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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-04-18 18:13:02
Welcome to’s coverage of Full Impact Pro Establish Dominance from Orlando, Florida.

Match Number One: Newcomers Showcase: Arik Royal versus Curt Stallion versus Mike Outlaw versus Nick Richards

Richards goes to the floor as the bell rings and the other three men stand around. Richards pulls Stallion to the floor and they battle while Outlaw and Royal battle in the ring. Stallion sends Richards into the post while Royal takes care of Outlaw. Royal sends Stallion to the apron and kicks him. Royal with a running European uppercut and Stallion falls into the ring. . Royal charges and Outlaw tries for a sunset flip.

Royal is sent to the floor by Outalaw. Stallion with kicks but Outlaw sets for a power bomb but Stallion with an Air Raid Crash neck breaker. Stallion with a kick and hesitation drop kick to Outlaw. Stallion is tripped by Richards and he runs his boot laces across the face.

Royal and Outlaw battle on the floor while Stallion and Richards battle in the ring. Stallion chops Richards but Richards with a knee and he rakes the back. Richards gets a near fall on Stallion. Richards goes for a Tiger Driver but Stallion with a back drop for a near fall. Royal chops Outlaw on the floor. Richards with a butterfly suplex into the turnbuckles on Stallion for a near fall.

Outlaw sends Richards into the turnbuckles and Richards with an Irish whip. Richards is sent to the floor and Outlaw with a flip dive onto Richards. Stallion with a fosbury flop. Royal is in the ring and he hits a flip dive to the floor.

Mister Saint Laurent comes out and he says he is taking over Full Impact Pro and he says that Deimos is being inserted into the match. He says that if you don’t like it, sue him.

Deimos gets into the ring with Royal and they exchange punches. Deimos with a knee but Royal with a chop. Deimos with chops. Royal chops and head butts Deimos. Outlaw and Stallion attack Deimos.

Outlaw and Stallion with a double drop kick and Richards attacks Outlaw. Stallion with an elevated Pedigree to Richards. Outlaw with a DDT but Deimos with a clothesline. Royal misses a charge into the corner and Deimos with a spear for the three count.

Winner: Deimos

Mister Saint Laurent says that he is getting started. He wants his universe to come out.

Mister Saint Laurent says the group has expanded, but it is time to cut the fat. He wants everyone to show that they have his back and who deserves to be in this group.

Match Number Two: Martin Stone, Monster Tarver, and Chasyn Rance versus Rhett Giddens, Bolt Brady and Jeff Boom

Stone and Brady start things off and they lock up. Stone with a clean break. Brady with a waist lock but Stone with a wrist lock. Brady with a wrist lock but Stone with a full nelson. Stone with a neck vice. Brady with a take down. Stone with a hammer lock into a side head lock and take down. Stone with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Brady with a drop kick and arm drag into an arm bar.

Rance tags in and Brady with an arm drag into an arm bar. Rance lands on his feet on a hip toss. Boom tags in and Rance kicks him. Boom catches Rance when he floats over and he slams Rance and gets a near fall. . Boom with a full nelson and tags in Giddens. Giddens press slams Rance onto Stone.

Giddens press slams Rance and Brady tags in but Tarver pulls down the ropes and Brady goes to the floor. Tarver kicks Brady. Stone tags in and connects with a European uppercut. Stone gets an uppercut and he gets a near fall. Stone gets a near fall. Tarver tags in and applies a reverse chin lock. Tarver with a near fall. Tarver and Brady are both down. Giddens tags in and he gives double sledges to everyone. Giddens with a near fall.

Giddens with a front face lock to Rance but Tarver with a double sledge to the back. Everyone is in the ring and Josh Hess helps Rance get to his feet and Deimos accidentally clotheslines Hess and Giddens pins Rance.

Winners: Rhett Giddens, Bolt Brady, and Jeff Boom

Tommy Thomas comes out to interrupt the introduction of Jack Gallows. He says that he is one of the guys in the locker room on the PWI 500. He is the true protector of Professional Wrestling . . . Jack Gallows.

Match Number Three: Jody Kristofferson versus Jack Gallows

They lock up and Gallows insults Jody and he punches Jody. Gallows with a take down. They fight to the floor. Jody with a knee and Jack with shoulders on the floor but Jody sends Jack into the ring post. Jody rolls Jack back into the ring. Thomas interferes with Jody and Gallows with a super kick to knock Jody off the apron.

Back in the ring and Gallows gets a near fall. Jody with a hard Irish whip and he gets a near fall. Jody with a back body drop and he gets a near fall. Gallows with a suplex for a near fall. Gallows with a bear hug but Jody with elbows. Jody with a slam and double sledge drop for a near fall. Jody with an elbow drop but Gallows with a sleeper. Jody backs Gallows into the turnbuckles and Gallows returns to the sleeper. Gallows and Jody exchange forearms and chops. Jody pushes Gallows into the turnbuckles and Gallows with a German suplex followed by a clothesline for a near fall.

