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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-12-21 12:49:21
We are in Baltimore, Maryland and your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino.

Match Number One: Roderick Strong versus Papadon

They lock up and Papadon with a wrist lock but Strong with a cartwheel and reversal. Papadon with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Strong with a leap frog and rollup for a near fall. Papadon with a punch and chop to Strong. Papadon with a forearm followed by an Irish whip and Strong floats over and hits a leg lariat for a near fall.

Strong goes for a half nelson back breaker but Papadon blocks it. Strong pulls Papadon out of the corner and hits a back breaker for a near fall. Strong sets for a Gibson Driver but Papadon blocks it and Papadon hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and reverse DDT for a near fall.

Strong blocks a suplex with a knee to the head and then he connects with a series of kicks to Papadon. Papadon crotches Strong in the ropes and hits a running European uppercut followed by a DDT while Strong is hanging from the middle rope. Papadon gets a near fall.

Papadon with kicks to the midsection but Strong ducks a third attempt and Strong with a jumping knee strike followed by a discus forearm and the Strong Breaker for the three count.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match, Strong tells whoever is champion, he is coming for him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and before our next match, we see footage of what happened at Glory By Honor when Michael Elgin attacked Hanson.

Michael Elgin comes to the ring with his own personal videographer. Elgin gets on the mic. He says that it seems like his message has been misinterpreted. His issue is with Ring of Honor, not with the people in the crowd or in the locker room . . . unless they get in his way. He says that everything he says and everything he does is because he wants to say and do it.

Elgin tells Hanson that it looks like people want to see a fight. Elgin says that he came here for a fight. Elgin goes after Hanson and the referee calls for the bell.

Match Number Two: Hanson versus Michael Elgin

Elgin and Hanson with punches but Hanson gains the advantage. Elgin with a kick and punches to the jaw. Hanson pushes Elgin and Elgin with a shoulder tackle, but Hanson does not move. Hanson tries for a shoulder tackle and Elgin does not move. Elgin with another shoulder tackle attempt and Hanson does not move. Elgin clotheslines Hanson over the top rope but Hanson pulls Elgin to the floor and sends Elgin into the guardrails. Hanson with a suicide dive.

Hanson rolls Elgin back into the ring and puts Elgin on the turnbuckles. Hanson with forearms across the midsection but Elgin with knees. Hanson with a clothesline into the corner followed by an Irish whip. Hanson runs into a boot but he blocks it. Elgin with an enzuigiri. Elgin has a clothesline blocked. Hanson with a cartwheel followed by a clothesline for a near fall.

Hanson tries for the Spin Kick of Doom but Elgin blocks it and he hits a power bomb. Hanson rolls to the apron and rests on a ringside table. Elgin sets to superplex Hanson back into the ring but Hanson stops him with a forearm. Hanson tries to get back into the ring but Elgin with a kick. Elgin goes to the turnbuckles with Hanson hanging on the middle rope.

Elgin hits a Harlem Hangover on Hanson and then he goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Elgin sets for a double underhook DDT but Hanson runs him and Elgin through the ropes. Hanson punches Elgin and connects with a knee to the midsection. Hanson sends Elgin into the guardrails and then he pulls up the mats to expose the floor. Elgin with kicks to Hanson and Elgin decides to pull up some mats on his own.

Elgin sets for the double underhook DDT on the floor but Hanson with a back body drop. Hanson goes under the ring and he pulls out a table that is covered by captured streamers. The camera guy climbs on Hanson’s back and Hanson with a snap mare and then he is thrown into the guardrails.

Elgin picks up a side of the table and sends it into Hanson’s face. Elgin sets up the table and he sends Hanson face first into the table. Elgin gets on the apron and he picks up Hanson for the double underhook DDT through the table and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, the referee calls for help from the back while Elgin gets on the mic and he says that he told you that he is going to do what he wants when he wants to.

Hanson gets to his feet as we go to commercial.

We are back and Steve and Kevin talk about what we just saw between Hanson and Michael Elgin.

Match Number Three: Will Ferrara and Caprice Coleman versus Bob Evans and Cheeseburger

Ferrara and Cheeseburger start things off and they lock up. Ferrara with a cravate but Cheeseburger with a punch to escape. Ferrara returns to the cravate. Ferrara tries for a snap mare but Cheeseburger lands on his feet. Cheeseburger tries for a sunset flip but Ferrara rolls through and he applies a front face lock. Cheeseburger escapes a suplex attempt and he tries for an arm drag but Ferrara is too big. Cheeseburger with an arm drag.

Cheeseburger with a wrist lock and he tags in Evans. Evans works on the wrist and Evans with an arm drag but Ferrara gets to the ropes before Evans can work on an arm bar submission. Evans with a wrist lock and he elevates Ferrara for a take down. Cheeseburger tags in and they hit a double slam. Evans slams Cheeseburger onto Ferrara for a near fall.

Coleman tags in and he hits an arm drag. Ferrara with an arm drag followed by a double hip toss. They avoid Evans and hit a double drop kick. Coleman slams Cheeseburger and gets a near fall. Ferrara tags in and he hits a head butt. Ferrara tries for a suplex but Cheeseburger blocks it momentarily but Ferrara hits a suplex but can only get a near fall.

