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By Andres Santiago on 2015-02-13 09:05:21

WWE NXT Taping - Full Sail, Orlando Florida - February 12, 2015
Pre-Show Dark Match

- Mike Rallis vs Chad Gable
Gable won with a Sunset Flip.

Episode airing February 18, 2015
Announcers: Rich Brennan, Jason Albert, Corey Graves

In his office, William Regal said that a lot happened at Takeover: Rival and, despite what he may think, Kevin Owens does not have the right to do whatever he wants. Owens doesn't make the rules, Regal does. While Adrian Neville is not the number one contender, Regal decided to make a non-title match of Neville vs Owens for tonight. This way, Neville can get a chance at revenge for Owens injuring him back in December. Regal ended by saying that it's a new era on NXT and that era begins now.

After the opening video, Kevin Owens came down to the ring. He spoke about how it seems like a lot of people have an issue with what he did at Takeover and how he won the title. However, he did not lie to anyone or pretend to be something that he is not. He said he'd do anything, and fight anyone, in order to make things better for his family. What matters now is that Sami Zayn is the past and when you are done with the past you look to the future. That future is Finn Bàlor. Owens tells Bàlor to go ahead and talk with William Regal to pick a date for their title match. Owens will be there. However, the same thing that happened to Zayn will happen to Bàlor, because no one is going to take the championship away from him or his family.

Match 1:
- Rhyno vs Elias Sampson
Rhyno won with a Gore.

Backstage, Finn Bàlor was interviewed by Devin Taylor about Kevin Owens. Bàlor said that he would face Kevin Owens anywhere, any place, anytime. While he was still talking, Rhyno walked by and glared at him before walking off.

Match 2:
- Vaudevillians vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.
Cassady pinned English after hitting him with a big boot.
Before the match, Enzo said that the Vaudevillians have had their shots at the NXT Tag Team Championship and failed. Now it is time for him and Big Cass to get their shot.
After the match, Blake and Murphy appeared on the screen. They talked about how everyone thought them winning the Tag Championships was a fluke. However, they proved everyone wrong by defeating the Lucha Dragons again at Takeover. The ended by calling Amore and Cassady sewer rats and telling Carmella that she should join them instead.

Backstage, Greg Hamilton interviewed Adrian Neville about his match with Owens. Neville discussed being humbled after his loss to Bàlor at Takeover but stated that he will recover because he is used to being humbled. Now he gets to prioritize what is important to him, and that is Kevin Owens. He has not forgotten what Owens did to him and he will make sure that Owens won't forget what he does tonight.

CJ Parker came down to the ring and tried to hold the show hostage. He's spoke about how he is sick and tired of being forgotten and he was angry that he was not on Takeover. As he was putting caution tape up on the ropes and across the ring, the screen started to glitch out. Solomon Crowe ran in from the crowd and beat down Parker; ending with his finisher (a splash rebounding off the inside of the ring ropes). Crowe left after taking the mic and saying "and now we return to your regularly scheduled broadcast."

Match 3:
- NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs Blue Pants. Non-Title match.
Banks won by submission. Banks hit the diving double knees in the corner, but lifted Blue Pants's shoulders up to stop the pinfall. She then picked Blue Pants up and hit the Bank Statement for the victory.

After the match, Banks was interviewed in the ring about what it means to now be NXT Women's Champion. She said that it means everyone, including Becky, Bayley and - especially - Charlotte, will have to admit that she the baddest diva in NXT.
Match 4:
- NXT Champion Kevin Owens vs Adrian Neville. Non-Title match.
Owens won with the pop-up powerbomb after avoiding a Shooting Star Press attempt by Neville.

Episode airing February 25, 2015
Announcers: Alex Riley, Tom Phillips, Corey Graves
Match 1:
- Hideo Itami vs Bull Dempsey  
Itami won after hitting the Hesitation Dropkick in the corner and his single-leg, running dropkick.
As Itami was exiting, Tyler Breeze attacked him with the Selfie Stick. As Breeze was admiring himself on the stage, Itami got back up. Breeze saw Itami in his camera and was chased back into the ring, where Itami hit him with a few kicks that knocked him to the floor. Breeze ran off through the crowd before Itami could follow up.

