johnny Rodz pinned Les Morgan at 14:44.
-Jose Gonzales pinned Frank Valois at 9:14.
-Larry Zbyszko pinned Luis Torres at 17:29.
-Andre the Giant & Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Mr. Fuji (substituting for Otto Von Heller who sustained a broken leg earlier in the week) & Nikolai Volkoff in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0; fall #1 - Andre & Strongbow won via disqualification after Fuji threw salt; fall #2 - Andre pinned Fuji with a flying body press at 6:41.

1976 - The WWWF ran Uniondale, NY at the Nassau Coliseum with the following results:
-Mark Tendler defeated Tony Altimore at 10:05.
-Skandor Akbar defeated Johnny Rivera at 9:35.
-Jose Gonzalez fought Rocky Tomayo to a 20-minute draw.
-Superstar Billy Graham defeated Gorilla Monsoon at 12:20.
-Ernie Ladd & Ivan Koloff defeated Pat Barrett & Haystacks Calhoun at 13:14.
-Susan Green & Vivian St. John defeated Kitty Adams & Paula Kaye.

1977 - WWWF champion Superstar Graham defeated Tony Garea in the main event of a Portland, Maine event at the Exposition Building.  Tony Altimore was the special guest referee.

1980 - Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood defeat Ray Stevens & Greg Valentine for the NWA World Tag Team Title in Greensboro, North Carolina, starting their second title reign.

1980 - The WWF ran events in two major markets, Boston and Philadelphia, one the same night, featuring the following results:

Boston, MA at the Boston Garden:
-Pete Doherty defeated Fred Marzino.
-Moose Duggan defeated Steve King.
-Johnny Rodz defeated Angelo Gomez.
-Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Frankie Williams.
-Tor Kamata defeated Rene Goulet.
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Wild Samoans defeated Pat Patterson & Gorilla Monsoon.
-Bruno Sammartino defeated Larry Zbyszko via count-out when Zbyszko refused to return to the ring.

Philadelphia, PA at The Spectrum, drawing 8,475 fans for an event broadcast on the PRISM Network:
-Davey O'Hannon defeated Manuel Soto at 13:22.
-Dominic DeNucci defeated Jose Estrada at 10:21.
-Rick McGraw pinned Mark Pole with a side Russian leg sweep at 4:32 in McGraw's Spectrum debut.
-Bobby Duncum defeated Tony Atlas via count-out at 12:41.
-El Olympico pinned Joe Mascaro with a small package at 7:18; for whatever reason, Mascaro was introduced as Frank Savage and was referred to as such by the commentary team.
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (with Arnold Skaaland) defeated Hulk Hogan via count-out at 17:48; after the bout, the champion was interviewed by Dick Graham & Kal Rudman at ringside.
-Larry Sharpe pinned Mike Masters with a piledriver at 8:16.
-WWF Intercontinental champion Ken Patera defeated Ivan Putski via count-out at 10:51.

1981 - Verne Gagne announced he was retiring as AWA World Heavyweight Champion. Verne vacated the title (it was his 9th or 10th reign, depending on what records you use), and it would later be awarded to number-one contender Nick Bockwinkel, who Gagne had defeated for the belt on July 18, 1980.

1981 - WWF champion Bob Backlund defeated George Steele in the main event of a Manchester, NH event at the JFK Coliseum.

1983 - Eddie Gilbert sustained major injuries, including a broken neck, in a car accident traveling from a WWF television taping in Allentown, PA.     

1983 - Roddy Piper fought NWA World Champion Ric Flair to a draw in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #3: the 60-minute time-limit expired in Portland, Oregon.

1983 - Bugsy McGraw defeated NWA U.S. Champion Greg Valentine via count-out in Columbia, SC.

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Norfolk, VA with the following results:
-Keith Larson defeated Gary Royal.
-Jesse Barr defeated Kurt Von Hess.
-Mark Fleming defeated Jeff Sword.
-Mark Youngblood defeated Mid Atlantic TV Champion Tully Blanchard.
-NWA U.S. Champion Dick Slater defeated Jimmy Valiant.
-Rufus R. Jones defeated Ernie Ladd.
-Dusty Rhodes defeated Adrian Street.

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions also ran Sumter, SC:
-Johnny Weaver defeated Doug Vines.
-Vinnie Valentino defeated Bobby Bass via disqualification.
-Brian Adidas defeated Bobby Bass.
-Pez Whatley defeated Bob Orton Jr.
-NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle defeated Angelo Mosca Sr. & Jr.

1985 - WWF ran Buffalo, NY with the following results:
-Akira Maeda fought Terry Daniels to a draw.
-Greg Valentine defeated Salvatore Bellomo.
-Jimmy Snuka defeated Mr. Fuji.
-Roddy Piper, David Schultz, & Paul Orndorff defeated Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas, & SD Jones.-The Iron Sheik defeated Sgt. Slaughter via disqualification.

1985 - The very first WWF Saturday Night's Main Event was taped at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. The matches would be shown the next night on NBC in the spot usually occupied by Saturday Night Live, earning an 8.8 rating.
Here are the matches that aired on the show:
- Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo & Ricky Steamboat defeated The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff & George "The Animal" Steele when Windham pinned Steele.  After the match, Sheik and Volkoff turned on Steele, leading to a face turn for the "Animal" who was befriended by Captain Lou Albano.
- WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Cowboy Bob Orton via DQ when Roddy Piper interfered.
- WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter defeated The Fabulous Moolah with a small package.
- Junkyard Dog defeated Pete Dougherty with a powerslam.
- Also on the show was an edition of Piper's Pit where Roddy Piper blamed Paul Orndorff for the Wrestlemania I loss, leading to Piper and Orton beating down Orndorff and Mr. T making the save.  They also filmed a "Mother's Day Party" backstage, hosted by Cyndi Lauper in one of her last WWF appearances.

The following matches were not shown on the special:
- Moondog Spot defeated Steve Lombardi.
- Jose Luis Rivera defeated Charlie Fulton.
- Big John Studd defeated Tony Garea.
- Les Thornton defeated Rick McGraw.
- Salvatore Bellono defeated Johnny Rodz.

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran The Charlotte Coliseum, headlined by NWA World Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey defeated Dusty Rhodes & NWA U.S. Champion Magnum TA via disqualification.

1986 - The WWF drew 14,197 fans to the Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA, headlined by Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff defeating King Kong Bundy and Don Muraco.  Underneath, WWF Intercontinental champion Randy Savage was disqualified in his title defense against Tito Santana after Savage punched the referee.  It was announced that Savage would be banned from Philadelphia until he agreed to give Santana a No DQ match.  Other results from the show features:
-Jim Brunzell pinned Tiger Chung Lee.
-King Tonga fought Hercules to a double count-out.
-Greg Valentine pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Davey Boy Smith.
-WWF Tag Team Champion the Dynamite Kid pinned Brutus Beefcake.

1987 - WWF ran Kansas City, MO at The Kemper Arena, drawing 2,400 fans with the following results:
-Ron Bass defeated Brad Reingans.
-Outback Jack defeated Frenchy Martin.
-Demolition defeated the Islanders.
-Sam Houston defeated Sika.
-Jim Duggan defeated the Iron Sheik.
-WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation defeated The British Bulldogs when Jim Neidhart pinned Davey Boy Smith.
-WWF Intercontinental champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Randy Savage in a steel cage match.

1989 - The NWA taped TV at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA, headlined by The Midnight Express defeating Butch Reed and The Raider in a Quarter-Final Match in a tournament for the vacant NWA World Tag Team championship.

1990 - NWA ran Hobbs, New Mexico, drawing 987 at the High School:
-Brad Anderson fought Manuel Villalobos to a draw.
-Tommy Rich pinned Dutch Mantel.
-Mark Callous pinned the Cajun Predator with the heart punch.
-Norman The Lunatic pinned Cactus Jack.
-The Rock N' Roll Express defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin

1990 - NWA ran Rochester, NY at The Dome Arena, drawing 500 fans with the following:
-NWA U.S. Tag Team Champion Brian Pillman (subbing for Abdullah the Butcher) pinned the Cuban Assassin
-Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeated Johnny Ace & Jonnie Stewart
-Mike Rotunda defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via disqualification when Sir Oliver Humperdink tripped Rotunda as he ran the ropes
-NWA World Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Doom
-NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk defeated the Samoan Savage & Samu when Zenk pinned Samu.

1990 - WWF ran Green Bay, Wisconsin with the following results:
-Akeem defeated Jimmy Snuka.
-Brutus Beefcake defeated the Genius.
-Dino Bravo pinned the Red Rooster.
-The Bushwhackers fought Greg Valentine & the Honky Tonk Man to a double disqualification.
-WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior defeated Mr. Perfect.
-Brutus Beefcake won a 12-man battle royal.

1991 - WCW ran Cincinnati, OH with the following results:
-Bobby Eaton defeated Terrance Taylor.
-Dustin Rhodes defeated the Angel of Death.
-Brad Armstrong & Ron Cumberledge defeated Rip Morgan & Jack Victory.
-Big Josh & Sam Houston defeated Mike Graham (substituted for Jimmy Garvin) & Michael Hayes.
-WCW World Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner defeated Dan Spivey.
-WCW World Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner defeated WCW World Champion Ric Flair via disqualification.

1992 - WWF champion Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair in the main event of a WWF event in Sioux City, Iowa.

1992 - WCW ran The Omni in Atlanta, GA drawing 1,100 with the following results:
-Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin defeated Tracy Smothers & Richard Morton.
-Van Hammer pinned JT Southern at the 35-second mark.
-WCW U.S. Tag Team Champion Greg Valentine fought WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman to a 10-minute time-limit draw in a non-title match.
-WCW U.S. Champion Rick Rude pinned Ricky Steamboat at the 20-minute mark in a No DQ match after hitting Steamboat with the timekeeper's bell, after interference from Paul E. Dangerously and Madusa.
-Ron Simmons & the Junkyard Dog fought Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher to a double disqualification
-Johnny B. Badd pinned Scotty Flamingo.
-Nikita Koloff (with WCW World Champion Sting, who he substituted for) pinned Big Van Vader.
-WCW World TV Champion Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes, & the Great Muta defeated Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, & Bobby Eaton when Muta pinned Eaton with the moonsault.

1992 - WWF ran West Palm Beach, Florida at The Auditorium with the following results:
-The Genius pinned Jim Brunzell.
-Jim Duggan defeated Repo Man via disqualification.
-The Nasty Boys defeated Owen Hart & Jim Powers when Brian Knobbs pinned Powers.
-The Ultimate Warrior defeated Papa Shango.
-Rick Martel defeated El Matador.
-WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Shawn Michaels.
-The Legion of Doom defeated the Beverly Brothers when Road Warrior Animal pinned Blake.

1995 - WCW taped WCW Saturday Night at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA with the following results:
-Alex Wright defeated Big Bubba via disqualification.
-The Renegade defeated an unknown.
-Vader defeated Mark Thorne.
-The Nasty Boys defeated Sonny Trout & Rick Thames.
-WCW U.S. Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals: Sting defeated Paul Orndorff via submission with the Scorpion Deathlock.
-Diamond Dallas Page defeated Eddie Jackie.
-Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Rob Thompson.
-WCW World TV Champion Arn Anderson pinned Tim Horner at 2:54 with the DDT as Horner ducked a punch; after the bout, Gene Okerlund interviewed Anderson about his win at Slamboree and the upcoming Slim Jim Challenge which would determine his challenger at Bash at the Beach.
-WCW U.S. Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals: Ric Flair (with WCW World TV Champion Arn Anderson) defeated Alex Wright via disqualification at 9:53 when Randy Savage ran in the ring, threw Wright to the floor, and assaulted Flair; moments later, Doug Dillinger and several preliminary wrestlers pulled Savage off Flair, who was helped backstage by Anderson; moments later, Savage told Wright he would have his moments in the sun but Flair would have to pay for what he did to his father, with Wright saying he understood and he had no problem with Savage; Savage then cut a promo on facing Flair the following week in the semi-finals.

1996 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Reading, PA at Bodyslammer's Gym, drawing 375:
-Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley defeated JT Smith & Little Guido.
-Sabu defeated Damien 666.
-Taz defeated Axl Rotten.
-ECW World Champion Raven defeated Hack Myers.
-ECW TV Champion 2 Cold Scorpio pinned New Jack.
-Chris Jericho pinned Mikey Whipwreck.
-Rob Van Dam pinned Shane Douglas.
-Brian Lee pinned Tommy Dreamer.

1996 - WWF held the Quarter Final round of their Kuwaiti Cup tournament in Kuwaiti City, featuring The Undertaker defeating Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart pinning Bret Hart and Ahmed Johnson defeating Steve Austin.

1996 - WWF ran Hamilton, Ontario at Copps Coliseum, drawing 11,515 fans with the following results:
-Justin Bradshaw pinned Barry Horowitz.
-Bob Holly pinned Sexton Hardcastle (Edge).
-The Smoking Gunns defeated Samu & the Tahitian Warrior.
-Marc Mero pinned the Brooklyn Brawler.
-Jerry Lawler pinned Razor Ramon after using an illegal object; Mr. Perfect was the guest referee.
-WWF Tag Team Champions Skip & Zip defeated Henry & Phinneas Godwinn.
-Mankind defeated Jake Roberts with the Mandible Claw.
-The Ultimate Warrior pinned Vader.

1997 - ECW ran at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the first event held in ECW's home base following the Barely Legal Pay-per-view.  Here are the results of the event, nicknamed "Chapter 2":
- Shane Douglas & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated The Pitbulls when Douglas pushed back into a pinning position as Pitbull I was applying a full nelson.  During the match, Rick Rude came out and carried Francine to the back.
- Axl Rotten defeated Chris Chetti.
- The FBI (Little Guido & Tracy Smothers) defeated Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney (subbing for an injured Mikey Whipwreck).
- ECW World Tag Team Champions The Eliminators defeated PG-13 with Total Elimination.
- Tommy Dreamer defeated Louie Spicolli with a DDT.  After the match, Spicolli attacked Dreamer and gave Beulah a Death Valley Driver.
- Big Dick & D-Von Dudley defeated The Gangstas. Bubba Ray Dudley, his foot in a cast, helped the Dudleys win.
- Taz & Chris Candido defeated Sabu & Rob Van Dam when Candido pinned Van Dam with a German suplex after Sabu accidentally hit him with a chair.
- ECW World Champion Terry Funk defeated Raven, The Sandman, and Stevie Richards in a Four Way Dance.

