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By Mike Johnson on 2015-04-02 14:59:06
While the decision was made to go with Seth Rollins as the new WWE World Heavyweight champion was made several days before Wrestlemania (one person told me the Wednesday before, so after Brock Lesnar had signed his new deal), none of the main event competitors were informed until Wrestlemania was underway. The plan going into Mania, as far as they knew, was that Reigns was getting the belt.

Some of you reading this noticed that the side plates were not on the WWE belt after Raw. I was told that the Rollins sideplates that were ordered didn't properly fit the belt as they were ordered from a different entity. Obviously, the company will be rushing new plates for the belt.

There is also talk of getting a new United States championship belt for John Cena, which should be a sign he's going to have the belt awhile. I am told new artwork has already been commissioned.

A number of those in the company noted that Mick Foley wasn't booked for any of the WWE Wrestlemania weekend events. No idea what the story is behind that but Foley was in the San Jose area that entire weekend. One reader told me they saw him heading to a VIP suite at Wrestlemania.

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen was indeed backstage at Wrestlemania and was at the After-party. He claimed publicly he was going to WWE to sign a deal with the company, which they immediately denied. No word as to whether he actually signed anything or not.

Brock Lesnar shared a locker room with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania.

There was a lot of talk among main roster talents that while the NXT talents won't make as much as them, they will certainly have more fun and freedom working NXT shows. The discussion then turned into how long that freedom will last as the brand continues to grow.

Norman Smiley was the hit of the dance floor at the Afterparty.

There's talk of Vader moving to Florida and if so, he would get a little more involved with helping NXT talents. There's also talk of Goldust helping more with NXT going forward.

Adam Pearce, who has been coming in as a guest Coach for NXT, was not at any of the Wrestlemania weekend events.

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