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By Mike Johnson on 2015-02-22 13:45:59

Tim Donst, a big part of CHIKARA in recent years who was about to debut for Combat Zone Wrestling with a massive push and has been a regular for a number of other independent promotions, announced that his in-ring career is possibly over after being diagnosed with a kidney tumor.

After feeling shooting pain in his back and collapsing, which he described as feeling like a knife, Donst was hospitalized, where the tumor was discovered. As of this writing, it is not known whether it has spread beyond his tumor and whether removing the kidney will be the end of the medical issue. If it's not, he's looking at chemotherapy.

With only one kidney, Donst has received different advice as to whether it would be the end of his career, but in all likelyhood, it could be.  Former TNA star Sonny Siaki stepped out of the ring permanently several years back after donating a kidney to his brother because of concern the abuse taken in the ring could be severely dangerous if he injured his lone kidney.  Donst would be in a similar situation, unfortunately.

Donst penned a long blog discussing his medical situation at A number of those in the business, including Mick Foley, has voiced their support and well wishes for him over the last few days.

On behalf of everyone here at, we'd like to wish Tim the best and ask everyone to send him well wishes and support.

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