1997 - WWF ran Scranton, PA at the CYC, drawing 2,961 fans with the following results:
-Farooq pinned Aldo Montoya.
-Rockabilly defeated Jesse Jammes.
-Flash Funk defeated Leif Cassidy.
-Mankind defeated Phinneas Godwinn.
-Blackjack Windham & Blackjack Bradshaw defeated Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon.
-Rocky Maivia defeated Savio Vega.
-Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Goldust.
-WWF World Champion the Undertaker, Steve Austin, & Ahmed Johnson defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, & WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith.

1998 - WWF ran South Bend, Indiana at the Joyce Center, drawing 8,141 fans:
-Skull & 8-Ball defeated Savio Vega & Jesus Castillo.
-Bradshaw defeated Barry Windham.
-Terry Funk defeated Marc Mero.
-The Undertaker defeated Kane via disqualification.
-Jeff Jarrett defeated Chainz.
-WWF Intercontinental Champion the Rock & Owen Hart defeated Steve Blackman & Farooq.
-Vader defeated Jacques Rougeau.
-WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn defeated the Legion of Doom.
-WWF World Champion Steve Austin defeated WWF European Champion Triple H.

1999 - Debra defeated Sable for the WWF Women's Title in a very unusual manner during a Raw broadcast from Orlando, Florida. Nicole Bass subbed for Sable in an evening gown match in Orlando, Florida, and easily ripped off Debra's gown to get the victory. However, then-WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels came to the ring and said that, in his opinion, the winner of the evening gown match should be the woman who loses her clothing first, so he gave the win, and the title, to Debra.  The main event of the broadcast saw WWF champion Steve Austin, the Rock, & Vince McMahon defeated The Undertaker, Triple H  & Shane McMahon at 4:38 when Austin pinned Shane with the   Stone Cold Stunner.  Moments earlier, Austin hit the Stunner on Shane and a dazed Vince made the cover, only for Austin to pull him off and hit a second Stunner on Shane before making the cover himself; Shawn Michaels was the guest referee for the bout.

2001 - Vince McMahon officially announces the end of the XFL. Although Vince had been telling potential advertisers that he was speaking with the WB about airing XFL, and that UPN was in the running to carry games, it was obvious he had been posturing. Variety reported that a WB spokesman said, "The WB is not interested in getting the rights to the XFL and neither are any of our affiliates." McMahon, even with his posturing, admitted that if they didn't get a weekly timeslot for the league to replace NBC (which had pulled out at the conclusion of the first season), they would have to shut it down, and it came to pass. Here's the press release marking the biggest financial failure ever for Vince McMahon:

Thursday May 10, 6:12 pm Eastern Time
Press Release

World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. WWF Entertainment and NBC to Discontinue XFL

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 10, 2001--World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWF) in conjunction with its joint venture partner, NBC, today announced that it will discontinue its professional football league, the XFL.

The decision was made after determining that the additional investment required to further develop the XFL was not commensurate with the potential return and the risk inherent in pursuing the venture.

``While we believe that it is an extraordinary accomplishment to have created a new professional football league in what amounts to less than a year's time, we feel that it is in the best interests of our shareholders and our partners to discontinue the XFL,'' said Vince McMahon, WWFE Chairman. ``I would personally like to thank the employees of the XFL and WWFE, the XFL fans, our partner NBC and especially Dick Ebersol and his team for their perseverance, support and enthusiasm that did not waiver throughout the season. We are all proud of the creative innovations that we introduced in the production of the game as well as in the rule changes that were implemented to increase the excitement and enjoyment of the game and provide a fan-friendly brand of football.''

Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Sports and Olympics, commented, ``Launching a new football league in such a short period of time was a daunting and exciting challenge, but we gave it our best shot in what clearly is a difficult and challenging sports marketplace. I especially want to salute our partners at the WWF, the fans, players and coaches who created a fun and entertaining XFL in-stadium experience.''

WWFE will report the operations and related costs of discontinuance of the XFL as discontinued operations in its fourth quarter results for the period ended April 30, 2001. The company anticipates that its share of the after-tax cash losses will be approximately $35 million.

2002 - Keiji Mutoh met with The Rock to discuss wrestling each other as The Rock is in Japan to promote "The Scorpion King" feature film. As the story goes, Mutoh was attempting to open the lines of communication between All Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE.    Nothing ever came of the meeting.  The two did a staredown at The WWE's Yokohama, Japan event a few months prior when Mutoh was doing commentary for one of the TV stations that televised highlights of the Japanese stop of the tour.

2002 - Combat Zone Wrestling held their "Decade of Defiance', celebrating ten years of wrestling in the now-defunct ECW Arena.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

Combat Zone Wrestling returned to the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday 5/10 for "Decade of Defiance" which was a celebration of 10 years of wrestling at the venue.

The show opened with CZW owner John Zandig coming out to welcome fans to the show, saying that he had invited Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman to appear at the show. Zandig noted that Gordon didn't want to show "so he didn't care" and that Heyman didn't return his calls "so he doesn't give a f*ck about this place anymore." Zandig said that he called Tommy Dreamer to make an appearance but Dreamer was unable to due to WWE commitments but was honored he was asked. It should be noted the promotion didn't invite anyone to attend the show until the last week prior.

Zandig then introduced a video which he said would only be played at the show to commemorate the history of the building, which was clips of ECW and CZW matches set to different songs including the ECW theme, U2's "The Streets Have No Name" and White Zombie's "Thunderkiss 65." Whoever edited this thing together deserves one hell of a raise. Really an awesome video and as good as anything WWE puts out. Zandig then held a 10 bell count in memory of those who performed in the building but had passed away.

*In a Tag Team elimination bout, Z-Barr & Dereck Frazier defeated the teams of Jude & Niles Young, Jon Dahmer & Cory Kastle and The Ring Crew Express (Marcos and Dunn of ROH) and Hurricane Kid. Hurricane was accompanied by Rick Feinberg, who did a Sandman parody. Z-Barr looked real good here and has a ton of charisma. If he continues to work as hard as he did here, he'll be a top heel in the area in a year or two.

*GQ pinned Nick Berk after hitting him with a foreign object. At one point, he threw salt in Berk's face right in full view of the referee. Huh?

*Deranged defeated The Grimm Reefer and Smoked Out in a Three-Way Dance. Smoked is a trainee from the old LIWF Doghouse in NYC, which is where Reefer originated as well. Reefer pinned Smoked with a neckbreaker to eliminate him. Deranged pinned Reefer. OK, especially once Smoked was eliminated.

*Adam Flash and Ian Knoxx defeated Rockin' Rebel and Greg Matthews (Tough Enough 1). Rebel was whipping Flash with a belt when John Zandig took it and whipped him with it. Flash rolled him up for the pin. Rebel challenged Zandig to a strap match on 6/14. That was a match that was scheduled for their Best of the Best 3 event last month at one point.

*Homicide forced Trent Acid to tap out with an STF variation. They worked a 15 minute draw and Homicide asked for 5 more minutes. Acid agreed. Acid shook Homicide's hand afterwards but attacked him. He and B-Boy worked over Homicide. Mafia (Danny Maff in ROH) hit the ring and ran them off. Fans chanted for Mafia loudly, so they knew who he was. Both sides vowed it wasn't over. This was far and beyond the best match of the night and the most heated. Acid came out dressed mocking Homicide before the bout and declaring that he, not Homicide was the best Junior Heavyweight champion, as they have both held the Big Japan Junior championship. Considering that Acid was doing moonsaults off the bleachers to entertain other fans as a teenager during ECW shows years ago, it's pretty nice to see him have one of the best matches of his career on the venue's anniversary.

*CZW Iron Man champion Nick Mondo pinned Johnny Kashmere. Kashmere did some funny mic work before the match noting that fans had been throwing change at him. When the rainfall of coins began, he opened up an umbrella saying they had to get up early to get one over on him. Mondo won the bout when he hit his finisher the Mondo Driver on Kashmere's manager Dewey Donovan off the top through a table that Kashmere was laid out across. Mondo vowed to go into the "Tournament of Death" (see notes) as champion. Good match.

*CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Ruckus pinned Chris Cash. Ruckus is a heavy African American worker who is built like a tank and flys like a hang glider. At one point they brawled to the upper stage. Cash was going to hit Ruckus with a move off the upper stage through a table but GQ interfered and ended up taking the ride down. When they brawled back to the ring, GQ interfered again and knocked Cash off the ropes and put a chair in front of his face while he was prone in the corner. Ruckus hit a variation on Rob Van Dam's Van Terminator, only he flipped forward into the kick rather than a jump from one corner to the other. Awesome spot. Ruckus hit a handspring into a 450 splash for the win. Ruckus took his game up a big notch.

*B-Boy pinned Tony Mamaluke with a shining wizard. Flat match and probably a little too long. Mamaluke came out showing off an ECW sweater. Mamaluke received an "ECW" chant when he left the ring.

*Ric Blade defeated Sonjay Dutt in a Ladder Match to become the top contender to the CZW Junior Heavyweight championship. They used three ladders in the bout, where the object was to capture the contract for a championship bout.

*CZW champion The Messiah pinned Nate Hatred in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match. Some of the weapons including thumbtacks, a shopping cart, a street sign, plastic bats with tacks, and more. After Messiah took a bump into tacks, Hatred poured rubbing alcohol over his back and ran a mop soaked in it over him. Hatred's partner Nick Gage hit the ring and laid him out with a chair. He then laid out Messiah with it. Messiah fell on Hatred and the referee counted three. Gage hit Hatred with the facewash as Messiah's running mates the Backseat Boyz and B-Boy pulled him out of the ring. Lots of sick moments with a flat finish. Gage came out with a brace on his leg. Not sure when or how he injured himself. All three brawled, setting up Messiah vs. Gage vs. Hatred for 6/14.

Notes: Crowd was about 350 fans....Before the show, they were playing video packages on Eddie Gilbert, Sabu, and Terry Funk using ECW footage....There is no plan to sell anything involving the ECW footage shown at the show. It was done as something special just for those in attendance....They sold a T-shirt with a replica of the building's sign on the front with CZW's logo in yellow over the white ECW one and "Ultraviolent" replacing the word "Extreme" also on the shirt....The promotion announced three dates for Dover, Delaware at Racks on 6/28, 7/26, and 8/23. the July date will be their second annual "Tournament of Death." The promotion returns to Philadelphia on 6/14....For more on CZW, visit

2003 - WWE Raw ran Newark, Delaware at the Bob Carpenter Center.  Danny C filed the following live report:

Raw Brand from Newark, Delaware, Bob Carpenter Center
May 10th

Hurricane and Maven defeated Chief Morley (yes still called Chief even after getting fired) and Lance Storm.

Christian defeated Tommy Dreamer.

Jazz defeated Trish Stratus and Victoria in a triple threat match.

The Dudleys (Bubba, D-Von and Spike) defeated 3 Minute Warning and Rico in a 6-man tag table match with the 3-D.  Nice moment came when Bubba went into the crowd and hugged a handicapped child in a wheel chair.


Kane defeated Rodney Mack with the Playa Teddy Long. At first Chris Nowinski came out and said that he though Long and Mack were the "shiznat", he then proceeded to say he would take care of this "white boy". Kane destroyed the Harvard Grad and then turned his attention to Mack.

The French guys defeated Scott Steiner and Test. Did the "Stacey gets knocked off the ring into Steiner's awaiting arms" bit, led to Test getting double teamed and pinned. Steiner cleared house afterwards, and actually remembered he was in Newark when he got on the mic for his "freak speech".

Chris Jericho had his "highlight reel" which had 2 folding chairs as his set. Hurricane was his guest, who proceeded to have a 5 second match with a chokeslam and pin on Jericho. Jericho called him back to the ring asking for 5 more minutes. When Hurricane ran back to the ring, Jericho quickly added "tomorrow" and left.

In a the main event, which should have been in the middle so I could use the bathroom during it, was HHH vs. Kevin Nash for the World title. We should have known we were in trouble when the first thing they did was redo the whole "aisle brawl" before the match started, you could hear a pin drop. Nash was on his back the whole match. End came when Nash hit an exposed turnbuckle and HHH pinned him. Nash got up and powerbombed HHH to end the show. Worst match of the night.

Arena was about 3/4 full and the crowd was live for all the matches except the World title match. They just sucked the life out of the crowd. Also I know heels like HHH are supposed to stop the "babyface", but he just about buried Nash. In the first place, Nash got a very little response coming out, now you would think that HHH would do everything possible to get the crowd going for what is to be a main event match at the pay-per-view. But no, whenever Nash was down and the crowd started clapping, HHH stopped Nash, killing the crowd and making most people head for the doors.

Biggest Pop was easily for Hurricane.

Most Heat was for Jericho.

HHH + Nash= "lets beat the traffic".


- WWE Smackdown ran Belfast, Ireland at The Odyssey Arena with the following results:


-WWE Cruiserweight Champion Matt Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. and Jamie Noble by pinning Noble with the Twist of Fate after Shannon Moore interfered.
-Chris Benoit defeated John Cena via submission with the Crippler Crossface after avoiding the FU.
-Sean O’Haire pinned Brian Kendrick with the Widowmaker.
-Torrie Wilson pinned Nidia with a DDT; Sable was the guest ring announcer for the bout.
-WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar pinned the Big Show with the F5 after avoiding the chokeslam.
-WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas defeated Eddie & Chavo Guerrero Jr. when Eddie was pinned following a superkick from Benjamin.
-Albert pinned Rhyno with a bicycle kick after a failed attempt at the Gore.
-Rikishi & Tajiri defeated Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo when Rikishi pinned Stamboli with the Bonzai Drop; after the bout, Mysterio, Torrie, the Guerreros, and Benoit fought off the FBI and danced with Tajiri and Rikishi to close the show.

2003 - Southern States Wrestling held a Mark Curtis Memorial event.  Tim Whitehead filed the following live report:

The Mark Curtis Memorial Weekend of Champions returned to East Tennessee on May 9 & 10.  Southern States Wrestling promotes this event annually to honor the late Brian Hildebrand, known better to many wrestling fans as Mark Curtis.  Though born in Pittsburgh, Brian moved to East Tennessee in 1992 to be a referee and right-hand man for Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  After SMW folded in late 1995, Brian became a referee for WCW.  He also wrestled on occasion on local indies throughout the East Tennessee region, having been trained years earlier by Dominic DeNucci in a class that included Mick Foley & Shane Douglas.  

Brian passed away in 1999 from stomach cancer, and wrestling lost one of the nicest and most respected men in the history of the business.  SSW promoter Beau James promoted the first Mark Curtis Memorial weekend in 2000.  This year's event was the fourth, with a wrestling show in Greeneville on Friday and the major show on Saturday in Kingsport at the Civic Auditorium.

The Saturday show featured catering for fans with Golden Circle tickets and a chance to meet the wrestlers.  There were actually two wrestling shows, a short one in the afternoon and the main show in the evening.  

Here are results of the afternoon show:

Justin Sensation defeated Shawn Spencer with a bodypress off the top.

