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By Mike Johnson on 2015-01-04 06:00:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestlekingdom 9 PPV from The Tokyo Dome. Our coverage tonight will be based on the American PPV broadcast, which is airing live by some PPV carriers. The show will be airing for all carriers at 7 PM Eastern this evening on PPV, so if you don't want to be spoiled, you may want to wait before reading the coverage.

Before we kick things off, I want to personally thank Matthew Macklin, Paul Crockett and Andy Napier for their work in recent weeks and months, adding some great NJPW discussion and coverage here to the site. They are the best and we proud to have them.

While we are waiting for the show to start, check out our Facebook page below and join in the conversation by answering some questions we are curious about regarding the PPV and how you are watching it!



Coverage will commence shortly!

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