Match 2:
- Lucha Dragons vs Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger
Kalisto pinned Dillinger after Jordan refused a tag and walked out, allowing Kalisto to hit the SDS.
After the match, Dillinger demanded that Jordan come back out and explain himself. Instead, Baron Corbin's music hit.

Match 3:
- Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger
Corbin won by quickly hitting the End of Days.

Match 4:
- Bayley vs Becky Lynch
Lynch won with an arm bar submission.

Match 5:  
- The Brian Kendrick vs Finn Bàlor
Bàlor won after hitting the Slingblade, his running dropkick that sends the opponent into the corder and the Coup de Grâce.
Before the match, Kevin Owens joined the commentary team. However, he walked to the back about half way through the match.
After the match, Owens came back to the announce table and ended up tossing Alex Riley over the table, onto the floor.

Episode airing March 04, 2015
Announcers: Alex Riley, Rich Brennan, Jason Albert  

Match 1:
- Adam Rose w/ The Exotic Express vs Tyler Breeze
Breeze won with the Beauty Shot.
After the match, Breeze had to use the Selfie Stick to make his way past the Rose Buds who were dancing on the entrance ramp.

Match 2:
- Blake and Murphy vs Shoot Nation (Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton)
Blake pinned Dawkins after Murphy hit a suplex and he followed up with a Frog Splash, flying half way across the ring in the process.

Match 3:
- Baron Corbin vs Tony Briggs
Corbin won with The End of Days.
During the match, Owens came to the announce booth and stood menacingly over Riley.
After the match, Owens took Riley's water, drank some and then poured it on Riley's head. Albert held Riley back and Owens walked off to the back. Riley left the announce booth for the rest of the evening.

Match 4:
- Bull Dempsey vs Solomon Crowe
Crowe won with his rebounding splash finisher.

Match 5:
- NXT Womens Championship Match: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte
Banks won with a Reverse Jackknife Pin while putting her feet on the ropes. Banks got the pinfall after holding on to the ropes when Charlotte went for Natural Selection from the top rope.

Episode airing March 11, 2015
Announcers: Rich Brennan, Jason Albert, Corey Graves

Match 1:
- Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs Lucha Dragons
Enzo pinned Kalisto after an East River Crossing by Cassady and a Rocket Launcher double team.

Match 2:
-   Carmella vs Alexa Bliss
Bliss won with the Sparkle Splash.

Match 3:
-   CJ Parker vs Alex Riley
Riley won with a Blockbuster.
After the match, Owens came to the stage while Riley was in the ring celebrating. He said that Riley was the stupidest man in WWE for putting an end to his commentary career in order to face him. He said that now he will end Riley's in-ring career as well.

Match 4:
-   Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami
Breeze won after dodging Itami's Hesitation Dropkick and hitting the Beauty Shot.

News / Notes

- Before the show started, they showed a video of the last few minutes of Zayn vs Owens, from Takeover: Rival.

- The main events of each episode were all solid to great. The rest of the matches were all extremely short.

- Blue Pants had an entrance video (a simple repeating animation of some blue pants on a blue background) and music (Colin Cassady singing The Price is Right theme).

- Both Rhyno and The Brian Kendrick received monster reactions from the crowd.

- The crowd seems to have really soured on Bull Dempsey. I'm not sure where they are going to go with him now, after losing three times to Corbin and twice tonight.

- Judging by their promo, it appears that Blake and Murphy will be heels going forward.

- After the NXT Women's Championship match, Charlotte received a standing ovation by the entire crowd.

- Alex Riley appeared to have broken down in tears of joy from the positive reaction his victory received.

- Elias Sampson and Tony Briggs were not given a ring introduction.

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