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By Mike Johnson on 2015-01-25 15:09:29

Title match time!

Taylor attacked Icarus at the bell and stomped the hell out of him. Icarus made a comeback and chopped the heck out of him on the corner. Taylor was sent to the floor but yanked Icarus' legs out from under him as he was on the apron outside. Taylor worked him over on the floor and sent the champ into the railing.

Taylor brought him up the aisle and even teased using a chair. He suplexed Icarus onto an open chair in the aisle then slammed him down on it again. Taylor brought him and then tossed him over the top to parody the a Royal Rumble. That was funny.

Taylor brought Icarus back in and nailed a nice suplex. He scored several near falls. Icarus fired back with chops and hit an awesome dive. Taylor cut him off with a great suplex in the corner. The referee got bumped so he couldn't count for Taylor. Taylor threw powder in Icarus' face but Icarus had powder of his own and tossed it as well.

The referee recovered and they went into some great near falls. Taylor was frustrated he couldn't get the pin. He locked on a One-legged crab. He wouldn't break and got into it with the red. This allowed Icarus to cheat and nail a Pedigree but Taylor kicked out. Icarus locked some sort of submission on and Taylor tapped.

Your winner and still champ, Icarus!

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