Wayne Adams beat Alabama Al (Crimson Tide gimmick in UT country) with a slam.

Super Destroyer (accompanied by Beau James) defeated Alex Craven with a chokeslam.

Bryan Wayne beat Ricky Rocket with a shot from his sign.  Wayne is the former Big Bubba from the southern indie circuit doing a "Mr. Happy" gimmick using a stop sign with a smiley face on it.

Thorn beat Justin Sensation using the ropes.

Brian Overbay defeated Mike Cooper by DQ when Super Destroyer did a run-in.  Bryan Wayne made the save.


During the intermission between shows, there was dining and a chance to get autographs.  Referees for the two shows were Rob Knight, Mike DiMuzio, Eric Foster, and Mr. Monk.


The main show started with a ten bell salute to all the wrestling personalities we lost over the past year.  Representatives of the American Cancer Society were introduced, and Brian's widow Pam (now Pam Clark as she has remarried and has an infant son) was presented with a bouquet of roses.  As befits such an occasion, the National Anthem was sung.

Bart Batten defeated Thorn by DQ.  Bart had a submission hold on Thorn when Flex Armstrong ran in, prompting the DQ ruling.  Bart's brother Brad Batten made the save.  Flex & Thorn ended up challenging the Battens to a match for later on the show.

Todd Morton defeated Steve Flynn.  Flynn was managed by 1Wrestling's old friend Allan Barrie, better known as The Duke.  Good stuff as they really laid in some blows and took big bumps.  Duke stomped Morton when he took a bump out.  The finish saw Flynn collide with Duke, leading to Morton rolling Flynn up for the pin.  Flynn and Duke teased a break-up afterward.

Jimmy Valiant defeated The Assassin.  Valiant was managed by Jerry Lawler's former tag partner Jim White.  Assassin was managed by Big Daddy.  Valiant is always hugely popular around here.  He got cheered doing the "babyface uses heel tactics" routine, poking Assassin in the eye, etc..  Assassin threatened to walk out until told he wouldn't get paid.  Big Daddy slipped Assassin a chain and they did some comedy where he kept hiding it from referee Mike DiMuzio.  Eventually, White got the chain.  As Assassin demanded its return, Valiant rolled him up from behind for the pin.

Brian Overbay & Bryan Wayne & Ray Idol defeated Super Destroyer & Gator McAllister & Mike Cooper in a weapons match.  Lots of weapons used, including garbage cans, frying pans, chairs, the smiley stop sign, and a guitar.  Super D ended up being the one to take the guitar shot.  After a wild brawl, Overbay pinned McAllister after Wayne hit him with a loaded purse.

The Hall of Fame inductions were held.  Former inductees present were Ken Bowles, Jim White, Melvin Johnson (famous area referee), Jimmy Valiant, and Don Wright.  The new members for 2003 were Sensational Sherri Martel, the Fuller family (Buddy, Ron, and Robert), and the Golden family (Jimmy & Bill).  Robert Fuller accepted the plaques for his father & brother.  Jimmy Golden accepted the plaque for his dad. After the ceremony, Bowles announced that he was stepping down as SSW commissioner and named ring announcer Joe Wheeler as the new commish.

The Battens defeated Flex Armstrong & Thorn to retain the SSW Tag Titles.  Flex & Thorn were accompanied by Big Daddy & Tim Baldwin. Baldwin is an area wrestler currently out with a legit injury.  He looks amazingly like Christian, and some guys in the crowd lit into him singing Christian's music (Christiaaaan....Christiaaaan....).  The Battens won doing the old switcheroo gimmick where one of them had been beaten down by the heels, but with no one looking, the other switched places with him and surprised Flex with an inside cradle.

Scott Sterling & Brandi Alexander defeated Jeff Tankersley & Sensational Sherri Martel in a mixed match.  Sherri stalled forever, refusing to lock up with Brandi.  The ladies were the focus of the match.  They chopped the heck out of one another.  Sherri was a heel here even though she had been a total face earlier signing autographs and accepting her Hall of Fame induction.  Brandi pinned Sherri after punching her out with a glove.

Beau James & K.C. Thunder defeated Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden in a No Holds Barred match.  Thunder wore a Tennessee Stud robe to taunt Fuller. Beau wore a crown, which he gave to manager The Duke.  Beau, sporting an ugly cut from the night before in Greeneville, got on the mic and did a big time heel tirade against Fuller & Golden.  Fuller & Golden dominated early.  Beau & Thunder tied Golden up in their corner and bloodied him up.  One of the ring supports broke and it looked for a moment like the ring would collapse, but it didn't.  Beau's cut got re-opened and he juiced.  Fuller put a sleeper hold on Duke.  But Beau soaked a rag in ether (or maybe chloroform) and used it to put Fuller out for the pin. There was a pull-apart brawl with some other wrestlers running in afterward.  

Robbie Cassidy was scheduled to defend the SSW Title against Jesse Taylor, but Taylor wasn't there, and with the ring in bad shape, they did a deal where Jeff Tankersley came out and challenged Cassidy.  They did a brief match in the shaky ring before Sherri ran in and gave Cassidy a low blow for the DQ.  Tankersley destroyed Cassidy and left him laying, stealing the belt afterward.

Many thanks to Southern States Wrestling for their hospitality during this event.  A great time was had by all.  And those of us who knew Brian Hildebrand truly appreciate these annual shows.

2004 - During an edition of Raw from San Jose, California, Eugene made his in-ring WWE TV debut, defeating Rob Conway with a rollup. The story of the match was that William Regal tripped Eugene during the match, following orders from Eric Bischoff that his nephew was to lose so he would stop bothering them about wrestling. However, Eugene won anyway, and thanked Regal for his help during the match.  Tim Whitehead filed the following TV report:

The 5/10 edition of RAW KNOWS THE WAY TO SAN JOSE aired live from San Jose (where else?). RAW continued its winning streak with another hot show featuring good wrestling and good angles, with strong crowd responses.

They opened with footage of last week's Chris Benoit World Title defense against Shawn Michaels. Triple H caused The Heartbreak Kid to lose.

Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler announced that it would be an action-packed night, with numerous hot matches scheduled.

HHH defeated Shelton Benjamin by DQ in 2:30. Footage aired before the match of Benjamin's pinfall win over HHH six weeks ago, with JR putting over Benjamin's successes against both HHH and Ric Flair. Benjamin immediately hit an arm drag and tried for some quick early pins. HHH hit a big boot to the face but Benjamin came back with a powerslam for a near fall. Benjamin scored again with a DDT. HHH lariated Benjamin out to the floor after he missed a charge into the corner. It was at this point that HBK charged in and attacked HHH. Presumably this led to Benjamin being DQ'ed, or possibly a no-contest. No ruling was announced. HBK was crazed with anger over HHH costing him the title last week, and was all over HHH pounding and stomping him. Several refs held HBK back long enough for HHH to flee through the crowd. HBK grabbed a mic and dared HHH to come back and fight. Eric Bischoff showed up. He said he had expected all hell to break loose tonight and had earlier promised Vince McMahon that he would punish the first guy to lose control. That guy was HBK, and Bischoff declared him suspended and ordered a crew of security guys to expel him from the arena. HHH returned, applauding Bischoff's decision. HBK immediately attacked HHH again, prompting the security crew to surround HBK as the show went into a commercial break.

After the break, it was announced that HBK had been ejected from the arena. They've overdone the suspension angles in WWE, but this one was well-executed and the crowd was into it.

A video package aired hyping the upcoming Randy Orton vs. Edge match for the IC Title.

In the Evolution locker room, Flair cut a Horseman-style promo. He said HBK got what he deserved. He also put over Orton and Batista, predicting wins for them in their matches. Batista pledged to beat up Tajiri so badly that he'd have to be carted out of the ring. Bischoff walked in, and was greeted with praise for his decisive action against HBK. Bischoff promised HHH that he would have a world title "opportunity" next week. HHH and his cohorts were delighted. JR was furious, declaring that HHH was being rewarded for screwing HBK last week. No one appeared to notice that Bischoff only offered HHH an "opportunity" next week, not an actual title shot. More on that later.

Batista defeated Tajiri in 5:04. Tajiri surprised Batista with kicks. After causing Batista to bump out to the floor, Tajiri rammed him into the security barrier. Batista shook the blow off and rammed Tajiri into both the barrier and the ring apron. Batista dominated Tajiri in the ring, hitting a suplex and a slam. Tajiri threw some hard kicks and hit the handspring elbow, though Batista nearly no-sold the latter. Tajiri scored a near fall with a DDT. Batista blocked a kick and pinned Tajiri after a spinebuster. Some style clash here, but it was an okay match. Afterward, Batista delivered another spinebuster to Tajiri, followed by a sit-down powerbomb. He then choked Tajiri, with green stuff flowing out of Tajiri's mouth. Lawler said Tajiri had planned to mist Batista, but Batista choked the liquid out of him. It took several refs to pull Batista off Tajiri, who was left laying.

Stacy Keibler came out. She looked awesome. She said it's now bikini season and hyped the new South of the Border DVD featuring Stacy and other bikini-clad WWE Divas. Some clips from that DVD aired. Out came Molly Holly (straight, kind of blonde wig this week) and Gail Kim. Gail complained that she made the women's champ tap out last week, yet they gave mic time to Stacy instead of her. She had a point, but I could have solved the problem by giving them both mic time and bikini time. Problem solved. Gail & Molly accused Stacy of saying that she's the hottest Diva. Stacy denied saying that. Gail & Molly jumped Stacy and put the boots to her. Victoria ran in for the save. Jazz then charged in and attacked Victoria. Finally, Nidia showed up and went after Jazz. This catfight resulted in the three heel Divas retreating. This led to a Gail & Molly & Jazz vs. Victoria & Nidia & Stacy match being announced for later on the show.

Todd Grisham interviewed Chris Jericho. He vowed to defeat Christian in their scheduled cage match. He said Christian & Trish Stratus claim to like it rough, and he'd make sure they got it rough. On another subject, Jericho was upset that Bischoff promised HHH a world title "opportunity" next week, claiming that before the show Bischoff had promised him such an "opportunity". Hmmmm!

Hour two began with Orton defeating Edge in 17:52 to retain the IC Title. Lawler hyped Orton's good looks again, calling him an Adonis. He also went off on Edge's cast. JR had a good comeback, noting that Orton's father wore a cast for something like five years. Edge dominated early, hitting a series of forearms and working on Orton's back. Edge scored several near falls. Edge was methodical, working Orton's back over. He hit a lariat and sent Orton crashing out to the floor. He threw Orton into the stairs. As Spike TV went into a commercial break, Flair came out to ringside. Flair interfered during the break, but by the time the live action returned, Edge was once again on top, hitting Orton with a crossbody for a near fall. Orton managed to tie Edge up with a hold similar to the Cobra Clutch. Edge kicked his way free. Orton scored two with a neckbreaker. Edge rolled through on a high crossbody for a great near fall. Edge hit a backdrop and a suplex for a two. Orton ended up on the apron, and Edge knocked him off onto the barrier. Orton returned to the ring, where Edge missile kicked him. Orton tried for a dropkick, which Edge, in an awesome move, countered into a powerbomb for a near pin. The finish saw Orton almost collide with Flair, who was on the apron. Edge went for the spear, hitting Flair when Orton sidestepped. Orton then cradled Edge and used the tights to score the pin. Real good match, and the part after the break was great. The big Orton push continues, though they also gave Edge a push here as he controlled almost all the match.

Footage aired of Eugene's successful training session last week with William Regal. Eugene was then shown doing warm-up exercises as Regal supervised him. Bischoff walked in and Eugene hugged him. Regal told Bischoff he did his best to prepare Eugene for his match against Rob Conway, and that hopefully Eugene could pull off a win. Bischoff pulled Regal aside and told him he wants Eugene to lose. He said he only brought Eugene in because he promised his sister (Eugene's mother) that he'd give him an "opportunity", but he now wants him out of his hair. There's that word "opportunity" again. He said if Eugene loses, he'll be so distraught that he'll quit and go home. He slyly told Regal that if he could engineer a loss for Eugene, then he (Regal) would be given a spot on the active roster as a wrestler. Regal smirked and promised the best man would win. On his way out, two-faced Bischoff wished Eugene good luck.

Gail & Molly & Jazz defeated Victoria & Nidia & Stacy in 2:42. Prior to this match, JR mentioned that Pepper Gomez passed away over the weekend. Gomez was a huge star in the San Francisco Bay area in the sixties and seventies and had a legendary feud with Ray Stevens, which included an angle where Stevens jumped off a ladder onto Gomez which fans in that area remembered for decades. Victoria and Jazz started out brawling. Jazz hooked the STF. Nidia made the save. Gail tagged in and tried the same submission finisher on Victoria as last week, but Stacy broke it up. Nidia went at it briefly with Molly. Gail then hooked a different submission hold on Victoria, sort of a hammerlock into a half crab, and Victoria tapped again! Gail seems headed for a push, and it's quite unique to see a heel getting clean submission wins like this, not to mention to uniqueness of submissions in the women's division.

Smackdown Rebound aired, focusing heavily on the heart attack angle involving Eddie Guerrero's mother. It played out better than most such angles.

Grisham interviewed Christian, asking him if he had any concerns about the cage match. Christian said Jericho should be the one who is concerned. He added that with a problem solver (Tyson Tomko) and an "innocent little flower" (Trish) in his corner, he had no reason to be concerned. He added to the Bischoff mystery, insisting that Bischoff earlier promised him a world title "opportunity" next week.

After the Christian interview ended, Trish spotted Lita getting a cup of coffee nearby. She approached her and seemed very sympathetic, noting that Lita's been through a scary ordeal the past few weeks. Lita was very nervous, worried about Kane possibly lurking around. Suddenly, Trish began screaming that Kane was there, acting as if he was right behind Lita. Lita went into a hyper-panic and began screaming hysterically, until she realized Trish had pulled a nasty prank on her. Trish began laughing like crazy about how scared Lita was. Lita was furious, and jumped Trish and began beating the hell out of her. Christian ran over and pulled Trish to safety as Matt Hardy ran out and protected Lita. Matt led the distraught Lita away as Christian yelled after him that he needs to keep her under control. Trish said, "The bitch can't take a joke". Hilarious angle!

Matt came out to the ring for what he thought was a match against Val Venis. Lita was with him, looking and acting like a nervous wreck. Venis never showed up. Instead, Kane appeared on the TitanTron, where he was finishing up a beatdown on Venis in the locker room. Kane called that a message to Lita. He then told Lita that she knows what he wants, and gave her one week to give him an answer, adding that it had better be the right one. Presumably Kane made some demand of Lita last week when he had her tied to a chair. Matt asked Lita what Kane was talking about, but Lita was too terrified to answer. This is a pretty good angle when it avoids the unbelievable stuff.

