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By Mike Johnson on 2014-12-24 20:46:08
Kevin Nash has been suspended from his WWE Legends contract, pending the outcome of his arrest early this morning following a domestic dispute with his son, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

WWE issued the following statement: "Kevin Nash has not regularly performed for WWE since January 2004. He is currently under a non-wrestling 'legends' contract, which has been immediately suspended until this domestic dispute is resolved."

According to the newspaper article, the former WWF and WCW World champion was arrested after a family dispute that was sparked by his 18-year old son Tristan returning home late and intoxicated. When he was disrespectful to his mother, Nash either took his son down or his son fell - as according to police reports, Nash's story changed. The story Nash's wife told authorities also changed, according to the article.

Several hours after Kevin Nash was arrested, police were again called to the Nash household, this time after Tristen's uncle (Kevin Nash's brother-in-law) called police following another incident where Tristen attempted to physically assault him. Nash's brother-in-law was giving a statement to police when his wife began arguing with him, at which point he refused to give a statement.

Both father and son were charged with battery, which is a misdemeanor charge. They were each released from jail earlier this afternoon.

Kevin Nash's attorney told the newspaper, "It's an unfortunate situation. They're a good family. I'm hoping the State Attorney's Office will receive my information and dismiss the charges. The kid was out of control, and the father was defending his wife. I'm pretty confident we will have a resolution in the next couple of months."

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