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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-08 12:47:35
Paragon Pro Wrestling, a newer promotion out of Las Vegas that has been running a little under a year, informed their locker room last night at a TV Taping that they would be announcing a TV deal with Pop TV, a national cable network that was formerly the TV Guide Network, according to several sources.

The promotion has featured mostly Southern California talents of late as well as former TNA star Jesse Sorensen (who is their current champion), former WWE star Gangrel, former WWE Diva Lisa Marie Varon and EVOLVE star Caleb Konley.

The promotion is owned and operated by Jeff Manning, who's been running the Portland area under the West Coast Wrestling Connection banner for years and has appeared on camera for different promotions as Morty Lipschitz.

The website for the promotion lists Len "The Grappler" Denton as the Director of Wrestling Operations and I am told he is booking the promotion.

We are told former TNA announcer Todd Kenely has been tapped to do the announcing for the show.

Former WWE star Matt Striker is said to be producing and directing for the company.

As noted, the promotion taped TV last night and I was told they had state of the art equipment for the taping. No word when the series will debut, but the locker room was told this summer.

Pop TV launched in the summer of 2014. It is available in more than 80 million households and is owned in part by Lionsgate and CBS.

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