Regal asked Eugene if he was nervous about his "first match". He was. Regal promised to be there at ringside for Eugene, and Eugene hugged Regal and thanked him. Of course, Regal had the most awesome deceitful facial expressions here.

Eugene defeated Conway in 3:41. There were a ton of pro-Eugene signs in the crowd. A lot of people, myself included, thought the Eugene gimmick was awful at first but it's played out far better than I thought possible and he now has sort of a cult following. Eugene was a little confused at first, and climbed up to the top rope for no apparent reason before coming back down. Eugene hit an armdrag, which was the first move Regal showed him last week. Conway tried for some holds but Eugene kept countering him. Finally, Conway brawled and briefly put Eugene on the defensive. Eugene stopped selling and did a superstar babyface type comeback, though sort of in comedy form. In succession, Eugene hit an atomic drop, did an airplane spin, came off the top rope, and hit a legdrop. As Eugene rebounded off the ropes, Regal tried to trip him. This confused Eugene, and Regal lied his way out of it by assuring Eugene that he merely tripped over the ring apron. Eugene then hit a roll-up and bridge out of nowhere on Conway to score the win, which drew a major pop. The delighted Eugene celebrated and hugged Regal, who did more great hypocritical facial expressions, pretending to be happy for Eugene while actually appalled that he won.

An excellent Chris Benoit video aired, putting him over as champ.

Bischoff came out to make two announcements. He "generously" allowed Johnny Nitro to make one of them. That one was that there will be a Trish vs. Lita match next week on RAW. Bischoff made the biggest announcement himself, which was that there will be a 20 man battle royal next week, with the winner getting a world title shot at the Badd Blood PPV in June. That was the world title "opportunity" that Bischoff had been promising to everyone. A graphic appeared on the screen with photos of all 20 participants. Basically, it's the top 20 guys on RAW, with the exception of Benoit (obviously) and HBK, whom Bischoff declared suspended. HHH won't like this, and the inclusion of his Evolution allies in this match sets up some potential conflicts.

Jericho defeated Christian in the cage match in 11:41. Lilian Garcia announced that this match could be won by pinfall, submission, climbing out of the cage, or going through the cage door. Jericho caught Christian with a kick as he entered the cage. Christian blocked an early attempt at the walls hold. Jericho tried for a quick climb-over but Christian pulled him down. Jericho hit a suplex. Christian hit a backbreaker. Christian tried to climb out but got crotched. Jericho then climbed to the top, but couldn't climb down the outside because Tomko was out there swinging a chair. So Jericho hit a crossbody down onto Christian in the ring. Jericho tried to leave through the door, with Tomko kicking him to stop the escape. It wasn't a very strong kick, and even JR called it a glancing blow, but it caused Jericho to fall back into the cage. The referee forced Tomko to go back to the locker room after that. Jericho started slowly crawling out, which didn't look all that believable. Christian pulled him back just as he was about to get through the door. Jericho hurled Christian repeatedly into the cage and raked his face across the steel mesh. Christian juiced a huge gusher. Jericho scored two after a bulldog. Christian hit the unprettier but was slow making the cover and only got two. Both tried to climb over, ending with Jericho superplexing Christian. The Innocent Little Flower went in with a chair, but Jericho blocked the blow and put her in the walls. Christian, instead of rescuing Trish, tried to climb over. He should have just went out the door, but these things always happen this way in cage matches. Jericho dropped the hold on Trish and powerbombed Christian off the ropes. Jericho put the walls on Christian, who struggled and almost crawled out the door while tied up in the hold, before finally tapping out. A few quirks and anomalies, but overall a strong cage match with great crowd heat. Jericho celebrated his victory as the show left the air.


Were you amazed that Molly didn't lose her wig?

Couldn't they use a lot of wrestling footage in those "impaired judgment" Snickers commercials?

Is Gail planning on entering UFC or Pride?

Doesn't Bischoff's sister watch RAW? And won't she clue the clueless Eugene in on what is going on?

Wasn't it contradictory for JR to say cage matches are career shorteners, while in the same sentence saying that Lawler's been in a ton of them?

Why didn't Kane make his Lita demand on camera? I mean, every other secret plot is seen on camera, isn't it?

2005 - Dusty Rhodes resigned as TNA booker following a meeting in Nashville, TN today. According to one source, Rhodes opted out after being presented with the chance to work as part of a committee to book and format the next TNA PPV, Hard Justice, which would have included several other names with Jeremy Borash, Bill Banks, and Scott D'Amore's names being mentioned. One source close to Rhodes stated that he stepped down but will be remaining with the company as talent and continuing as their on air "Director of Authority."   According to TNA sources, Rhodes' departure wasn't something that caught them off guard or unexpected. TNA's side of the story is that the move was something that had been building for some time and Rhodes was simply moved out of power in favor of the committee.   The move really wasn't surprising to anyone who had been following the situation, as Rhodes' power had been cut out from under him more and more in recent weeks with some of his characters and storylines dropped after the Destination X PPV received negative critical response. The feeling of Rhodes' latest appearances at the TNA tapings were that he was someone who was doing what was asked of him, as opposed to someone who was running the show.

2005 -- Jim Cornette was suspended by WWE for six weeks due to several outbursts at developmental promotion Ohio Valley Wrestling, including most recently one at the previous week's TV taping where he cut a huge promo backstage on Kevin Fertig for wearing a baseball cap while working in the ring for a dark match.   That incident followed one where Cornette slapped a new OVW student (the future Santino Marella) several times for smiling on camera while sitting in the crowd, as opposed to showing fear for The Boogeyman. reported on 5/9/05 that Tommy Dreamer informed OVW's roster  that Cornette would be "on vacation" for the next 4-5 weeks and Dreamer would be overseeing OVW's weekly TV show, which tapes Wednesdays in Louisville, Kentucky. The terminology we had originally heard was that he would be taking a leave of absence, not that he was suspended.

2005 - The Amazing Red received a tryout with WWE, taking on CM Punk in a dark match that opened a Smackdown taping in Reading, PA.  Red wasn't signed but would find his niche nationally in TNA's X-Division soon enough.  The same taping featured future ROH star Jimmy Jacobs wrestling Eddie Guerrero in a bout that was broadcast.


2006 - Days after reported an incident between Batista and Booker T where they got into a fight during a commercial shoot for the 2006 Summerslam PPV,'s Dave Scherer broke that incident was indeed a legitimate fight, stemming from anger Booker and other members of the locker room at the time had with Batista at the time, writing:

"When I first read's story about Booker T and Batista being in a fight at a commercial shoot, I figured that the story was a work, an angle to bring the returning-from-injury Batista back into the fold.  I didn't think there would be a story about it on if it were actually a true situation.  Yesterday, I started hearing that it was really a shoot and after digging around, a number of people have told me that it was.  From what I have been told, heat has been building up between Booker and Batista for a while now, largely based on the fact that during his run as the champ, Batista rubbed a lot of people the wrong way by taking the "I have carried the company on my back" and the "I have drawn all the money" attitude.  The feeling is that Batista came right in and got a top spot and didn't show the others in the locker room the respect that they deserved.  That never sits well with the other workers.  That is what Booker was referring to in his comments on  I also spoke to a number of Smackdown talents who said that they were happy that Booker said and did what he did.  I was told a lot of them hugged and high-fived Booker for saying what needed to be said and then backing it up with his hands.  So, at this point, it's all a shoot.  I would not be surprised to see it turn into a work down the road however.  As for, from what I was told they broke the story to "scoop" sites like this one."

It later came out that part of the reason for the incident was a relationship Batista was in at the time, which was bringing stress into the locker room.


2006 - WWE officially confirmed that The Sandman, Francine, Danny Doring, and Tony Mamaluke had been signed for the relaunched ECW.


2006 - Jay Hassman, who was the initial marketing and PPV consultant for TNA before being dropped and later sued by the promotion, was arrested in New York and charged with grand larceny in the second degree and falsifying business records in the first degree, upon his plea of guilty, and imposing sentence.  He later plead guilty to grand larceny in the second degree and falsifying business records in the first degree in connection with the theft of the sum of approximately $135,000 from his employer.


2006 - TNA broadcast an episode of "Global Impact" online.  Richard Trionfo filed the following report:

After taking a week off, Total Nonstop Action returns with its latest edition of Global Impact as we take a look back at the week for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and a look forward as TNA moves towards Victory Road.

Your hosts are Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme. Jeremy talks about this week's episode of Impact. We will find out who the world champion is going to be; as well as seeing America's Most Wanted versus Team 3D; the Alpha Male in action; and a company-wide meeting. Jeremy reminds us about Jim Cornette's comments about keeping the cameras away from Cornette. Who will be fired and who will be the World Champion. Christy says that she has some bonus features from the Knockouts DVD.

Match Number One: Petey Williams and Bobby Roode versus Ron Killings and Sonjay Dutt in the Xplosion Xclusive Match of the Week

Williams and Dutt start things off and Dutt with a shoulder tackle and then he gives Williams an arm drag and a rollup. Dutt goes to the arm but Williams backs him into the corner and he punches Dutt. Dutt with a running leg lariat to Williams for a two count. Killings tags in and they hit a double hip toss and a double drop kick and they knock Roode off the apron. Williams is able to tag in Roode but he is met with a few arm drags. Roode charges at Killings, but Ron with a power slam. Dutt tags in and he works on Roode's arm. Roode with a spinebuster and we go to commercial.

We are back and Dutt is in the tree of woe and it is time for Petey to sing. Williams works on Dutt's neck with a drop kick and then he slams Dutt's head into Roode's boot. Roode tags in and he kicks Dutt in the head. Dutt fights out of a rear chin lock but he runs into a back elbow from Roode. Williams tags in and he suplexes Dutt and gets a two count. Williams with a short arm clothesline for a two count as Williams continues to keep control of the match. Roode continues to work over Dutt. Dutt moves when Roode charges into the corner and Dutt hits a missile drop kick and Killings is tagged in. Killings cleans house and hits a running power slam on Williams. Killings avoids the Northern Lariat with a split and hits a jumping spin kick. Killings with a suplex driver on Williams, but he only gets a two count. Dutt with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Roode followed a plancha onto Roode on the floor. Killings tries for the axe kick but Williams gets out of the way. Williams tries for the Canadian Destroyer but Killings with a back body drop and an axe kick for the three count. We go to commercial.

Winners: Ron Killings and Sonjay Dutt

We are back with Jeremy and Christy and they talk about the company wide meeting this week on Impact. Christy suggests that Jeremy should be a little nervous. Jeremy mentions that Christy will be on a "Women of Spike" special with Gail Kim. She says that they wanted to give Spike TV viewers a little more of what they have to offer. Christy also mentions that she has a column on the TNA website.

We go to footage of Christy Hemme's photo shoot. She says that she always knew that she was going to do something creative and artistic. She says that after her first audition, she knew that she would be a part of wrestling. She mentions how everyone has been great with her since she came to TNA. Christy looks forward to growing with TNA. We go to credits.


2007 - TNA released former NWA World Tag Team champions The Naturals, Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas.

2007 - The WWE DVD "Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen" topped the Billboard Video Sales - Recreations Sports DVD charts for the third consecutive week. 

2008 - During a shareholder's meeting in Stamford, CT Vince McMahon announced that the annual "Tribute to the Troops" event will be broadcast on NBC for the first time.  McMahon also announced that MyNetworkTV would air a 1-hour recap of WrestleMania 24 as part of Smackdown's premiere on the network. The recap special will feature clips of WrestleMania 24 set to music.

2008 -
The Cauliflower Alley Club announced that pioneering female star Judy Grable had passed away:

"The CAC was informed today that Nellya Burres-Baughman, who wrestled as Judy Grable, died at approximately 2:40 this morning. Grable began her career in 1938 and was a top wrestler on the women's wrestling scene for many years. It was in a tournament in 1956 that, it is claimed, where Fabulous Moolah defeated Judy Grable to win the Women's Title that Moolah would go on to hold for many years. We have no more details at this time. The CAC sends our condolences to the family and friends of Judy Grable."


2008 - Ring of Honor debuted in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, setting the company's attendance record.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

Ring of Honor shattered their all-time attendance record last night for their debut in New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom, a concert venue most famous for holding the final and resurrection PPVs for Extreme Championship Wrestling.  One source within the company pegged the attendance at 2,100 fans, although I would suspect the paid was a bit lower.  

The floor of the venue was completely full, but areas that ECW used for seating on the stage of the venue were curtained off to use as backstage and production areas.  The first balcony of the venue was completely full, while the second tier balcony was 75% full as well.  The side balconies (most famous for housing WWE heels during the 2005 One Night Stand PPV) featured one or two rows of fans per balcony.  

With the large audience, ROH's merchandise table was swamped.  I usually swing by the tables during intermission and without exaggeration, the tables were completely mobbed with fans ten rows deep in all directions waiting to pay, like you would see at a WWE event or major concert.  It was quite the view to take in.  ROH is a long way from the Murphy Rec Center.

It was a good show, although not a blow away, orgasmic level event.  I have a distinct feeling that how much one liked the show depended greatly on how deeply they love the ROH product.  The makeup of the crowd seemed to be split into three demographics - the usual ROH audience that "knew" what the wrestlers were doing as they built the matches, the "ECW Vampire" type fans that heckled the Japanese performers for being Japanese, screamed boring during matwork, etc. and fans that were sampling the product because it was wrestling in a real venue.  While previous NYC shows featured an intense "fight club" atmosphere, last night was a different feel - it was more like you had some of those fans who lived and died by the personalities and others who were your frat boy types who came to drink and bring attention to themselves.  It didn't always make for a good mix, such as when the ROH World title bout featured some good early matwork that were met with some "boring" chants out of the balcony.

The biggest news coming out of the show was the announcement that the Tag Team belts had been vacated by Jay Briscoe following a successful defense where he and substitute partner Austin Aries defeated The Age of the Fall.  The vacancy will be filled when the company returns to action the first weekend in June with a tournament.

Complete results of the show saw (and given this is Mother's Day, I will keep this short and possibly go into longer thoughts tomorrow):

*FIP champ Roderick Strong won a three-way, pinning Erick Stevens in a bout that also featured NOAH's Go Shiozaki.  They chopped the hell out of each other, to the point some balcony fans were chanting "No more chopping."  Seriously, it was like Flair vs. Garvin in there as they beat the hell out of each other.  Strong rolled up Stevens for the pin as Stevens and Shizoaki were going at it, so it was the story of the heel champ sneaking one out because he was so smart.  Solid opener.

*Kevin Steen & El Generico defeat Rocky Romero & Davey Richards after their Piledriver/Brainbuster combination.  Generico pins Davey Richards.  I missed a good portion of this talking to someone but was told this was really good.

