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By Jose Perez on 2015-01-05 14:30:23

The World Wrestling Council opened 2015 by presenting their traditional event “Euphoria” on two separate nights. The first of the shows took place this past Saturday January 3rd at the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón, PR. There was a good turn-out for this show, with an estimated 1,500+ fans in attendance. The following are the results from that evening:

The event begins with “El Magnate” Juan Manuel Ortega coming to the ring, flanked by “Los Templarios” and Mighty Ursus. He started to tell the fans what they were going to do during the evening and trying to get some heat from the crowd. All of the sudden, he is interrupted by the returning manager Orlando Toledo, who offers to be a consultant to Ortega and his group as he has battled against the Colón family and Ray González for a long time and he knows them very well, thus he could be of a lot of help to them in their quest to getting rid of them. Ortega thinks about it and accepts the proposal.

1.    Angel Fashion & “Big Daddy” Montes defeated Rikochet & Angel Cotto.

2.    “El Dios de la Lucha Libre” Chicky Starr & Xix Xavant became the #1 contenders for the WWC World Tag Team titles, after they defeated former champions “Los Templarios”- ASH & William de la Vega. After the match, De la Vega questioned ASH for the loss and started to push and shove him around. ASH told him to take it easy and apologized to him, only for De la Vega to push him one more time before leaving the ring. ASH looked surprised by the situation and left the ring too.

3.    Mike Mendoza defeated “El Diabolico” in a “First Blood Match”.

4.    Samuel Adams retained his WWC Jr. Heavyweight title belt after defeating Tommy Diablo. The three mystery men who call themselves “La Revolución” interfered in the match, and were directly responsible for Diablo’s loss.

5.    “La Abusadora” Black Rose defeated “La Tigresa” via DQ, after Tigresa attacked Stacy Colón, who was the referee during the match. After Colón called for the bell and the DQ, Tigresa attacked her again, only this time Colón was able to respond back, sending her to out of the ring.

6.    In a match that had the crowd very involved from start to finish, Chicano was able to retain the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight title when he defeated Bronco. Really good pace in the match and a fun back and forth.

7.    In an “Indian Strap Match”, Ray González defeated ex-WWE Jinder Mahal.

8.    “Los Boricuas” – Miguel Pérez & Huracan Castillo defeated “Sons of Samoa”, thus retaining the WWC World Tag Team titles. After the match, the SOS attacked Pérez and Castillo, leaving them laying in the ring.

The ring was cleared and it was time to celebrate the career on Invader #1, who had announced his retirement after his last match at the event “LockOut 2014” in the month of December. Invader came to the ring escorted by the “tecnicos” (babyfaces). He then talked to the crowd, thanked them for all their support throughout the years. Carlito and Carlos Colón came out and thanked Invader for his years and contributions to the business. Chicky Starr, his long time rival, came out and said a few words, also thanking him. Invader stated that Mike Mendoza will be the next break-out star in the company. Out also came Ray González to also thank Invader too. There was a commemorative plaque that was presented to Invader by Chicky Starr on behalf of WWC and the fans.  After the ceremony, they cleared the ring and we get ready for the main event of the evening.

9.    In a match with the ring surrounded by fire, Carlito defended and retained his WWC Universal Heavyweight title after he was able to defeat Mighty Ursus.

Yesterday evening, WWC presented their second leg of their “Euphoria 2015” event in Mayagez, PR at the “Palacio de Recreación y Deportes”. Since this show was on the west coast of the island, I could not attend live, but I was sent a few notes from a reader that attended the event:

-       “Sons of Samoa” (SOS) defeated “Los Templarios” after Manú (Afa Jr.) went to hit ASH with a sidekick, but ASH moved out of the way and William De la Vega was the recipient of the impact. After the match, De la Vega again questioned ASH about what had happened and then proceeded to attack him, giving him a couple of chair-shots and then focusing on ASH’s right arm and shoulder, at one point placing the arm in between the folding chair and stomping on it a couple of times before taking it back in his hands and hitting ASH in his right shoulder with it a couple more times. Very interesting and surprising that they decided to break this team that had been so strong throughout the course of last year. We will wait and see where they go with this story.

-       “La Abusadora” Black Rose & Mike Mendoza defeated Angel Fashion and “La Tigresa” in a mixed tag team match.

-       “Mr. Ray-tings” Ray González became the new WWC Universal Heavyweight champion after he defeated Carlito. This was supposed to be a Triple Threat Match; however Mighty Ursus did not show up in Mayagüez for the match. They played it out to the crowd as part of the storyline from the night before where he was “injured” during his “ring surrounded by fire” match with Carlito. At this point, I’m not certain what the reason for his absence was.

I understand there were other absences on this show from talent that was booked and had appeared on the Saturday night show. One of them was Huracan Castillo. The other one that I have not been able to confirm yet, which is the reason I am not mentioning his name.

Overall, I have received decent reviews for both shows, although I would say thumbs in the middle. The Saturday night show was decent, with the best match having been the Chicano/Bronco bout. The Sunday show I have not heard great things about, but I have not gotten any bad feedback either.

We will have more details later in the week on the ISLE OF PUERTO RICO column.
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