Jody with a clothesline followed by Shock Treatment for the three count.

Winner: Jody Kristofferson

Match Number Four: The Trailer Park Nation (Zane Riley and Earl Cooter) versus The Celtic Sinners (CJ O'Doyle and Sideshow)

CJ and Riley start off and CJ with a wrist lock. Riley with a reversal. CJ with a wrist lock but Riley cannot kip up. Riley gets to his feet and CJ hit him in the back. Sideshow tags in and they hit a double back elbow and they get Riley to his knees and they kick him. Cooter tags in and they hit a double flap jack. Sideshow with a spinning back heel. Sideshow sends Cooter to the floor and Cooter with a missile drop kick for a near fall.

Cooter chokes Sideshow. Cooter with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Sideshow with forearms but Riley and Cooter double team Sideshow and Riley gets a near fall. Riley with a reverse chin lock but Sideshow with forearms. Sideshow tries for a suplex but Riley blocks it. Riley with a belly-to-back suplex and bridge for a near fall. Riley with a front face lock and Cooter tags in and kicks Sideshow.

Cooter and Sideshow exchange forearms. Sideshow runs into an uppercut. Sideshow with an exploder suplex for a near fall. CJ tags in and hits a series of shoulder tackles and he slaps Riley. Mayberry distracts CJ but CJ with a belly-to-belly suplex. CJ and Sideshow double team Cooter and CJ hits a suicide dive onto the members of the Trailer Park Nation. Sideshow with an assisted splash onto everyone. Riley checks CJ’s oil and then he accidentally gives Cooter and mandible claw. Sideshow with a lungblower and CJ gets the three count.

Winners: Sideshow and CJ O’Doyle

Rich Swann comes to the ring and he says last time he was in Orlando for FIP, he was the FIP champion. The last time he was in Orlando, he had Roderick Strong beat and he retained his title. Roderick got himself DQed and he bashed him over the head with this mic. They are scheduled to have a title match. Why wait. Let’s do it now.

Roderick tells Swann he wants to make sure he heard him right. Right now? Right Now? We need to clear this up. There is a big difference between people like me and people like you. You guys are talkers with big dreams but you don’t want to do the work to attain those dreams. Then there are the people like me who are doers and they do whatever it takes to accomplish things. Today is the day that he is going to make Rich a doer. He wants Rich to shake his hand, walk through that curtain and tell you girlfriend, you were a man. A man like Roderick Strong.

Swann punches Strong and the match starts.

Match Number Five: FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match: Roderick Strong versus Rich Swann

Swann with a drop kick and he chops Strong and drop kicks him into the turnbuckles. Swann with kicks. Swann with a drop kick. Swann tries for a baseball slide but Strong catches him and sends Swann into the apron with a back breaker. Strong slams Swann onto the apron and they get back into the ring.

Strong with kicks and he chokes Swann in the corner. Strong with a chin lock. Strong with forearms. Strong sends Swann to the apron. Swann with a shoulder but Roderick with a back breaker for a near fall. Strong with boots to the head but Swann does not stay down. Strong with a chop but Swann wants more. Swann chops back and he punches Strong and hits a swinging neck breaker. Swann runs into a boot from Strong but Swann with an enzuigiri and jumping rana for a near fall.

Swann goes for the standing 450 but Strong moves and Swann is sent into the turnbuckles. Strong misses the running forearm and Swann with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Swann with a handspring move but Strong with a back breaker. Strong takes a chair and brings it into the ring. The referee takes it. The referee takes a second chair from Strong and Swann with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Rich Swann

Before the FIP Tag Title Match, it was announced that Aaron Solow would not be appearing tonight due to a ‘severe beating’.

Graves sees Lince Dorado in the crowd and asks him to talk about what happens when you deal with the Savages, but you are suspended.

Cade asks if it is okay for Dorado to be his partner.

Match Number Six: FIP Tag Team Championship Match: Savages (Eddie Graves and Teddy Stigma [with Trina Michaels]) versus Jason Cade and Lince Dorado

Dorado and Cade attack Graves and Stigmas before the bell rings. They fight to the floor with Cade and Graves fighting on one side while Dorado and Stigma battle on the other side. Graves sends Cade into the guardrails before going into the ring. Cade with punches to Graves but Graves with a suplex.

Stigma tags in and so does Dorado. Stigma with a European uppercut. Stigma with forearms to the back. They hit a double back elbow. Graves chokes Cade in the ropes. Cade with a drop kick for a near fall. Cade gets a near fall. Graves with a rollup for a near fall. Cade with a kick for a near fall. Graves with an Irish whip but Cade knocks Stigma off the apron.

