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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-14 10:41:05
TNA talents have started to receive checks to catch them up after being late for several weeks (although some have claimed far longer than that to PWInsider). One TNA management source stated that talents would be receiving their March checks earlier than scheduled in part to try and make up for the previous delays.

This week's Impact Wrestling will be titled "Tag Team Gold" and will feature a tournament to crown the new TNA Tag Team champions.

TNA's Greatest Matches will debut a new episode this Saturday 4/18 titled "Best of Sting 3" featuring Sting vs. DOC (Gallows) from Genesis 2013, Team Sting vs. The Aces & Eights from Lockdown 2013, and Sting vs. Bully Ray from Slammiversary 2013.

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