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By Mike Johnson & Steven Fernandes on 2015-01-08 09:15:00
As we mentioned in the Elite section of, Daniel Bryan is expected at the WWE Performance Center this week to work out and prepare for his in-ring return.

While initially there were no plans for Bryan to wrestle until the Royal Rumble, that has changed as Bryan is now being listed for several house shows later this month.

Daniel Bryan has been added to the following Live Events:

Jan 16 - St.Louis, MO
Jan 17 - Abilene, TX
Jan 18 - San Antonio, TX

He is advertised to wrestle Kane in St. Louis, so he might also wrestle him the rest of the weekend.

Jan 30 - Lac Cruces, NM
Jan 31 - Albuquerque, NM
Feb 01 - Loveland, CO

He is advertised to wrestle Luke Harper on the Loveland show, so he might wrestle him on the other two shows as well.

Feb 14 - Tampa, FL
Feb 15 - Fort Myers, FL

No matches advertised yet.

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