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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson & Richard Trionfo on 2015-02-21 16:41:08

Here is the current card for WWE Fastlane, which will take place on Sunday night from Memphis, Tennessee, along with out thoughts on what will happen.

Number One Contender Match to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania: Daniel Bryan versus Roman Reigns

Dave: I see Vince going ahead with Roman in the main event at Mania. What they need to do is make this very competitive and good. Roman needs to deliver his best performance ever. Have them work it clean, with lots of near falls, and Roman “earn” the Mania shot with a clean win. It would be cool if Bryan shook hands with him afterward, pointed at the Mania sign and patted him on the back to endorse him too.

Mike: I want nothing more than to see Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.  If this was my call, I'd do a 60 minute draw to show that Reigns can hang and then have Brock face each of them at Mania in singles matches.  I don't think that's a viable option in WWE's mind.  I expect we'll see Reigns win, unless they decide to get cute and do a non-finish by letting The Authority and Sting all do run-ins.  Either way, my gut is Reigns and Brock at Mania.

Richard: I think Roman has to win this match or it will lead to a situation where if there is enough vocal disdain for a decision, whether it is ‘best for business’ or not, will force WWE to change plans. I thought they did a good job with Reigns since last week’s Smackdown with the tag team gauntlet. The fact that he had to beat Kane by count out when Kane loses clean to Ryback made no sense. If Reigns can pin Bryan clean, without any outside interference or distractions, it will do a lot to help boost Reigns. I am sure that there will be people who will be disappointed if Bryan loses, but Reigns never should have been put in the position to lose the title match in the first place.

WWE United States Title Match: Rusev versus John Cena

Dave: Rusev has to win here. He just has to. Then, the rematch is set for Mania.

Mike: Rusev has to win or he has to be DQ'd.  It's the wrong night for Cena to end his streak and they need to set up a return bout.  I really am looking forward to this as Cena has pretty much said he's coming to fight, which means he'll bring some intensity.  In many ways, Rusev has been the best call-up since the Shield in terms of how he's been pushed.  This is the start of the pinnacle of that work...or at least, it should be.

Richard: While Rusev should win the match, I think Cena could win the match, but not win the US Title. If Rusev is so hell bent on destroying Cena, he could have Cena in the Accolade while Cena is holding the ropes and he does not release the hold after the five count and he is disqualified. This can lead to a few weeks of comments from announcers about how Cena is damaged and old. Cena can then demand another match against Rusev to show that he is not done. Then Rusev gets the big win at Wrestlemania. While that is an option, I think Rusev wins at Fastlane.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Wade Barrett versus Dean Ambrose

Dave: Pretty much all Barrett has done since he has won the Title is lose. Ambrose has been yoyo’d back to the middle of the card, hurting his momentum a bit. They need to address that here and have him win this Title. Well, that is if they will actually book him like a champion if he wins it.

Mike: I don't know why but for some reason, each of them has had their momentum stomped out.  I don't see a title change here.  The bout should be very good.

Richard: Wade Barrett has the momentum of a secondary champion going into this pay per view match because he lost on Smackdown because Dean wouldn’t watch the match. If we can get psycho Dean from the Shield, this will be a really good match. I think Barrett will retain because that is the pattern for the IC and Tag Champs: You lose non title matches, but when things get tough, you retain the title when it is on the line. I wouldn’t mind seeing this match again at Wrestlemania or Extreme Rules.

WWE Tag Title Match: The Usos versus Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

Dave: If the heels don’t win here, there is no point to this feud. Kidd has been great and we all know Cesaro deserves way more than he has been given. These two as champs could add something fun to the division.

Mike:This could be the sleeper bout of the show and I wouldn't be shocked to see a title change here to set up a Mania rematch.  Cesaro and Kidd are clicking in a way that reminds me of The Midnight Express...the real versions.   

Richard: While I talked about the pattern of certain secondary champions losing non-title matches, but retain when they are on the line at the pay per view, I think they should go away from this pattern and let Cesaro and Kidd win the title. While they are two of the best wrestlers in the company right now, I want to see the victory celebration to see if Natalya is even invited. Cesaro and Kidd are a lot of fun to watch in the ring . . . FACT. I just hope a title change does not mean that the Usos go into Tag Team Oblivion with The New Day and Ascension.

WWE Divas Title Match: Nikki Bella versus Paige

Dave: If it’s me, I put the Title back on Paige and make the Bellas all angry so I can not watch how upset they are on Total Divas.

Mike:Well, we know AJ Lee is probably out of the picture now and Paige is really showing some awesome personality.  It's time for her to get the belt back.

Richard: Paige should win in a match that is more like her NXT work than her main roster work over the last year. If she can wear the fairy outfit again to win the title, it would be a fun touch.

Goldust versus Stardust

Dave: This feud seems like it will end with Cody putting his brother out to pasture. It could happen tonight but I would rather that they get a Mania match. I would have Cody doing something so heinous that Dustin puts his career on the line at Mania. These guys deserve a match on the biggest show of the year.

Mike:This could be something special and something they have been pushing for for some time.  I fully expect Stardust to win so they continue on the path we've heard was set for them awhile back.

Richard: I agree with Dave that this will end up with Goldust’s in ring career ending. I think they could do this as the first part of a two match series that culminates at Mania with Goldust getting more frustrated with Cody being completely absorbed by the Stardust character like Venom with Spiderman. The promo on Friday by Goldust was great. Stardust wins the match.

Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show versus Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback

Dave: If the heels win here, YAWN. Kane and Show are pretty played out at this point. Let their heat with each other continue while the faces win.

Mike: The more Seth and Dolph are in, the better this looks to be.  I think The Authority needs the win here, but it can go either way.

Richard: Show knocks out Kane again so Kane gets pinned by Ryback (seems like a pattern). Rollins and Ziggler look strong when they are in the match. We get Kane versus Show at Mania.

Also on the pay per view: Triple H confronts Sting

Dave: This one is all about setting up their match at Mania. It should be fun.

Mike:They were working everything out in Orlando earlier this week.  No matter what, it ends with them setting up the Mania match.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this turns out to be as obviously they have done a good job of capturing the audience's imagination so far.

Richard: Since the Wyatt/Taker announcement will potentially be made the next night in Nashville, let Hunter get embarrassed by Sting so he tells Sting that he will be making one more appearance in a WWE ring . . . against him at Wrestlemania.

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