*In a Scramble math, Delirious & Pelle Primeau defeated Chris Hero & Brent Albright and The Vulture Squad's Jack Evans & Jigsaw.  1001 highspots.  Even Brent did a senton dive off the ropes onto everyone on the floor.  Jonny Fairplay was with Sweet and Sour, about as useless as ever.  Sweet and Sour had about 80 people in their corner, most of which had joined the group since the last NYC show and everyone around me was completely confused, which I thought was telling - I don't know if that meant everyone around me just came to the shows and didn't buy DVDs or weren't caught up on the storylines because they were behind on the DVDs.  Delirious pinned Hero, so of course Sweeney blamed Albright, who he tore apart.  My friend commented it looked like Bobby Heenan ripping on Hercules Hernandez, which is a good thing in my eyes.  Albright was instructed to destroy whipping boy Bobby Dempsey to make up for it, but attacked all the other heels instead, I guess making him a babyface, as Sweeney ran off..

*Bryan Danielson defeated Naomichi Marufuji via submission.  Danielson had the hugest smile on his face when he hit the ring and saw that crowd.  Seriously a great moment since he's been here since day one.  This was my pick for best match of the night with some excellent back and forth wrestling, matwork and striking.  I was surprised as well, expecting Marufuji, who has improved so much since first coming to ROH, to get the win.  Danielson led the crowd in "Final Countdown" after the show, which was awesome.

After intermission, Daizee Haze came out and announced the crowd record, although you could hardly hear her on the mic so I think it was lost on a lot of fans.  Delirious, wearing a shirt and tie, came out with a rose behind his back trying to ask her out.  Rhett Titus, a jacked ROH student, came out carrying the ghosts of Michael Hayes and Rick Rude combined, cutting a great promo to Haze about all his body parts and that she should want to be with him.  Haze walked out disgusted.  Titus was dead on perfect in the role.  Delirious was left holding the rose, which Haze never saw.  Once the crowd saw it, they gave an "Awww", which was funny.  ROH purists probably hated this, but as a segment, it was fine sports-entertainment story.

*Takeshi Morishima defeated Necro Butcher.  Big disappointment here in my opinion.  They didn't seem to gel well and Morishima didn't bring the fire he usually brings.  One could only surmise if he was intimidated working with Necro or didn't want to take the punishment.  I don't know.  Necro's theme music was "I Won't Back Down" by Tom petty which is so perfectly brilliant for his look and character.  Necro took a back suplex off the top onto a chair but only grazed it while taking it out, looking awful painful.  I suspect it will look far better with some slight editing.  The upside was that in losing and taking a little bit of punishment, Necro walked out super, super over with the crowd chanting his name.  Still, this was to me (and others have argued this with me, so my opinion could be wrong), the least impressive Morishima showing to date in ROH.  I hope they get a chance to rectify that.

*ROH Tag Team champion Jay Briscoe and sub partner Austin Aries defeated The Age of the Fall in a No DQ match.  The finish saw Necro return to interfere, so Mark Briscoe ran out, hand wrapped (and boy I feel for him because I had the exact same hand wrap and casting when I shattered my hand in a car wreck and that thing hurt while I recovered) and hitting a Doomsday Device clothesline.  The early part of this didn't click, possibly because the crowd momentum was down after the previous match.  They had the same problem ECW used to have with tables that didn't want to cooperate as well.  Jacobs yanked out the spike he used on Mark and Lacey, then went to town on Jay.  Jay bled about as much as 12 Abdullah the Butcher victims.  It was ridiculously sick and awesome at once, like those classic old wrestling magazine photos.  Jacobs was covered in it, wiping it on himself to prove what a sicko heel he was.  Once Jay was busted open, the crowd really got into the match and by the time it ended, it was a really good match.  The AOTF menaced Aries after as Jacobs cut a promo, which went over a portion of the crowd live, saying that he could take him out anytime he wanted but wanted to scar him emotionally the same way Aries did to him by taking Lacey.  I think the promo might have worked better in a backstage setting.

*ROH World champ Nigel McGuinness defeats Claudio Castagnoli via submission with the London Dungeon..  The entrances had this old time, Starrcade level feel to them.  Castagnoli has cut his hair and came out with this great looking robe that made him look like a star.  Nigel has really perfected his heel persona.  They did a lot of good mat wrestling back and forth, but portions of the crowd catcalled it and others left early.  Nigel was great smirking at the hecklers, almost as if to say, "Tough sh**."  Claudio did the greatest big swing in history.  They had to have done 25-30 rotations.  The crowd got more and more into the bout as they did near falls (a lot of those), which I saw as a victory for the performers.  I think by the time they got to the end of the bout, some fans were waiting for a title change, but it didn't happen.  Again, another victory.  Both guys took a step forward with their work.

Notes: For the first time in their history, ROH brought in a full lighting truss to hang over the ring.  The production end of the show was greatly upgraded, to the point that the company was also lighting the crowd, feeling that they needed to take advantage of the look of the venue....ROH announced a 8/2 return with TNA stars the Motor City Machineguns....Bushwhacker Luke Williams, who is friends with ROH owner Cary Silkin, was in attendance...FIP owner Sal Hamoui, who handles the ROH DVD editing and duplication, was also in attendance, the first time I believe he's come to a ROH show outside of the Sunshine State.


2010 - WWE broadcast Raw.  The scored a 3.1 rating and an average of 4.4 million viewers. The show did hours of 3.03 and 3.09. Richard Trionfo filed the following report.

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at last week’s Cutting Edge with his guest Randy Orton.

We are live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Michael ‘Vintage Igloo’ Cole and Jerry ‘The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh’ Lawler.

Randy Orton comes to the ring to talk to the people in Pittsburgh and all over WWE television. Randy asks Edge if he wants to know why he turned down his offer. It is because he knows Edge and he knows that Edge would keep him held down because Edge knows that Randy is a threat.

Meat Loaf comes to the ring and he says Randy Orton’s name a few times. He says that he had to come out to see Randy. Meat Loaf says that he has a new album coming out tomorrow and he has a song that needs to be Randy’s new theme song. The song is written by Jon Bon Jovi. Meat Loaf talks about what Randy was doing in 1995 in St. Louis when he was fifteen years old.

Orton says that he would like to hear the song and he tells Meat Loaf to hum a few bars. Meat Loaf says that he is going to sing the whole song for Randy. Randy has that look on his face and he is thinking about whether to give Meat Loaf an RKO, a kick to the head, or something new. Randy decides to go with a classic and he RKOs Meat Loaf.

Edge comes out and he suggests that Randy doesn’t like celebrities after what he has done to the guest hosts. Edge says that he doesn’t like them either. He says that he doesn’t like the way they come out and run things. Edge says that he called WWE Global Headquarters and complained. He says that they Tweeted him back and they agree with him. Edge says that the celebrity hosts will have no more authority on Raw. Edge says that wasn’t enough for him because the longest running episodic television show needs a permanent general manager. Someone with moxie who can pull the job off. Edge says that they agreed with him again. Edge says that you will never guess who the permanent general manager of Raw is going to be. Edge brings him out and it is Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie comes out and she throws out a few Excuse Mes for the crowd and the crowd is not happy at this development. Vickie wants to state for the record that despite her personal relationship with Edge in the past, she is here to be a true professional. Vickie tells Randy that attacking celebrities is something that WWE does not condone. Vickie tells Randy that he will be reprimanded.

Randy tells Vickie to come to the ring and reprimand her to his face.

Edge says that Randy is a bully. Edge says that tonight, Randy will find out what it is like to be bullied.

Vickie tells Randy that due to his behavior issues, Randy will face Edge and a partner of his choice in a handicap match.

Edge says that Randy will see how he deals with threats and that is a promise.

We see Chris Jericho and Miz talking in the back. They split up and we go to commercial.

We are back and some members of the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the front row.

We take a look back at the RKO that Randy Orton gave to Meat Loaf and then we are told that it is true. Vickie Guerrero is back as the General Manager of Raw.

We go to highlights from last week when the Miz and Chris Jericho attacked David Hart Smith after their match against William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov.

We are told that Miz and Kidd have a match where Miz would have to defend the United States Title next week against Kidd or Smith in Toronto.

Match Number One: Chris Jericho versus David Hart Smith with Natalya in a If Jericho wins Miz and he get a Unified Tag Title Match at Over the Limit Match

Jericho slaps Smith but Smith punches Jericho and he connects with a big boot. Smith with a delayed vertical suplex. Smith misses a leg drop but Jericho does not miss a running boot to the head. Jericho with a punch to the head followed by a knee and kick to the chest. Jericho with another kick to the chest followed by a drop kick. Jericho with a forearm to the back followed by a kick to the head. Jericho with a sleeper on Smith and he wants the referee to ask Smith. Jericho with a knee to the chest followed by an Irish whip but Smith with a kick followed by a clothesline and shoulder tackle. Smith with a belly-to-belly but he runs into a boot from Jericho. Smith hits a power slam on Jericho for a near fall. Jericho with a back elbow to Smith but Jericho misses a Lionsault but he lands on his feet. Smith puts Jericho in the Sharpshooter and Jericho tries for the ropes but Smith pulls him into the center of the ring. Jericho gets to the ropes and he holds on for his life. Jericho with a thumb to the eyes and then he hits a Codebreaker for the three count.

Winner: Chris Jericho

We go to the locker room where Miz is smiling at the prospect of a Tag Title Match at Over the Limit.

We see Edge in the back talking to Batista but we can’t hear what they are saying.

We go to commercial.

We are back and CM Punk will face Rey Mysterio on Smackdown.

R Truth comes out with the guest host Flavor Flav. Truth says that they can do it better than that. He wants the WWE Universe to give a proper welcome for the guest host. Flav wants them to make some noise. Flav talks about his new show Nite Tales.

Match Number Two: R Truth versus William Regal

Regal with a kick and forearms as they go into the corner. Regal with an Irish whip but Truth floats over and does a split before hitting a leg lariat. Carlito and Primo come out and attack Truth and they call for the bell.

No Contest

Primo with a drop kick and then Carlito with a lungblower.

Flav says that if he weighed four pounds more, he would have gone in there to help Truth. Now that the Colons left the ring, Flav goes into the ring to check on Truth.

Carlito and Primo stand on the stage with Ted DiBiase and Ted hands Primo and Carlito envelopes for what they did to Truth.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at Eve’s Divas Title victory and we have a video package for her.

We see footage from earlier today when Maryse was doing some martial arts training but she can’t take her trainer down. He tells Maryse that she isn’t trying hard enough. Maryse slaps him and kicks him in the knee cap.

Randy Orton is in his dressing room and Josh enters and wants to know how Orton feels about the handicap match for later tonight. Randy says that there is not a lot that he can do about it so he is not concerned. Randy says that he wants Vickie to come to ringside to watch the match so he can make sure that tonight is a night that she will never forget.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Buzz Aldrin reminds us that he is the guest host next week as he takes Raw to the moon. Mark Henry hits Buzz in the back with a steel chair. Next week’s show will be commercial free.

Cole and Lawler talk about the history of the Igloo.

Zack Ryder is in the ring and he addresses Alicia Fox and Gail Kim at ringside. He says that he apologizes for getting off on the wrong foot. Zack says that Alicia is looking fine tonight. Zack says that the last memory in this building will be Zack’s first win on Raw.

Match Number Three: Zack Ryder versus Evan Bourne

Ryder with a knee and forearm followed by a kick and then he punches and kicks Bourne some more as he keeps Evan on the mat. Ryder with a forearm and knee but Bourne with a rana and running elbow into the corner followed by a spin kick for a near fall. Bourne goes to the apron but Ryder stops him. Ryder with the leaping leg lariat and he gets a near fall. Ryder with a neck breaker for a near fall. Ryder sends Bourne into the turnbuckles and chokes him. Bourne with a kick to Ryder and then he moves when Ryder tries for a splash. Bourne with a running drop kick into the corner and then he goes to the apron. Alicia tries to stop Bourne but Gail pulls her off the apron. Bourne hits the shooting star press for the three count.

Winner: Evan Bourne

After the match, Bourne and Gail Kim leave together.

We take a look back at last week’s John Cena/Wade Barrett match that allowed John Cena to choose the stipulation for the Cena/Batista match at Over the Limit. Sheamus did not let Cena make the announcement.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that WWE has been working with Make a Wish for more than 25 years.

John Cena comes out to the ring and he is going to announce the stipulation for Over the Limit. John says that it is a special occasion to be here tonight. John wants to thank Sheamus because it allowed for John to have a week to think about the match he wanted to have with Batista. John says that he did win a Last Man Standing match and the finish was intellectual because it did not use brute force. Cena says that he thought it was creative while Batista and some critics saw it as taking the easy way out and a sign of cowardice. John says that he is not a coward. John says that he will prove it tonight. John says that he is in a position of great advantage. He can force Batista to wear a blindfold. He can have him in handcuffs or have him hop on one leg. Those would be acts of cowardice. The match will be fair and competitive but it will be brutal . . . very brutal. It will be the last time that he faces Batista for the WWE Championship. If Batista wins, Cena will forfeit his rematch clause. Batista says that there is only one match they can have. That match will be an ‘I Quit Match’. Cena thanks Sheamus and he says that he would have had another stipulation. Cena wants the human jar of mayonnaise to come out so he can thank him in person.

Sheamus comes out and wants to know if Cena wants to thank him fella. Sheamus says that if he comes to the ring, Cena will be in no condition to win an I Quit match against Batista. Sheamus says that everyone knows it. Sheamus asks Cena if he really wants him to come to the ring.

Cena has thought about it and he decides to take off his hat and shirt and suggests that Sheamus come to the ring.

Sheamus says that Cena is a foolish man because that decision cost him the WWE Title. Sheamus comes to the ring and Batista tries to attack Cena from behind but Cena sees it. Cena punches Batista and then he goes after Sheamus. Batista with a spear and then Sheamus with a uranage back breaker. Batista picks up Cena and runs him into the ring post twice. Batista sends Cena back into the ring and Sheamus waits for the pump kick and he hits it.

Batista sets for the Batista Bomb but Mark Henry comes out and makes the save. Henry with a head butt to Batista and then he hits a splash into the corner and he kicks Batista out of the ring.

Henry checks on Cena.

Vickie is in her office texting someone and Edge tells Vickie that he has found a tag team partner. Edge says that he wants to make sure that everything is okay with them. Edge says that he said a lot of nasty things about Vickie and he did it to try to get some sympathy for Vickie but it didn’t work. Edge says that everyone hates them so they have that bond. Edge says that he wants Vickie at ringside for his match with Randy Orton. Vickie says that Orton is cold blooded like a snake and he creeps her out. Vickie wants a guarantee that nothing will happen to her. Edge promises and he reminds Vickie that if she raises a finger to her, she can fire him. Edge tells Vickie that she needs to show everyone that she cannot be intimidated and also to see the look on Randy’s face when he beats Randy. Vickie says that she will be there.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a clip from Nite Tales hosted by Flavor Flav.

