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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-07 23:55:55
Since Steve Austin released his latest podcast earlier today, we have heard from a number of readers asking about what Austin stated.

While most of what Austin said confirmed what we had previously reported in the Elite section of, the one aspect we did not address in detail was Austin's claim that he wouldn't have flown in on the same flight as Undertaker to San Jose, CA for Wrestlemania.

We had not addressed this in detail as we did not wish to do so without consulting with the original source. This evening, the source gave us our blessing to give additional details under the condition that they remain anonymous.

PWInsider sources indicate Steve Austin was booked on a flight from San Antonio, TX to San Jose, CA on Thursday 3/26. Since there were no direct flights from Point A to Point B on the airline that was booked, Austin would have had to transfer to a second flight in Dallas, Texas.

That same day, Undertaker was flying out of Austin, Texas and again, no direct flight, so he needed to transfer as well in Dallas.

So, Austin and Undertaker WERE scheduled for the same flight - the one out of Dallas to San Jose. There were additional WWE staff and personalities on the flight out of Dallas to San Jose as well, many of whom transferred onto the flight from their originating flights.

Taker obviously flew in. Austin never checked in and did not.

As I wrote earlier today, it's possible Austin was not even aware a ticket was booked for him, but PWInsider can confirm there was a flight and when Austin didn't arrive, it was a topic of conversation within WWE.

It should also be noted that independently, Dave Scherer learned there was a locker room space for Austin, marked for him, backstage at Levi's Stadium. Again, whether Austin was aware or not, WWE had an area for him at the show.

So, needless to say, stands by our story.

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