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By Mike Johnson on 2014-11-10 02:53:59

Following his release several months back for striking a social media manager after the manager allegedly made a racially insensitive remark, the former Alberto Del Rio announced that he and WWE have come to terms regarding Del Rio taking post-WWE bookings.

As Del Rio noted during interviews in the Mexican media, WWE was claiming he was let go as of a result of Del Rio breaching his contract. PWInsider sources claim that WWE was claiming he breached what is known as their morals clause and they were attempting to keep him from wrestling until August 2015 due to the breach.

Del Rio's attorneys and WWE's legal department went back and forth, resulting in an agreement that we are told will see Del Rio able to take future bookings with the agreement that neither side will disparage the other.  Obviously, he will not be using the ADR ring name going forward, having already moved forward in Mexico using the ring moniker "El Patron" (The Boss).

Del Rio issued the following via Twitter:


Del Rio has talked of joining Lucha Underground next year.

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