Match Number Four: Tyson Kidd with Natalya versus The Miz in a If Kidd wins, Miz needs to defend the United States Title next week in Toronto against Kidd or David Hart Smith Match

Miz with a forearm to the back followed by a kick to the ribs. Miz with a boot to the head and Kidd goes to the floor. Kidd with a shoulder and then gets a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

After the match, Miz gets on the mic and he wants to know if Tyson actually won something. The stipulation was that Miz decides which member faces him next week. Miz says that next week in Canada, he will not face Tyson and he won’t face the Baby Bulldog. Miz says that even though Natalya would dream about facing Miz, it isn’t happening. Miz says that next week on the commercial free Raw, Miz will face Bret Hart.

Batista is walking in the back and Josh Mathews tells Batista that he will be facing Mark Henry. Batista asks Josh if he heard about the I Quit Match at Over the Limit. Batista says that he will not make John Cena say I Quit, he will make John Cena scream I Quit. If Josh doesn’t believe him, he tells him to watch what he does to Mark Henry.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the NXT Rookies are in the ring for an eight on four match.

Match Number Five: Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Darren Young, Michael Tarver, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield, and David Otunga versus John Morrison, Goldust, Santino Marella, and Yoshi Tatsu

Goldust and Barrett start things off and Barrett pushes Goldust away and then he kicks and punches him. The referee pulls Barrett out of the corner. Goldust with an uppercut followed by a reverse atomic drop and clothesline. Yoshi tags in and he hits a forearm to the arm from the turnbuckles. Gabriel comes in and he is given a Japanese arm drag. Yoshi misses a round kick and Gabriel with a spin kick and punch. Otunga makes the blind tag and he hits Yoshi in the head with a forearm. Otunga with another forearm and knee to the midsection. Otunga with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Otunga with another near fall. Otunga with a rear chin lock but Yoshi with elbows and a forearm. Slater and Morrison tag in and Morrison with a drop kick and clothesline. Morrison with punches followed by an Irish whip and leg lariat. Morrison kicks Tarver and sends him into a Young and they go off the apron. Slater with a sunset flip but Morrison rolls through and hits a knee to the head. Morrison tries for the corkscrew split legged moonsault and he lands on the knees. Bryan tags in and Morrison with a back body drop. Santino tags in and Bryan gets the three count with an inside cradle.

Winners: NXT Rookies

After the match, the NXT rookies celebrate in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Smackdown Rebound taking a look at Drew McIntyre’s final night on Smackdown.

We are reminded that Kofi Kingston will face Christian to see who becomes the new Intercontinental Champion.

Flavor Flav is with the Bellas and they want to know about Nite Tales. He says that it is an updated version of Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella come in and they are arguing in a foreign language. Vladimir wants a restraining order against Santino. Santino says that they can be a good tag team but Vladimir says that Santino always loses. William Regal comes in and he tells Vladimir not to listen to him. Regal says that Flav has no talent and anyone can rap. Vladimir tells Regal to ‘Bust a Move’. Regal raps and Flav comments on his performance.

It is time to run through the card for Over the Limit.

We see footage from earlier tonight when Mark Henry came out to help John Cena against Sheamus and Batista.

Batista decides to relax in the ring before his match with Mark Henry as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Buzz Aldrin commercial again for next week’s Raw when he got hit with a chair by Mark Henry.

We are back and Batista is still sitting in the ring waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.

Match Number Six: Batista versus Mark Henry

Batista attacks Henry as he enters the ring. Batista takes the chair and he hits Henry in the back. Batista turns his attention to Henry’s arm and shoulder. Batista throws the chair aside and then he puts Henry in the Border City Stretch and Henry taps even though the match has not started. Batista cannot pull Batista off Henry and Henry is about to pass out.

Batista releases the hold and the referee leaves the ring.

Cole talks about Meat Loaf’s new album and then we see Randy Orton giving Meat Loaf an RKO.

Randy Orton is walking slowly in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and next week John Cena faces Sheamus on Raw and it is official that Bret Hart will face the Miz for the United States Title.

Match Number Six: Randy Orton versus Edge and Ted DiBiase

Ted starts off the match and they lock up and Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Orton with a kick but Ted with a kick of his own. Edge with a blind tag and he hits the Edge-O-Matic on Orton and then he kicks Orton. Edge with a punch and then he chokes Orton in the ropes. Ted makes the tag and he kicks Orton and chokes him in the corner. Edge with kicks while the referee deals with DiBiase. Ted with a forearm to the chest and then he punches Orton before tagging Edge back in. Edge with a kick and Ted adds one of his own. Edge sets for the Impaler DDT but Orton blocks it. Edge with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Ted tags back in and he punches Orton but Orton with a kick and punch followed by a European uppercut. DiBiase with the follow up clothesline for a near fall. DiBiase with a rear chin lock. Orton with a punch to DiBiase but DiBiase with an elbow. Orton with clotheslines to DiBiase and an elbow to Edge. Orton with a power slam to DiBiase and then he knocks Edge off the apron into the announce table. Orton with a back breaker and then he twists into RKO push ups. Ted gets out of the RKO attempt but DiBiase is back body dropped to the floor. Orton stands in the ring and R Truth comes to the ring and DiBiase gets into the ring and Orton with an RKO for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Randy remembers that Vickie is at ringside. Orton goes to the mat again and he does a few push ups as he stares at Vickie. Orton goes to the floor and he continues to stare at Vickie. Vickie tells Randy not to do it as she screams for Edge. Vickie tells Randy that if he does it, he is warning her. She tells Randy that if he does it, he will be . . . Vickie resigns her position as General Manager. Edge tries to attack Orton and Orton with an RKO. Vickie runs to the back.


2011 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Nashville, Tennessee and your announcers are Todd ‘Tenay’ Grisham and William ‘West’ Regal. Your hosts are Matt ‘Borash’ Striker and Quebec Canada Maryse.

We are told by Todd that today is William Regal’s birthday and Regal wonders if he is old or experienced.

Matt welcomes everyone to NXT and he brings out his co-host Maryse. We see footage from Kharma’s attack on Maryse last week on Raw.

Maryse says that everyone is concerned about her and she appreciate that. She says that she is doing fine. Maryse bring out the rookie.

As the rookies come out, Todd interrupts Regal and wonders where Hornswoggle is.

Matt reminds everyone that they are competing for a shot on Season 6 of NXT.

It is time to see the Redemption Points standings. The top three for the Redemption Points Standings are Titus O’Neil with 13, Darren Young with 7, and Jacob Novak with 6.

The voting begins tomorrow for the first elimination of this season.

It is the King of the Hill Challenge. They will have to run up the ramp, grab a flag and get into the ring and sound the air horn. The winner gets six points.

Titus is the first one to the flags and then he grabs the air horn and wins while Darren Young tries to attack Titus.

Regal has joined in the ‘where is Hornswoggle’ chorus.

Titus says that everyone can see that his pro is not on the stage. He says that he has tried to call Hornswoggle but he is not answering his phone. Titus wants to know if Todd knows where he is. He then asks Darren Young and Darren denies knowing where he is.

Titus says that he is going to get the answers he is looking for or he is going to beat it out of Darren.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Chavo Guerrero has joined William and Todd at the announce table.

Match Number One: Darren Young versus Titus O’Neil

Titus punches Darren while asking him where Hornswoggle is. Titus with kicks in the corner followed by an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner. Titus with a shoulder tackle. Titus with a clothesline and Darren goes to the floor. Titus barks instead of beating a confession out of Darren.

Darren goes up the ramp to the back but Titus stops him and brings him back into the ring. Darren backs into the corner and he tries to kick Titus. Titus with a short arm clothesline on Darren and Titus sends him into the corner. Titus with a clothesline into the corner. Darren pushes Titus off and Darren with a kick and knee to the head. Darren with forearms to the back and then he works on the arm and gets a near fall.

Darren with an arm bar but Titus with a side slam and he gets a near fall. Titus misses a charge into the corner and he is holding his shoulder. Young kicks Titus in the arm. Young with an arm bar and then he knees Titus in the back. Young with a cravate and take down. Young with forearms across the chest and he gets a near fall.

Young returns to the arm bar but Titus gets him up and hits an electric chair drop and both men are down. Titus with a kick to the midsection followed by a European uppercut and a power slam for a near fall.

Titus misses a kick and gets crotched in the ropes. Young with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Darren Young

Kozlov is getting Conor O’Brian ready for his match in the locker room and he tells him to focus on his discipline. Conor has a ring jacket of his own and they lock up. He asks Conor if he is ready and he takes him down to the floor. Conor tries to take Kozlov down with a hip lock take down but he cannot get Vladimir over. Conor is taken down one more time.

We go to commercial.

We are back and before our next match, we see the ultimatum that Byron Saxton gave to Yoshi Tatsu about his mentoring.

Match Number Two: Conor O’Brian with Vladimir Kozlov versus Byron Saxton with Yoshi Tatsu

They lock up and Conor with a hip lock take down into a side head lock. Conor works on the arm with a knee. Conor with a knee to the arm in a hammer lock. Saxton with a flying back elbow and he gets a near fall. Byron works on the arm with an arm bar. Conor with a drop toe hold and he works on the knee. Conor with a knee to the hamstring and then he continues to work on the leg. Conor gets a near fall on Saxton. Conor tries to send Saxton into the turnbuckles but Saxton blocks it. Conor does the same and he kicks Saxton in the leg.

Conor continues to kick Byron in the leg and he gets a near fall. Conor with a rear chin lock and then he remembers the leg and continues to work on the knee. Conor with a step over toe hold on Saxton but Saxton kicks him off. Saxton hits Paydirt and then hits a few running double thrusts and then he hits his leaping face driver but he can only get a near fall. Saxton with a clothesline from the turnbuckles for the three count.

Winner: Byron Saxton

After the match, Saxton refuses Yoshi’s hand. Saxton tells Yoshi that he is doing it on his own because Yoshi is too focused on his love life and Maryse than his career. Byron wonders if it is the language barrier or maybe Yoshi is just too stupid to understand that he doesn’t want him or need him.

Lucky Cannon is in the back and he wants to know how Maryse is doing. Maryse wants to know if Lucky really cares about how she is. Maryse says that Lucky is a liar and she tells Lucky that she knows that he stole her purse that cost $3,000.

Lucky says that he is trying to create a working arrangement. Lucky has a gift for Maryse and she likes it. Maryse wonders where Lucky got it. Lucky tells Maryse that she is worth every penny. Maryse tell Lucky that she is willing to put everything in the past and she wishes Lucky luck with the first elimination next week.

We go to commercial.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at last week’s Smackdown with the Smackdown Rebound.

Matt has joined Todd at the announce table for the main event. Todd and Matt wonder what is going to happen on Friday Night Smackdown between Randy Orton and Christian.

Todd and Matt talk about how William Regal is finally going to get his hands on Jacob Novak.

We have a video package for this match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and JTG introduces his rookie and he calls him a future WWE Superstar. He wants to know why everyone is hating on him. He represents ‘strength’ ‘skill’ and ‘style’. JTG tells everyone that Nashville lacks style. He also says that what they call music is not music. He calls it whining to a beat and JTG says that is what William Regal is going to do when Jacob Novak lays down the track.

Match Number Three: Jacob Novak with JTG versus William Regal

They square off and Novak things a little about what could happen and he backs off. Regal with a side head lock but Novak with a reversal into a side head lock of his own. Regal sends Novak over the top rope to the floor and JTG checks on Novak. JTG has his arm on the apron and Regal kicks JTG’s arm.

Novak finally gets back into the ring thanks to some help from Regal. Regal with boots to the chest. Regal with a forearm across the chest and then he connects with another one. It is time for some vintage Regal knees and an Irish whip. Novak with an elbow to a charging Regal and then JTG with a drop kick on the floor while the referee was not looking.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Novak punches Regal and then he hits a splash in the corner. Novak gets a near fall on Regal while JTG shouts encouragement to Novak. Novak with a reverse chin lock while the fans chant for Regal. Novak with a reverse chin lock as Regal gets back to his feet. Regal sends Novak into the corner but they bump heads and both men go down. Novak with a kick and forearms to the back. Novak with a clothesline to Regal. Novak chokes Regal in the ropes and JTG gets in a shot as the referee makes sure not to look at the TitanTron. Novak with a rollup for a near fall.

Novak with a reverse chin lock and he connects with forearms across the chest. Regal with a kick and English uppercuts to Novak and a forearm. Regal rakes Novak’s eyes across the top rope followed by a head butt and punch to the midsection. Regal with another English uppercut to Novak.

Regal tries for an Exploder suplex and Novak blocks it. Novak with a series of elbows in the corner followed by a running forearm into the corner. Novak tries for a big boot but Regal blocks it and he puts Novak in the Regal Stretch and Novak taps out.

Winner: William Regal

2012 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin with a look at last week’s ‘Pick Your Poison’ matches for Bobby Roode and Rob Van Dam.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Minion’ Tenay and Taz.

Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Roode comes to the ring. Bobby embraces the rude behavior. He asks if there is anything else that he has to do to prove that the is the greatest champion in the history of the company and without a shadow of a doubt, the most dominant champion in the history of Impact Wrestling.

He reminds us that last week, not only did he defeat and embarrass Ken Anderson last week, he took him out. Not only did he take Anderson out, he took out Jeff Hardy. Not only did he take out Anderson and Hardy, he took out Rob Van Dam as well. One man . . . one athlete . . . one champion taking out three men, all at the same time.

Sometimes he amazes himself. Bobby says that he has great news for everyone. In fourteen days, it becomes official. Bobby Roode goes down in history because he will become the longest reigning World Champion in the history of this company. Longer than A.J., Hardy, Angle, or Sting. Nobody has held the title longer than Bobby Roode.

That is why in three days, Rob Van Dam gets into the ring with the It Factor of Professional Wrestling. He gets in the ring with the World Champion. He tells Rob if he thinks he is going to outwrestle him and take the World Title from him, Rob is sorely mistaken. There is no one or nothing that will stop his world title domination.

Rob Van Dam runs to the ring and he punches Roode. Roode goes to the floor and he goes up the ramp. Van Dam picks up the title belt.

Roode has his back to the entrance and Ken Anderson attacks Roode from behind. Roode is sent back into the ring and Anderson and Van Dam attack Roode.

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring and if you thought the odds were evened up, you were wrong. Hardy joins in and then Hardy even takes a few shots at Anderson.

