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By Mike Johnson on 2014-12-13 19:16:24
Welcome to's coverage of Combat Zone Wrestling's Cage of Death, their biggest show of the year, from the Flyers Skatezone in Voorhees, NJ.

Tonight's show is airing live on iPPV at

The show opened with CZW VP Maven Bentley coming out and thanking everyone who donated to the promotion's annual Toys for Tots drive. He then introduced several Marines. They played the national anthem and then thanked the Marines for all they do for the country.

Kyle Francis then introduced Santa Claus, who was booed out of the building. Welcome to CZW. They then began chanting, "F*** you Santa." Santa said that everyone here has been good except for one...and DJ Hyde's music played. CZW owner DJ Hyde came to the ring. The crowd chanted, "F*** you DJ." A fan tossed a roll of toilet paper and it drilled him right in the head. That was pretty funny. Hyde said that the fans don't deserve anything but he deserves the best Christmas present in the world. Out came Chris Dickinson, who nailed him with an enziguiri.

DJ Hyde vs. Chris Dickinson

Santa cheered for Dickisnson and raised his hand, but Dickinson attacked him and nailed a running power bomb on him. Dickinson then hit a tope to the outside on Hyde. They battled on the outside with Hyde taking the beating and then went into the crowd. They brawled back to the entranceway. They brawled back across the building and then to the other side of it. Dickinson rained down with ten punches in the crowd. Hyde regained control and nailed him with a table. Hyde nailed him with a stiff chair to the head but Dickinson was unfazed and fought back. They battled back to the entranceway and over the railing, into the ringside area.

Dickinson rammed Hyde hard into the railing several times. Dickinson nailed a running boot to the face. He continued working over Hyde until being drilled in the gut as he charged. Hyde tossed him into the ring, which got a huge pop since they were finally in the ring. The crowd then ripped on Hyde with vulgar chants. Hyde kicked away at Dickinson, who fired back with chops. Hyde fired back but was nailed with a series of kicks.

Dickinson went for a powerbomb but Hyde was too heavy. Hyde nailed him with a shot to the head and a dropkick for a two count. Hyde went to the top but was caught and suplexed off.

Hyde went for a lariat but Dickinson ducked and nailed a spinning enziguri, then a sick looking Death Valley Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Dickinson!

Fun way to get the crowd into the show with the Santa stuff. The fans loved the brawl all over. There were some stiff shots. Dickinson has a lot of charisma.

Papadon & Pepper Parks (with Cherry Bomb) vs. Lucky Thurteen & Devon Moore

Papadon and Parks tore apart the Nation of Intoxication verbally and got beer spit in their face for their efforts. They attacked Thurteen and Moore but were run out of the ring and nailed with stereodives. Moore worked over Parks but was caught with a good clothesline by Papadon and sent to the floor. Parks came off the apron and nailed him, then tossed Moore back in.

Papadon and Parks nailed a double backdrop on Moore for a two count. Papadon drilled him with a kneedrop and they took turns tagging in and out to stomp him in the corner. They continued to control the match until Moore kicked them off and tagged in Thurteen. Lucky hit a series of dropkicks and nailed Papadon with a twisting tornado DDT. They almost scored a pin on Parks, which led to Cherry getting in the ring and arguing with the referee. Moore went after her but she kicked him in the groin.

This set up Parks and Papadon being able to nail a series of doubleteam moves and score the pin on Lucky.

Your winners, Papadon & Pepper Parks!

Good match.

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