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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-02-12 21:58:34
We start off tonight’s show in the back with Kane, Big Show and a number of tag teams. Kane tells everyone that we have a chance to make history together. They are borrowing the concept of Pat Patterson. We are going to have a Tag Team Turmoil match. It will start with two teams and the winner advances until we know who the dominant team is.

Kane says the match is the luck of the draw because the matchups are at random. There is one certainty. The team that will start off is Roman Reigns and his opponent at Fastlane, Daniel Bryan.

Show tells everyone that this is the chance to seize greatness, to prove who is the most dominant tag team, and to grab the bull by the horns . . . so everyone grabs El Torito.

Kane says that is the attitude they are looking for. Anyone can win this. Miz and Sandow can get back into the title picture. The Ascension, young bucks looking to make a name for themselves. Heath and Titus, it is time to reinvent yourselves. The Usos. All you have to do is prove you are the tag team champions.

Kane says you have the opportunity to make an impact.

They all leave and Kane smiles at what he has done.

We are in Dayton, Ohio and your announcers are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Byron Saxton.

Match Number One: R Truth versus Bray Wyatt

Wyatt pushes Truth into the turnbuckles and they lock up again. Truth with punches and a kick but Wyatt pushes Truth against the ropes and Truth with a kick. Wyatt with an uppercut to Truth. Wyatt chokes Truth in the ropes and he punches Truth. Wyatt with a forearm across the chest but Truth punches back.

Truth does some dancing in front of Wyatt and Wyatt charges at him, but like every larger opponent, he goes over the top rope to the floor when Truth ducks. Truth with a punch and he goes to the apron. Wyatt with kicks and an arm wringer that sends Truth to the apron. Wyatt puts Truth’s head against the ring post and Wyatt with a punch to the temple.

Wyatt with a seated splash onto Truth and then he pulls Truth into the center of the ring. Wyatt with a nerve hold on Truth. Truth goes for a sunset flip but Wyatt stays on his feet. Wyatt goes for a seated splash but Truth moves. Truth with a leg lariat to Wyatt followed by a clothesline and a corkscrew flying forearm for a near fall. Truth misses a scissors kick. Truth with a jaw breaker but Wyatt with a spit releasing clothesline. Wyatt looks around in the corner and he leans back. Wyatt does the crab walk and then he falls to the mat and he kisses Truth on the forehead before hitting Sister Abigail for the three count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Paige is walking in the back for her match and she hugs a production assistant in the hallway. We go to commercial.

We are back and The Bellas are at the announce table since Paige will be wrestling Nikki for the Divas Title at Fastlane.

Match Number Two: Paige versus Summer Rae

They lock up and Paige with a snap mare and a lateral press. Paige with a wrist lock take down but Summer with a rollup. Paige rolls through and hits a super kick. Paige crawls on Summer and head butts her before getting a near fall. Paige with a thrust kick and she sends Summer into the corner and Paige with a series of elbows. Paige screams and she puts Summer over the middle rope.

Paige with a series of knees to the midsection. Paige says something to Nikki and that allows Summer to recover and she gets a near fall. Summer punches Paige and she hits a step over leg drop and then she applies a modified Indian Death Lock. Summer chokes Paige with her boot and she gets a near fall. Summer with another near fall but Paige with a rollup for a near fall.

Summer with a DDT and she rolls through and punches Paige. Paige kicks Summer and hits a clothesline followed by a series of short arm clotheslines. Paige with a drop kick and super kick and she sets up Summer for the PTO. Summer taps out.

Winner: Paige

We take a look back at the John Cena tribute that Rusev and Lana held for the man who is going to challenge the United States Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus is going to be back.

We are reminded that Rikishi is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

Match Number Three: Adam Rose (with Rosebuds) versus Fandango (with Rosa Mendes)

Rose goes to the floor and he lectures his Rosebuds but Fandango grabs Rose by the hair. Rose drops Fandango on the top rope and then he sends Fandango into the turnbuckles a few times. Rose with a wrist lock and short arm clothesline. Rose with a European uppercut and then he kicks Fandango in the corner. Rose with more kicks.

Rose with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Rose with a body scissors but Fandango tries to lean back. Rose with a reverse chin lock. Fandango with a belly-to-back suplex and Fandango gets out of the hold. Fandango with jabs and a punch followed by clotheslines. Rose with a kick but Fandango with a power slam.

Fandango goes up top and he hits the FandangoTangoBama Jam and he gets the three count.

Winner: Fandango

After the match, the Rosebuds check on Adam Rose, but Rose punches a few of them and then he walks to the back, but he is not partying.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at the VIGILANTE Sting’s response to Triple H calling him out on Monday night.

We are back and we are told that Dusty Rhodes will be at Raw in Orlando to deal with his children.

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