Officials and referees come out to try to separate the four combatants.

Hulk Hogan’s music plays and he says that he smells blood. He says that he likes it. Hogan says that he likes the enthusiasm and he asks the people in the Impact Zone if he likes it. Hardy and Anderson want a piece of Roode and each other. Hogan asks Rob Van Dam if he wants a piece of Roode now.

Hogan has an idea that will shake things up. He has a main event, but he has to talk to Rob first. He wants to know if Rob agrees. It can be a fatal four way to give each man something to gain and something to lose. If Anderson or Hardy win, they get Rob’s shot at the title against Bobby Roode. If Roode wins, he can pick whoever he wants of the three to face at Sacrifice. If Van Dam wins, he gets to pick the stipulation for the World Title Match at Sacrifice.

Hogan asks Van Dam if he wants to accept the stipulation.

Van Dam says that it is on.

Bully Ray talks about Austin Aries and that he is 175 soaking wet on a good day. He says that Aries is the biggest thorn in his side in this company. Austin Aries made a few disparaging comments to him last week. Ray says that he is sick and tired of Aries bullying him. Everyone is saying that Aries is the real problem. Ray says that he is going to take care of this little problem. Ray says that he doesn’t push people down, he takes people down and he takes them out. He tells everyone to watch and stay tuned.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are in Gail Kim’s dressing room with Madison Rayne. Gail talks about how she is tired of hearing people talking about how Brooke Tessmacher beat her. Does she think that Brooke can win when the title is on the line. Madison asks Gail for her thoughts on an outfit.

Gail says that people talk about how beautiful Brooke is and how good she looks. Gail says that it is camera tricks and photoshop. Madison asks about some more clothes and Gail wants to know what is on.

Madison says that there is this guy and she wants it to be perfect. Gail says that she needs to watch Brooke’s match.

Match Number One: Velvet Sky versus Brooke Tessmacher

They lock up and Velvet backs Brooke into the corner and then Velvet shows Brooke her assets. Brooke doesn’t appreciate it. They lock up again and Brooke shows her stuff. Velvet with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall. Velvet with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Brooke sends Velvet into the corner to counter a bulldog. Brooke with a monkey flip and then she tries for a second one but Velvet pushes Brooke to the mat.

Velvet gets a near fall. Velvet with a series of kicks but Brooke with a drop kick. Brooke signals for a stinkface and then it is time to rub her rear end in Velvet’s face. Brooke misses a charge into the corner and Velvet with a bulldog for a near fall. Velvet sends Brooke into the turnbuckles.

Velvet with face busters followed by a snap mare and a drop kick for a near fall. Brooke with an inside cradle for a near fall. Velvet sets for a DDT but Brooke sends Velvet into the turnbuckles. Velvet charges into the corner but Brooke with a drop toe hold and a front driver out of a belly-to-back suplex set up for the three count.

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

After the match, Gail attacks Brooke and then hits Eat Defeat. Gail yells at Brooke.

We go to commercial.

We are back and A.J. Styles makes his way into the Impact Zone and the guy who asks questions from behind the camera wants to know what the secret is that Daniels and Kazarian are talking about. A.J. says that he is facing Kurt Angle in three days and that is who he is focused on. He has no comment on the secret.

Jeff Hardy that the selfish generation is going end. Hardy says that he is glad that he gets a chance to end the Selfish Generation.

Match Number Two: Crimson versus Matt Morgan in the Final Confrontation

Before Matt Morgan can make his way to the ring, Bully Ray attacks him from behind with the chain. Ray kicks Morgan in the ribs. Ray yells at the women to move so he can pick up a chair. Ray hits the ring post and that sends Morgan to the ground.

Ray tells Austin Aries that will be him.

Crimson looks in the ring and doesn’t know what to think.

Morgan is bleeding from the forehead. Ray tells everyone checking on Morgan that if he touches Matt, he will hit them with the chair.

Ray throws the chair down and walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from the break when they were stretchering Matt Morgan to the back.

Bully Ray returned to the ring and D’Lo Brown tried to be the peacekeeper.

Crimson is in the ring and he says that he cannot believe what he just witnessed. It is also unfortunate that week after week, Matt Morgan would come out and he claimed that he would be the man to do it. Morgan would be the man to make him pay. He was going to be the first man to pin these shoulders to the mat. He says that delusion is a scary thing. Crimson says that he is still undefeated and Morgan couldn’t make it to the ring.

Crimson says that he is feeling gracious and benevolent. He tells the referee to give Morgan another chance to fight like a man. He tells the referee to start a ten count to see if he can make it to the ring.

The referee starts his count and gets to ten.

After the count, Crimson says that it was so sad but very predictable. It is another footnote to the disappointment of a career that is Matt Morgan.

We have a Rob Van Dam video package where he talks about how people thought he was reckless as a kid. He mentions the choice that Achilles had. Rob talks about the sacrifices that he has made.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Austin Aries versus Zema Ion in an X Division Title Match


They lock up and Aries backs Ion into the corner. Ion grabs for the hairspray but Aries with a side head lock and he messes up Ion’s hair. Aries with a side head lock and Ion with a head scissors. You don’t put Aries in a head scissors because he will get out of it and hit you with a drop kick. Aries goes to the top but misses when Ion moves out of the way.

Ion with a flip dive onto Aries. Ion with a slingshot kick to the head and he gets a near fall. Ion with a near fall. Ion with kicks but Aries with a chop and elbow. Ion with a thumb to the eyes and then he hits a face buster from a belly-to-back set up and gets a near fall. Ion with a slam and then he tries for a double jump moonsault but Aries gets his knees up. Aries with a forearm and elbow to the head.

Aries with more elbows followed by an Irish whip and a roaring elbow. Aries with a clothesline that sends Ion to the floor. Aries with the suicide dive to the floor. Aries drops Ion across the top rope and then Aries with a handspring into an elbow drop for a near fall. Aries gets sent into the turnbuckles and Ion with a forearm.

Aries holds on to the ropes when Ion tries for a rana. Aries with a missile drop kick and then he sets for the running drop kick into the corner and it is time for the brainbuster and Aries gets the three count.

Winner: Austin Aries

Christopher Daniels says that he will not let A.J. call his bluff. Frankie wants to know if they are really going to do this. Daniels says that their contracts are signed and sealed so they are safe. It is time for the big reveal.

We go to commercial.

We are back with an Earlier Tonight moment of what happened to set up the Fatal Four Way Main Event.

Rob Van Dam that he knows he can beat Jeff Hardy and Anderson. He knows he can beat Roode. Van Dam says that he will do it his way. He is going to work outside the rules for the status quo. He will get to set the stipulation if he wins so the ball will be in his court. He is thinking of ways to hurt Roode. He says that they are going to touch the sky and no one gets higher than him. Van Dam talks about how he has had a good run winning ladder matches. Maybe it will be a ladder match.

We have a video package for the Styles/Daniels/Kazarian situation. They talk about how it was never about Frankie. It is time to hear about the secret.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are in the ring. Daniels tells all of the sad clowns to hush. He gave A.J. Styles an ultimatum last week to reveal the secret or he would do it for A.J. Since he hasn’t heard from A.J., he will give him one last chance to set the record straight.

Daniels and Kazarian allow A.J. to come to the ring.

Daniels says that he hates that he has to do this . . .

A.J. Styles makes his way to the ring.

A.J. says that he doesn’t know what they have over him but it has to stop and it has to stop now. A.J. says that this needs to stop because Daniels and Kazarian are going to make the biggest mistake of their lives. Frankie says that A.J. is the one making the mistake. He was protecting A.J. and then they looked at what they accomplished and what A.J. accomplished, but then he wondered why he was protecting A.J.

Frankie reveals a photo of A.J. and Dixie Carter in a photograph. A.J. acknowledges that it is them. Daniels says that they have all had discussions with Dixie, but this is not the only photo. We see a photo of A.J. getting a little closer to Dixie. Daniels wants to know what they were talking about to have his hands on Dixie.

Daniels reveals what is behind curtain number three and it is a photo of A.J. kissing Dixie.

Since day one, A.J. has been the poster boy of this company and when he looks at this photo, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Daniels and Frankie leave the ring and A.J. is left with the photos.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment with the reveal of the kiss photographed around the Impact Zone.

Match Number Three: Devon versus Robbie E with Robbie T and their matching snazzy sweaters for the Television Title


Devon runs to the ring and he tries to punch Robbie T but he gets the clipboard up. Robbie E tries to attack Devon but Devon stops him. The referee tries to send Robbie T to the floor while Devon punches Robbie E. Devon with a flying double clothesline and then he clotheslines Robbie T over the top rope to the floor.

The bell rings and Devon with punches and a Thesz Press and punches. Devon with a diving head butt to the chest. Robbie T pulls Devon to the floor while Robbie E distracts the referee. He sends Robbie T into the ring steps and then he punches Robbie E.

They returns to the ring and Devon with a spinebuster for the three count.


Winner: Devon


After the match, Robbie T attacks Devon and then hits a power slam.

We go to footage from last month when it appeared that James Storm had lost his smile.

We go to James Storm’s home and he talks about how he had it all in front of him in his home town. If you were writing a movie, that is not how you end it. The wrong guy won. The better man did not win at Lockdown. He does not want to be reminded of the disappointment in the eyes of the fans. If wrestling is what he is meant to do, there will be a time for that but he needs to take time for himself.

He has put a lot of hard work into his home. He prides himself for being a hard worker. He wanted to be better than the next guy in the ring. Wrestling was his life for fifteen years. It gave his family the opportunity for a better life.

Does he still want to do this and is it worth the price? He never thought that he would second guess himself about wanting to wrestle. When you lose the way that he did at Lockdown, it makes you second guess everything.

He usually gets the job done when he works hard. They say that home is where the heart is. If wrestling is still in his heart, this place will tell him.

Joseph Park is walking and he asks if he is going the right way to the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Devon is in the back and he is not happy. He says that it has never been a fair fight since he won the title. If those two jackasses want it back so bad, then on May 13th, he will beat both of them and he will beat both of them.

We have a video package of Joseph Park and his search for his brother, Chris.

Joseph Park makes his way to the ring and he tries to climb onto the apron but then he remembers that he is a lawyer so he climbs the steps. He isn’t sure how to get into the ring.

Joseph tells everyone that he is happy to be here, but we cannot hear him because he doesn’t have a mic. He is given a mic. He is impressed with the Impact Zone. He has watched some of his brother’s matches and his brother tore this place to the ground.

Joseph thanks Hulk Hogan for allowing him to address the fans. He tells everyone to bear with him because he is not used to talking to big crowds. He says that he is looking for his brother Chris. In his investigation, every clue, lead, and interview there was a common thread. It was this Bully Ray fella.

He said that he is not going away until he gets answers about where is his brother. On the way in, he saw a sign that there is going to be some big event on Sunday. Maybe he will buy a ticket to this thing and sit with everyone and watch it. Then he can see Bully Ray . . .

Ray comes out to the ring and he says that he is tired of hearing this crap. He says that this is a load of crap. Ray says that there is something not right with Joseph and his brother Abyss. Ray wants to know if this looks like a courtroom to Joseph. It is not a courtroom, it is a freaking wrestling ring. He has no business being in a wrestling ring in a wrestling arena.

Ray asks Joseph if he saw what he did to Matt Morgan and wants to know if Joseph wants that to happen to him.

Joseph tells Ray that he is big, tough, mean, and bad. Joseph says that he was thinking about his match with Chris. Joseph reminds Ray that Abyss beat him. A few weeks ago, Ray’s former tag team partner called him out and beat him too. The fans start chanting ‘You’re a Loser’ and Joseph tells Ray that he didn’t tell them to say that, but he is having fun with the chant.

Last week, Ray was invited to the ring by Austin Aries, a man with a lot of talent but half of Ray’s size. Austin beat him down. Joseph asks Ray how that bullying thing is working out for him.

Ray pushes Joseph to the mat and he says that is how that bullying thing is working.

We go to the locker room and Anderson talks about how he is scheduled to face Hardy at Sacrifice, but if he wins tonight, he will be taking his title back on Sunday night.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Slammiversary tenth anniversary moment: The debut of Hulk Hogan on Impact television.

Kurt Angle is asked about A.J.’s focus. He says that he doesn’t care about the allegations. A.J. needs to start worrying about his match at Sacrifice. He can think about the allegations while his bones are mending.

It is time to run through the card for Sacrifice.


Match Number Four: Ken Anderson versus Rob Van Dam versus Jeff Hardy versus Bobby Roode in a Winner Gets to Do Something about the Main Event of Sacrifice Match


Van Dam goes after Roode and then Anderson and Hardy join in. Anderson and Hardy fight over who gets to attack Roode. Hardy stands back and watches while Van Dam punches Roode. Hardy punches Anderson and kicks him.

Van Dam wants to talk strategy with Hardy but Hardy goes after Roode. Anderson is sent to the floor by Roode. Roode sends Van Dam over the top rope to the floor. Roode is left in the ring with Hardy and he punches him in the corner. Roode with an Irish whip but Hardy with an elbow. Hardy misses Whisper in the Wind and Roode with a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roode misses a knee drop. hardy with a reverse atomic whip and leg drop to the abdomen and drop kick for a near fall. Hardy keeps Van Dam on the floor. Hardy misses a splash off the apron and hits the guardrail.

Back in the ring, Anderson gets a near fall and he punches Roode. Roode with an Irish whip but you don’t Irish whip Anderson without getting a clothesline. Anderson with a swinging neck breaker and Van Dam breaks it up.

Van Dam with a split legged moonsault on Anderson for a near fall. Anderson with an Irish whip but Van Dam with an elbow and a springboard kick. Van Dam goes for Rolling Thunder on Anderson but Roode catches Van Dam and hits a spinebuster for a near fall.

Roode kicks Van Dam but Van Dam with a super kick. Van Dam with a running spin kick. Van Dam tries for a monkey flip on Hardy but Hardy holds on to the ropes. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind on Van Dam for a near fall.

Van Dam with a step over spin kick and then he hits Rolling Thunder on Hardy. Roode throws Van Dam to the floor and Roode tries for the Payoff. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Roode and Anderson hits the Mic Check on Roode. Hardy and Anderson go to the floor and that allows Van Dam to hit a Five Star Frog Splash for the three count.


Winner: Rob Van Dam<.U>


After the match, Van Dam pulls a ladder from under the ring.

Jeff Hardy and Ken Anderson argue on the floor while Van Dam and Roode worry about the World Title Match.

Pyro comes up from the stage and Abyss is back. He has a message for his little brother. He tells Joseph that he is getting too close to the fire and he tells him to back off before he gets burned.

We go to credits.

