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By Mike Johnson on 2014-12-02 09:23:08
WWE will broadcast Main Event and tape Smackdown tonight from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If anyone is attending, we are seeking spoiler reports - thanks!

Steven Fernandes reporting....WWE registered to trademark "Big Red", Erik Rowan's new nickname, last week on 11/26.

The Stephanie McMahon and Triple H Fitness DVDs were officially released today.

The latest WWE Canvas to Canvas video featuring artist Rob Schamberger is now online at this link. featured a piece on the new WWE Flintstones movie at this link. Thanks to my old pal Dwayne K. for passing that on.

DC Chase sent the following....DDP appeared Sunday on Fox News on a show called "A Healthy You". He and the host, Carol Alt, were talking about and performing some DDPYoga moves. It was about a 10 minute segment.

2K Sports released the following video of Sting at Midnight Madness for the release of WWE 2K15:

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