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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-12 16:29:31

While the TNA TV product has been strong since it's move to Destination America, the company is still dealing with internal issues, has confirmed.

TNA is well behind on pay to their wrestlers, according to many talents who reached out to under the agreement of anonymity over the past several weeks.  One wrestler claimed the company is behind two pay periods while others have claimed they are still owed money dating back to February.  With no TNA dates scheduled until the live Impact broadcast on 5/8, it has been a growing source of aggravation for TNA wrestlers as they are working the indy scene to supplement their TNA income,

In asking sources within the TNA office in Nashville, I am told that the pay issues are legitimate and have been a source of great frustration within Nashville over the last several weeks as well.  While one source I spoke to denied talents were behind two pay periods, they did concede they have been behind on checks being cut to talents and that it was something TNA was trying to get a handle on over the last week.

One of the factors involved is that TNA's checks are not cut in Nashville by the company but are outsourced to Dallas, Texas where TNA's parent company Panda Energy is headquartered.  This alone adds another step to the process. 

Complicating that of late is that Panda recently moved their offices and while that move was ongoing, the department that handled issuing checks for TNA personnel and talents was completely closed.  As you might imagine, that lead to a backlog on checks being issued the last several weeks.

I was also told that since TNA taped so many One Night Only PPVs during their last series of events in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios, that also led to a lot of payroll expenses while the company wasn't generating revenue from those PPV tapings as they were free and the PPVs won't air for several months. This additionally led to a backlog as checks were not cut for the talents working those shows yet.

As I noted, it's something those working out of the TNA Nashville office have been very frustrated with and they have been working to rectify the situation. They, however, are likely nowhere near as aggravated by the situation as TNA wrestlers have been.

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