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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-01-25 22:35:45
Welcome to’s live coverage of the 2015 Royal Rumble pay per view from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Make sure to check out all of the coverage on the site for the Royal Rumble, including news about the Royal Rumble, live thoughts on the show from the building (by Mike) or from home (by Dave), post show thoughts from the building, and post game shows and hotlines on the site.

We look around the around the arena and the Wrestlemania 31 sign is ready to be pointed at.

We start off with the panel and your host is Renee Young. She is joined by Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Renee reminds us of the price on the WWE Network while Booker repeats the price in the background. Corey reminds everyone to use social media.

We see a tweet from Jim Duggan, the man who won the first Royal Rumble.

Who will be the man who gets the main event at Wrestlemania?

Who will be the man who faces the winner of the Royal Rumble match at Wrestlemania? Will it be Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, or John Cena.

Renee mentions that someone sent out a Tweet earlier today and we see the photo from the Rock taken in South Philly.

We see a rebuttal from Lana and she besmirches the honor of the eating habits of the people of Philadelphia.

Renee asks for the predictions of the panelists for the Royal Rumble match. Byron hems and haws and he goes with Bray Wyatt. He says Bray has been in the shadows but he will do something special tonight. Corey goes next but the crowd shows no respect to Corey by chanting for Booker. Corey goes with Roman Reigns because of his performance from last year and Roman told him he is ready. Booker says that he is picking Rusev. He has been dominating in 2014 and he will kick off 2015 with a big win.

Renee reminds everyone that Rusev debuted last year, but she is going with Daniel Bryan. Booker says Daniel is coming off a big injury and he will have to go through 29 other people.

The panel talks about the ‘now’ tag team match on the Kickoff Show with Kofi Kingston and Big E versus Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

We go to Tom Phillips, by himself, in the WWE Royal Rumble Social Media Lounge. Tom mentions that Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback will be in the Social Media Lounge during the Kickoff Show.

They talk about the Divas match and Booker suggests that Paige can look up to Natalya for guidance.

The panel moves on to talk about the tag match with the Ascension versus the New Age Outlaws.

Tom Phillips is with the New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg says that John wants to ask him some questions, but he probably should have asked the Ascension because they have been running their mouth, but they were stopped by the APA, nWo, and them. He asks Fred if there are any other questions. Tom asks about their age. Billy tells Fred that age is mind over matter. Road Dogg says they don’t mind and the Ascension does not matter.

Road Dogg and Billy argue over the words to be said. Billy says that they have two words, but Road Dogg tells him not to give it away for free. They need to hear it on the network.

Booker says the Ascension cannot overlook the New Age Outlaws and he hopes they will not self destruct tonight.

We will go to an interview that Booker T had with Shawn Michaels in a moment.

We are back and we go to the interview that Booker T had with Shawn Michaels.

Booker says it is an honor for Shawn to talk to him and Shawn mentions that Booker does have the ring. Booker asks Shawn about the Rumble match. Shawn points out the winner gets to headline Wrestlemania. Everyone wants to be the champion. This match opens a lot of doors.

Shawn is asked about 1995 when he won from Number One. Shawn says that is when you find out a man’s true desire. If you don’t want it more than anyone else, you are going to be eliminated.

Booker asks about the next year when he went back to back. He is asked if he can compare the two. Shawn says the goal is to get to Wrestlemania and walk out with the title. He was in a better place the second year.

Shawn is asked about Daniel Bryan and his chances this year. Shawn says it is not the same situation, but it is similar. Shawn points out that Daniel had a great year, but the rug was pulled out from under him. He says Daniel needs to look deep within himself to win the Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania.

Booker asks about Roman Reigns. Shawn says Roman is on a hot streak. Shawn says he doesn’t want to count out Bray Wyatt. There are a number of guys who you can call favorites and a guy you don’t expect to win could end up winning the Royal Rumble.

Booker asks Shawn to talk about the feeling you get on the Road to Wrestlemania. Shawn says the focus should be on the Rumble. The winner moves on to Wrestlemania’s main event. Then you fight for your spot on Wrestlemania. Once the Rumble ends, you have to go from thinking about being in the main event to just being part of the process.

Renee brings up Shawn’s comment about having to change your perspective if you don’t win the Royal Rumble to worry about your spot at Wrestlemania. Corey follows on Shawn’s point and he asks Booker what the feeling is. Booker says you fight 364 days to get to Wrestlemania and tonight is a shoo in to get there. That is why this night is so dynamic and big.

Renee mentions a tweet from Bret Hart.

We go to commercial.

Kickoff Show Match Tag Match: The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E [with Xavier Woods]) versus Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (with Natalya, Adam Rose, and Exotic Express)

Big E and Tyson start things off and Kidd with a waist lock but Big E with a back drop. Kidd talks some strategy and then he kicks Big E. Big E blocks a kick and he gets a near fall. Big E kicks Kidd away and he hits a back breaker and holds on for two more and he gets a near fall. Kofi tags in and he drop kicks Kidd when Big E elevates him and Kofi with a near fall.

