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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-03-28 23:55:26
Welcome to’s coverage of the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. Make sure to check out Dave Scherer’s blog of the ceremony.

We start off with photos of the inductees from the Class of 2015 for the WWE Hall of Fame. It began with one man, Andre the Giant. Two decades later it has grown to include the greatest names in wrestling. Icons, legends, larger than life personalities who defined the WWE.

Tonight we celebrate the Class of 2015: Kevin Nash, Tatsumi Fujinami, Alundra Blayze, The Bushwhackers, Larry Zbyszko, Connor Michalek, Rikishi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Randy Savage. All have earned their place in history to stand with legends and to inspire all who follow.

We are in San Jose, California and your host is Jerry Lawler.

Jerry welcomes everyone to the Hall of Fame and he says it is his favorite night of the year. What a group of inductees. From an A List Terminator to one of the sexiest in the business. And OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH. YES. . . YES . . . YES. He does the Bushwhacker imitation as well as Hulk Hogan and Schwarzenegger.


Jerry says that he brings out a man who left his mark . . . or his stink on the business.

WWE has been the home to many giants, but none as agile as the 400 pound Rikishi. His blonde hair, sunglasses, and dance skills showed he was too cool. He says he never expected his rump shake to make him a living.

Kofi talks about the Stinkface. Daniel says a butt that big going into your face is horrifying.

A member of the Anao’I family is something that he holds dear. The Samoan people are a loving and happy go lucky people. His family legacy continues today with his sons Jimmy and Jey Uso. He captured the Intercontinental and Tag Title during his career.

Jerry Lawler introduces Jimmy and Jey Uso to induct Rikishi into the Hall of Fame.

Jimmy says the Usos and all of their family are from the Bay Area. Tonight they are honored and proud to induct a home town boy. They are honored to induct a former Intercontinental champion, a two time tag team champion, and their father Rikishi.

Jey says they are asked how did it feel to grow up as Rikishi’s sons. He says it was normal because they saw their dad on television all the time. During his career, he got to see him evole through different characters. All kinds of characters. There was one character that stuck. He found it. It fit. It felt good. It looked good . . . Jimmy corrects Jey.

Jey says the first time they saw him on television and it wasn’t the blonde hair. Jimmy says it wasn’t the 400 pounder in the ring. The first thing they remembered when they saw Rikishi on television was his rear end (and we see a photo on the screen. Jimmy says he was 13 and he wondered if his dad was wearing a thong.

Jimmy says THAT put them through college. Jey says THAT bought them Christmas presents, Thanksgiving dinners, and more. Jimmy says that they are glad they never got the Stinkface. They ask Booker about the Stinkface.

Jimmy says that is not the only reason they are here tonight. Jey says it is because of their dad’s hard work, his dedication, his sacrifices, his passion for the WWE. That same passion took him from a poor kid outside the Cow Palace break dancing for change to a WWE Hall of Famer.

They introduce the blonde haired, roof raising, Stinkfacing Hall of Famer . . . Rikishi.

Rikishi comes out and the people chant for him.

Rikishi says they are going to have a talk after this is done. They didn’t talk about the Cow Palace. He wants to know how everyone is doing.

Tonight is a special night. He was in the back with Vinnie Mac and Triple H. He tells the camera man to zoom in so they can see his ring.

Every professional wrestler dreams of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and now for him, this dream is reality. As you all know, he comes from a direct extension of the most prolific, hard working, and humble wrestling families in the WWE and in WWE history, the Anoa’I family, known as the Samoan Dynasty.

For over five decades, numerous members from one family have been on the WWE roster, including Peter Maivia, the Wild Samoans Afa and Sika, Samu Anoa’I, The Rock, Yokozuna, The Tonga Kid, The Samoan Bulldozer Umaga (and he salutes Umaga), Manu, The Usos, and Roman Reigns (and the crowd showers him with some boos).

All hail from one family that he has been proud to be a part of. His uncles Afa and Sika provided the wrestling road map for him and he is forever thankful. He says he wants to honor his father and he asks him to stand up. He thanks his parents for always supporting him, but he wishes that his mother was still with us to witness this event. He knows that she is looking down on him smiling and he says he loves her.

He thanks his brothers and sisters. He says he loves them. He thanks all of his children for loving him and he says he loves them all. The back bone, his family, his wife, his Superwoman Karina. He says he loves her.

However, he would not be standing here tonight without the amazing support and love from the best fans in the entire world. He thanks everyone. Rikishi says he feels like his life has come full circle and he is still enjoying his love for professional wrestling. As a trainer with his brother and Gangrel, they are excited for the next crop of innovative new talent they are training to step into the square circle. He mentions Rusev who he trained and he wishes him luck at Wrestlemania.

It is important to do what you love. He says that he has loved what he does for 31 years in this business. He truly stands on the shoulders of giants with huge hearts. He has been afforded the opportunity to live his dream. His passion for this wrestling business is evident. It is in his DNA. It is his entire being. He remembers the brutal training in his pursuit. He remembers the travel, the hotels, motels, the late nights, the injuries.

He remembers the missed birthdays and family events. He remembers walking through the curtain. He remembers every dance move. He remembers every stinkface.

He says he remembers every fan’s face wherever he performed worldwide. What he will remember the most of all is this moment. This moment right now and right here with all of you. He is honored and humbled to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame where he was born and where he was raised.

Rikishi says a few words in Samoan.

He says he cannot leave his fans like this and he says he was stretching in the back so let’s do this for the people.

Rikishi assumes the pose as he is given the sunglasses and he is joined by Jimmy and Jey.

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