2013 - WWE Studios' "No One Live" was released theatrically.  The film was released in 53 theaters, making $74,918 over the course of their run.

2013 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a change in Ryback. He has become more surly and has started to wear leather jackets. What will happen when he steps into the Highlight Reel? Jack Swagger attacked people with a ladder on Monday night. What will happen tonight when the triple threat ladder match build heats up. Daniel Bryan will face Dean Ambrose tonight. Who will evolve and who will be shown the gate?

We are in Raleigh, North Carolina and your announcers are Michael ‘Jordan’ Cole, John ‘North Cakalakey’ Layfield, and Josh ‘In a Research Triple Threat’ Mathews.

Chris Jericho is in the ring and he welcomes everyone to the Highlight Reel. Chris mentions that his guest will be facing the WWE Champion in nine days in a Last Man Standing Match. Chris brings Ryback to the ring.

We take a look back at what happened at the end of Raw when The Shield, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena made their way to the ring to have their separate battles.

Chris says that Ryback has made some waves since attacking John Cena after Wrestlemania. Chris says that he likes to stir things up and mess with his guests, but Chris sees where Ryback is coming from.

Ryback says that he does not need Chris’ approval.

Chris says that he knows why Ryback is doing what he is doing. He has been screwed out of the WWE Title and he has been attacked by the Shield.

Ryback wants to know what Chris’ point is.

Chris says that Ryback talks about Ryback Rules and he wants to know what Ryback’s Rules are. He thinks the rules are simple and that he will do whatever it takes to win and to get to the top. Chris says that he understands that and he has been champion six times. Chris says that he developed a chip on his shoulder bigger than Big Show. He had a list of enemies.

Ryback says that this is probably where Chris says that he saw the error of his ways, but he will still judge him for doing the selfish thing.

Chris says that he is not judging Ryback, but the people in the crowd are judging him. The Jerichoholics are judging Ryback. He says that the people are booing Ryback because they know the difference between beating the Rock and Steve Austin in the same night and beating up a one-legged John Cena to become the champion.

The end may justify the means and he will get what he wants. He can be the cowardly champion who cuts corners instead of being the nice guy who finishes second. Ryback could win the championship at Extreme Rules, but he will lose the respect of everyone in the WWE Universe.

Ryback says that Chris talks way too much. What makes Chris think that Ryback won’t drop him right here, right now.

Chris says that he is looking in Ryback’s eyes and he doesn’t think that Ryback is going to do a damn thing.

Before we can get the pull apart, Teddy Long’s music plays and he says that is not how it is going to go down tonight. If they have some business to settle, they will do it in the main event. For the first time ever, Ryback will face Chris Jericho.

Ryback punches Jericho and leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.


Match Number One: Kofi Kingston versus Cody Rhodes in a Non Title Match


They lock up and Kofi with a waist lock but Cody with a leg trip. Cody and Kofi block hip tosses and Kofi with a knee and arm drags into an arm bar. Cody gets to the ropes and he connects with an elbow and he punches and chokes Kofi in the ropes. Cody pulls down the knee pad and he connects with the knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall.

Cody with a gourdbuster and he gets a near fall. Cody kicks Kofi in the ropes. Cody works on the arm and he uses the leg for a hammer lock. Kofi with an arm drag and he chops Cody. Kofi with a drop kick and he misses the leaping clothesline. Cody with a kick.

Kofi with a sunset flip but Cody rolls through. Kofi avoids a kick and he gets a near fall. Cody with a kick for a near fall. Cody with an Irish whip but Kofi gets his boots up and then he hits a double jump cross body but Cody rolls through and gets a near fall. Kofi avoids Cross Rhodes and Cody avoids SOS. Cody ducks Trouble in Paradise and then he goes for Beautiful Disaster but Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise and he gets the three count.


Winner: Kofi Kingston


We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman’s day at WWE Headquarters. We also see what happened between Paul and Hunter on Raw.

They talk about the cage match and John Layfield mentions that Brock has won titles inside a cage in MMA, but you can use the cage in the WWE. They will meet face-to-face on Raw.

Renee Young is in the back with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Renee brings up Raw but Zeb interrupts and he says that he wants Renee to hold the mic so he can talk. Dolph Ziggler is a man of questionable morals and he won the Money in the Bank ladder match last year. Zeb mentions the criminale Alberto Del Rio and he has experience with ladders. Jack Swagger served a statement on Monday night because he took out four guys. He will send another message taking care of blondie’s bodyguard. At Extreme Rules, every step that Jack Swagger takes up that ladder, every Real American will be a step closer to their goals. The American Way is staying true to your beliefs and taking things one step at a time. Taking the title is the first step and taking the country back is the second step.

Alberto Del Rio comes to ringside to join the commentary team for the next match.


Match Number Two: Big E Langston (with lots of chalk, Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee) versus Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)


Before the match starts, Del Rio brings a ladder from under the ring and he pushes it into the middle of the ring. The referee yells at Del Rio and then Swagger and Ziggler go for the ladder but Swagger with a kick to the head. Langston and Swagger play tug of war with the ladder and Colter hits Langston from behind.

Langston looks at Colter while holding on to the ladder but Swagger hits Langston in the midsection with the ladder. Ziggler goes after Swagger and he picks up the ladder and tosses it to Swagger and connects with a drop kick into the ladder and Swagger goes down.

Colter grabs the ladder and Ziggler with a baseball slide into the ladder and Colter is down. Del Rio attacks Ziggler and then he hits the super kick. Del Rio picks up the ladder and he waits for Ziggler to get up and he hits Ziggler in the shoulder with the ladder. Del Rio goes to the floor and he throws the ladder at Swagger.

Del Rio brings the ladder back into the ring and he grabs the title belt and he climbs the ladder with the belt.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Two: Dean Ambrose (with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) versus Daniel Bryan (with Kane)


Bryan with a running knee that sends Ambrose into the corner. Bryan with a forearm but Ambrose with forearms of his own and then he runs Bryan’s face across the top rope. Bryan with a knee to Ambrose and then he alternates kicks and elbows and then he focuses on the kicks and he connects with a knee drop. Bryan punches Ambrose in the corner and connects with a European uppercut and then he sends Bryan into the corner and he runs his forearm across Bryan’s face.

Ambrose with a head butt to Bryan and then he chokes Bryan. Ambrose with a chop and Irosh whip but Bryan flips over and then he hits a flying clothesline. Bryan with kicks to the chest but Ambrose ducks a round kick and he goes to the floor. Bryan hits a suicide dive onto Bryan and both men are down on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ambrose with a snap elbow drop for a near fall. Ambrose with a hammer lock and we see footage from the break when Ambrose hot shot Bryan. Ambrose with a cross arm choke on Bryan. Bryan escapes but Ambrose with a short arm clothesline and an elbow drop for another near fall. Ambrose with a nerve hold on Bryan.

Ambrose with a knee to the back and he works on the neck. Bryan gets to his feet and he connects with elbows and punches. Ambrose with a knee to Bryan’s midsection followed by a punch. Ambrose with a drop kick to Bryan against the ropes and Ambrose gets a near fall. Ambrose with a sleeper.

Bryan with elbows but Ambrose with a head butt. Ambrose with forearms to Bryan and then he misses a shoulder in the corner when Bryan moves and Ambrose goes shoulder first into the ring post. Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner followed by kicks to the chest and then he puts Ambrose in the tree of woe.

Bryan with kicks to the midsection and then he hits a running drop kick into the corner and he gets a near fall. Bryan with European uppercuts but Ambrose with a backslide for a near fall. Bryan with a running kick to the chest and then Bryan goes up top. Kane holds Rollins and Reigns at bay and Bryan with the missile drop kick and he gets a near fall.

Ambrose with chops but Bryan with a kick but he misses a round kick. Ambrose with a belly-to-back set up into a front driver for a near fall. Ambrose with knees to Bryan but Bryan attempts to lock in the No Lock. He gets the hold applied and then Kane stops Rollins from interfering, but the referee is out of position and he cannot see Reigns breaking up the hold.

Reigns goes after Kane on the floor and they fight against the ringside barrier. Ambrose sets for the Dean Driver but Kofi comes to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Dean Ambrose (by disqualification)


After the match, all six men battle in and out of the ring. The Shield are sent from the ring while Kingston, Bryan, and Kane stand tall in the ring.

We see footage from earlier today when Mark Henry pulled a tractor trailer behind him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Mark Henry whipping the life out of Sheamus.

We go to the parking lot and Matt Striker is with Mark Henry. Some other wrestlers are watching as Mark is connected to two tractor trailers. Matt asks Mark about his feats of strength. Mark says there have been a lot of strong men who have pulled trucks, boats, trolleys, buses and such. No one has pulled two tractor trailers. This is an example of what he can do. This is a demonstration of how he is going to pull Sheamus like a rag doll.

Mark says that the people don’t think he can do it, but he will do it. Mark makes it past the finish line and then he collapses because that is what he do.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at what happened between John Cena and Ryback on Raw. Who wants a Raw Rebound?

Renee Young is in the back with Randy Orton. Renee asks Randy about what happened with Big Show on Raw. We see the punch that knocked Orton out.

She wants to know what Randy’s message to the Big Show is. He says that he vouched for the Big Show at Wrestlemania and it got him knocked out twice. They say that when you mess with the viper, you are going to get bitten. He says that at Extreme Rules, there will be no antidote for what he does to the Big Show.


Match Number Three: Big Show versus Tensai (with Brodus Clay, Cameron, and Naomi)


Show with a kick and punches to Tensai but Tensai punches back. Tensai with shoulders in the corner followed by a knee and head butts. Tensai with another head butt and punches. Tensai with a splash and he sets for the Baldo Bomb but Show with the knockout punch and Show gets the three count.


Winner: Big Show


After the match, Show sees Clay checking on Tensai and Show goes after Clay. Clay with punches but Show with a spear to Clay and he waits for Clay to get up but Orton comes from out of nowhere and hits an RKO on Show.

Kaitlyn is in the back and AJ stops by and asks if Kaitlyn is texting her mom. Kaitlyn says that it is her secret admirer. AJ wonders who is desperate enough to slum it with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says that maybe it is Dolph and he is tired of little spider monkeys and wants a real woman.

AJ says that most men don’t want their women able to bench press more than they can. Kaitlyn asks if a real woman has soulless eyes and the body of a ten year old boy.

Natalya stops by and AJ leaves. Natalya wants to know what is up with her new man. Kaitlyn does not know who it is. She wants to know if Khali has been able to find out something. Khali appears in a Rey Mysterio mask and Natalya says that she was tricked by him.

Kaitlyn wants to know if Natalya can tell Khali that he doesn’t need to be in a costume.

Kaitlyn leaves and Natalya says that Khali does not have to be in disguise and look like Cody Rhodes.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Four: Chris Jericho versus Ryback


They lock up and Ryback sends Jericho to the mat. They lock up again and Ryback pushes Jericho to the mat again. Jericho with a slap and forearm followed by a drop kick. Ryback sends Jericho over the top rope to the apron and he knocks Jericho off with a punch. Ryback punches Jericho on the floor and he connects with forearms.

Ryback rolls Jericho back into the ring but Jericho with forearms and chops. Jericho with kicks and Ryback pushes him away. Ryback with a punch and forearm. Ryback with kicks and then he chokes Jericho. Ryback tries to wear down Jericho and he sends Jericho into the turnbuckles and he chops Jericho.

Ryback with a reverse chin lock. Jericho with a kick and a running forearm that sends Ryback to the apron. Jericho with the springboard drop kick and Ryback goes to the floor. Ryback returns to the apron and Jericho wants Ryback to get back into the ring but Ryback goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ryback with kicks and forearms. We are told that Jericho was sent into the ring post during the commercial break. Ryback with a boot to the midsection and he gets a near fall. Ryback with a waist lock. Jericho gets to his feet and he punches Ryback. Ryback with a spinebuster and he gets a near fall.

Ryback slams Jericho’s head into the mat. Ryback works on Jericho’s neck. Jericho with forearms but Ryback with an Irish whip. Jericho avoids a charge into the corner. Jericho cannot get Ryback down after two shoulder tackles. Ryback sends Jericho to the apron and Jericho goes up top for a double sledge.

Ryback with a power slam but Ryback misses a splash. Jericho does not miss a Lionsault but he can only get a one count. Jericho with a kick and then Jericho is pressed over Ryback’s head. Jericho lands on his feet and he tries for a Codebreaker but Ryback counters and sends Jericho to the mat. Ryback with a powerbomb. Ryback with a slam. Ryback with a clothesline in the corner but Jericho with a drop kick to the knee.

Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Ryback does not go over. Jericho with a cross body and Ryback catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Ryback with a lariat and he says it is over. Ryback gets Jericho on his shoulders but Jericho counters with a rollup into the Walls of Jericho.

Ryback struggles to make it to the ropes and he succeeds. Jericho hits the Codebreaker but Ryback falls to the floor. Jericho goes to the floor because he does not want to win by count out. Ryback sends Jericho into the ringside barrier. Ryback runs Jericho groin first into the ring post and the referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Chris Jericho (by disqualification)


After the match, the referee checks on Jericho but Ryback appears to head to the back but he decides to return to the other side of the ring and he clotheslines Jericho over the announce table.

We go to credits.

2013 - TNA ran Birmingham, Alabama.  Ken Patridge Jr. filed the following live report:

We just finished watching the TNA house show at the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, AL. It was my first TNA show live and, as I've been a wrestling fan for 20 years, I was looking forward to it. Even taking into account that there were only around 300 people in attendance, it was pretty disappointing. No match lasted more than 12 minutes or so and they were all held back.


Superstar Spud over Robbie E with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb after a decent match.

Joseph Park over Christopher Daniel with a roll up in the most disappointing match of the night. The one guy I was looking forward to seeing more than anyone was Daniels and he got taken out of the advertised match against AJ Styles and booked in a comedy match filled with nothing bit bodyslams.

Velvet Sky over Gail Kim to retain the Knockouts Championship. This was, honestly, the match of the night... even with Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles taking place later in the show.

Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez over Garrett Bischoff & Wes Brisco for the Tag Team Championships when Chavito hit a frog splash on Brisco.


AJ Styles over Bobby Roode with a loose small package after the longest match of the night at 12 minutes. Okay match. Nothing spectacular from either guy.

Bully Ray vs James Storm

Storm came out and announced he was injured after last night's IMPACT, but brought out Abyss to take on Bully Ray.

Abyss over Bully Ray via DQ when Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco attacked Abyss.

Afterwards, JB met us in the parking lot and took us backstage. We met Joseph Park, who was incredibly nice (as was Borash) before taking us to the merch table and hooking us up with free swag. He was a great face for the company and honestly turned the entire night around.

Thanks to for their assistance with archival results.


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