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By Richard Colbert on 2014-11-16 04:32:36

Thought I’d send in results from tonight’s card in San Antonio, including the announcement of a stipulation for the Final Battle main event. I won’t get into judging match by match but it was an amazing night of wrestling and well worth the DVD/VOD purchase.

Pre Show:
J. Diesel beat someone whose name I missed.

Main Card:
Tommaso Ciampa beat Romantic Touch via submission

Hanson beat Moose, BJ Whitmer and Mark Briscoe

After the match Raymond Rowe came to the ring and talked about his injury, Hanson’s solo success and becoming ROH Tag Team Champions when he returns before being interrupted by Michael Elgin. Elgin came through the crowd and had someone filming him. He talked about putting War Machine together to watch his back and how they failed, then told Rowe that with Hanson’s success people will forget about Rowe. Then told both to not trust anyone as Elgin’s Cameraman hit Rowe and Elgin hit Hanson. He then bailed out, grabbed his camera and repeated his don’t trust anyone warning leaving his camera guy to be hit with a double chokeslam.

Frankie Kazarian beat Roderick Strong after Whitmer and Adam Page attacked Strong while the ref was checking on Kazarian.

World Tag Team Champions reDRagon beat the Kingdom to retain their ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Will Ferrara beat Adam Page after Roderick Strong came down and attacked BJ Whitmer causing the distraction that Ferrara took advantage of. Strong and Ferrara then cleared the ring of the Decade and Roderick shook Ferrara’s hand.

World Television Champion Jay Lethal beat RD Evans and ended the New Streak after Moose turned on Evans and speared him. Moose and the guy who hold’s the signs (Sorry, don’t know who it is) for Evans then celebrated.

Adam Cole pinned Christopher Daniels with the Jay Driller

World Heavyweight Champion Jay Briscoe defeated ACH

Following the match as Jay was putting over ACH as the future, Adam Cole interrupted him and announced that their match for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title at Final Battle will be a Fight Without Honor. The Kingdom then attacked Jay and ACH when he tried to help. This brought out Mark Briscoe and Hanson who, along with ACH, started brawling with the Kingdom around the ring. As that went on, Michael Elgin came back though the crowd and got in Jay’s face but before anything could happen there, Tommaso Ciampa ran down and chased off Elgin. Jay then got in Ciampa’s face and they brawled around the ring. Eventually, Jay and Mark made it back to the ring to wish us safe travels and send us on our way.

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