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By Jose Perez on 2014-11-11 12:00:51

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

WWC returned to action last Saturday night with their weekly house show/TV taping at the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón, PR A few things to note coming out of the show:

- Samuel Adams became the new WWC Jr. Heavyweight champion after defeating Rikochet.

- “The Precious One” Gilbert defeated Chicano with the help of “Big Daddy” Montes, thus regaining the WWC Puerto Rican Heavyweight title, which he had lost to Chicano at “Aniversario 41”.

- There was a non-advertised bonus tag team match, OT Fernández & Angel Cotto were facing “Los Bouncers” Bob & Bruno. During this match, OT Fernández was injured while attempting a high risk move. The night of the event was speculated that he could have injured his spine; however, after being taking out via stretcher and taken to the hospital, the doctors released him the next day and sent him home after all tests cleared him of such type injury. At this point it looks more like a “stinger” and OT is recuperating at home. He is scheduled to fly to Mexico this coming weekend to fulfill some obligations with his “La Franquicia” tag team partner JC Navarro. He has stated that he will wait and see how he feels by the end of the week before deciding if he makes the trip or not. Our most sincere best wishes of a speedy and full recovery go out to Fernández.

The action goes back this Saturday night to the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón where the following matches have already been announced for their weekly house show/TV taping:

WWC Universal Heavyweight Title – Rematch
Carlito vs Mighty Ursus (c) w/ “El Magnate” Juan Manuel Ortega

Semi-Main Event
“Mr. Ray-tings” Ray González vs “Mystery Opponent” brought by “El Magnate” Juan Manuel Ortega

WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title – Rematch
“El Chico Ilegal” Chicano vs “The Precious One” Gilbert (c) w/ “Big Daddy”

Box office at the “Pepín Cestero Arena” will open at 5:00PM the day of the show. Tickets for the show will be:

- General Admission - $10.00
- Children Under 10 Years Old - $5.00

The following has been announced by WWC on their Facebook fan page:

“Relieve all the emotion of the biggest event ever, Aniversario 41!!! Now available via ‘Video-On-Demand’ for a limited time at for just $10.00. Play by play by José Herrera and ‘El Wizard’, plus WWC Backstage with Willie Urbina.”

As we noted last week, WWC has announced that they will be returning with an event to the “Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum” in Bayamón, PR. There are only two events that I can speculate that could take place at this historic venue: “LOCKOUT 2014” which should be happening sometime in mid-December; and “Euphoria 2015”, which is their first big event of the new year and is set to take place on Saturday January 3rd, 2015. Announced for that event is the match to determine who is the “Real King of Wrestling”, pinning “El Rey de la Lucha Libre” Chicky Starr and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler.

For more information about anything related to WWC visit their Facebook fan page at:

You can watch WWC: Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre” weekly TV show on WAPA-TV in Puerto Rico and WAPA America where the channel is available if you are in the United States mainland. For channel line-up, please check your local listings.

World Wrestling League (WWL)

The following is the press release from WWL regarding this week’s TV episode of “Ídols of Wrestling” and “WWL Presenta”, as well as information about their upcoming event newly titled “Navidad Corporativa” (Corporate Christmas), taking place on Saturday December 13th at the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón, PR, with a scheduled bell time of 8:00PM:

First Ever WWL “Tríos” Champions to be crowned at “Navidad Corporativa”

Idols of Wrestling #18

(San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sunday, November 9th, 2014) – On this week’s episode of Idols of Wrestling, WWL’s Director of Operations, Savio Vega, revealed that for the first time ever in company history, brand new WWL “Trios” champions will be crowned on Saturday December 13th at the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

On the other hand, the company’s President, Richard Negrín, announced on his Facebook page, that the December event will be named: “Navidad Corporativa” (Corporate Christmas).

Idols of Wrestling Episode #18: On this episode we will see a match between Stefano and Paparazzi, with Joe Don Smith as special guest referee; Director of Operations, Savio Vega, has a very interesting announcement; a very special “El Tocotón”. Also, the WWL Amercias championship on the line, in a “Triple Threat” match between Laredo Kid (Mexico), "El Latino Dorado" Joe Bravo (Dominican Republic) and "El Fenómeno" BJ (Puerto Rico). Watching very closely is "El Hacedor de Campeones" José Chaparro with his bodyguard Caifás (7 feet 1 inch tall). with “El Rudo de los Rudos” Axel Cruz and "Su Majestad" El Profe on the play by play and color commentary:

“WWL Presenta”, Episode #17: A recap of everything that happened on Idols of Wrestling last week; the segment “Hablando Claro”, with “Mr. 450” is the guest. How important is what he has to say? Will he speak about "El Sensacional" Carlitos? Hosted this week by none other than “Su Majestad" El Profe:

“WWL Presenta” comes to life every Saturday at 3:30PM, as well as the program “Idols of Wrestling” every Sunday at 8:30PM on CW Puerto Rico. You can watch CW Puerto Rico on the following channels locally: DIRECTV Channel 178, DISH NETWORK Channel 17 in Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands, LIBERTY Cable Channel 96, CHOICE Cable Channel 148 & 34, CLARO TV Channel 22, and on digital antenna via Channel 18.3.

Also in Puerto Rico, every Saturday afternoon at 6:00PM on WVQS-TV “Retro Channel”, digital antenna via Channel 50.2.

You can also watch “Idols of Wrestling” every Saturday at 12:00PM noon on “Súper Canal” throughout the national territory of Dominican Republic via channel 33, and in the different cable television companies in the country.

Extreme Wrestling Organization (EWO)

The following is the link to their most recent episode of their TV show “EWO: EL Update” from this past Saturday:

 In this week’s episode you will see:

- Ladies Match: “La Chica de la Actitud” Roxxy vs “Mystery Opponent”

- EWO Puerto Rico Title Match: “El Lobo” Syler Andrews (c) vs “El Patriota” AJ Torres

- EWO TV Title Match: “La Estrella” Mike Piconose (c) vs “The Real Insane” Syco

During this week’s TV episode it was announced that the company will have their final event of the 2014 on Saturday December 6th. More information about the event will be provided throughout the course of the next several weeks.

You can learn more about this promotion by visiting their website,, or their Facebook fan page:

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