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By Mike Johnson on 2015-01-10 02:47:18
Impact January 30th:

*Bobby Roode came out with the TNA title belt. He said it pains him but it doesn't belong to him. He promises to spill Eric Young's blood and calls out Bobby Lashley. Roode gave the belt back to him and challenged for a title shot. They agreed to do it tonight. Austin Aries came out and revealed he won the Feast or Fired briefcase for the World title shot and teased cashing in. MVP came out and issued a challenge. Lashley told Aries he could keep his briefcase and said he would defend against everyone tonight. This set up Roode vs. Lashley vs. MVP vs. Aries for later on.

*TNA Knockouts champ Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Hard worked and some good action.

*Tommy Dreamer came out and called out Eric Young. Dreamer tried to tell him that he's making a mistake. He said Eric rose from a nothing joke to the TNA champion because the people supported him and he knows better. Dreamer said that he's had people turn on him and even behind the scenes it sucks and he warned Young to think twice and not turn his back on Roode and the fans. Young said Dreamer is a good guy but all that's gotten him is a chance to be a fat loser from NYC. Dreamer said all of this is because of a title shot he was never offered and asked Young if he even asked Roode for one. Young attacked him and hit a piledriver on Dreamer. He attacked a ringside attendant and stole their chair but Bobby Roode made the save and backed off Young.

*Jeff Hardy pinned Abyss in a very entertaining Monster's Ball. Lots of weapons and crazy bumps. The Revolution hit the ring and attacked Jeff but Matt made the save. He was soon overwhelmed but The Wolves made the save. Jeff sunset flip power bombed Abyss off the ropes onto thumbtacks and hit a Swanton for the pin. Great stuff.

*Mark Andrews and Rockstar Spud defeated The BroMans. They were going to wrestle EC3 and Tyrus but Carter swerved them. Tyrus and Carter attacked them after.

*Bobby Lashley pinned Austin Aries to win a Four way and retain the TNA title. Great match. Eric Young attacked Roode to eliminate him from the match. After the pin, The Beatdown Clan Horne scene and attacked but Gunner and Kurt Angle made the save. They went back and forth with promos to set up Lockdown. This set up Angle and Gunner and Aries vs. The BDK after Lashley said he stands on his own and wasn't going to be on either side.

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