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By Jose Perez on 2015-01-29 09:38:59

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

The World Wrestling Council held their second event of the year this past Saturday at the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón, PR. “La Hora de la Verdad” (Moment of Truth) had been built based on two strong main storylines, and both had twists and turns this past Saturday.

One of the storylines was that Ricardo Rodríguez was coming back to the island to challenge Chicano for the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight title. In his promos leading up to the event, Rodríguez had been making light of the fact that he did not like that Chicano was calling himself that name when he was just a “Puerto Rican dog…” and did not deserve to be use that name. Chicano fired back in his promos telling him that he would be ready and would do his best not to allow someone that disrespects the people in the island the way he does, to carry the belt. Both had a good match on Saturday, with Rodríguez becoming the new PR champion after defeating Chicano in the match. After the match, Rodríguez went on Facebook and posted pictures of him with the title celebrating his victory at a strip club. As you can imagine, this feud is just starting and should continue heating up in the coming weeks.

The other big storyline they were following was the one that involved Ray González being stripped of the WWC Universal title by WWC president Victor Jovica due to winning it with the help of “La Revolución” (the three masked men that have been interfering in matches since the latter part of 2014. The main event for “La Hora de la Verdad” was signed as Carlito, González and Mighty Ursus were set to meet inside the cage with the Universal title on the line. After seeing some footage of what took place during the match and afterward, I almost felt that it was Vince Russo the one booking this here. Carlito became the champion, once again. After the match, Juan Manuel Ortega comes inside the cage and starts to question Mighty Ursus as to why he could not get the job done.

During his ranting session, Ortega slaps Usrsus and this sends the “beast” into a rampage, taking Ortega out, beating him and setting him up for his finishing move, a version of the “bonsai drop” off the middle rope. As he sets Ortega near the corner, “La Revolución” comes in and they start beating on Ursus. Ortega recovers and joins in directing traffic for a few minutes. Out of the locker rooms comes Ray González and sees what is taking place in the ring. He looks under the ring and finds and ax handle, which he uses to get the masked men and Ortega to retreat, but not for long. They get the better of González and as he starts to fight back, Carlito comes out for the save, or so everyone thought. Carlito comes into the cage and everyone retreats, long enough for González to get comfortable with Carlito’s presense in the ring, and when he turns to fight the masked men Carlito hits a “backstabber” on González, thus swerving the fans who were left wondering how all this came together since “La Revolución” were the ones that originally cost Carlito the title back during “Euphoria 2015” a couple of weeks ago in Mayaguez, PR. We shall see where this storyline leads too.

WWC made it a two night event when they also presented a different card on Sunday evening at the “Luis T. Díaz Coliseum” in Aguadilla, PR. Unfortunately, since I did not attend the show, I do not have the results, but I would not be surprised if they use footage from that show during the coming weeks of their TV. If anyone attended the show and would like to share the results, please email me at

The promotion has announced a show for the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón on Saturday February 21st, but they did not disclose any details as of yet. As soon as they start announcing matches for the card, we will bring you the information.

For more information about anything related to WWC, visit their Facebook fan page at:

You can watch WWC: Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre” weekly TV show on WAPA-TV in Puerto Rico and WAPA America where the channel is available if you are in the United States mainland. For channel line-up, please check your local listings.

If you’d like to watch 2014 episodes of their weekly TV shows, you can go to this link:

If you’d like to watch current 2015 episodes of their weekly TV shows, you can go to their YouTube channel WWCPRTV, or you could click on the following link -

World Wrestling League (WWL)

Over the last couple of weeks, WWL has announced their next event will be on Saturday February 21st at the “Salvador Dijols Arena” in Ponce, PR. The event will be titled “Rebelión en el Sur” (Rebellion in the South). The company began promoting some of the matches that will be part of this event:

WWL World Heavyweight Title - # 1 Contender’s Match
“El León” Apolo vs "El Hombre que no es Fácil" Gilbert

WWL World Tag Team Titles – Rematch
“La Artillería Pesada” Thunder & Lighning vs “Legio” - Spectro & Kronya (c) w/ "Su Majestad" El Profe

WWL Americas Title
"El Fenómeno" BJ (c) vs “Mr. 450” John Yurnett

Extreme Big Man Clash
Monster Pain vs "Bully Guy" Mr. Big

Special Challenge Match
“El Sensacional” Carlitos vs Vassago w/ "Su Majestad" El Profe

Some of the talent has been using Facebook to build their feuds and trash-talk their opponents, which has created for a really interesting atmosphere. The best examples of how they have been using social media for this purpose are BJ and “Mr. 450”. These two have going at it since the day after their last event at the beginning of the year, “Guerra de Reyes”, and neither has stopped. They have been making comments about each other, basing everything on their real life relationship outside the business, which a lot of the fans did not necessarily know existed. They both started and learned the business together. Although they both took different paths in order to achieve their goals, their careers had paralleled each other’s until 450 decided to leave the island and make Chicago his new stomping ground. It has been very interesting seeing both go back and forth with comments towards each other, sometime getting very close too, if not entirely crossing the line.

Also, “Bully Guy” Mr. Big has been using Facebook to trash-talk Monster Pain, basically reminding him and all the fans what happened a few years ago when they faced each other in another company, where Pain suffered an injury in his mouth that made him lose a couple of teeth. The company and the talent seem to be doing everything they can and using every avenue possible in order to promote their feuds and the event as whole. In my opinion, a lot of their fanbase follows them more online through social media than any other platform they are using, including their TV. Although I have no actual hard data to substantiate that statement, having been able to interact with a lot of their fans via email and in conversations, I feel that their reach via social media has to be considerably high. I would not say it is the vast majority just yet, but it continues to rise and the way they are managing that reach, I am sure it will continue to grow in the coming months.

“WWL Presenta” Episode #28: Part of the WWL Americas title match from “Guerra de Reyes”, a couple of matches are confirmed for “Rebelión en el Sur”, at the “Salvador Dijols Arena” in Ponce, Saturday February 21st. Hosted by "Mr. Lucha Libre" Willie Urbina and "Su Majestad" El Profe:

“WWL Idols of Wrestling” Episode #29: WWL Extreme Title Match from “Guerra de Reyes”: Sabu defends against Monster Pain; and a “Goddess” match. More matches are announced for “Rebelión en el Sur”, at the “Salvador Dijols Arena” in Ponce, Saturday February 21st. With "El Rudo de los Rudos" Axel Cruz and "Mr. Lucha Libre" Willie Urbina on the play by play and color commentary:

“WWL Presenta” comes to life every Saturday at 3:30PM, as well as the program “Idols of Wrestling” every Sunday at its new time of 6:00PM on CW Puerto Rico. You can watch CW Puerto Rico on the following channels locally: DIRECTV Channel 178, DISH NETWORK Channel 17 and 7787 in Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands, LIBERTY Cable Channel 96, CHOICE Cable Channel 148 & 34, CLARO TV Channel 22.

You can find more information on WWL’s Facebook page: WWL Mundial

Follow them on Twitter:

Visit their YouTube channel: WWL Mundial Videos:

Follow them on Instagram: worldwrestlingleague

Other notes:

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