Cesaro tags in and Kidd with a wrist lock but Cesaro with a waist lock. Big E tags in and he punches Cesaro. Big E with an Irish whip and shoulder into the corner. Big E with another Irish whip and shoulder into the corner. Big E gets a near fall. Kofi tags back in and Kofi with a forearm off the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Kofi with a hammer lock but Cesaro with an elbow and he connects with a European uppercut and he tags in Kidd. Kidd with kicks and he chokes Kofi. Kidd with a kick to the midsection and he chokes Kofi in the ropes. Cesaro gets in a kick. Cesaro tags back in and he kicks Kofi in the ribs. Cesaro with a slam and he gets a near fall.

Kofi with a punch and he fights his way out of the corner but Cesaro catches Kofi. Kofi with a sunset flip and he gets a near fall. Kidd tags in and Cesaro with the Giant Swing and Kidd with a drop kick as Kofi goes around and Kidd gets a near fall.

We go to a break.

We are back and Cesaro with a reverse chin lock on Kofi. Kofi with elbows and he tries for a sunset flip but Kidd tags in and Cesaro holds Kofi for Kidd to connect with a kick and he gets a near fall. Kidd with a front face lock followed by an Irish whip. Kofi with a drop kick out of the corner and both men are down.

Big E tags in and he connects with clotheslines followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E runs into a boot from Cesaro but Big E with a uranage and he gets a near fall. Big E stops Kidd from interfering and he catapults Kidd over the top rope. Big E elevates Kofi onto Kidd on the floor. Big E with a spear through the ropes and he sends Cesaro to the floor. Big E gets Cesaro up for the Big Ending but Cesaro gets to his feet and he connects with a European uppercut and drop kick. Kofi with a cross body but the referee refuses the count because Kofi did not tag in. Big E comes back in and he tags in Kofi. Big E with an Irish whip and Cesaro takes care of Big E. Kofi with a pendulum kick but Cesaro with a European uppercut.

Kidd is tagged in and Cesaro with a superplex followed by a springboard elbow drop from Kidd for a near fall. Kidd tries for the Sharpshooter but Kofi kicks Kidd to the floor. Kidd with a sunset flip and Cesaro tries to add more pressure to prevent a kick out and he stops the count. Woods hits Cesaro on the floor and Kofi gets a near fall with a rollup.

Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter and Big E with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to break it up. Cesaro takes care of Big E but Kofi sends Kidd to the floor. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Rose on the apron. Kofi with a rollup for a near fall but Cesaro with a European uppercut from the floor and Kidd with a fisherman swinging neck breaker for the three count.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

It is time to take a look behind the numbers behind the Royal Rumble.

Renee asks Booker about preparing for the Royal Rumble. Booker says you are going to need a lot of heart and desire tonight. There will be a lot of people jockeying for position.

Renee talks about whether there are any superstitions. Byron says he did some research about Royal Rumble winners. Renee mentions how many people Kane has eliminated. Corey says this is a huge opportunity regardless of your situation. With one victory tonight, you will be able to main event Wrestlemania.

Renee runs through the predictions. Byron is picking Bray Wyatt. Corey is going with Roman Reigns. Booker picks Rusev. Renee picks Daniel Bryan.

We see what happened on Monday when Cena got three men their jobs back.

We go to Tom Phillips who is with Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan. Tom asks Ryback for his feelings about being fired after telling his life story. Ryback says you tell your life story about reaching your dreams and your passions only to have bosses with no souls. It makes him hungrier.

Dolph is asked about Sting appearing on Raw to help Cena. Dolph says he was rooting for John Cena, which doesn’t happen too often. They deserve to be in the WWE and he says that he thinks he is the best.

Erick is asked about coming up short on Smackdown. Erick says they keep throwing stuff at him. Frustration is starting to kick in a little bit. It is not how you handle the situation, it is what you do about it.

Tom asks them what is their biggest challenge about competing in the Rumble. Ryback says outlasting everyone to win. Dolph says he can go all night long. He says that he is going to steal the show tonight and he will outlast everyone. Rowan says we just aren’t going to know, are we?

We take a look at the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship.

Renee mentions John Cena being the underdog while Rollins has Plan B. She also mentions that Brock does not have to be pinned to lose. Byron says he is picking Seth because he has the briefcase in case things don’t go the right way for him. Corey says he picked Seth last week, but after seeing what he brought out of Brock Lesnar, Corey is changing his pick to Brock. Brock is emotionally invested and he is a prize fighter. He has Paul Heyman in his corner as a major advantage.

Booker says that when he sees Brock, it is like he has a force shield and everyone stays away from him. Booker reminds everyone about the two times when Seth Rollins curb stomped Lesnar. This will be strike three.

Renee points out that John Cena can tie Ric Flair with 16 world titles. Corey points out that John can do it from the underdog position but he is emotionally drained after everything he did to get his friend’s jobs back.

Enjoy the Royal Rumble Pay Per View.

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