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By Mike Johnson on 2015-03-27 10:24:43
Ric Flair is now in town for Wrestlemania weekend. He'll be inducting Tatsumi Fujinami into the WWE Hall of Fame and I've heard he may have a cameo at the PPV. Wouldn't it be something if he was the surprise referee for Triple H vs. Sting?

As he wrote on Twitter yesterday, Steve Austin is not coming in for Wrestlemania. That surprised a number of people in the company when it was announced, as he was scheduled to arrive tomorrow and there were plans in place for him. I don't know what exactly happened there yet, but it was enough that WWE staff in San Jose are talking about it.

After I reported that Eva Marie would be hosting the WWE Hall of Fame, Jerry Lawler did an interview with Bill Apter saying he was hosting the show. I know that as far back as a month ago, I was told by the same source that confirmed Sting was debuting at Survivor Series last year that there was a push for Marie to host the show. I heard yesterday from a different person she would indeed be doing so, which is when I went with the story. This morning, I was told that it will indeed likely be Lawler hosting and the most recent script for the show was tailored for Lawler. So, it was a case of the company deciding one thing and then deciding another. It's one of those things where what is "correct" changes as the plans evolve, but if anyone feels that means my report was an "error", I give you my deepest apologies.

Finn Balor and Adrian Neville are booked for the next several weeks of WWE TVs post-Wrestlemania. I heard last week that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were both booked as well, but given their injuries, I don't know they would be going.

While there is no guarantee he will be appearing, I am also told Sting and Undertaker are booked for Monday's Raw, so they will at least be there at the taping.

Jimmy Jacobs is confirmed to begin working with WWE in a creative capacity as of 4/1.

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