Evans is tagged in and he runs into a back elbow. Ferrara with a clothesline but Evans stays on his feet. Ferrara tries for a cross body but Evans catches him and then he hits a shoulder breaker out of a Black Tiger Bomb set up and Evans locks in the Fujiwara arm bar but Coleman breaks up the hold.

Coleman goes to the apron but Evans knocks Coleman to the floor. Evans with a shoulder tackle to Ferrara. Cheeseburger tags in and he gets on Evans’ back for a running splash into the corner. Coleman comes back in and he hits the Holy Trinity of Northern Lights Suplexes on Evans and Ferrara with a German suplex on Cheeseburger for the three count.

Winners: Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara

After the match, Evans checks on Cheeseburger and then he wants to know what happened in the match. Evans pushes Cheeseburger down and then he shows remorse for his actions. Evans helps Cheeseburger to his feet and then he apologizes and hugs Cheeseburger.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from their match in Lakeland to explain why the main event is happening

Match Number Four: Cedric Alexander versus Tommaso Ciampa in a No Disqualification Match

Ciampa looks under the ring before the match starts and he gets two chairs and brings them into the ring. He hands one of the chairs to Alexander and then he demands that the bell be rung.

Ciampa misses with the chair while Alexander drops his. Alexander with chops but Ciampa with a knee and he misses with the chair. They both have a chair and we get a Tanaka/Awesome chair stalemate. Alexander with a forearm and chop but Ciampa with a boot to the head. Alexander with a drop kick that sends Ciampa to the floor.

Cedric follows after Ciampa and Alexander punches Ciampa and chops him. Alexander sends Ciampa into the guardrails and chops him. Ciampa sends Alexander into the apron and then he goes under the ring to get a trash can. Alexander punches Ciampa in the midsection before he can use the trash can. Alexander tries for a springboard move but Ciampa moves out of the way.

Ciampa with an elbow to Alexander but Alexander with an enzuigiri that sends Ciampa to the floor. Alexander goes for a plancha but Ciampa throws the trash can in Alexander’s face and he collapses to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Ciampa pulls at Alexander’s face and he chops Alexander. Ciampa takes a chair and he puts it over Alexander’s head and he sends the chair into the ring post. Ciampa throws the trash can into the ring. Alexander runs Ciampa into the ring post but Ciampa with an elbow and he sends Alexander back into the ring.

Ciampa puts the trash can on top of Alexander’s head and he hits a series of running knees into the trash can and then he follows that with a hesitation drop kick into the trash can. Ciampa gets a near fall. Ciampa goes back to the floor and he takes a guardrail and brings it into the ring. Alexander with a drop kick to Ciampa that sends Tommaso into the guardrails.

Alexander with a boot to Ciampa’s head. Alexander with punches and kicks to Ciampa. Cedric sends Ciampa back into the ring and Alexander gets some chairs and throws them into the ring and then he throws a chair at Ciampa’s head. More chairs get thrown into the ring and Alexander throws it at Ciampa’s head. Alexander puts a series of chairs on top of Ciampa and then he hits those chairs and then once the chairs fall of Ciampa, Alexander continues the assault on the arm and he gets a near fall.

Alexander sets up a few chairs and then he drives one into Ciampa’s ribs. Alexander puts the guardrail between a few chairs, but Alexander continues to hold his back. Alexander puts Ciampa on the guardrail and then he goes up top but Ciampa recovers and he stops Cedric. Ciampa climbs the turnbuckles and sets for a superplex and he sends Alexander onto the guardrail but both men feel the impact on the steel.

We go to commercial with both men down and Ciampa holding his neck.

We are back and Ciampa removes a bungee cord from the apron. Alexander knocks Ciampa off the apron with a shoulder tackle. Alexander hits a plancha onto Ciampa. Alexander goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Alexander puts a chair on top of Ciampa and he goes up top again. Alexander hits another frog splash onto Ciampa and the chair. Alexander gets a near fall.

Alexander pulls up the canvas to expose the padding and the boards. Ciampa spits in Alexander’s face and Alexander hits Ciampa with the chair and follows with punches. Alexander takes the bungee cord and he wraps it around Ciampa’s neck and he chokes Ciampa with this. Alexander with a running drop kick into the corner and he hits a second one. Alexander spits in Ciampa’s face and hits a third running drop kick.

The referee takes the cord from around Ciampa’s neck. Alexander sets for a suplex onto the chair as revenge for what Ciampa did to him in Lakeland, but Ciampa counters with a brainbuster onto the chair but Alexander kicks out.

The referee starts his count because neither man is able to get to their feet. They start to slap and punch each other as they get back to their feet. Alexander with a kick but he misses a round kick. Ciampa with a knee strike and then he puts Alexander on the top turnbuckle and hits a hangman’s neck breaker onto the exposed portion of the ring for the three count.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, officials come to the ring to check on Ciampa and Alexander. Steve Corino talks about the impact of this match on the future of both wrestlers.

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