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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-03-01 23:00:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor's 13th Anniversary Show!

After an opening video of all the stars of ROH talking about cashing their chips in here in Las Vegas, we go to the arena and it's extremely loud crowd as Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino run down tonight's card before sending us to the ring for our opening match...

Matt Sydal vs Cedric Alexander

They have a tense handshake as they follow the code of honor, then they tie up and Cedric backs Sydal to the corner. Sydal high fives him on the break, but Cedric doesn't seem to appreciate that. They come back together and Sydal easily outmaneuvers Cedric, sending him out to the floor and coming off the apron with a running Meteora. They go back inside and Sydal works on Cedric's leg, kicking at the knee and then catching him in a half crab. Cedric gets out and drills Sydal with a leaping enziguiri, then dishes out a couple of hard chops and a dropkick to the ear for 2. Cedric is getting pretty aggressive with the right hands and catches some heat from the crowd for that, but Sydal uses his agility to turn things around quickly, dumping Cedric into the corner and hitting a cannonball. Cedric rolls Sydal up as he goes for a standing moonsault, but Sydal is out at 2 and he immediately hits the standing moonsault on the second try. Cedric counters Sydal's stepover legdrop to a cradle for 2, but Sydal hits the Randy Orton neckbreaker and the Here It Is Driver for 2. Cedric avoids a high flying move and drills Sydal with another leaping enziguiri and a BIG blue thunder driver for 2. They trade chops in the middle of the ring until Cedric hits the lumbar check out of nowhere, but Sydal again kicks out at 2. Cedric is in shock and is taking way too long to follow up, then he goes for another lumbar check and Sydal counters to another Meteora for 2. Sydal dodges the IED and hits a shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

GREAT opener! Hell of a match to get the crowd going, and a nice win that Sydal really needed to get some momentum back. Cedric is visibly frustrated, and even though he follows the Code of Honor, it's very tensely and he storms off right away.

We see a video package of Moose destroying people and then go to a promo of Mark Briscoe saying that while Moose was in the NFL, he was wrestling. He's spent plenty of time hunting, but tonight it's Moose season.

Mark Briscoe vs Moose

Mark wastes no time going right after Moose, and takes him off his feet with a running clothesline. Mark goes for a monkey flip, but Moose casually sits Mark on the corner and DROPKICKS HIM TO THE FLOOR. Holy crap! Moose goes out after Mark and giant swings him back and forth into the barricade. Moose hits a couple of running headbutts, then a leaping headbutt for 2. Mark tries a dive at Moose, but Moose catches Mark and gives him a fallaway slam into the barricade. Moose flattens Mark with a pop-up clothesline, goes for another fallaway slam, but Mark slips out the back, dropkicks Moose out to the floor, and hits a baseball slide and a blockbuster off the apron. Mark with a Cactus elbow off the apron, but they go back inside and Moose spears Mark into next week and covers forthe win.

Winner: Moose

This was an almost complete squash, and Moose really showed me something tonight. This was the first time I relly saw him show more than just generic big muscle guy wrestling, and he impressed me for sure.

Okay, Doc Gallows is stranded at the airport in Michigan and we already know he's missing tonight's show, so Karl Anderson comes out and says he pregamed pretty well at the bar last night and he doesn't need a partner, so he's flying solo tonight. The Kingdom jumps him, so he beats them both up and tosses them out of the ring to kick start our next match...

The Addiction vs Michael Bennett & Matt Taven vs Karl Anderson

With the Kingdom cowering in fear on the floor, Anderson gets in the ring and goes at it with Kazarian, but then Bennett tags himself in and winds up on the receiving end of some slick double teaming by the Addiction. Taven comes in and he and Bennett hit a double dropkick on Daniels to take control. Anderson tags in and goes to work on Daniels, then comes off the apron with a double kneestrike to Taven, then Daniels hits an Arabian press to the outside on Anderson. Everyone keeps hitting moves to the outside until Daniels eventually winds up back where he started, in trouble in the control of the Kingdom. Daniels finally makes a hot tag to Anderson, who comes in and cleans house on the Kingdom. Now all heck is breaking loose with everyone coming in and hitting big moves. The Kingdom winds up on the outside and Daniels takes them out with a dive as Kazarian slingshots Anderson into the ring and hits an Ace Crusher as Anderson sails into the ring. Anderson quickly comes back with an F5 for 2, but the Kingdom gets rid of him and hits the Twist of Fate/Swanton combo on Kazarian for 2. More heck breaking loose ends with all five guys down, then more heck breaking loose, then the Kingdom hits a spike piledriver on Anderson for the win.

Winners: Michael Bennett & Matt Taven

Wow, that was an unexpectedly big win. Great match, and I liked the finish because it made sense that the guy by himself would lose the match.

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