Cade with a double knee drop for a near fall. Trina gets on the apron and distracts Cade long enough to allow Stigma to hit Cade from behind. Graves sends Cade into the turnbuckles. Stigma tags in and he gives Cade a back breaker. Graves with a forearm off the turnbuckles. Graves taunts Cade and Cade slaps Graves. Stigma tags back in and connects with a European uppercut.

Trina with a head scissors to Cade and Stigma with an elbow drop for a near fall. Stigma with a boot. Graves with a near fall. Cade with a drop toe hold to Graves but Stigma tags in. Cade with an enzuigiri. Dorado tags in and he hits a cross body on Graves and Stigma. Dorado with a handspring cutter followed by a drop kick. Dorado with a head scissors to Stigma. Dorado with a baseball slide to Stigma.

Cade sets for a dive but Trina gets on the apron. Cade dives over Trina onto Stigma and Graves. Dorado spanks Trina off the apron. Dorado with an Asai Moonsault onto Graves and Stigma. Dorado leaps over Stigma but Stigma with an elbow. Dorado with boots. Dorado with a rana for a near fall. Cade comes in and hits a kick to the knee and follows with a DDT. Graves pushes Lince onto Cade to break up the cover.

Stigma and Graves with a neck breaker and belly-to-back combo for a near fall. Stigma with a power bomb and he goes up top. Stigma misses a 450 splash. Dorado chops Graves and hits a splash off the apron. Dorado kicks and punches Graves. Stigma chokes Cade and hits a boot to the back and a boot to the head for the three count.

Winners: Eddie Graves and Teddy Stigma

After the match, Dorado checks on Cade and he says something to Jason. They hug and Lince kicks Cade in the midsection and he kicks Cade in the head.

Match Number Seven: FIP Florida Heritage Championship Match: Maxwell Chicago versus Aaron Epic

Epic with a waist lock but Chicago with a wrist lock. Epic with a wrist lock of his own. Maxwell figures out how to get out of the hold so he decides to go with the thumb to the eye. The referee checks on Epic’s eye. Epic with a wrist lock. Maxwell with a reversal but Epic with a reversal and take down. Epic returns to the wrist lock. Chicago uses the ropes for an arm drag. Chicago with a waist lock.

Chicago goes for a head scissors but he cannot get the height. Epic with a drop kick. Epic with a head butt. Epic chokes Maxwell and sends him into the turnbuckles. Epic gets a near fall. Epic with thrust to the throat followed by a chop. Epic with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.

Chicago goes to the turnbuckles but Epic gets his boot up. Maxwell with a standing splash for a near fall. Epic hits Maxwell from behind. Epic with a forearm. Maxwell goes for an O’Connor roll but Epic holds on to the ropes. Chicago rolls through and then he hits a POUNCE. Maxwell with a drop kick followed by a back heel kick. Chicago with a Side Effect for a near fall.

Maxwell with a waist lock and Epic with a back fist and clothesline for a near fall. Epic blocks a super kick and Epic with a near fall. The referee gets knocked down on an airplane spin and then Maxwell with a drop down punch to the groinal area. Maxwell checks on the referee but Epic with a kick to the ding ding and the referee calls for the ding ding.

Winner: Maxwell Chicago (by disqualification)

After the match, Epic pushes the referee and then hits Chicago with the belt.

Match Number Eight Dog Collar Match: Blake Edward Belakus versus Jonny Vandal (with Trina Michaels)

Blake goes after Vandal and kicks him. Blake pulls Vandal back into the ring. Blake with a delayed vertical suplex. Blake hangs Jonny over the top rope and Trina stops Blake by climbing on his back. Blake snap mares vandal and then sends him to the floor. Blake pulls Jonny into the ring post a few times. He does it a third time. Trina tries to convince Blake to stop huring Jonny and that allows him to pull Blake into the ring post.

Vandal punches Blake in the head and whips him in the back. Vandal chokes Blake with the chain. Vandal chokes Blake and hits him from behind. Vandal kicks him in the ribs. Vandal goes up top and Blake chops him. Vandal with punches but Belakus falls over the ropes and is being hung by Vandal. Blake runs Vandal into the turnbuckles and he hits a knee to the ring and he gets a near fall.

Blake sets for a power bomb and Trina comes into the ring and hits Blake with a chair. Blake hits a piledriver on Trina. Vandal with a Death Valley Neckbreaker followed by a back breaker for a near fall. Vandal goes up top but Blake crotches him. Blake signals for a superplex and he hit. Blake gets a near fall. Blake whips Vandal in the back.

Blake gets a near fall. Blake whips Vandal with the chain. Blake wraps the chain around his wrist but Vandal with a super kick. Blake hits Vandal with the chain and gets the three count.

Winner: Blake Edward Belakus

After the match, Blake says that he came here to prove a point. No one messes with Blake Belakus and no one talks bad about his family.

Thank you for following’s coverage of Establish Dominance.

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